7/19/98 - Shoreline Ampitheatre, Mountainview, CA

Trey said it best 7/31/97 when he said Shoreline was a "very special place to play." I always enjoy making the 2 1/2 hr. trek from Sacramento. I saw countless dead shows there and it is a very neat venue. My friend Mike and I got into the lot about 5:30. The scene was pretty mellow but right away a "twilight zone" event took place. After the 7/31/97 show, my friends and I grooved in the lot to an outstanding tape by Spyro Gyra. Before the show on 7/19, I dug high and low for the tape to bring along for old times sake. Couldn't find it. We pull into the lot and the car we parked behind is playing,,,Spyro Gyra! The same tape! Tonight's gonna be a great show! Time to go in. No reserved seats for us,so we made our way to the lawn,and found a pretty good spot in the center,where we could see the whole stage and would have a good view of the screen that would show us an even better view. At about 7:35 out come the boys in bright neon t-shirts,Fishman in dress. And away they went.... Moma Dance: I was dying to hear an explosive opening such as Runaway Jim, but the Moma Dance began...first real mellow and then working itself into a very nice funky little groove. The feet began moving and before long I found my groove with this one,,very nicely played. Beauty of my Dreams: Alot of fun...Trey's guitar was sounding very good and loud...promising a great show to come. Sample in a Jar: I was really glad to get this one,as I had read it had been done a few days prior. Great energy in this one...Everyone seemed to be having a great time,,lots of smiles Guyute: Yes! Now I was happy..while i enjoyed last years shoreline show,,the first set was overrun with new songs. I enjoy hearing a new song or two,,but give me an even balance...Tonight was more what i liked to hear. The jam in this Guyute was fast and furious. Trey was hitting notes perfectly and everyone was enjoyin' this... Story of the Ghost: Bathroom break. Phish opened the 7/31 show with this. It was too quiet,too mellow, imo, not a show opener. I came back as they were getting into the jam,,,Wow! Have they re-worked this song or what? This jam was absolutely phenomenal...They took their time with it,and kept building it and building it,I began to sweat from the furious dancing of this 18 minute Ghost. One of my highlights from this Set. Limb by Limb: I like this song alot,,,it was fun to groove to and the jam was right on.. Roget: Never heard this song before,,,It was very good, and as it mellowed out I was hearing in my mind the possibility of a Chalkdust Torture,,,when...Bam! You Enjoy Myself: This is my friend Mike's favorite song I think,,,and I can see why...The jams up until the vocals were so perfectly played,,,such energy,,the crowd feeding off of it and Phish feeding off the crowd,,Everybody was jumping up and down and having a great time...Page really went off on his keyboard solo that just wouldn't end! Mike's bass solo was great,and Trey again,,was ON...Oh yes,,the trampolines were as always a Blast to see! Now the screen was on and you could see up close,,these guys were having as much fun as we all were.... The set closed and my friend and I were very excited for the 2nd set...Shoreline is now in association with something called AMD Tours...during the setbreak a man in a red AMD t-shirt grabbed a young kid who somehow managed to smuggle in a bottle of beer. Ok,,bad Will(the young man's name) but take the beer and send young Will on his way...Wasn't gonna happen,,He has Will by the arm and he's saying "You're coming with me." I'm thinkin, the people in front of this guy loading the glass pipes are okay but damn it,,you bring a bottle of beer into Shoreline,,,You're takin away from our sales! Your goin down Mister! Will is saying going with you where? why? This guy from AMD Tours is calling for backup! All of a sudden...Will makes a break for it,,up the hill,,,the crowd goes wild,,AMD Tours is in hot pursuit over the beer smuggling hoodlum,,,the crowd chants GO WILL!!!! Up the Hill,,over,down,,,People make a road block for WIll! Get in this guy's Way! I"m screaming GO WILL!!!!!! AWWWWW!Comes over the crowd...and then boos,,Young Will the beer smuggling monster has been apprehended..Nice Job AMD TOURS,,,another one bites the dust...Will,we live and learn,,,,nice try though,,maybe they let u stay! It's 9:45,,where's Phish? I hope they're not turning into set breaks the dead used to throw...You could almost go home and come back between one of those... Aww here they are! Man,,,it's so neat when the lights go off and it's under the stars,,glowsticks everywhere.. Llama: What a way to start a set! This Llama exploded! the jamming was intense,,Page was goin off and then Trey comes in rockin,,,then spacin out a bit,,and then more rockin! The crowd was really into this,, Wolfman's Brother: Another pick from my friend,,,he's 2 for 2 on the night...Wolfman's has gotten so funky lately,,and this one funk was definitley in the house,,,It was a nice mellow groove that brought smiles to everyone...Again,,,by the looks on their faces,,the band was havin a blast... Piper: I've never heard this song,,only read about it..so I was excited when it began,,,The girl in front of me apologized ahead of time as she was "going to probably bump into me a thousand times,,dancing to this one." She was so excited to hear it,,and i know why... The lyrics were fun,,the vocals sounded GREAT,,and the intensity was unbelievable! I gotta get this song on tape... Tweezer: My friend called another one! Again,a bit surprised as they just played this at Porland Meadows...but we'll take it...Nice jam,,not really spacey,,but good...They could have jammed it a bit more,but instead opted to go into... Jesus Left Chicago: I'm not much into the blues thing these days,,but this version brought me back..Page's vocals were great,,and his playing was Sizzling! He kept going back from Hammond to Piano,,and back to Hammond,,,it was great! Then Trey came in and blew us all away,,,Man,he looked happy this show... McGrupp: I love this song! I love the beautiful piano work of Page on this song,,and i was very pleased to get this one again... It lived up to expectations...during Page's solo everyone kinda stopped and just watched and listened,,it was so beautiful... then Mike would come in on the bassline and it sounded wonderful...This went into about a 7 minute jam and wasn't sure if it was a song or improv,,nothing is listed for it so it must have been the latter...this was the only slow part of the show for me,,not much goin on with this jam.. Down With Disease: Four for Four! My friend called four songs on the night,,I batted Zero,,No SOAM,,NO FOAM,,No It's Ice,,,Oh well back to DWD,,,One word,,, WOW!!!!!! From Mike's bassy intro to the very end,,,this DWD SMOKED!!! The jam just kept rocking and wouldn't stop! The band was so ON tonight,,,I can't imagine they were any better in Orgeon or Washington! I knew this would be it,as it was now about 11pm Possum was being whispered as the probable encore... Encores: Possum,,,,Possum it was,,,ANd what a performance,,great jamming,,great energy,,the vocals were there,,,What a show! Thanks guys!!! but then,,,, Yes! Tweezer Reprise!!! Another repeat,,but so what?? It was done very well,and one last treat for the fans before ending an absolutely wonderful show..the band had a blast,,,my friend and I had a blast,,and it seemed everyone in attendance did as well...Damn! I wish i was on my way to Irvine,,,Anyone with this tape,,please be kind!!Get a copy! Highly reccommended show...Thanks again Phish,,and we'll see ya next time! Mark Massi Sacramento,CA Maze72@Yahoo.com
Set1: Moma Dance-Well I simply love this song and personally they can play this tune at every show I attend!!!! I personally was glad they played it 4 times on the west coast! This has been cleaned up and made into a super Phunky dance tune. Mike just absolutely rocks the house on this one! Beauty of my Dreams-Normal, no flubs. Sample-Again, normal with some good guitar work by Ernest Drum (Trey) Gyute-Nicely done, trey had his shit together that night and it is very evident on this tune! Ghost-Can you say FUNK TO THE MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the new intro and this one was dripping with sweaty PHUNK! Limb by Limb-Not as good as Portland, but it had its moments! Well played definately showing the crowd who's in charge! Roget-I'm not too sure I can evaluate this song properly. I'll have to wait for the tapes! YEM!!!!-I couldn't believe that this was my very first YEM!!! I have been seeing PHiSH since '92 and I saw all of these wierd shows none of which had a YEM! Finally I saw tramps, and brad sands! Killer YEM!!! Set1 Verdict: (7 of 10) Set2: Llama-Finally, just the way I like it! A Llama set opener!! Just the way this song should be played, hard, fast and ready to kick your ass!!! This was no slacker!!!! This just scorched! I'm most fond of Llama first set opener's though! Like (11-25-94) beserk! Wolfman's->Piper-NIce I have been waiting to hear this combo since I got my Europe '97 tapes! I love this combo. Phunk right into the sweetness, you can't go wrong. Piper was also done the way I like it, Page soloing instead of trey. I like this song so very much and when page takes over I love it! Tweezer->Jesus Left Chicago- I really like what they are doing to tweezer these days! They are moving away from the tired style of old that just makes tweezer start over and over. They are really moving this tune! Jesus Left Chicago was really nice. Page was hot! Trey really had his blues licks down! This one may have rivaled Dayton (my last Jesus)! McGrupp->Dw/D-Thank you Mr. Minor!!!!!!! I absolutely have been dying to hear this tune! It was so well played. and page was hot once again! McGrupp rules! Folk's this Dw/D absolutely raged! INSANE!!!!!!!!! This may be the highlight of the show! Encore: Possum->Tweeprise- We were selling Possum stickers and we were thinking that they would never play possum but we were wrong! They sure did! Not as raging as say (DAYTON 12-7-97,MSG 12-29-97) But nice to hear definately! Tweeprise was also nice, a great way to end a pretty high energy show! Set2 Verdict: (8 of 10) Show Verdict: I thought that this show while well played was lacking something for some reason. I really don't know what it was, actually I do (RELAX) It really needed Relax somwhere in there! I would have placed it in the spot where Roget was! That would have made a perfect segue in between Limb by Limb and YEM! But I don't play stadiums and coliseums and my name isn't Trey,Page,Mike,Jon so I guess I'll just have to wait till fall to hear my RELAX!!!!!!!! Get this show, actually get every west coast show! They are all good! The best ones yet. No show has even come close to this show or any from that lovely run!!! But The smokin' creek and alpine should prove to be really hot!!!!! bOBBY sHORTCUT sHOWS
"It had a beat and you could dance to it." Like American Bandstand, this Shoreline show came across like a collection of highly danceable but not mentally challenging songs. Because I particularly like jams that I can dig my brain into, I'd rank this the least favorite of the 5 shows I've seen (ie, below last year's Shoreline, VA Beach and both Hamptons). My husband, who's not a dancer, *severely* panned this show- it's like it wrecked his weekend! But fortunately I really love dancing, so I still found the show enjoyable. Both sets were chock full of energetic and/or funky, very grounded and body-centered music. Moma Dance set the tone right off, and served as the linchpin of the show, since they kept coming back to that song's feeling. For example, YEM had to be the funkiest version I've ever heard, and I loved the way Mike had the Moma (BEK) bassline going during the big crescendo. It was an interesting contrast to last year's YEM at the same place. Ghost too was hip-deep in funk, and I wondered if they especially picked it to play here again to demonstrate the difference from last time. I was very glad to hear Moma Dance, but Roget was the other new song I wish I had gotten to hear more of. Unfortunately, Circumambulating Tripping Guy chose this song to transform into Circumambulating Naked Guy. Ultimately I guess he got shuffled off to Buffalo before any injury, but all I could get from the music was maybe a sense of thoughtfulness. Too bad it will probably now always be the Plaid Underpants Song to me. :) Of other quieter parts, McGrupp was another repeat from last year that I enjoyed, though it was not radically altered like Ghost. What really struck me here was the difference between East and West Coast crowds. During Page's quiet piano part, the crowd (at least around me) was *listening*, not hooting; it was practically pin-drop quiet. The same went for Trey's quiet guitar solo in Jesus (though Page was truly the star of that song, and on the mark all evening!), and also the absorbing pre-DWD jam. The latter instrumental was so discrete I thought it was one of the new songs. I wished fervently that part could have gone on for much longer- it had to be the spaciest bit of the show- but I'll be darned if they didn't choose that moment to grant my only pre-show wish, for my first live DWD! So playing-on-hot-coals energetic, that with the equally radiating Llama it made a perfect pair of bookends for the second set. And Tweezer Reprise was like the firecracker "salute" after a firework's starburst. So, I predict this will make a great party tape, not a lie on the floor and journey tape. For instance it seemed about as diametrically opposed to last July's Amsterdams (some personal fave tapes) as you can get. What a versatile band! I just hope they come back to the spaciness sometime again... BTW those plaid underpants were still lying on the lawn when we left. -- Diana Hamilton -- hamilton@umbc.edu -- Baltimore, MD USA
The last 5 songs of the first set really worked together nicely. I really liked hearing Roget again -- a mellow groove, sure, but a nicely developed song that builds to an interesting climax. The Disease from this show no doubt changed lives. Llama was equally raging, but not dripping with as much trippiness. Trey was jumping up and down, doing huge guitar strums so hard that he'd fall to one knee sideways during DWD. Page brought out the serious goods during Jesus left Chicago and especially during McGrupp. Trey's accompaniment & soloing during Jesus seemed less flashy and more pure-bluesy than versions I've seen or heard before. Mike was poppin' all night -- seemed like he got a new supply of bombs to drop before this tour started because he was definitely the star the first 5 shows. Keep it up Gordo!
ONE YEAR M.I.A.: SHORELINE REVIEWED This is a long review. I hadn't seen, heard, or actively listened to Phish in a year prior to last night's show. The last time I saw the band live was at the Gorge nearly a year ago, and my musical interests have changed a lot since then. I haven't thrown in a Phish tape in nearly that long; I did listen to the albums a few times, though. This is from a guy who's been actively seeing the band since spring '93, seen over 25+ shows and at one point had 300+ hrs on tape. Keep this MIA factor in mind when you read this review, though, because for that reason I'm not going to comment on how good a particular version of a new song is in relation to xx/xx/xx; I have no idea how good the new tunes were last night comparatively, only how good they sounded to me, having never heard them before. I was really jazzed for last night's show. I realized it would be the first time in over 4 years that Phish would play songs I hadn't heard before, didn't know anything about, and didn't even know the names to. I wouldn't be able to keep an accurate setlist!! The freshness was incredibly appealing, and had me incredibly excited as the show began. The two sets were so different that they warrant different sections: PART I: THE FUNK The Moma Dance opener could not have represented the first set better. Restrained, funky, minimalist jamming that reminded me of MMW at times; the funk that was around last year has developed into something even smoother and more articulate. I'd agree with Cassius (who I chatted with before the show) that the band has made a conscious decision to focus their efforts on the individual tone and placement and quality of each and every note. The funk that dominated the first set was notably cleaner, tighter, and generally more polished than anything I'd heard out of Phish of the past. However, I had mixed feelings on this "new" sound (again, I have no idea if Fall '97 or Europe sounded like this). In one sense it's incredibly impressive: the band is listening to each other better than ever before and often times creating a whole sound that can only be described as a sum of its parts. Very MMW-ish, at it's best. However, as soon as Trey took the lead these jams tended to roam into Arena Rawk territory, which is a bad thing, IMO. I love the minimalist funk; I just don't like the direction the jams went after that. The other problem I had with the jamming in the first set last night was it's ubiquity: It popped up in all the major jam vehicles -- Moma, Ghost, YEM -- in nearly identical form. Mix it up a bit, yo! The first set reminded me a lot of the first set of last year's Shoreline show. Besides the setlist -- Ghost, Limb, and YEM -- the set had that same light and funky feel. Speaking of which, the new arrangement of Limb is a step up, and Gyute has never sounded better. That song could be the absolute bomb if put on an album!!! Roget was a mixed bag. Some cool stuff, but overall pretty fruity. The vocal melody in the end reminded me of All Apologies (Nirvana). This may sound odd, but I think this song would be great if played by a less virtuoso, more pop-oriented band like Pavement or Radiohead. In that it's a good song, but I think when Phish steps in to perform it they can't help but make it a bit too refined for my taste. But still, I can see this being cool on an album. I like the psychedelic groove towards the end that was drawn out last night. YEM was good to hear, but nothing compared to last year's version. Pretty much straight funk groove. A very long set, though, at a bit over 90 min., I think (again, similar to last year). PART II: THE DOUBT CREEPS IN To be honest, I was a little bummed at the break; I was digging the show, but nothing had "wowed" me yet. To be honest, it seemed like the boys had lost their edge. Not that I didn't enjoy the music -- it was excellent -- but, well, it didn't kick my ass like I'm used to. (Last year's YEM kicked my ass, for example.) It was impressive, but almost felt like a day at the office. PART III: THE ASS-KICKING or THE DOUBT GETS BOOTED OUT Set II, however, was A BAT OUT OF HELL. It was like night and day compared to the first set; it sounded as if they had snorted a shitload of coke at the break and came out completely fired up. As with Moma in set I, the Llama opener completely set the tone for the rest of the set. It was fierce, firey, and totally inspired. Talk about an ass kicking. Great to hear something so fundamentally raucous. Wolfman's was excellent. Not so much the jam, which was good but not extraordinary, but the groove that carried throughout the song. This is one example of how the band has applied their funk expertise to the old material, and it sounds great. This jam faded to space rather quickly, and out of the mellow churnings came what, for me, was both the surprise and the highlight of the show: Piper. The only Piper I had heard prior to last night was 6/25? Lille France, and I was completely unprepared for last night's ride. My thoughts on this will probably reveal my MIA status, since I have no other "jammed" versions to compare it to, but I felt last night's Piper deserves to be on a live album. I just loved it; a great song performed to perfection. I was consistantly impressed at the band's patience in forming and then building the rather odd refrain; Fishman especially wowed me in his refusing to play a straight 4/4 rock groove but rather let the groove swirl around his 16th note bass-driven rhythm. I loved it. If someone knows of a better Piper, please point me in that direction; this is another song that, in proper form (like last night), could be a priceless addition to a studio album. (Obviously by this point I was eating my less-than-awed setbreak words. I was going nuts, frankly.) The Tweezer was met with a shout of joy, and that shout lasted about as long as the song itself. Very, very short Tweezer, though hypnotic and interesting while it lasted. Back to the four-alien-voices-conversing-in-unison type jamming that was so prevalent at the first Gorge show last year. I love that shit. As Tweezer died down Trey began playing some bluesy licks as the band gently textured the space behind him, finally falling into a blues rhythm that eventually mutated in Jesus Left Chicago. I'm not a big fan of this tune -- I sat down -- but I suppose this version was among the better ones. Trey's soloing was excellent. I just don't like this song that much. McGrupp was another surprise, seeing as they played it (again, in a similar position in the set) last year. Parts of this song reminded me of some of the newer Phish compositions (Roget, esp.). I thoroughly enjoyed it; a funny moment came when Trey began to play during Page's solo, and Page flat out GLARED AT HIM. (Trey quieted down after that.) Out of the space that usually follows McGrupp came Disease. The Disease can only be likened to the Llama that started the set: ABSOLUTELY ON FIRE. I'm not talking on fire like the Clifford Ball DWD is on fire; I'm talking on fire like you've heard Llama and Birds of a Feather get on fire. I'm talking LOUD, BALLS TO THE FUCKING WALL Disease jamming that was just about as awesome as I've heard Phish get. I absolutely *loved* this Disease. Everytime I thought it had peaked the band (read: not trey, not fish, but THE BAND) stepped it up a notch and I shook my head in disbelief. One word: ENERGY. HEAR THIS DISEASE. Of course this ended the set; mid-way through the Disease jam my friend Justin (similar Phish history) turned to me and said "There is no WAY they can follow this with anything!!!" The encores started where Disease left off. Excellent, excellent encore; best in recent memory. Possum was perfectly executed with Trey using a lot of bluegrass, nearly slide-guitar licks and allowing it to build to a furious climax. Tweeprise took Disease and Llama and finished them off. The second set of this show is basically why I like Phish. To sum it up in one word: ENERGY. To sum up the show as a whole: an exquisite musical performance, though I liked parts of it better than others. But very, very impressive. This is a band that has honed their talents and pushed their boundaries. The old stuff sounds great, the new stuff sounds...like it has potential :), and the band is obviously concentrating on their articulation and overall sound like never before. For me, it all came together in the 2nd set, though the first set was exemplary of other talents and entirely necessary for that to occur. Thumbs up. Darius darius.zelkha@oberlin.edu http://www.oberlin.edu/~dzelkha/
"WOW" just about sums it up. Phish made what is becoming an all too rare occurrence over the past few years: a Bay Area appearance at the Shoreline Amphitheater. I could go off on how disappointed I am that they really haven't played a string of shows in the area in nearly two years, and haven't really played an extended string in nearly 4, but I won't, because if the shows continue to be of the caliber of last night's Shoreline show, then at least I'll be able to live with the fact that the old cliche, "It's quality, not quantity" is indeed true (and just deal with the fact that I'll have to fly elsewhere to fill my yearly quota of shows; next year's spotlighted venue: Grey Hall in Freetown Christiana!!). Let me start be saying that I'm sure that last night will not rank very high on the summer's tour best, mainly because the show was a bit high on structure, and usual show highlights of Tweezer and to a certain extent, both YEM and Wolfman's didn't reach the heights that we know they're capable of. But lets's face it, the bar is significantly higher for those tunes than most others, and even last night's versions, while far from being "Bests" were all still quite tight, had great grooves, and made for one hell of a great headbobbin' time! Now, onto the setlists: I: Moma Dance, Beauty of My Dreams, Sample, Gyute, Ghost, Limb by Limb, Roget, YEM II: Llama, Wolfman's Brudda > Piper, Tweezer > Jesus Left Chicago, McGrupp > Down with Disease E: Possum, Tweeprise MOMA DANCE got the funk going right from the get go. A very cool tune that I've read is a reworked Black Eyed Katy. The groove was thick, and it was a great way to get people moving. The little Moma Dance itself, while being quite complex, is sure to be embraced by many of the youth in this country, and is sure to appear on American Bandstand soon. I'd have to guess that it was anywhere from 7 to 12 minutes long. Followed by BEAUTY OF MY DREAMS, which was played the way the country/bluegrass tunes of the evening should: tightly and with precision. What a great little ditty! SAMPLE was cool to hear, and I think a lot of people were relieved to hear something they knew. It was my sister-in-law's first show, and not only did they play a Sample, but also two other tunes off of Hoist, the only Phish CD she currently has. Talk about being blessed! Sample was good, but lacked the intensely hot guitar solo that can sometimes finish it up. A very brief break and conference took place, and the wee bit of hints that were thrown out pointed in one direction, and one direction only: GYUTE!!! Although I'd seen this tune a few other times, including Providence, 12/94, and have heard many on tape, I have not heard one that was pulled off they way it was pulled off last night. It may have been my Phish induced state of bliss, but I didn't hear one miscue. It was right on the freakin money and as tight as you could ask for. A nice little dark section thrown in around the second verse area, and everything else right where it should have been, and right where you expected it. IMHO, it was brilliant. GHOST followed up, and about three quarters of the way through this beautiful version I realized that the band had indeed come to play, and was still very intent on "Destroying America". The funk was thick in the Ghost, and just when I would start to think that they had played themselves into a corner, another new and completely original theme would emerge. Excellent excellent excellent. That Anastasio kid sure can play. LIMB BY LIMB was fun as usual, and sounded great, but after the previous two songs, my brain was somewhat ready for a break, and even though the tune was played very well, I couldn't keep up. Love those lyrics though, they just suck you in. ROGET next was my first time hearing the tune, and I really like it as a break song: it's mellow, has decent lyrics, and with all Phishmusic, has a hook that gets into you and just won't let go. These guys are truly amazing. the YEM closer was unexpected, and just like last years Shoreline show, added probably a good 20 - 25 minutes to an already beefy first set. Cool funk, bass and drums, and the tramps made for some good visual candy for a firstime Phisher-woman. Not the mammoth version like last years, but still, the groove was thick, and if you weren't boogieing, you weren't listening. Now if the first set was Phish-circa97/8/pornofunkersters, then the second set was Phish-circaearly-mid90's/machine-guns trained on the brains. LLAMA was hands down the fiercest version I have ever seen. Hands down. It kicked ass right out of the shoot and just kept building and building until it nearly knocked me on my ass. The boys laid notice right then and there that this second set would be very different from the groove of the first. WOLFMANS was very cool, had a bit of the first set groove going, but quickly built and then dissipated very sweetly into PIPER. Yeeks, this tune'll make your neck ache for days after the show. The build up is even more intense than it was just a mere year ago, and by the time they returned to the verse for the second time they were going so fast that I personally had to open my eyes and stare at something stable in fear of being knocked on my ass for the second time in three songs. TWEEZER. Ahhhh sweet sweet Tweezer. Whereas I can see some Tweezer's completely losing newbies, this one had a beautifully sweet groove that it held onto for a short bit, jumped over to another groove, and then quickly started to hint at the Jesus beat. I started to think Jesus maybe a minute or minute and half before it happened, and the transition itself was sharp, extremely tight, and was the kind of thing that makes you swear these guys must have practiced that shit!! JESUS JUST LEFT CHICAGO raged. Page was on all night long, but give him a tune of his own, especially when he's already having a great night, and you have all the makings of a wide-grinned cocktail, on the rocks, no water thank you very much. Page just owned this Jesus, and the interplay between him and Trey during some of the solos was just jaw dropping. They must practice that shit too!! Page enjoyed Jesus so much, that he also took a short extended solo in the following: MCGRUPP. A somewhat unusual choice I thought given that had played it last year at Shoreline as well, and almost in the same place in the show, but I've always had a soft spot in my heart for this tune, so I wasn't complaining. McGrupp has definitely been effected by the porno-funk, not nearly to the degree of other tunes, but the effects were definitely there, and the extended Page solo before his usual ending solo was very sweet. Made me hope for a Coil. McGrupp dissolved into a bit of a space jam thing that eventually led into the DOWN WITH DISEASE type space jam that seems to prelude many version of this tune these days. This was easily the best version of this tune that I have heard, with the "Old Phish" ruling the roost for this particular Disease. The solo was incredibly beautiful the entire way through, whilst continuing to rage at a pace that almost put me on my ass for a third time in the set. When they came back to the "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na" part, I very nearly exploded. Simply put, this Disease is the thing that makes people come back to shows over and over again. My wife was at her 5th show, and has always had a good time, but she just can't stop talking about that Disease, it just turned her world completely around, and gave her what sounds to be the essence of the Phish musical experience. This was truly one hell of a Diseased Worm!! the POSSUM encore was very enthusiastically received, and instantly became a huge sing-along. The jam smoked, but by this point my head was spinning so hard that any hope of objective judgement was gone, and I'll have to listen to the tapes to hear exactly what went down. Suffice to say though that by the time the jam was done, I was (again) drenched in sweat, the entire room was spinning at an alarmingly rapid pace and the Cheshire cat had nothing on what was going on on my face. the TWEEPRISE, although expected was glorious in it's lighted chaos, as Kuroda proved for the umpteenth time that evening that he is indeed the fifth member of the band. The outro music of "How Deep Is Your Love" from Saturday Night Fever was the perfect nightcap by which I attempted to pick my brain up off the floor, tried to utter a few comprehensible words (unsuccessfully I'm sure), put my shoes back on and wander off into the cool Mountain View evening pondering the very compelling argument my favorite band just made about blowing off work for the next two days and heading down south for another heaping dose of the good stuff. As I write this I think of my compatriots heading down the 101 for tonight's show and focus on one word: MAINE. See ya'll there!! Mike
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