8/1/98 - Alpine Valley, East Troy, WI

I've been lucky enough to catch Phish at Alpine every time they've played there and I must say that anyone who has the tapes or has also been fortunate enough to see all three Alpine shows over the years will back me on much (hopefully) of the opinion in this review. The 1996 show didn't really do it for me, probably becuase of the long ass haul from Red Rocks. 1997 showed Phish in a newer form, relatively unpredictable first sets with songs randomly chosen from albums, standards, and the occasional rarity bust-out. The second sets became intense hour-and-a-half long jam riddled rock-outs, with that lovable Phish tranquility woven in here and there. It seemed the boys had a lot to live up to as 1998 rolled around, and sure enough they're here to show all of us why their the best goddamn band on this planet. Alpine Valley is a great place to catch a show, especially if you score good pavillion seats. From my experience there it seems like the sound gets really inaudible towards the back of the HUGE lawn and we all do love getting down 20th row, Mike's side.... Ramble On: Wow! What a great tune for Phish to cover, and the first time every! At this point the entire place knew we were in for a ride... SET I: Mikes: Shit... How many times can you say that you've seen them bust out a Mike's in the first set, let alone the sencond song into the show!! Not the best I've heard but nice and long, Trey really leads a nice savage sort of jam (see Gorge 7/17/98 Mike's!) and then comes down into a nice... Esther: After 30+ shows over the course of the last 4 years I had yet to see this one and I got it here. Very fun to watch. Good choice, mellow things out a bit. Weekapaug: I figured this would be next. Weekapaug is ALWAYS a blast and it was here where I really came to realize a sort of phase Phish is in at this point, FUNK! (Listen to the 7/18/98 Weekapaug towards the closing jam... ;) ) Gyute: I've heard them play this song probably 6 or so times and it never gets old. This set was beginning to show the band's versatility and creativity, well most of their shows do but a definite randomness was forming as far as the song choice went. I love to watch Trey and Page on this one mimic one another at a few key points at rapid fire pace for seconds on end. It really is amazing to say the least. Ficus: A new song and also the first time I had heard it. Kind of wierd but cool in a Phish way. Mike is always welcome on lead vocals in my book! Birds of a Feather: Definitely one of the bands favorite to play this past summer. I had seen this in Portland so I knew what it was this time. I really have developed a liking for this song, both the music and the lyrics. Trey wails like hell on this one.... Lawnboy: Ahhh... one last break until the set closer. Lawnboy is great, Page gets up and does his lounge act and you can tell by the looks on each of their faces they're having a ball up there. Above all else, you gotta love the sense of humor these guys have... Funky Bitch: Cool song, nice closer. I was ready for the set break at this point, but the bitch is always a good tune to get the groove on so I proceeded to dance. Overall a very kickass set. One thing I really don't like about some show reviews is that people compare the set to others. What this does, at least for me, is that it takes away "the moment", which is one of the most uncanny things Phish does, provides that "moment" throughout the show where you really can't believe the music being performed in front of you. I think the Deadheads called it "getting it". This set basically gave a little bit of everything. Set II: Piper: Really an excellent opener. I've heard quite a few people's disgust for this opener but at Alpine it REALLY got things off to an energetic start. Trey began to into and each member one-by-one followed, winding things up to a point of near explosion and then... that tranquility I mentioned before, it was on a , excuse the French, fucking dime and then faded off into... Wilson: This was the call for the opener but it came second. I took a liking to Wilson probably only a year ago and after hearing the new "Heavy Metal Jam" or whatever at the end, I could now lay my hate on the evil bastard... 2001: Now as far as I'm concerned, when you are actually watching a 2001, you are taken somewhere else. Don't get me wrong, many of Phish's song have the same effect, but the NEW 2001's they've been playing is some of theeeee SICKEST shit I've seen, this one being no exception whatsoever. Kuroda, what an all-star... Magilla: bam... Phish at their best, nobody there couldv'e called this one. A gem to see, my first. These boys can swing. Tweezer: Tweezer is one of my favorite Phish tunes. This particualar Tweezer was very very nice. Listen to the last few minutes of the building jam... simply beautiful. This melted into... Fluffhead: Always a fun tune. I sat back and watched this one, trying as hard as I could to follow the roller-coaster of time changes. Awesome! Brian and Robert: Another new tune. This one is ok I guess, hasn't really grown on me (yet). Albuquerque: A neil Young cover done justice. Such a good song for Phish to cover. Chalkdust: The end was near as Chalkdust usually tells but they were not going to let us go before Chalkdust picked us all up one more time, spun us around and slammed us down only for... Frankenstein: ..to pick us up and pound our measly little bodys back in to ground. A powerhouse closer. Encore: Been Caught Steelin': A new trend for Phish! Even more random covers! This was a lot of fun. As an old Jane's fan I really could not believe it. I think the band's entire crew was off stage left watching them do this one, pretty cool. Tweeprise: Expected. Put a nice big ! on the night. A perfect night in my book. Thanks boys for another great year at Alpine! -Jason Everson eversojm@selway.umt.edu
WARNING: If you do not like negative reviews, read no further. I have seen a lot of people comment on this show and I see it differently, and I call 'em as I see 'em. Pre-show we got a special treat. As we were sitting out in the lot Mike and Page drove on over right next to us and parked for awhile. Cool to talk to them. Some lady asked Page to play Strange Design. I chuckled. Hope she saw Deer Creek. I'll take the Tela from K.C. and run with it, though:) Ramble On: I would comment on this one but I could barely hear it. We were out on the lawn and the PA was so quiet you could drown it out by whispering at this point. It slowly got louder during the set, then was quiet again for the second set and slowly got better again. It was never at concert level, though. It's a shame, I probably would have liked this one. Mike's: Psyched to see this one. What I could hear, though, was definitely a mediocre Mike's, and nothing more. Probably should have gone later when they were more in the groove of the show. Esther: Good song, not the best place for it, though. Weekapaug: Great opening by Mike. The jam in here was good, I felt like they were finally starting to get something going. Still not a monumental, all-time Weekapaug by any means, though. Gyute: Very well played, can't say much more. Definitely one of the highlights of the show, but it still doesn't lend itself to much improv. Ficus: Won't comment on this one because I don't remember it other than the fact that it was there and it didn't do much for me or anyone else I saw. Birds of a Feather: The part where they sing this song is repetetive and just plain not very good. The jam was decent, definitely in a Julius/Chalkdust/Character Zero mold, but not close to as good as the one I've heard from the Spring run (not sure which one). Lawn Boy: My friends and I always seem to get this one. Whatever novelty this song has is lost by being far away. Funky Bitch: Good, but not great. The one in Kansas City was considerably better. Piper: I like this song, but not as an opener. Just doesn't work there. Like BirdsOAF, I like the jamming but the part where they sing does nothing for me at all. This was, again, one of the shorter and weaker Piper's I've heard. Wilson: I was in the minority on the drive home, and apparently on the net too, but this heavy-metal jam was HORRIBLE! If I were to talk up a new jam band to people and then give them a tape that cut out the Wilson except for this "jam" people would think I was deaf. One of the most un-musical, lame moments of Phish I've ever heard (soon to be outdone, though). 2001: At this point I was nervous even at songs I love like this one. 2001 was excellent. I am usually more of a music kind of guy, but the lights here just kicked ass. The playing was dark and groovy at the same time...very nice. Now we're getting somewhere. Wish they could have kept it going even longer, but alas, all things must end. Magilla: Went to the bathroom on this one, so I can't comment. I had held it through 2001, because, well... Tweezer: Highlight of the show. Not groundbreaking in an exploratory sense, in fact it was very grounded on earth, but a nice jam. The type of improvisation that Phish should mix in more of. I hesitate to call it mellow, more like melodious and beautiful, soul-inspiring even. Reminded me of something Zero would play. In fact, Mike (who was very prominent here) was playing licks at one point that made me think the type of jams in Zero's Golden Road. Maybe not the notes, per se, but the style. There was about 1 minute of (unneeded) atonality before they settled in for some more groovy jamming, and then went to Fluffhead. Clocked in at a little under 20 minutes. Fluffhead: A bit of a bring-down for me as I had been floating in the clouds of the heavenly Tweezer. All composition, and not their best one, at that. Brian & Robert: My friend and I were laughing at how Phish could write a song this bad, so I guess it does have one redeeming quality (humor). Albuquerque: A decent ballad, but suffered from poor timing in the setlist (as did much of the show). We didn't need this one right after B&R. Chalkdust: A decent version to get us rocking again, but only average in the realm of Chalkdusts past. Frankenstein: If you've read this much you can probably tell that I like originals over covers and improvisation over composition, so this one doesn't do a whole lot for me after I've heard it God-knows-how many times. Was better than most, though, I guess. Been Caught Stealin: I'm going to try to keep my comments short and to the point on this one, but why musicians as talented as Phish would want to play this crap is utterly beyond me. Maybe that's the point, though, I don't know. I better leave it at that, if you want my in depth feelings e-mail me :) Tweezer Repr: I was still shaking my head so I don't really know, but sounded like the regular Tweezprise. I had an overall great time, and there were moments of excellence (enchantingly beautiful Tweezer, 2001, Weekapaug, Gyute...). It just didn't stand up as a full show to many I have heard. The newbies I came with all thought it was fun but not amazing. Of the two people who had seen shows before and heard numerous tapes, one of them panned it even more than I did and the other thought we were too negative but agreed it was only an average show. Take it with a grain of salt. rodirks@binary.net
This was the first show of ny three-show run this summer (Alpine plus both Deer Creeks). This venue is gorgeous. A very natural, wide-open atmosphere encompasses the stage. My only complaint is that some of the lawn spots (including mine) are difficult to see from due to the slopage of the ground. Anyway, the show... Saturday, 8/1/98, ALPINE VALLEY: "Expect the unexpected..." Set I: Ramble On: This was my first show since fall, so I was waiting to be overwhelmed by an exciting opener. It took me a second to recognize this tune, but I was quite happy to hear it. As if the boys needed to prove their penchant for the unexpected any more...The version was faithful to the original, short, and got everyone moving. Great opener. Mike's: Yeah! My first. Being the huge Phish dork that I am, I went so far as to high-five my friend Phil as this tune began. I'm such a loser. But hey...it's Mike's! This version was nothing spectacular, mainly permagroove type stuff. Still very cool. -> Esther: Wha?! Trey and Fishman really flubbed their entrances here, to the point where I thought it was an Esther tease from Page and we were getting the standard Hydrogen. After that, however, this was great! Again, unexpected. Terrific! Weekapaug: Yeah. Good segue. Mike funked the hell out of the opening. I first wrote Weekapaug -> funk jam -> Weekapaug on my setlist. Very funky, then the jam got hot. Overall very pleasing, one of the better jams of the night. Guyute: Trey took a long time deciding what he wanted to play, but as soon as this tune began, everyone was quite excited. Perhaps not the best tune to follow a ragin' Weekapaug, but still very well played. The crowd loved it, though it was pretty much standard. Ficus: Whoa! This was really excellent. I'd never heard this before, and I loved it right off the bat. This song has a quirky, dark quality. Excellent composition. BOF: My first. Brought the energy up. Decent version, but it got its ass smoked by the next night's version. Lawn: Fun to see live. Good Mike solo. Funky Bitch: Had my friend Kula happy. Good set-closer. Short, sweet solos from everyone. Overall, pretty decent first set. Weekapaug was the only really well-jammed tune, but the song selection was pretty cool, very enjoyable set. Set II: Piper: Wha? I LOVE this song, but it should not be an opener. It basically has no beginning, and is an easy tune to segue into. This version was dissapointing. Vocals sounded shitty, no good jam, either. It was cool how they just stopped on a dime and began Wilson, but why sell Piper short? It's certainly not a 5-minute pop song. It's all about building energy, and they didn't give it a chance to breath. Anyway, I'll post a review of it when I get the tapes. Wilson: Cool. Funny, I was toward the middle of the lawn, and I found myself wishing they would turn up the PA. You couldn't just scream your head off like you can in an arena. Here, we would have certainly bothered someone. In fact, Kula jokingly sang a G so they we could harmonize our "Willlllsssssson!" chant for fear of offending a nearby phan. At any rate, this Wilson rocked. Then, at the "You got me back thinking, that you're the worst one..." section, they lanuched into this ragin' heavy metal jam which I've never heard before, then finished the song. No one head-bangs quite like Trey, Brock-tune. ASZ: Yes! I was really excited for this one. Great lights, Chris!!! The jam was goovin' perfectly. Very cool. -> Magilla: Wow. Expect the unexpected. Good Page-led segue, the only true musical segue of the night. This one added to the already eclectic setlist. I love Phish-jazz, and especially getting to hear Page stretch out. Nice. Tweezer: As Magilla finished, Fish started up the ASZ beat, but Trey was having none of that. This tune always excites me with its jam possibilities, but perhaps we were getting a little late in the set for that? Opening was standard, and the jam, unfortunately, did little. Fluffhead: Whoa, Fluffhead following Tweezer? This was a treat for all, from beginning to end. Excellent. Brian and Robert: Break out those lighters and hold 'em high. This one's for you... Albuquerque: I love this tune. But right after B+R? Talk about changing the flow of energy... Chalkdust: Nothing better to get the hearts pumping again. Fairly short, rockin' version. Trey went moderately nuts. Frankenstein: Wow, a lot of songs so far. Kept Chalkdust's energy flowin'. Good closer. ENCORE: Tweeprise? Well, not yet. A bit more of the unexpected. Been Caught Stealin' COULD NOT have been any more perfect. Wow. Pure genius. And then, Tweeprise. Great ending. Overall, judging just from the selist, it seems Phish played a bit too many songs. By this I mean that they didn't really allow enough tunes to stretch out and go places. There were a lot of great songs, played VERY tightly, but not much jamming to speak of. The Weekapaug and ASZ-> Magilla were highlights, and the Ramble On opener and Been Caught Stealin' encore were both treats. Overall, little of it seemed to stick, however, and the sets were not really musically coherent. Still, this show was a lot of fun. Thanks for reading. Deer Creek reviews to follow. Later, CDH
Hey everybody, Well, the day was absolutely perfect and cooled off by the afternoon. Alpine Valey is the most beautiful venue I've been to; the densely wooded hills create a breathtaking backdrop to the pavilion. Security seemed cool all day but there was a scirmish in the lot which I just caught the tail end of. Security had broken it up and people were just crowded around when I saw it, but apparently somebody offered a bunch of shrooms (which turned out bunk) for free. Everbody of course swarmed to get a piece of the prize and security got scared. This kind of thing has to stop before it grows and keeps Phish out of certain venues. Besides that incident, everyone had the vibe. Ramble On: What a great opener. Very fitting to the beautiful sunset. The boys were loving it and they were very excited; basically screeming the chorus. Trey's usual energetic style jamming for a Zepplin cover. This REALLY got the crowd pumped for the night. Mike's: The one-two punch. The first Mike's in a long time (for Mike's) and the crowd went insane. A didn't think this Mike's was anything spectacular, although it was definately great. They played it here last year, too. Decent funk groove that didn't get too bizaare.... Esther: Mike's into Esther? I don't know of this ever happening before. Esther was very enjoyable, but again not necessarily noteworthy. I wish I had more to say about it, but I can't really think of anything else about it right now. Weekapaug: I really felt this one coming (who didn't?) The intro was one of the best. I've never heard a bass pop like Mike was then. It didn't even sound like a bass guitar because the popping was so profound. Every note: pop pop pop, not just the accented ones as usual. Trey was doing this funny 70's style disco dance during Mike's intro. It turns into a good funk groove that didn't last so long that it got redundant. It drifted farther from it's structure, then they suddenly stopped playing at once. Pause for a few seconds, then a few bars of Mike's intro solo, then back into Weekapaug. Reminded me of 11.22.97 Weekapaug. Still funky, moving towards the closing segment but they just didn't want to end it and drew out the approach. I didn't know how long they might delay it, but I was loving every monent. Finally wrapped it up with the usual granduer of a Mike's Groove (no H2, but Esther!!) Gyute: They paused for a long time before starting Gyute, Trey talking to Mike for a while. This was a tyically great Gyute, although it could have been tighter. I've never seen them build so much energy in the crowd before, but what do you expect with these first four? I remember thinking how lucky I was to have two more consecutive nights ahead of me. Ficus: Another long pause before beginning. I hadn't ever heard this before. The crowd never really got it either. It had a very eery sound with Fish using mallets and overall had an Egyptian or Eastern feel to it. Birds of a Feather: Another unfamiliar one to most of the crowd, although they were loving it after it got moving. I had only heard the spring ones, and it didn't sound any better or worse than those. This is a great mid-first set song to keep things energetic. Lawn Boy: A crowd pleaser to see Page slinking around the stage. Mike's solo was strong and more intricate than most that I've heard. Funky Bitch: A great closer. Page was very stong on the organ solos, and everyone held their own. Featured short solos by each guy towards the end of the jam, starting with Fish. Each was no more than a few measures long, but you typically don't see this kind of soloing and everybody else sitting back and taking a near-total break for a few beats. What a first set! Everything, except for Ficus, got everyone moving, including the band. Started on a high note, ended on a high note, and kept it up all the way though. The only one that really stands out _individaully_ is perhaps Weekapaug, but the overall quality was unbelievable. The work was well underway for a classic show. SET II Piper: Sounded great, although I don't remember it being outstanding. Very solid, though. Wilson: We got this one last year also, and this one had a funny heavy metal type jam. I still love the audience participation on this song too. Even though I don't really care about this song too much, it turned out to be entertaining on account of the metal jam. Trey was doing some Trey-style headbanging too. 2001: Not exceptionally long, although a great lead-in jam. The audience picked up on the regularity of the beat and began annoyingly clapping. Mike was coming through strong and Page was coming up with some creative and spooky sounds to accompany Trey's delay loops. The lights were outstanding as usual for 2001. I still haven't heard Crosseyed and Painless so I didn't recognize the tease.... Magilla: This one's bouncy circus feel didn't really fit with the progression of 2001's dark and spacey feel, but that kind of unexpected spontinuity is what makes the shows so great. Some fun noodling back and forth between Page and Trey.... Tweezer: During 2001, I kept thinking how a Tweezer would fit so perfectly as the next seque, but I thought it may be too late in the set to begin a journey such as Tweezer. Mike was stood out well in most sections. It didn't get too outlandish but worked into a decent funk groove that worked into.... Fluffhead: Talk about thowing more opposites out. This was well received and well given. The jam was strong, led by classic oldschool Trey solos. The guys were really giddy, much like the enthusiasm from the Ramble On opener. Brain and Robert: I've never heard this before; it didn't do anything for me. Albequerque: Never heard this either; still didn't do anything for me but the crowd liked it a little more, perhaps because it is more lyically based. Chalkdust: A great energy comeback! This one screemed as is typical for the pure energy thriller. At the first notes I assumed that this would close the show; Trey gives his usual thanks and they hit the final chord but didn't bow. Hmmmm, what now? Frankenstein: I guess they just needed more. I was happy to see this for the first time since I've heard it on tape so many times. Standard until the distortion part towards the end, which was drawn out longer than usual. Now Trey again thanks the crowd and they really are done. ENCORE: Been Caught Steeling: Stage hand brought out the tramps and everyone got pumped. Then the song started and people about lost it with excitment. Mike and Trey jumped in unison facing the audience for a short time, maybe only 30 seconds, but it was well worh it just to see once. I love these unique moments where they break new ground.... Tweeprise: I think most everbody saw this coming which maybe made it better. It was so powerful that it brought the guy mext to me to tears. Overall, this show was _outstanding_ although there were few parts the were _outstanding._ The highlights for me would be the Weekapaug and 2001 and general excitement of the band and audience. This show had _INCREDIBLE_ energy, and no bluegrass or Billy Breathes, neither of which I'm a big fan of. Peace, Elliott
In lieu of the Copenhagen webcast a month ago, I wasn't expecting too much out of this....the chatroom beforehand was absolutely full, and some guy kept on writing "FUCK" and just bombed it so no one could chat...pretty frustrating...anyways, "rollingstoneisaac" was apparently backstage and let us in on what was going on, which was pretty cool...pre-show music was fairly standard pre-show music....pretty laidback. So I go to the bathroom and Zeppelin's on as more pre-show music....except there's lots of crowd noise in the background....I nearly died when I realized it was Phish...the video was kind of choppy and about half way through it, I just sat in the common room and listened to the audio while watching the White Sox get their asses kicked by the Rangers. Ramble On was nice.....completely suprised to hear it....Page belting out lyrics better than Plant can now....I saw Page/Plant a few weeks ago and he didn't even sing the "now the time the time is now..." and "going 'round the world, I'm gonna find my girl" and the other such lines....Page sang the ad-libbed vocals from the studio version. Does anyone else remember the *distinct* Ramble On teases during the Deer Creek Cities last year....I think the band totally knew it too, at least Trey did, because GT,BT followed right after. Anyways, Ramble on was perfectly played, nice mellow jam at the end, which faded out into Mike's....well-played intro...jam was rocking....standard type I Mike's jamming, reminded me of the Tweezer opener in Providence...rock-out nothing too out there.. It was actually pretty funny...me and friend were just sitting on the couch groovin' and he suddenly said, "wait, have they modulated to F yet?" Sure enough, less than 5 seconds later, Trey hits the F, seemingly out of nowhere....pretty weird....F-jam was short, sort of faded out into Esther...completely caught me off guard, but not too surprising considering all the bustouts at the last three shows....I was definitely expecting one more from this show and I got it (MAGILLA!!!) Esther was well played...it's amazing how Trey can lose it during Fee, but remember all the lyrics to this one....can't wait to hear this live again (if I ever do...). Weekapaug started out of the end of Esther...no real -->, but I'd put it there, just because all Mike's grooves are connected by one big ------->....always. I mean there are obviously times when a song fully stops before weekapaug kicks in (i.e. Alpine last year), but it always deserves a segue arrow, IMHO. Rockin' weekapaug....stayed at the high-energy Week jamming for awhile, then sort of died down into a funky weekapaug jam, then built back up....standard Week (not weak) ending. Trey begins strumming Guyute after a short pause, making me realize that this is definitely, by far, the best four song opening to a show, beating out the one-two-three-four Axilla-->Peaches-->PYITE--->CTB knockout punch of NYE '96 (no amazing jams then, but completely kicked my ass). Guyute again, played amazingly well, compared to many of the botched '97 versions....Trey's solo cut off, though...have they been doing this in all of the '98 versions? It's usually end lyrics, Page solo., Trey solo...at Alpine, Trey just sort of came in at the end of Page's solo and the song ended a verse early. Ficus was interesting...kind of eerie first time since the show started that I actually had a chance to breathe....Birds of a Feather was nice....jam was kind of standard...I think this song is becoming a sort of Chalkdust/Character Zero, standard type I jam, bring the crowd up song, rather than the jamming monster it had potential to be after the 4/4/98 version...I could be wrong...I've only heard three versions now....will comment more upon further listening to other summer BOAFs if I can get my hands on any of them. I simply love the delay ending effect that they end it with on 4/4/98. Lawnboy and Funky Bitch were both pretty standard. A little disappointed with the end of the set after such an amazing beginning....but I think me and my friend were a little antsy to go out drinking at this time as well. Anyways, during set break we were just chilling and there were rumors going around the chatroom about guests for the encore or a suprise encore, but I took them with a grain of salt....tuned back on in the middle of Wilson....the metal jam in the middle is interesting...not sure if I quite like it, I'll have to hear it again....so, my friend was like..."let's leave after Wilson, unless the next song is good..." 2001 made us stay....went back to watch the video for this one....still kind of choppy, but entertaining nonetheless....Trey has really taken the front seat on this song, whereas once he was just simply chording, now he adds a solo flavor to this, which he's been doing pretty much since 4/4....it's turned quite into a nice segue song, although removing the second "verse" kind of disappoints...segued nicely into Magilla, which I was psyched to hear but we went out drinking anyways. Overall thoughts.....great first set...give it a 9.0 as far as first sets go, only hindered by the choice of the last two songs....Webcast ruled....nice to hear a show live...you still get that "what are they going to play next?" feeling after the jam takes a different direction or after a song ends and you still get the "NICE!!!" or "WHHHAAAATTTT?!" after they bust out something like Ramble On or Esther and the "Damn, I'm going to sit down and have a cigarette" feeling after a perfectly played Gyute. On another note, I came back from the party we went to around 12:00-ish because I didn't know anyone there and it was schwaggy beer anyways....so it was off to another party, but not until I stopped at my house to relieve my bladder. I was tempted to check to see what the encore would be (it was about encore time, then). God damn, I was hitting myself all night after I came home and checked the net at 3:30am and found out they played Been Caught Stealing...anyone who heard it how was it? Did they jam at all.....did Fishman bark at the beginning? Who sang? The big question is, will this be in the rotation from now on? GROVEL!!!!! Please...please if anyone has this show, please please e-mail me....I have no summers...yet. But I have lots of goodies to offer, including the Chameleon Disco Biscuits show, which I will offer up for B&P to anyone who wants....the 1999>Mr. Don is truly a masterpiece of techno-rock improv....and it's also a great intro to people who haven't heard the Biscuits yet...anyways, take it easy.. "An asteroid crashed and nothing burned, it made me wonder..." -Fishman "We will be back in EXACTLY fifteen minutes..." -Trey
Wow. What a show. Even though it was my first show, I know enough. And what I don't know about, I won't comment on. I've got the tapes, blah blah blah, so I know all of the songs, except some of the new ones of course. On to the show. I had reserved seats, way to the right, about 20th row. Took a lot of good pictures of Fish's back. But we could see everyone. There was a huge marshmallow throwing fight before the show, that was pretty funny. It started up in the grass area, then they eventually made their way down into the pavillion seating. It was a tasty fight. The guys came on REAL LATE. Maybe by around 8. At around 7:30, half the pavillion was still empty, and there was some eerie Godfather type music playing, but then it got happier. The show begins... Ramble On---I didn't know this one at first, but my bud Mike told me, and they cover all Zep tunes so great, if I had to guess at a band, I would've guessed Zep. Great cover, started the show with some nice energy. About 6-7 minutes. Mike's---I knew it was coming, along with everyone else. I mean, 6 shows and no mike's? C'mon! I guess Alpine is the place for Mike's, and big ones at that. Last year was a big one, and this year was...interesting, to say the least. I thought they'd keep it till the second set for sure, but then again, who am I? It was loud at first, both the crowd and the band. Typical lyric part, up until the part when they start to jam. The jam was...very smooth flowing. It was a bit light almost, for Mike's, but suddenly came alive. There weren't any teases, either Hydro or Simple, I was kind of surprised to not hear anything. So they jammed it. Really jammed it. For about 12 minutes. Then it got a little more quiet, then we knew that something was brewing. Esther. NO WAY! First time US Summer, Right when Page started the little carnie line, I went nuts. So did the rest of the 45,000 people. It was a great version, Trey remembered all of the words, and they even jammed the end out a bit more than usual. About 10+ minutes. Then straight into Weekapaug. Weekapaug---It was excellent transition. Just do it in your head-Da, da da, da da da da da, Boom, Weekapaug bassline starts. It was perfect. L O N G Mike Solo, good one too. Then they really jammed this one, for almost 12 minutes. Straightforward jamming, some good noodling at first by Trey, and then he really turned it up. The end was very energetic. Possibly the hilight of the show. Guyute---With Whistling, oh yes. It was good, I'm not MADLY in love with this song, but I like it a lot. So I enjoyed it, very comparable to the 11-14-97 version from the E Center in Utah. ???--I think this was Ficus, Mike sang it. I thought that the first word was Ficus, other than that, I had no clue. It was decent-dark like Weigh, definately another weird Cactus Tune. Birds of a Feather-On paper, this song sounds kinda dorky, but I really liked this one. The chorus is catchy, Perhaps my favorite new one played tonight. Lawn Boy-Page really had fun with this one, crooning and struttin' his stuff to everyone. He even had a little finger snapping going on during Mike's slow (but good) bass solo. Funky Bitch---Standard, but it was good. All in all, I thought that set 1 could have ended a little better, the energy from Mike's kinda was killed off by the slow new one. Set II. First off, they took a LONG break. I had so much time that I found my friends 30 rows up, and walked all the way up to the t-shirt vending place way up in the corner of Alpine, and all the way back down to my 20th row seats, and still waited for 20 minutes. Maybe it just seemed long. Oh well, it was totally worth the wait. ` Roget-I am also not sure on this one, someone just told me that it was Roget, so I am trusting her. Whatever it was, I liked it a lot. It had a little reggae/calypso flavor to it, not as much as NICU or anything, but just a tad from Page. Wilson---The crowd was real loud chanting "WIL-SON!", so that was cool. Kind of a heavier jam in the middle, totaled out to be about 7 minutes long. 2001-This was so spacey, and where we really saw Chris's magic take over. The lighting was practically the song itself. It's indescribable. It was totally amazing. They segued well right into Magilla---This was a treat to hear. Happy and well done. Segued right into... Tweezer---You knew that after 2001, they were gonna do something big, and Tweezer was over-due. Glad to hear it, but I was pretty surprised about the jam-It was soft for Tweezer. It was a very good jam, but IMO, Tweezer jams are usually weird, funked out, and...keep a Tweezer theme. This one didn't. It went on for 18 and a half minutes.:) I knew that something was up,and sure enough... Right into... FLUFFHEAD!!!!---YIPPEE!!!! YIPPEE! Oh joy. I was shocked to even hear this and Esther in the same show. It was so great, and jammed out at the end. Total, ran about 15 minutes. The guys went from 2001>Magilla>Tweezer>Fluffhead. How many times have you seen that before? Staring at the Walls.---Ho hum. Ok song. Better than... ? NEW SONG ? I don't know the title of this song, but I want to find out so I don't have to listen to it when it's on the new CD. I was tempted to sit down, but decided not to. A lot of other people did though. I didn't like the choice to stick this in here, it kinda ruined the flow that was going...But it would return later... Chalkdust.---Half of the flow was regained by This one. It was good, clocked out at 7 minutes. Frankenstien---Oh Yeah!!! Frankie! Yes! It was your standard Frankenstien, but a standard Frankenstien is still a great song. Thank you Mr. Winter. E--- I really wanted a Hood or Possum Encore, and I already knew that they were gonna do Tweezerprise, so I had my hopes up. But, this was just as good! Been Caught Stealing---I recognized the riff right away, and did a frickin' double take! No way! This was toooooooo awesome, get the tape just for this!!! They did a quickie on the Tramps, and then... Tweezerprise. Yeah. Bound to happen. Great show. Overall, Chris really made himself seen in the second set. The lighting was spectacular, and that's an understatement. 2001 had the best lighting I've ever seen, along with Chalkdust and Been Caught... This was my first show, and it was quite an experience. PLEASE E-mail me, I like to hear from everyone!!! I hope that Andy puts this up, my e-mail is phishhead99@hotmail.com See ya'll IN MAD-TOWN NOVEMBER 6 AT THE KOHL CENTER!!! HOORAY! ---$.02, Stevo
I just got back from Alpine Valley and had a blast. They opened up with Ramblin' On by Zeppelin and Page hit the notes perfectly. The first set was incredible with a constant speed that kept the dancer moving. Set 2 was equally as good with Wilson including the heavy metal jam, and Chalkdust Torture into Frankenstein. The biggest point was probably when they pulled out another new cover for the encore, Been Caught Stealing by Janes' Addiction. Everyone seemed to know the words and Trey was in perfect form singing. Ending with a Tweezer reprise brought the conclusion. The lights were also great, especially in 2001 and the Tweezer reprise. I finally was able to see Phish live, and it definitely won't be the last time. See you in Deer Creek.
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