Saturday, December 03, 2005

Trey at the Warfield - Night 1

I wasn't planning on going to see Trey last night (I bought tickets for tonight) but at the last minute a friend called and we went. I've been sedating my expectation levels because so much discussion has been had over this new band and the direction it's all going, and all the funny Phish sit-in business on the east coast can certain trip up the mind game a bit given the history of the situation.

The show started out rocking, totally high energy. I got excited, this was fun! There were great moment of musical peak and also some less than stellar ballady interludes, but I could tell he was confident and trying to give his sound and new band time to evolve. Overall the show was great and I was really happy for Trey. It looked like he had found his stride, playing the songs he wanted and expressing himself at the level he felt he needed to at this point in his life. After all that's been said and written, (and since I saw the Bob Dylan documentary) I'm willing to let him do and accept whatever he wants to do because, well, I'm the fan and he's the artist and that's the way it's supposed to work. That doesn't mean I have to like everything he does and follow him everywhere. But you have to appreciate the irony of ("As a fan, I feel he owes me")

In the middle of his acoustic set, which I was trying my best to listen to amidst the chatty San Francisco crowd, apparently someone threw a cup at him or something. Why anyone would pay money to go to a show and throw something at the band, well..whatever. Trey got pissed, and started in on how he's been getting stuff thrown at him the whole tour and he's sick of it. He's trying to play music on stage and people keep yelling at him and throwing stuff at him. He invoked the Phish reference by saying that he talks to Mike, Page & Jon and they're all very happy right now, eluding to the fact that - no, Phish will not be getting back together right now.

He then proceeded to play, appropriately enough, Loving Cup, and then a mini-set of Grateful Dead covers with Billy & Mickey which included Iko Iko, Going Down the Road Feeling Bad, Eyes of the World and Casey Jones.

It had it's great moments musically and the jam in Eyes was definately "wow" worthy after a rocky start...combined with me finding myself at the bar looking at the photo of Jerry on the wall (seen below), it was all too appropriate.

Any attempt to describe the slight feeling of irony at Trey telling the audience to f-off for throwing stuff at him and giving him pressure to bring back Phish while at the same time teasing everybody with mini-phish accoustic sets and guest apperances back east combined with covering the Rolling Stones and then inviting members of the Grateful Dead on stage to play songs by a band that tended to fight the gurth of their existence in the latter years, well...let's just enjoy the music and forgot about all that was, as a friend said to me afterwards "a good thing".

Seeya tonight!

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