7/15/98, Portland Meadows, Portland, OR

"Fuck yeah I'll do another new one. I'll play new ones all night if you want." Trey Anastasio, just before "Birds of a Feather" Portland Meadows 7/15/98 you go trey!
I definately have to say that out of the three places in Texas to see Phish is at Austin. It is way better than parking at a mall (Houston) or frying in a regular old STRICT parking lot (Dallas.) I have never been to Austin before and it lived up to what I have heard about it. The venue was great- no seats is a definate plus because you could either hang out on the hill or fight the crowd and be up close. And I must say that was not hard to do at all. Most people were really considerate (as usual- phish pholk are always kind) about being up in front and everything (except for one fellow who brought a 6 yr old kid or something up to the front on his SHOULDERS!!! but luckily they left before Harry Hood. It was a damn great show. Who could not like a show with Ya Mar, Antelope, Guyute & Harry Hood. I can tell you that I was loving it. It was also nice to hear some songs that I have never heard before but have heard about (Roget). It was another great experience indeed- I thought Houston's show was more solid probably due to them playing more recognizable songs since it was the first time they played there in all. I would definately trek out to that heat again to see them there again - however I must say that if weren't for it's closeness to Dallas, I would not be sad seeing if I never saw another show at Dallas again due to the pain in the ass cops. Another good thing about Austin is - they did not hustle people out of the parking lots at the end of the show and people continued to have a good time. I feel asleep that night with guyute in my head and a HUGE smile on my face. nancy mariano
First set highlight was definitely the jam between Horn and Chalkdust, and then the Chalkdust JAM. Oh man -- pure craziness! Roget begins with a lovely, shuffle groove to it that almost sounds like He's Gone or Tenn. Jed or something. Very nice. The powerful liquified ending of this tune is nice, almost Pink Floyd-esque...cinematic, large. Roget, along with the Moma, feature rotating lead singing from all the band members...which makes these new tunes particularly interesting. Fishman sings some groovy stuff during Moma that sounds like it was taken right from the disco rollerskating houses of the 70's. Powerful Loving Cup closer (note Loving Cup craziness last time they were in Portland 11/24/96). I noticed during the setbreak that Trey and Mike both have completely new amplifier rigs. Trey's wooden speaker cabinets are gone and he now has a couple of regular Fender amps on the floor behind him along with some crazy, compact, hi-tech looking cabinet behind him. It's very streamlined. Mike's, on the other hand, is simply huge, with about 5 or 6 speakers stacked in variety of spots. No wonder Fishman has a piece of plexiglass between him and Mike now. Second Set : Intro to Simple was very interesting, sounded like an old truck sputtering to a roaring start. The Tupac jam during Tweezer was absolutely stunning. Trey was working the melody through the wah-wah pedal and it sounded like his guitar was singing (or at least moreso than usual ;-)) Page was laying down the hiphop noises in the background, echoey sirens and synth swirls right out of the PFunk Sampling Manual. Since this rap tune is apparently about calming the East-West tension in rap music, could this be a subtle nod from the band about the West Coast bitching about lack of shows?? As someone who feels that the band has been ignoring the West Coast the past coupla years, this seemed like the band's plea for forgiveness. Hearing Trey moan "California...knows how to party...." behind the jam, I accepted the apology. Meat is a really cool tune -- gotta love hearing Mike sing while laying down slowfunk. Wilson came out of nowhere for the encore and was a true highlight for the night. The usual jam/noise segment near the end phased through a few series of grooves before returning to the Blap Boom Ba Bip Bip Boom. Great show, and it was great getting to see the Soundcheck taboot, from the top of our cars.
Scene: Really nice and chilled as expected for west coast shows! Also every one was super psyched because of the beggining of the american tour. Set 1: Wolfman's- Nice opener, not really mind blowing but it showed the crowd that the band was ready to start tour and give them shows they wouldn't forget! Water in the Sky- I liked the old version, but the new version speeds up the tempo and gives it a very danceable feel. Sort of like a arpeggiated dance number now! Phat. Moma Dance- Really smooth, not disco-like as reported. It sounds like black-eyed with a fresh coat of musicianship painted over it! Really smooth, super tight and with new lyrics (n/a) as well as a different structure! Gyute- Same as always with nice trey and sweet playing by all members. Fishman did infact miss end the song making trey smile then finish it! Horn->Jam->Chalkdust- Where to begin on this one! O.K. Horn starts normal very prety as always. Love the sweet supple solo trey bestows then into this spacey very opposite aof horn like sound. Definately full improvisation happening! Really nice jam that meanders around some slow but tender soloing, then chalkdust!!! A sweet way to come out of such a jam! Chalkdust was then sung and jammed out pretty fiercely! Brian & Robert- Really nice tune similiar to a dirt type tempo, but with really cool lyrics(n/a). Beauty- I knew I was to hear this one because of late I have had girl probs that almost fit this song too perfectly!! But a well played version nonetheless. Cars,Trux & Busses- So sick, way Phat, closest to perfection this song has ever been! Nice improv piano from page, great riffing from trey, mike added some great color here as well and fish just did his thing! Bravo Sick, Sick, Sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Roget- This tune was seemingly hiding something! While slower, it sounded as if it could go some places (example '95 themes) almost in that area. You couold see mad potential with this tune! Birds of a Feather- This song will be the new crowd mover. I'm sure most of you have heard it now so you know that it is Phat, this one is even Phatter than the Mini-Spring one! Loving Cup- Always a pleasure, nice playing by trey on this one! Set1 Verdict: (8 of 10) Nice long set with some interesting stage banter by trey and then some good playing to back it up! Set 2: Limb by Limb- I'm sure most of you are wondering what they changed on limb by limb? Well it was just one minor lyric adjustment. This adjustment has trey singing "Drop me off the chinese wall, and peel my fingers from the rim" twice as a chorus and this believe it or not makes the tune much sharper! But the jam out of the lyrics was superb! This one may be the best Limb by Limb I've ever heard! Simple- Really nice well jammed and well played! Sweet page at the end. Very worthy of say 12-2-97 status! But even longer. Tweezer->Free- Absolutely the sickest combo I've ever heard! Tweezer was so Phunky I almost broke my back! Really nice and long tweezer jam right into Free! Free was really nice, and because of the placement on this one I have to give this set props to the band for making it so Phat! Meat-Really, really cool new tune was way fat and has these nutty stops and starts! It'll stop and then you'll look around and think the next one is coming but--- right back into meat again! i LOVE THIS TUNE! Hood- This hood was hooked up! It was definatly given a dose of the killer vibe that was trying to start a glow stick war but it did not happen! Encores: Wilson->Tweeprise-Wilson was the heavy metal version with a nice solo by trey and it segued right into Tweeprise that was raging and sent every to the road with a smile! Set2 Verdict:(8 of 10) This show was a great way to start off the tour and the setlist shows how Phat it is but when the tapes are heard you will understand how sick this show really was! Bobby Shortcut Shows
Sitting on top of that hill in the parking lot on the south end of the venue(right behind the stage) was one of the best pre-shows I've had in a while. Phish played a great soundcheck which included Ginseng Sullivan and about 4-5 others. The weather was great. The show got off to a great start with wolfman's, water in the sky, and moma dance (which I think they are saying "the moment ends") I noticed here and throughout the show that Phish is turning on the funk. That Mike's song of Hampton last year was pretty spacey-funky and I kept thinking of that. The Guyute reference to "pig racing" was hilarious and Trey was talking more the he usually does when its not story-telling. Horn>Jam>Chalkdust was really, really well played. The notes were crisp. But it has been like that throughout the whole show so far. Brian& Robert is a ok song...its not "epic" and will probably grow on me like some of the other new songs. Beauty of my Dreams-not what I was thinking they would play here but always well played. Roget, Birds of a Feather-good sounds but they are always going to be 1st set songs maybe a encore here and there. Cars Trucks Buses-awesome,awesome awesome-I love this song and wish they could play more like it. Lovin Cup -I 've heard this song a million times it seems like in the past year but its still a good tune and its a good way to close any set or show. Its a good crowd song. I like Portland Meadows (Food, Free roaming, lots of bathrooms, beer gardens, Good food all kinds) The second set was unreal. I'll be searching for this tape. Limb by Limb Simple Tweez Free Meat Harry Hood/// The tweezer was crazy crazy crazy-It had this 70's Al Green meets Disco spacey -funky (u like that) And when he got the funk down and slipped in California Love people just kept groovin--i did not see one person twiddling their thumbs-it was so cool-the coolest moment of all my Phish moments. Free was a little weird , Trey just kept playing the intro for a while and finally sang the first verse and never went into that crazy improv with him and Page getting really nutso like they would in the past. Instead they went back to the funk--which was alright by me. Really well played so far. Meat is a borderline keeper. Its no Mike's song. The Harry Hood was just plain beautiful. A very beautiful sound. The glow stick jam was great. E: Wilson Tweeprise--A definitely killer way to end a show, every one was just so in awe and almost wanted to hug everyone else for being part of such a good show...They played it so well...A+ Jacob
Arriving. We arrived in Portland at about 2:00 after spending the previous night at Rainbow Falls in Washington State. I recommend that park, it's in a beautiful old forest. Anyways, the bus had behaved very well on the trip down from Victoria BC and we were stoked to be seeing the first show of a tour. After arriving in Portland, we stopped at some huge home store and bought a tape case and a tarp (vital items) and then lined up for the shows. It took about 20 minutes to get in, while we waited, the sun showed itself for about the first time since we left. Little did we know it'd be beating on us from this moment forward. Anyways we got a sweet spot in the lot, and my friends set up for vending while I peoplewatched. Everyone seemed happy except the security guards. The lot was nice and mellow and I just chilled out til showtime. By the time we'd lined up for the show, it was hot. Now I am from Canada so I feel heat alot more than y'all down south, but still, it was hot. Patience paid off however and we got a sweet spot about 5 feet to the left of Page 15 rows back. The people around us on the grass weren't all that friendly but that happens sometimes. Alas, we were happy and we waited for the show, smoking lots of pot, eating our gooballs, starting to trip, etc etc. Whoa. I realized now that we are about to see Phish. AHHHHH!!! :) So out they come, and soon we are all bumping up and down to a fat wolfman's. The first thing I noticed is that MIKE WAS LOUD!! YEAH!!! This trend continued for all 3 shows and was a welcome change. Mike has also come a very long way in his bass playing and is now definitely fit for the "awesome" category. I am a bass player myself so I find myself watching Mike and Trey alot more than anyone else. Anyways Mike is amazing now. He also spent alot of time chilling in the lots and my friends must have talked to him 3 or 4 times. Anyways the Wolfman's was phat... A cool trend in this show was alot of nifty tension-releasie coolness. I soon realized that Phish had evolved much further since the last time I saw them, Aug 3 1997. I never liked Water in the Sky until now. Oh man, it's evolved into this new-wave, 90's style littlest hobo theme, it's incredibly beautiful. This tune is totally awesome now.. you've simply got to hear it for yourself. Moma Song forced me into a spine-swirling neck bumping funkotronic trance dance. This tune kicks serious ass... the bass is SO FAT and everyone else is just revelling in the funk. I could hear this tune at every second show and be thrilled every time. I noticed by this point in the show that Phish is jamming out every tune at every opporunity, and the jams are great. Guyute happened out of nowhere. I've loved this tune for years and this is my first live experience with it.. it was sweet. I think the reason they played it is cause Trey said something about not knowing what is raced at the meadows, and someone yelled "PIGS!!" Trey then went "now a song about the most famous pig of all..." and out came Guyute. Awesomely jammed. It was pretty cool at the end when they did Trey's solo part too.. but you'll have to hear the tapes for that nifty dialogue. Horn>Jam>Chalkdust. WHOA. This stuff was InTeNsE. You gotta hear this part. I just about flipped. You could tell that Phish was excited to be playing tonight. It was a real pleasure to see Horn for my first time too. Brian/Brain & Robert... uhh... At the show I called it "cool new tune" All the new tunes were cool.. although nothing very special comes to mind regarding this one. Everyone reading already knows what Beauty of my Dreams is like. Happy, rosy, yay. All my friends said that this was the best CT&B they've heard. I thought it was kickin but not quite as phat as that little show in VT last year with the horns. Still killer tho'. Roget was great... nice jamming. I'll not make much comment on the tunes I don't know well. At the end of Roget Trey introduced the new tunes and talked a bit, they were about to bust off Loving Cup when comeone yelled "ANOTHER NEW ONE" and Trey smiled & said "Ok you want another new one... this is Birds of a Feather." BOAF kicked serious ass... cool with a funky edge. The following Loving Cup was excellent as well... as per usual. Setbreak was uhh... nothing too special. Set 2 opened with Limb by Limb. My friend Jeff was hoping for this one so I was happy to hear it. What a great tune... nice jamming, amazing drumming.. oh boy were we in for a treat. I've seen Simple in about half of the shows I've been to.. and always liked it. Neat tune into cool jamming, it really excites the people and stuff. The 2 songs so far are definitely leading into a kickass set. Tweezer>"Portland Love">Free. Oh man Oh man Oh MAN!!!!!!! WOOHOO!! YEAH!!!! This triage of tunes would blow your mind... from the intense trippy jamming in Tweez, to "Portland knows how to party" to the AMAZINGLY INTENSE AND BEAUTIFUL FREE!!!! Woooo get the tapes. This ruled. Uhhh... Meat? I don't remember this. I must have thought it was part of the Free jamming. Harry Hood with glowsticks brought me to tears. What can I say.. this song is beautiful. I cried, cried, cried. Infact I had tears in my eyes at every show I saw... Gorge night 1 during Slave, and night 2 during Divided Sky. Phish can be so breathtakingly beautiful. This Hood was just awesome. Phish is playing soooo good! The E: was Wilson, which I have yearned to hear for almost 2 years and never have until now. It was great and the crowd was seriously into it. Neat intense jamming too. The TweezRepreez was cool as always. After the show I just about collapsed. Wow. There is so much to be said about the Gorge too. Worth immediate mention are my first times seeing Reba, Antelope, 2001 and Gumbo, as well as massively stellar Space>Bowie>Tube, Slave, My Soul, a Megadeth Mike's (trey was totally flipping out) -> Weekapaug, and a nice PYITE encore. What a run.. everyone who sees Phish this summer will be blown away. Have fun everyone :) Do me a big fav and visit the website that i maintain at work, http://www.victoriacar.com garlic grilled cheese, Kev Kevin A. Lynch Sage Internet Solutions Ltd. (250) 386-7243 www.sageman.com