7/25/98 - South Park Meadows, Austin, TX

set 1: Roses Are Free>>Down With Disease, Roget, Beauty of my Dreams, Ya Mar>>Jam>>Guyute, Julius set 2: Piper, Wilson*, Frankenstein, Tweezer>>Circus Comes To Town, Limb By Limb, Fee>>Run Like an Antelope Encore: Harry Hood**>>Tweezer Reprise *middle section of Wilson jammed out **with lights out, and a glowstick war
My first phish concert, and shit was it good. Down with Disease kicked ass and Ya Mar blew me away. The atmosphere at South Park was awesome. Wilson brought chills to me, when the crowd got involved. Tweezer was cool but I wanted more free jamming. The encore was bad with Harry Hood, man that was awesome. I hope they keep austin on their tour.
Unfortunately, I don't get to see as many shows as I used to so the South Park Meadows show in Austin was a treat. The venue was excellent. I hope they continue to play here every summer. A very laid-back atmosphere. I had to sell my Columbus & Deer Creek tickets, so this was the only one I caught all summer. The guys did a great job of mixing some old stuff with the new. The Roses are Free to open the show really set the mood. DWD is always a treat, as well as Gyute( I still like the original version from Fall '94 ). Yamar is one of my favorites anytime. The new stuff was really good. A nice variety of slow jams and some rocking guitar from Mr. Anastasio. Frankenstein is always amazing since the guys do it to a tee. Antelope was a great Set II closer as usual. Hood has always been one of my all time favorites. Overall, this show didn't stray from the norm like many of the shows after this one. All of the cover tunes really suprised me, but it shows just how diverse the band is. I can't wait until Las Vegas, & I know it will be great jamming in the desert.
What can I say About this show?? GOD DAMN!! Not one of the best Phish shows I have seen, but it definitely is up there. Roses Are Free To kick things off, GOD DAMN!! I was actually hoping for a Cities, but Roses Are Free is currently my Favorite Phish Cover Tune, so I was groovin’ from the beginning. This version wasn’t jammed out like 4/3/98, and Trey forgot one line in the second Verse, but otherwise it was DANK!! After the song was suppose to end, a short jam less than a minute long came out, but that just dropped off into some short space. The space lead into Down With Disease. This DWD was dank, It was kind of like the first 10 minutes of the Runaway Jim from Houston, in the fact that it was Really Fast and Really Hard. Trey Was just Tearin’ it up. The rest of the band was backing him up real well. Down With Disease Ended without ever breaking out of the Down With Disease Jam. Roget (pronounced row gay) was dank. I had hooked up with the Copenhagen shows before Texas so I had heard ALL the new tunes, and Roget was one of my favorites. Its slow and happy, but has a really cool groove. Live this song is dank, and the short jam section that came out had some great Dueling by Mike and Trey. “If life were easy and not so fast, I wouldn’t think about the past.” Beauty was Beauty, a great tune just to dance to. Ya Mar came up and OH YEA, this show was gettin’ good. Two dudes pushed their way Right in front of me at the start of Ya Mar and kept begging me to smoke my nugs with them, IT REALLY PISSED ME OFF. They were two jockhead fuckers and they WOULDN’T SHUT UP, especially through Page’s Jam, and it was obvious I was just Trying to Zone out and DANCE!!! This was a Sweet Ya Mar, the best i have heard Live. Page Tore it up, then Trey sunk it down and led it into a Phunky jam that was kind of light, Not Real Intense. The jammed for a good 10 or 15 minutes then it just sort of dropped off. Trey got a sip from his beer (or water I was about 5 rows back, but I couldn’t tell what he was drinking), then mouthed one word to Page and then BUM BUM BUM BUM ------ GUYUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEA!!!! My first Guyute. It was played perfectly. The only thing that bums me out about Guyute is that they have shortened the end. It used to be Page would jam like he does after the whistling, then Trey Would jam that part. But now Page starts to jam and Trey picks it up in the middle and finishes it off. Oh well, The middle section is still the best!! When Julius kicked in I thought we had at least one or two songs left after Julius, but Julius rocked hard, then closed out the set. Although it was short (just over an hour) this set was FUCKIN’ DANK. It is one of my favorite sets of the 3 Texas shows. The second set opened with Piper. I would have never called this as an opener, but it is Awesome!! The way it starts out slow and just builds to this huge crescendo, A Great way to kick off the set. Trey Started jumping up and down after the first round of words - and it started building and building and he just kept jumping. It was obvious he was pumped up! The first notes of wilson Came right after Piper finished. Wilson was Dank. They jammed the shit out of the middle section. They must have jammed it for a good 5 minutes, and it was real hard and fast. The jam went so far that I thought that wilson was over and we were entering the land of free jamming, but Trey came back in with “Now you got me back thinkin......” the end of wilson sounded just like the middle jam section and I think Trey wanted to keep jamming it for a while, but the rest of the band ended it at the normal time. Then Trey Walked over to Fishman and mouthed “Frankenstein.” Frankenstein was ragin’, but not any different than most good frankensteins. Tweezer came out of Frank.. Tweezer was long and jammy. The jam sounded like a constructed instrumental song, at least thats the way it seemed. In other words it was very precise jamming. Tweezer just dropped off into Circus. Circus is cool, but I think it loses the momentum in the set. >From here the momentum seemed to shift slower. Limb By Limb followed Circus. They changed Limb By Limb a little bit, just by repeating the Chorus right before the jam then flat out stopping. Then they kick back in hard with the jam. The Jam was Phat like ALL limb by limbs. The end is also different, and reminds me of Taste. They don’t sing in the end anymore either. A short pause followed limb, and somebody in front of me called out Fee, and then they played it. It was pretty cool, especially to hear Fee in set 2. When they played Fee I was hoping they would do two things - and that was for them to Jam out the end, and then Take it into Run Like Antelope. (sort of like 11/19/97 champaign). And thats exactly what they did. The fee jam was sort of repetitive and then dropped off and Trey pulled out ANTELOPE!!! This was my 12th show and my 2nd Antelope!! I was Stoked to say the least. Antelope Really RAGED. It just kept peaking out and right when i thought it was almost over they would take it higher. You have to get the tapes to actually hear what Trey did during the Marco Esquandolas part, because it’s beyond my words. The second set, although very different from ANY second set i have heard (live or on tape) since late 96, was very cool, especially the unexpected second set Fee. WHAT A TREAT!! Before i came down to Texas, I was hoping for 2 things - My First Runaway Jim (played the first night in Houston), and a Harry Hood Encore with a Glowstick war. I feel very lucky to have gotten both in the first 2 shows. Hood was dank to say the least. During one part of it before the jam, everybody in the first 10 or 15 rows took out their water bottles and started throwing it around the crowd, it was very cool. Then when the jammed kicked in, I looked up at the lights and sure enough they went out. Then I looked up and the glowsticks started flying through the air and I just started screaming at the top of my lungs (like alot of people around me). It was cool to watch the glowsticks and listen to the band. At one point it sounded like Trey was trying to imitate what glowsticks sound like flying through the air (of course I was probably just really roasted and imagined that). The Hood was LONG. The best hood i have heard live (out of 4), and i thought the show was over, BUT NO!!!!! Tweezer Reprise. T. Reprise was T. Reprise, but still an awesome way to close out a show. All I could say walking out of the venue was GOD DAMN! What a fuckin’ show!!
I definately have to say that out of the three places in Texas to see Phish is at Austin. It is way better than parking at a mall (Houston) or frying in a regular old STRICT parking lot (Dallas.) I have never been to Austin before and it lived up to what I have heard about it. The venue was great- no seats is a definate plus because you could either hang out on the hill or fight the crowd and be up close. And I must say that was not hard to do at all. Most people were really considerate (as usual- phish pholk are always kind) about being up in front and everything (except for one fellow who brought a 6 yr old kid or something up to the front on his SHOULDERS!!! but luckily they left before Harry Hood. It was a damn great show. Who could not like a show with Ya Mar, Antelope, Guyute & Harry Hood. I can tell you that I was loving it. It was also nice to hear some songs that I have never heard before but have heard about (Roget). It was another great experience indeed- I thought Houston's show was more solid probably due to them playing more recognizable songs since it was the first time they played there in all. I would definately trek out to that heat again to see them there again - however I must say that if weren't for it's closeness to Dallas, I would not be sad seeing if I never saw another show at Dallas again due to the pain in the ass cops. Another good thing about Austin is - they did not hustle people out of the parking lots at the end of the show and people continued to have a good time. I feel asleep that night with guyute in my head and a HUGE smile on my face. nancy mariano
I woke up early on Saturday despite a long night after the fine show the night before at Woodlands. The band had me rapped in a groove state, and I couldn't wait to get back at it. Although weary, Craemer and I actually had the stinkin' Lincoln back up to 85 by noon on the way to Austin. We arrived at the show early enough. I had to pump alot of water into the my diesel so to avoid a melt down later that evening. It was a very hot afternoon, but at least it was dry. I suddenly realized that showtime was near and rounded up my taping gear and made the long walk to the entrance. Focusing on my pace and on the path in front of me, was nearly cut off by Iron Mike Gordon, who was spinning around in one of his prefered modes of transport, the golf cart. I said hello and he replied in kind with a smile. I then buttered him up a bit, a habit of mine when I happen to see any of the guys. I said, damn Mike, you have gotten better than Entwhistle. (sp?) You have come so far. He seemed very appreciative. I cut back in front of him as he turned into the secure area and asked for a Wedge, to which he replied, "Anything is possible." Austin was another great one, as was Houston the night before. Just check out the set list. I love the new stuff to boot. Peace, Park Place Paul

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