Flynn Theatre - Ben & Jerry's Benefit (3/18)

March 18, 1997.

A Benefit for the cleanup of Lake Champlain.
Sponsored in part by Ben & Jerry's and Phish Food.

The Flynn Theatre, Burlington VT
I:   Cinnamon Girl*, NICU > Sample in a Jar > Punch You in the Eye >
     My Soul, Beauty of My Dreams, Harry Hood > Cars Trucks Buses**,
     Suzie Greenberg**, Character Zero**,#
II:  Taste, Drowned > Prince Caspian, David Bowie, Love Me,
     I Told You So***, Love Me Like A Man***, Waste > Chalk Dust Torture,
     Slave to the Traffic Light
E:   Hello My Baby, Funky Bitch**
* Neil Young Cover, first time played?
** W/ Dave Gripp (alto sax), James Harvey (Trombone)
*** W/ Tammy Fletcher, from The Disciples. (Unrehearsed, according to Trey)
# Happy Birthday wishes to Ben of Ben & Jerry
Thanks to Mikey Perrot, Kevin Monty, Dan Seideman & Jim Raras.
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