8-3-98 Deer Creek, Noblesville,IN

compared to the nite before i thought this show was well short of topping either of last nites sets. Wedge was probably placed in the worst spot possible, but it was good to hear it. Ride captain ride was a fucking unreal treat for me and my kind brother miguel. It took us about 15 secs. to realize what they were playing but once we did, we went pretty bizerk! The bike was hilarious and it was pretty obvious that the boys were just trying to enjoy themselves, not rage with the intensity of the nite before. I thought that they should have played a YEM or a cavern or a something to bring the energy level back to what it was in tube. In other words i was glad to hear halley's, ride captain ride, bike, and the wedge but i wish they would have been in different spots in the setlist.
Good evening. Following a hyped 8/2 show and some good vibes amongst the phans, I was really looking forward to this show. I had great seats (Section C, right side, row E), perfect for studying Fish, my personal hero. For all of you wondering about the Phish connection with other jam bands like Ekoostik Hookah, I was hanging out before the show and I spotted Hookah's Ed McGee (the rhythm guitarist/singer, NOT the one with the really annoying voice). He talked about the upcoming live album, Hookahville, and said that he "hadn't been to a Phish show in a while." Pretty cool. Anyway, Phish also played... Monday, August 3, 1998 DEER CREEK - "Holy shit! Hold Your Head up!!" Rhinocerous: Continuing with the trend of slow songs and first-time covers for openers, this one sort of plodded out. I probably would have enjoyed this more had I not been spending so much time trying to remember where I knew this song from... Halley's Comet: Yes!! I hear this song so infrequently that I can't help but hope for it. Very cool a cappella part with Trey really getting into it. Aa for the jam...I read that some people really liked it and some thought it did nothing. I'm more inclined to agree with the latter viewpoint. I'll check it again when I get the tapes, but at the show I was unimpressed with this jam. I Didn't Know: The Nancy Taube 1-2 punch, eh? Good version. I believe Fish played the vacuum solo in Dorian mode, while instructing Page to back him in d minor, which I find to be the saddest of all keys. Anyway... Ride, Captain, Ride: No. It can't be. Wow. It is. I've only heard this once before (on tape). I'd much rather hear Phish hit me with a great jam, but breakouts like this are lots of fun, too. CTB: Great crowd reaction. I love hearing Page shine like this. Excellent choice. Moma Dance: Yes!! I was expecting this, since it's been in heavy rotation this summer. This funked HARD. This entire song, like Ghost, is a mo-fo funk THROW-DOWN. Maybe this wasn't the best version, but it was exactly what I needed. Strange Design: "And now, for your Top 40 pleasure..." Nice break here. Ahhhh, Page sing. And the set-closer is... Character Zero: Doh. Haven't we heard enough of this already? Actually, this was a nice, high-energy version. However, like too many songs on the Alpine-DC tour, my impression was that it was stopped short before it really got out there. The CTB and Moma Dance plus the Captain breakout made for an enjoyable set, though a little thin. I was hoping for more in set II... Gumbo: Cool opener. This is a perfect example of how the funk has bled over into non-funky song (Wolfman's is another). Though I miss Page's ragtime solo to end, the jam more than made up for it. Great jam here! Very funky. If anyone watching this show had any doubts that Jon Fishman is one of the most creative drummers out there today, this should have assuaged them. Axilla: Yes! Great follow-up to a mellow funk jam. This rocked HARD. A great experience. Limb x Limb: Again, good placement. I was expecting this one, too. -> Taste: Haha. Kidding. Limb jam does sound an awful like Taste, however. This was quite a jam. Fishman was, again, incredible in this tune. Awesome drumming. Anyway, this jam went places. Good lights, too. The best jam of the night, besides the encore, I think. Meat: A good aside. Nice tune actually. I love that little start/stop syncopated lick. They stopped, had a conference, then played sort of a "Meat Reprise." HYHU->Bike: Bum, bum, bum, bum-bum, Bum, bum, bum, bum-bum...No. It can't be. Yes it is! As Trey took a seat at the drums (looking quite foolish, I must add), the crowd went nuts! Fish said something I couldn't understand, then the band segued into...Bike! Yes! Fishman is just a hilarious troll when it all comes down to it. Wow. When he went to the back of the stage as Bike ended, I thought he was gonna get naked. But he didn't, which was probably a good thing. Anyway, a moment I'll never for get. Tube: Yes! Definitely on my wish-list. A solid version, not nearly as good as the 12.7 Dayton version from last fall, but who's complaining? Good segue into the 12/8 blues/Hendrix part. Especially since the next song was the closer, I wish they'd have stretched this out. Wedge: Great to hear, but I hoped it wouldn't close the set. A solid version. Why couldn't they extend this? Anyway, this set was leaving me feeling a bit under-nourished. As my friend Mike mentioned that this set was about as short as last night's second set, which was followed by a Hood encore, we were hoping for an Antelope... When the Circus: At least they played this BEFORE Antelope... Antelope: Yes! I expected the crowd to go a little nuts when Trey started this one up, but actually everyone sounded a bit confused (I went nuts). Fishman also went a little nuts on his jam blocks during the intro, to the point where Trey looked over and laughed. I was so hyped during the jam segment. VERY intense jams here. Awesome lights, too. Wow. We all, of course, went nuts for "Set the gearshift..." What an incredible way to end the Alpine -> DC run. Honestly, this Antelope brought this show up to above-average for me. Awesome. Mmmm, nuts. Anyway, a decent show. Lots of cool songs, but again, not much of it stuck. For what it's worth, the first night at DC was my favorite of the run, with Alpine and second DC close behind. My overall impression of Phish in summer '98 (forgive me for making such a judgement on the basis of only 3 shows) is that the whole vibe of "Phish is really exploring new ground and playing mind-blowing jams" felt last fall was not very strong here. The band is as tight as ever, but they just didn't seem to stretch out much musically. The sets were not coherent; they didn't flow together very well, and the jams were not well defined with a few notable exceptions. Also, the funk wasn't even that prevalent. Is Phish stuck in transit as they move to a new direction? I don't know. Anyway, I don't mean to give the impression that I was dissapointed. Phish is still the greatest band on Earth, and these shows were a lot of fun. Thanks for reading! Later, CDH
I: Rhinoceros*, Halley's Comet**, I Didn't Know***, Ride Captain Ride, Cars Trucks Buses, Moma Dance, Strange Design, Character Zero (65 min.) II: Gumbo, Axilla I#, Limb By Limb@, Meat, HYHU > Bike% > HYHU, Tube, The Wedge (56 min.) E: When The Circus Comes, Run Like An Antelope^ (20 min.) *Smashing Pumpkins cover, first time played **w/ extended jam ***w/ Fish on Vacuum # w/ "Axilla II" ending @ "second pause" before solo % w/ vacuum ^ Trey says, "Been you to have any spliff?" Last RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE - 12/30/92 (486 shows!) Last BIKE - 11/7/96 (128 shows!) RHINOCEROS - When it started, it sounded pretty cool. But I was thinking, "What is this"?? At first I thought it was a new Phish tune, but neither the lyrics of melody were coming to me. Then, after a couple of minutes, I caught somebody near me on the lawn who was singing the words and they told me it was a Smashing Pumpkins song. I figured that explained why I wasn't familiar with it, me being about the furthest away from that band as you can get. But the song sounded pretty good, and even though I had not heard the original version, I sure was liking Phish's version. HALLEY'S COMET - I was hoping for a PYITE or something completely stellar and fast-paced for the band to go into at this point, but "Halley's" was grooveable for me & I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the jam they went off on for a while, but I was more surprised than anything else to hear the band go into the first few words of: I DIDN'T KNOW - Halley's into IDK? I thought this was some sort of sick joke. It was neat and interesting, but here I was three songs into the show and I still hadn't heard any killer Phish originals (but I had heard a pretty enjoyable jam in Halley's.) IDK was fun as usual, and Fish's crazy vacuum solo had me laughing, so I started to wonder if maybe the band wasn't going to be so epic-based as they were the night before at Deer Creek. I thought maybe they were just trying to have fun up there... RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE: ...and, I was RIGHT when they busted out their almost- forgotten cover of this tune, which I recognized instantly. I knew the band hadn't covered it in a while. It didn't really do a whole heckuva lot for me, and what I needed was a good jam or epic. But it was only four songs into the first set, I sure as heck wasn't gonna start ragging on the scene yet. CARS TRUCKS BUSES: A pleasant move. Page's handiwork is always gladly accepted by my ears at shows, and CTB was the first piece I heard that really made me glad I had picked up the second D. Creek night's tickets. Some really fine keyboard jamming made the perfect segue into the jammed-out funkyness of... MOMA DANCE: I hadn't heard this song before this night, so I didn't quite know what it was until hearing the refrain. This night the band played it out with a really long intro, and so I finally was able to recognize it as "Black-Eyed Katy" with lyrics. A crowd-pleaser, I can see this song being in heavy rotation on Phish sets for a few years. I could really tell the band seemed to be having a lot of fun up there jamming to these laid back songs. So it was no surprise they kept the mood up for at least one more song. STRANGE DESIGN: This beautiful piece left over from "Billy Breathes" sessions really had me singing along. I had heard it on many tapes but was kind of surprised at its triumphant return since its abandonment from such heavy rotation in '95-'96. Too bad the band hadn't decided to include it on the album, it sure is a peaceful & tranquil number... CHARACTER ZERO: This being probably one of my most over-played Phish songs, I know it front and back but yet have not grown sick of it. Probably the biggest highlight of the first set, the band had it going on especially with the jam, as Trey took the song to new heights with a wildly explosive guitar solo. Kind of saddened me, not because of they chose to play it, but because Character Zero is a famous choice for a first set closer, so I knew this would probably be it for 30-40 minutes. And I was right... but what a killer jam to end such a fun set! According to my watch the set totaled about 65 minutes. GUMBO: One of those songs that's always good to hear, the words to Gumbo were fun to singalong with and the jam out of it was great. But the energy of "Character Zero" had left me wanting more of that urge to get down heavy, which I would get in a matter of minutes with the head-banging assault of... AXILLA I: YES! I couldn't help but dance like crazy to the drum & guitar barrage that encircles this song. The lyrics are quite a bit more zany and mysterious than those of Axilla II, yet because the music is basically identical, I didn't know which words I'd be grooving to until hearing "I dropped the buzzard in the sand..." Makes me wish for an Axilla > Axilla II, oh well... maybe someday! LIMB BY LIMB: The band paused for a minute right after the long refrain which made me think they were ending it early. Then the solo just came in without warning and left me really puzzled. Except for this, it was basically the standard live Limb By Limb. Nothing too exciting. MEAT: I was glad to get to hear this crazy funked-out Mike song. It does really make a good sequel to "Ghost" (which I've heard was the band's purpose in doing this song...) It seemed pretty short, but the craziest thing about the song was how the band would end it, pause for a minute or two, and then go back into it. I thought twice throughout the song it was over! It's a really fun piece of music, though, hope to hear it on the new album... HYHU: When the notes of "Hold Your Head Up" came on and I saw Trey and Fish change places, I got extremely excited and couldn't wait to hear what Fish would do. It seemed like the band really was going crazy tonight, and I mean CRAZY! But nothing I had ever heard in the world that Fish had done compared to what he would do with... BIKE: From the Syd Barrett-Pink Floyd days, this crazy song was hammed up so much by Fish that everybody in the place was dying with laughter! The most unbelievable thing about hearing this was that my buddy next to me had told me before the show, very nonchalantly, "They are going to play BIKE." I knew, of course, he was only kidding, as the song hadn't been played in about 2 years, and what were the chances they would pull it out tonight? Either my buddy was psychic or had connections, or it was just part of the fun and mystery which is Phish (and especially Fish.) I was screaming throughout the whole song to my buddy at how unbelievable (and hysterical!) the whole thing was! Fish took up his vacuum again (saying something like, "I just can't stay away from the vacuum tonight!") and got so much laughter & applause that I knew this show definitely redefined the word FUN. HYHU REPRISE: Fish ran all over the stage, really hammed it up, after which Trey called him "Bob Weaver". I was going crazy and as far as I was concerned, the night had already been set in my mind as so special it was groundbreaking. TUBE: And just to make sure everybody in the place wasn't dead from laughter, "An asteroid crashed and nothing burned!" came from the mouth of Trey as the band got back into a heavy boogie with this song. The jam was great and I was dancing like crazy. THE WEDGE: Wow! Wow! Wow!!! Couldn't believe they chose to end the set with this song! It was played near-perfectly, and I think was a real good way to end a really great set, and night in general! This set I timed at about 56 minutes. WHEN THE CIRCUS COMES: I know this is a popular encore cover for the band, it has sad lyrics on top of a soothing melody. Not what I would request for an encore, but the band would not let us down that night. The last few notes of this ballad trailed off into the beginning notes of the epic... RUN LIKE AN ANTELOPE: This song is the sole reason the night was a success. An unbelievable jammed out intro, a crazy middle section and a non-stop build up right before the "Marco Esquandolas" breakdown. The band had it on "MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE" with this one. Trey's key phrase tonight was "Been you to have any SPLIFF, man???" which had quite a bit of audience response and had me smiling. "SET THE GEARSHIFT" was high energy and when they hit the last chord of the song, I couldn't help but have a non-stop smirk on my face. "Ride Captain Ride". "Meat". "Bike". "Rhinoceros". "Antelope". WOW, WHAT A NIGHT. In Summation: If you're wanting a very fun show with less epic value and more musical craziness, get these tapes. The jams out of "Zero" and "Antelope" make it worthwhile from a full-throttle musical standpoint, but otherwise it is more or less a collection of a killer band having a laid-back, good time on stage.
Just got back from the shows and was overwhelmed. I was getting kind of worried what they would play at the Creek since they played a lot of good stuff prior to the shows. But I was not dissappointed afterwards. The scene was and is the best of all lots. Maybe with the exception of Hampton. Surprisingly, tickets were not hard to come by at all. People couldn't even get rid of lawn seats for less than cost. And the people were nice and friendly as always. Now on to the show. Rhinoceros- A feedback build up and then the solid 4/4 beat just like on the CD to start. I didn't know what it was til Trey started singing, and then I knew. I've been a fan of SP for a while so I knew the song. There version I would say was not as good as the original, but definitely a nice change of pace. Trey's vocals didn't match the soft,girly sounding Billy Corgan and Fishman is no Jim Chamberlain. But a good version nonetheless. Halley's Comet- A long conference between members and then Gordo kicked it. The place went bonkers. A great version. Ranks up there with Hampton. A great jam at the end and very solid all around. The jam slowly melted into nothing and then... I Didn't Know- Another crowd favorite. With Fishman on vacuum it was hilarious. What is up with his hair anyway. Ride,Captain,Ride- Very solid. Page was getting off big time. I love this tune and am glad I had the chance to see it. The crowd was really into it now and they knew that we were ready for a huge show. Cars,Trucks,& Buses- I've never heard the crowd roar as much for this song as I heard it that night. It was placed beautifully in the set. Page would not let the song end. He just kept pumping the keys. Never really liked this tune. But liked it here. Moma Dance- I had heard this on one of the Europe tapes I got before the show and thought, WOW! It is Black-Eyed Katy with lyrics and some zip. It really rocks. Especially, towards the end. This will be a crowd pleaser to come. Strange Design- I had been waiting for this tune. And this set reaffirms Page's strength to the band. He carried this tune. It was a bit different from past versions I have heard. A bit spacey. And Fishman and Page kept fighting with the rythym the whole song, but it was great to hear. Character Zero- People have expressed I desire for less of this song, and I tend to agree. But I also say if it placed well in the show it can be very energetic. I would say it was the latter. The crowd went bolistic. And Trey did not disappoint. The jam was stellar and climaxed to end the set. Set Two Gumbo- This was another great change of pace. I like this song a lot. And when it opens a show it is better. A great solid version. A very long spacey jam at the end. It kind of reminds me of Wolfman's in that respect. The jam got really dark as Mike was leading the way. And as the jam came to an exhillarating climax it stopped and then... Axilla- The pulsating drums of Fishman. I thought I was gonna get caught in a mosh pit, but luckily I didn't. I don't know why some fans don't like this tune. Maybe, it is because it resembles nothing like what should be going on at a "hippie show" or maybe cause it is so fast. Anyhow, the crowd seemed to rock out to it and so did I. The end jam melted into.... Limb x Limb- Starting to be a crowd pleaser, this version did not disappoint. The rearrangement leads to more jamming and they did. The jam was a bit lost for awhile but was picked up again by Mike and then slowly just melted away and stopped. Meat- I heard this song on a Europe tape and was ready for it. This is an incredibly funky tune with some start/stop intracacies. You think it is over and then right back into it. It was funny cause they stopped, conversed about what to play next and then went back into Meat. When the song ended it went right into HYHU. Bike- Fishman came out and the roar of the crowd was deffening. I had no thought on what he would do since he hasn't come out in a while. But "Bike" was a pleasant surprise. Fishman said he couldn't get enough of the vacuum so he was up there again. If you have never heard this tune, it is the funniest thing in the world. And Fishman was hamming it up. Big thrust motions and funny facial expressions and just overall making a fool out of himself. Back to HYHU and Fishman started running around the stage taking his kudos from the crowd. Tube- a big conference on what to play. Every member had some input. I think they got to all the tunes but played this one first. The new and improved funky version is quite nice. But I prefer the solid, structured old rock version myself. The jam was tight. But I felt it could have been better. Wedge- No way. Phish has been fiddling with this song for years. Not sure on how to jam it or where to put it in a set. I think this is the first time they have ended a set with it. It was great to hear. No mess ups. A real great tune to here in the middle of cornfields. The end was repetitive, and I think Trey said, "Well, whatever and thanks for coming out tonite". Circus- I think people were ready for a mammoth encore. Maybe something rare or something. When they started this I felt as though people were let down. Maybe cause Rocky Top might be coming next and that would not be cool to end a great show like that. This song was very slow in tempo and was decent. I liked it. Antelope- Now it was on. If you ever get this tape. You have to hear this Antelope first. It will blow your mind. They climaxed like 5 times before going into the marco part. It was complete pandamonium. The light show was crazy, and had everybody worked up. Then Trey kicked the "spliff" reference and busted into the drum role. What an ending and what a show. Personally, not as good as some I have seen but definitely up there in the top 5. peace scott

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