8/8/98 Merriweather Pavilion, Columbia, MD

What a day, 8/8/98 Merriweather Post Pavilion Arriving in the lot at 4:19, my friends and i knew it was going to be a great day. Thousands of people walking around, enjoying the day, catching a buzz, doin their thing. We hung in the lot until about 6:30 and decided to head in. We got to the gate and made our way in to see a plithera of phishkids havin a ball. We had lawn seats so we searched for the best spot. We ended up 3/4 of the way up the lawn, dead center. We could see the stage perfectly. We immediatley sparked up conversation with the people around us.( If Jen and her friends from Allentown PA are reading this, thank you for a great time even though that guy on liquid acid threw up RIGHT behind me while I was dancin) What a good time we were having. The boys opened with the Wedge. A favorite of mine since Rift's release, i knew it would be a good show. NICU came next completely throwing me off guard- I never thought i would be able to hear it live. And then from there bag-o goodies came Sneakin Sally. Well they defintely snuck that one thru the alley and right into Guyute. They could have ended the show there and i would have gone home 100% satisfied. Guyute sizzled, and then things got quiet for a new song, Ficcus. Different but decent. I guess the little white barn down on the far side of the lawn influenced the next number. Farmhouse. I had heard it back in december at USAir arena and thought it to be pretty cool, but this time around i knew it was a phatty-boom-batty Phish original. After a great farmhouse, i recognized a familiar guitar riff and drum beat. Oh, Possum!! A unbelievable first for me, they never sounded better. The set ended with a great cover of Sweet Jane. During set break we shared our thoughts and nugs and tried to predict what could be in store for us. The house lights dimmed and a rippin Cavern started the second set off. Another favorite of mine, it put shivers up and down my body. Cavern bled right into a sic2001 that jammed forever. Those purple lights stayed with me for days(daze) Making it's way towards the end of the song, 2001 slowed down and Tela made a journey in from Gamehendge, proving that she is a beautiful woman without even being seen. She eventually crept right into an absolutley astonishing Piper. What a song! Truly Phish at their finest. I can not believe how much of an impact that song had on me. Slow at first and like a hurricane by end. Just whirling around and around. Trey then quietly made his way to the drums and "Bob Weaver" came out for his hilarious rendition of Sexual Healing>HYHU. An amazing Harry Hood, glowsticks and all closed a phantabulous second set. But that's not all. For 10 minutes we sat and tried to guess as to what would be next. Not a clue. Nothing could top the 2 sets we already heard. The boys came on again. Guitar riff here, drum beat there. Who knows? Nothing could have prepared me for what came next. Motherphuckin SABOTAGE!!! And crystal clear too! I have never heard a louder more intense crowd then i did that night. If you can get this bootleg, do it! I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I get shivers just thinking about it. Truly an experience... Thank you Phish for a most ecstacic evening that i hope you enjoyed as much as i did and thank you to all the people i met and become phriends with, you definetely added to my good times... see you on tour
here is my song by song ananylsis- wedge- perfect opener.it just seemed really well placed with the surroundings.and they never play it, so thats a plus too. nicu- hell yah! nicu kicks some arse! sneakin sally- this was a great version.it took itself into a wicked funky jam, one of the longest of the nite.into----> GUYUTE! yes! finally. well guyute is guyute...but they extended parts a lil bit, and trey added a couple chops in thier. it was good. ficus- the crowd didnt know it.it reminded me of talk, mellow and cool downish.i wasnt too impressed.but it can grow on me farmhouse- finally,there improvising farmhouse. it was good too possum- as marv albert would say, yesss.. it was standard possum,nothing special...but damn was it good. sweet jane- good closer.maybe if i knew the song though... 1st set..--overall light on the jams, but lotsa good quality rarish songs set 2 cavern- doh! i was callin birds....but cavern was funky..the crowd (myslef included) was expecting 2001.no surpirsie when... 2001- kinda routine...intro was pretty cool...not as cool as 4-4-98 intro..wasnt too long..not more than 15 mins... both "verses" tela- yes yes yes yes yes yes !!! piper- ok.your thinkin piper big deal right? i dont think so.this piper was THE jam of the nite...15 mins long...got kind of spacey.music faded until BOB WEAVER showed up. sexual healings- seeing a grown man in a beard in a dress singing this and swaying, was funny and some how cool.no vac though.into HYHU. hood- unreal....trey mike and page each took a "fill" in the intro, with page using some really cheezy but cool sounding keyboard.hood was good.awesome light stick war..some where in the first set an inflatable spiderman found its way up to the stage, sorry forgot.so hood closes. encore- im sure you saw it by now.i cant say there was 1 person who was expexcting.........SABATOGE!!!!(sp). oh my.this took evtyone by surprise..trey sounded good as shit on vocals too. peace bob
Given all the reviews of Merriweather already, I'll just throw a few extra thoughts in. First set didn't flow well and came across as a random collection of still very enjoyable songs. If this is the Jukebox Tour (I think of it as the Wish Fulfillment Tour, too), this set epitomized it. Ficus, for example, came out of nowhere and then just stopped. This is a great bridge in search of two songs to connect to. Second set was yet another wish fulfillment for me, my first live 2001. I finally got to see the instrument that's missing on all my tape versions- those stunning lights! Maybe 2001 *is* the right name for this song the way Chris does it, because passing through those pure waves of color was like hurtling down the weird space-time channel or whatever at the end of that movie. However, the highlight of the show had to be the post-Piper jam, which took me straight back to the pop-out-of nowhere jamming style of '97. I was flooded with relief- after seeing the energetic, funky but otherwise disappointing Shoreline 7/19/98, I was worried that they had tightened back up too much this year- was the style of say, Hampton 11/97 gone forever? Nope, it's still just one more seasoning in Reba's stew. The Sabotage encore was different kind of highlight. Anyone familiar with a "contact high"? I guess I was getting an effect from thousands of people. I had no idea what the band was playing, just that it was pretty fun(ny). But the energy whooshing out of the crowd itself- not off the stage- was practically a visible ectoplasm shooting out of people's upraised fingertips! Still a puzzler, though- why then, why so much? Diana Hamilton -- hamilton@umbc.edu -- Baltimore, MD USA
this was undoubtedly the best show ever. I have read people's reviews and some liked it but here's my thoughts. the venue itself was the only thing i didn't care for. we were on the lawn and it seemed like the entire place was at the same descent. i couldn't see the stage at all(thank god for the screens) and my friend who was 6'4 had to stand on his tiptoes just to see the stage. but other than that..look at the setlist!!! wedge was great, and although i had seen NICU earlier in the tour, it was still fun. my friends and I had been singing sneakin sally all week and nothin made me happier than to hear it with them. guyute is always a favorite of mine. the first four songs were so satisfying. anyway...sweet jane was wonderful and not too sappy like some of the other slower ones. also..how about sexual healing? my friends and i ate at the waffle house before the atlanta show and put on sexual healing as a little preview for what we were hoping to hear. so seeing fish so solemnly singing sexual healing was another great. most importantly..harry hood was fantastic but sabotage!!! we never expected that and trey's vocals were right on. it was a perfect evening to a great night. the lot scene had mad traffic getting in but once we did we had a great spot and sat outside selling beer and jamming to james brown. what was up with all the security on horseback? anyway..i hope everyone who was there had as much fun as I did. also...EVERYONE GO TO THE SHOW IN GREENVILLE SOUTH CAROLINA>>>ITS MY HOME TOWN AND WE JUST GOT A NEW VENUE!!!!! it will be fun...jennifer
Merriweather.......great show, traffic sucked, tons of people, put sweet jane on the backburner.....that was an insult to trey's ability....standard at best.....it actually hurt my ears....tela & sabotage....nothing else to say but get this tape
I thought the show rocked. Yes, traffic sucked, but not for those who saw it coming. It took me about 40 minutes to get to the overpacked lot from 95. What sucks are the people who are on tour 'cause they aint got nothing else going on in there lives. No tickets, no hygiene, just hawking home fried potatoes. Nice. Anyway, missed most of the Wedge, which really bummed me 'cause I begged Mike to play it in Houston and it has been on the rotation since. Props dude. Great opener though. Loved the NICU. Sweet Jane rocked. I think Farmhouse is a Beattles type creative funky jam. Love it. Despite all the trials and tribulations, and the young guy in the lot calling me Sir (! My fiancÚ now calls me Senior), the first set was great. I loved the second set as well. I don't know while so many people thought that show was sub par. Enjoy the 'wheel. Paul
Having not seen a Phish show in over 4 months, I was totally stoked for this show, my first of the summer. This long wait was compounded with the fact that Phish was actually playing in my home town. I mean, Merriweather. I pass by it almost every day. I even used to work there before I was fired for sneaking into a Jethro Tull Concert. Anyway, the scene. We were one of the first one's there, so I got to watch the lot fill to a capacity I have never seen before. Even the annual Jimmy Buffet Show which attracts more beer drinking frat boys than I care to think about never gets that full. Before the show, the scene rocked. Vending and partying were in full force and it was just a good time. The weather was great and I was home. 1st set - you know how you can tell, many times, how a show is going to be by the first note. The wedge did it for me. I had never heard this live before but man was I ready for it. It wasn't unlike the album version but soooo full of energy. NICU - great tune. haven't heard it since Hampton 96. pretty standard version. Sally - HELLL YEAH!!! I was so jealous of my friends who saw it on the new years run, so I'm glad I finally got my chance. Guyute - One of my favorites. Perfectly executed. Everyone in the band was on. Dead on. Ficcus - never heard this before, but I had heard about it. Very chill. Awesome drum thing by fishman. He seems to hit the ride backwards while he is striking. Yeah Mike!! Farmhouse - standard but fun Possum - Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. Trey blew me away. Great jams and super lights (CK) Sweet Jane - recognized as a cover but thought Cowboy Junkies did it. Good vocals and a fun way to end the set Set II: - Cavern. I used to love this song, but it doesn't really do anything for me anymore. Really funky versiohn though. Not the fast way I am used to from past shows 2001 - all I can say is that Chris Kuroda is the man. Tela - WHAT??? I had heard they were playing it, but I never expected to see such an elusive song. Different from the original version. I loved it Piper - always a good tune. Not jammed out too much but still a good groove. Sexual healing - Fishman is nuts!!! So funny. Not the best singer, as I'm sure you all know, but man he lit up that tiny pavillion. Hood - I knew this one was comming and I was ready. I see that people have finally given up on stopping the "Hood" shouters. good. It is fun. Phish doesn't seem to mind. Great jam at the end. One of my favorite phish jams. E: Sabotage - HOLY SHIZNIT!!! this tore the roof off. How did Trey sound exactly like Mike-D? It was crazy. Definitely the most energetic encore I have ever seen up to that point. This show was really good. Not great, but really good. I had a fun time, it was close and the boys were no fire. The gang fight and the police hellicopters after the show sucked, but hey, what can you do. Peace to my two buds who got arrested.
O.k> A little about myself, I haven't been to that many shows, a little over 40. But I think I have a great ear for Phish, due to over 300 HQ hours on tape. Enough about me, though. First, the venue. This place was sooo sweet. The smallest ampitheatre that I've seen Phish in since Red Rocks. Way too packed, but phat anyway. i was stoked about this show, becuase Mike had told people that it was the 999th show and to make sure they got in. I did. The show started off sooo sick. I mean Wedge, NICU, Sneakin>Guyute!!!!! How could you complain once about that? I could practically go home after that! The Wedge was sweet, standard fun NICU. Then to the Sneakin' Sally! What a sick song, by far the phattest one they've played so far, much to the consensus of others. I love JAMS, that's what I'm all about. And this phunk jam was sick! The 97 phunk did indeed become repetetive, especially Trey, but this JAM was the getdown! Page was incredible on the moog. I just can't say enough about this song, obviously, so GET THE TAPE! Then after that sickness we go into Guyute, YES! I think all Guyute's ( I'm still spellin it the way I always have!) are great, this one too. Ficcus was a pretty cool song, just okay. Then to Farmhouse. I thought this song sucked when they played it on Conan, but the ending is rather beautiful, I think. I used to not appreciate anything by Phish unless it was a SICK ASS JAM, but I'm really giving the slower songs a chance, I dug this one. Then to Possum, really stoked to hear it, not a crazy ass version but totally solid and lots of fun and that's what matters. Then to Sweet Jane, didn't know it but enjoyed it! The second set was one of those sets that the setlist says nothing about. Cavern opener was odd, but that's what phish is all about, change! And until everyone gets that through their head, they're gonna be confused. Standard Cavern, then to 2001. This was a sick version, not 25 minutes long or anything, but sooooooooo tight and downright powerful. I LOVED IT!! Into Tela, nobody in the place called 2001>Tela. They've never done that!! ( more change ) Tela's a beautiful song and this version was great. Then to the highlight of the night!! I've always just KINDA liked Piper, but this is where the setlist says nothing. THIS PIPER WAS SICK!!!! They jammed it standardly until the "top", then they jammed the shit out of it some more, then they brought it down, and jammed the shit out of it some more. I'm talking TIGHT, INTENSE, ON FIRE PHISH!! This jam is what I'm all about! Everyone tape collector has to hear this tape!! They took Piper into HYHU/Sexual Healing, nice treat. Fishman songs are always great and a good laugh. The Hood that followed was rather sick, I thought, ending an ultra- high energy, tight ass set! The encore was sooooooo surprising and soooooooo phat. I thought the top was gonna fly off the pavillion! Trey sang Sabotage perfectly! It was awesome.
Well, I told myself I would go see them again. I've been to about 50 shows starting in 93, and I just haven't left show with that amazing feeling that I used to get. Their jams were seeming no longer new, but recycled. I liked the groove, but it was always the same, and the space was rather lame I felt. I just wanted them to jam again. But all things must change I guess. Something always seems to bring me back to the shows rewgardless of my feelings. So here I found myself at Merriweatrher Post, my old stomping grounds, for Phish. All the reviews said the traffic sucks. But my car left the long line and took some back roads and got there pretty fast. Key Advice: If you have any sense of direction at all, and traffic has not moved for an hour, get on the highway and go another exit and backtrack. So whatever, all that bullshit before, I just wanted to tset the stage, my expectations were VERY LOW for the show. I expected good moments, but lots of bad somes and long drawn of recycled funk grooves. Well anyway now I'm just rambling let's review this show: The show started off really well with the exception of them tryting to cram 4000 to many people in the amphitheater! The Wedge is an old favorite, and it was my second one I wthink in many shows. There is not too much improvisation in this song, but it has such a nice feel to it and it was played solidly, though not smoked persay. NICU is another old favorite, I thought this, too, was solid. A kind of strange way to open a show, but it was was very satisfying and enjoyable. NOt hard core jammed old school Phish, but solid, fun songs that get you going. Sneakin Sally began and I was again happy, to hear it, but a lttle weary of the 20 minute repitive funk groove I expected to ensue that would of course lead into the dreaded repetior of 4 new songs I'd new heard that were all ballads. But that never came. Intead I rather enjoyed that groove that thaey played and it was not drawn out. It was pretty hot and creative, although I just sometimes want Trey to unleash a crazy groove Guitar solo rather then just strum on the wammy. HE did do some creative stuff, but not until the groove was winding down, (past its peak). He put on that rather annoying SPACE screaming repeat effect that I always dread, but he didn't go into space, and soon Guyute came. This is a really amazing song. Since Iheard my first one in 94 I have always dug it. It was a hot version and the crowd got really going. I was having a great time. To this point in the show I felt nothing but happiness and had forgotten the negative attitude I entered with. Then came the new stuff: Ficcus was okay. It was a pretty sweat dueling bass and guitar lick song that Mike Sung. It was short and okay. I had heard it before and had to ask of of the kids around what the hell it was. The problem I had with them playing it, was that it went completely against the tremendous flow they had attained thus far. The show could have been amazing. Keep the crowd going. Put some energy into it. Everyone was feeling great, this was rather anticlimactic. I used to be exhausted after Phish first sets. Thye woould just put you through hell. You would be so wasted and so drained from the amound of dancing you did in the first set, that in the second, you would just spin and bug out. Now they let the energy slip away. Farmhouse is really cheesey. It is an arena rock song and if it is ever released it will be a hit. I like it, but it has a really catchy melody that reminds me of the 80s new wave. I was so excited t hear possum. It was okay, but a little low energy again after the lull of the two previous songs. I thought they would end the set after this and then would bitch about it being to short, but they played VU's Sweet Jane. I love this song, and Phish did it justice. Page was awesome singing, but Trey's guitar lick's fell a little short. They jammed it out and I was pleased to hear this, but I felt they could have gone crazy with it. I was happy after the first set. The show opened tremendously, and it was one of the better first sets I have seen in a few years. Not too much new stuff. Old favites. Guyute. I felt like they have definately had more energy, but they song selection was good and with the exception of the F songs the crowd was happy. The second set was good too. Cavern opener was wierd. It was okay. I have seen this song about 20 times, and this was was nothing special, but pretty good. My friend Willard called 2001 before Cavern had even started and I was not surpried to hear it. It was good, and had some really beautiful jams before the main theme came out. Most notably Trey and Mike soloing. I liked 2001 a lot. It was drawn out, but I really felt good abou the groove they got on. It was tight and smooth and Trey embelllished the main theme for emphasis. Tela was a wonderful surprise. Always a beautiful song. It was kind of slow starting, in fact a little sloppy. But once they got into it they dragged out a descent Tela. Not too much improvising, but like the Wedge and NICU it is just a happy song. The moment of drea hit me when PIPER began. I liked the song they just droned on too long usually and I was afraid of the falloff thaat was creeping back into me. This version had its ups and downs. Trey seems to really love to play this one and his energy rubbed off on the band this night. Fishman was ON FIRE, pounding the droning rythym. I dug the initial jam that followed it was hot and loud and the crowd was going nuts. Somewhere along the line the energy slowed and it seeemed to drag into a space jam, that was not too interesting or creative and I was looking around for a sign to tell them to play a new song. Finally Trey went over to drums and Fishman sang sexual healing. Mike was so Hot on this, I swear he must have been a r & b bassist in a past life. Reminiscent of the Duck for Booker T and the MG with his smooth flow and impeccable timing. I laughed at Fishman a while, but the song was fun. When he is a ham the crowd goes nuts and I for one loved it. I called the Hood closer, which always makes me a little teary eyed. It was an average hood. I liked the glow sticks that flew all throughout the pavillion. It was really a trip. The encore caught me off gaurd. When Mike pounded the first bass =notes to Sabotage a looked around to my friends, we all smiling and danced like a bunce of freaks. This had more energy thatn anything all night, with the exception of a few minutes during Piper. Everyone had the biggest grins on their faces, as Phish smoked the fuck out of the song. They played sabotage with so much energy the Beasties themselves would have danced to it. WOW! So it was a really fun show. Not amazing or ridiculous but a solid show. I had no desire to jump back on tour, but I realized that this is still a talented band. Though I don't always like what they do, or play I still have fun at their shows. With low expectations goiung in I was pleasantly surpried. I am not going to go se 5 to 12 shows a tour any more, but I 'll catch em here and there. Peace, Dan Ann Arbor, Michigan
Well, by now everyone knows that traffic was insane going to this show. It took us 9 hours to get there from Raleigh]] Although, only about an hour to get from 95 to the venue which is ridiculous of course, but I heard many worse stories. I missed The Wedge which really bummed me out--its such a fun song. I walked in during NICU--a tune that is always good to get you going. I was in a great section of the lawn where everyone was dancing their @$$es off. And then, Sneaking Sally] My personal first and I thought I would probably hear it in NC, MD, or VA. It was just as sick as I thought it would be from some random 86 tape I have. Then, the distinctive notes of Guyute] Loving life is what I was doing at this point. Not the best Guyute I have heard, but it was definitely a nice one. Ficus and Farmhouse were new ones for me, but I enjoyed them and look forward to hearing them progress in the shows to come. And then, the sweet beginnings of Possum. Amazing] Sweet Jane rounded it out and it was a sick set, all in all. Set break found me searching desperately for a bowl (since I wasn't sure about security, I didn't bring one in to Merriweather). It took me surprisingly long to find one, but when I did, the owners were only too happy to let me borrow it to load some dank nugs in and smoke with them. Since my friend didn't make it into the show, I was doing the roaming around thing and I noticed something which I have noticed before, but never really bothered me. So many people doing anything but listening during the show. Talking etc and it is distracting. Oh well, I moved around a lot whenever I found these annoyances. Cavern to open the second set surprised me, but it was a nice way to get back into the groove. Then, 2001]] Not the best one I have ever heard, but nice nonetheless. Tela also threw me for a loop--I don't think I had heard it since Deer Creek '96 so it was nice they busted it out again. I really couldn't believe my ears when Sexual Healing came on--I knew they had played it earlier in the tour, but I didn't expect it again. Let me just say, Fish's singing has improved A GREAT DEAL since the days of Fog that Surrounds. Harry was a nice set-closer, but did anyone else think this was a short show? Though I am not personally a huge Beasties fan, it was nice to hear them cover Sabotage and to see everyone getting down] I thought this was an excellent show, although short, trafficky and bad sound.
This was my first show back after a about 6 months off. I wasn't disappointed. I. The Wedge, NICU, Sneakin With Sally Through The Alley > Guyute, Ficcus, Farmhouse, Possum, Sweet Jane I really dug the first set, especially the tight Farmhouse, Possum, to Sweet Jane finish. I was happy to see them actually do something with Farmhouse, which I really got into. Possum was a logical next step, and I'm glad they took it. Both The Wedge and Sally were equally as satisfying earlier on. II. Cavern, 2001, Tela > Piper, Sexual Healing > HYHU**, Harry Hood I thought the song choices were fantastic, though I was pretty drained for most of this set (gotta get back in shape). Piper was fabulous, and I wish I coulda gotta into it more. Sexual Healing was fun, but I wasn't as impressed as many of the folk around me. Hood was the highlight of the set for me, and brought me back out of my lethargy. Just in time, too. E: Sabotage* Unbelievable! Nothing else to say. Unexpected and amazing.
This was my 1st show this tour and I was mega dissapointed. They seemed so flat the first set. It was almost Jam free and the sound sucked. Out of the whole 1st set only Sally was improvised on. Lame. Guyute(or Gyute whatever) is what it is, it's still standard every time. The second set had it's plusses. Piper was really god as Fishman went off , it included the best (only) jam of the night (besides Sally but, hey after the rest of the 1st set I almost forgot what it sounded like to hear Phish jam). Harry Hood was it's usual self (great). This show would have been (insultingly enough "standard") if nopt for the encore. Sabatage surprised everyone. I never realized how many B-Boys fans existed in Phishdom. Anyway, those who think this show was great should listen to it again. It sucked (the 1st set so mightily I can't get over it) The next night at Va. beach was so different ( It's almost like they tried to apologize.) Those who think this show rocked should go to at least 2 before they decide (it was lamer(?) than Pittsburg winter of '95).
MERRIWEATHER POST- Figuring the band would play Walfredo tonight because of the reference in the song, but that didn't happen. However, what did happen was the MOST INTENSE I have ever seen a Phish crowd in my life. My life consists of about 70-80 shows, and SABOTAGE was the SH_T! It was perfect to a tee with Trey singing in place of Mike Dimun. Gordo was on the money with his bass lines and they had Page (the keys the Beasties lack live) added the funk. Clearly the best cover I have ever heard, and one of the bands greatest moments. This is coming from someone who saw TERRAPIN STATION, and loves Van Halen. As for Terrapin, note for note again, but Trey's guitar and Mike's bass sound like Trey's guitar and Mike's bass no matter how you spin it. A steel sounding peddle would have added a lot, but regardless, it was beautiful, emotional, well timed, and a sight I am glad I saw and heard. Take care and see you at the WHEEL!!!! Prediction: VEGAS--"A NIGHT OF COVERS"
I: The Wedge, NICU, Sneakin With Sally Through The Alley > Guyute, Ficcus, Farmhouse, Possum, Sweet Jane* nice opener. sneakin sally rules! sweet funky jam>into gayute!!! sweeet. ficcus- dark tune..ok. farmhouse- 1st time i heard this since they played it on letterman. it was pretty good. had the spacey ending i remembered from the letterman show. possum. great set closer~! oh, wait a minute...another tune- sweet jane. velvet underground cover. great jam that builds to a great crescendo to close the set...great cover tune. II: Cavern, 2001, Tela > Piper, Sexual Healing > HYHU**, Harry Hood E: Sabotage* ****Velvet Underground cover**Fishman singing*** * sabotage- Beastie Boys cover 1st time played. second set. hmmm.....cavern was a great opener!! slower than other versions from the past. almost funky like the one from providence> 2001. great noodling of medium length. next was Tela. page fouled up the opening verse, AND the second verse. totally flubbed the multibeast line. ok. now the shit starts... Tela>piper. piper started so slow and smooth like it does. it evolved into the HUGE piper jam. trey finishes the feel good jam and fish is slapping on the skins. trey puts his guitar down, goes over to the drum kit and fish heads to center stage. the the multibeast line. ok. now the shit starts...Tela>piper. piper started so slow and smooth like it does. it evolved into the HUGE piper jam. trey finishes the feel good jam and fish is slapping on the skins. trey puts his guitar down, goes over to the drum kit and fish heads to center stage. the tune is Marvin Gaye's(?) Sexual Healing. gotta say it, fish sounded good. and from what i've been reading, he's been out front regularly lately. i thought we would get some fish nakedness, but thankfully it appears that he has outgrown that sort of thing! a little HYHU action then a great Hood to close the set. so now, i'm thinking...they've already pulled out the new tune with Sweet Jane...what's it gonna be for the encore? i was thinking Tube or Camel Walk. then Gordon does it- the hard bass line. trey comes in with the furry creature type guitar. the crowd starts going, trey starts screaming and the place simply EXPLODES!!! Sabotage! trey was totally vibing off this most incredible energy!! he hit all the verses and sounded AWESOME! i don't really know how long the tune lasted, but every single person i could see had their hands in the air doing heavy duty beasty-gruven!!! it was by far the BEST encore i have seen in my 60 plus shows! every person i talked to was blown away!! we'll see ya at the wheel.. ps: ....and then- Terrapin Station at Va Beach?!?!?! somebody fill me in!
Just got back from my first two shows of the summer U.S tour and whew!!! I guess you know what I mean - They were excellent! I guess you guys no the setlist of Maryland by now so here is my short? review of: 8/8/98 Traffic of course sucked - and we were right at the correct exit too! I guess those who went, know what I mean! Not really impressed by this venue. I was actually under the pavillion this time! (thanks Erik!) Great show WEDGE: Always love any song off of Rift, but since this is pretty much a rarity, this was great to hear! I think this song is great as a show opener. NICU: I don't think Trey flubbed any lyrics this time around (anyone hear the Nassau one? SALLY: This is such a great funky tune. Who knows why they abandoned this one for so many years? In the few times they've played it since what? - 88? or 89? I have heard it 3 times!!! Yeeee-hahhhh! GUYUTE: Always love this one - not much to say. FICUS: I didn't know what they name of this one was until I passed some table outside the seats that had the setlist posted. Don't really recall what it sounded like, although I know it was sort of spooky or something. FARMHOUSE: Nice little ditty, with of course - weird as shit lyrics. POSSUM: a rockin' Possum. I've heard better. What's this one doing in the middle of the first set? SWEET JANE: Loved the sound of the next tune after Possum when it started. I was thinking: 'must be another new cover' Someone near me said it was by the Velvet Underground. Great song which they should put into rotation. set break: pant pant pant (was it me or was it just balls-out hot in there!) SET 2 CAVERN: To open a set? huh? Great Cavern. They don't really vary as you hear 'em but this one seemed different. ASZ: ALways love to hear this one. Of course, I don't think one of these will surpass the Went version in length anytime soon! Uh, oh, starting to see the start of the glowsticks! Hmmmm, I was thinking maybe a Maze or YEM next, but no, like usual, they throw us a curveball: TELA: My first Tela!!!!!!!! I've been waiting since the beginning of time to finally hear this one at a show! This Tela seemed dead on to me. Page was singing beautifully and Trey was excellent. If you are reading this and were at Kansas and Merriwheather, tell me which one is better. (I wasn't at the KS show). That guitar part by Trey at the end that just builds and builds is so beautiful. It's weird - it's loud as fucking hell, yet beautiful. A lullaby, the breeze is whispered... PIPER: Love this tune, but didn't really get anything out of this version. Uh-oh here comes Fishman. SEXUAL HEALING: My friend saw this at Shoreline or Ventura, wherever it was that they played it last, and took some phat pictures of Fishman just being Fishman. I wish he was here to snap a few of Fishman swinging around that water bottle. This is a great song. Last time I heard it was when I was slow dancing at some bar at school. what a contrast!!! HARRY HOOD: Glowsticks of course in this one with assholes hitting band members as usual. But it was one of the sweetest Hoods I'VE heard. Very good build-up into "You can feel Good". What a way to end a show. Everyone had a smile. encore: I was sort of thinking that they would play another new cover for the encore, but I was also thinking that they might do that Jane's song again or the Pumpkins tune again, but no, they brought the house down with.... SABOTAGE: A Beasties cover? YOu've got to be kidding me!!! This was so unexpected which made it all the more legendary. What an encore! You had to be there to believe it!!!! Very impressed with me first show of the summer. No walfredo here in Merriwheather, but who cares when we got Sabotage. SOrry for those of you who missed it! thanks, Paul B pjbishop@bellatlantic.net
I just want to start out by saying that Phish is playing the way any hard-core fan would want them to play. I have not been disappointed at a show since the ill-fated Fall '96 run. Second, I want to add that this was my only show of the summer (which is pretty sad by my standards, but what can you do). Traffic was awful, this pavillion was not prepared for the high volume of fans. My friends and I sat in traffic for three hours. It was a total mess, but thank God I had my beers. After a short jaunt in the lot we made it inside to a very nice pavillion. Security was pretty lax and the crowd seemed juiced. I was pretty excited...as always. Set I: Wedge: A nice opener. Saw this for the first time at Centrum. Hoping they would jam it out a little like The Went from last year. Very nice opener and let me add that this was a Johnny B. Fishman show. So it was only proper to start out with a little drum power pounding. NICU: I will hear this song anytime, any place. It gets things down and funky right off the bat. Very tight (unlike Nassau) and you gotta love "LEO!!" Sneaking Sally: It seems that Sally is now the song which will be following me show to show...12/30/97 (twice), 4/2/98 (AWESOME!) and of course tonight. I thought the funkjam was incredible. Trey and Fish were working so well during this song. Fishman is absolutley amazing, and Trey ain't no slouch. Page was funkin' the synth and Mike keeps that funk grounded with his one-note mastery. Terrific version. It starts to fade out after fifteen minutes and Trey begins noodling around... ...DUN DUN DUN DUN...GUYUTE: Another song that is following me a lot lately and I'm not complaining. Tight, tight, tight. It seems there was an extended section towards the end. I had a grin from ear to ear. I just looked up into the crowd and saw wall to wall heads having the time of their life. If there is anyone who doubts Fishman's abilities, listen to the time changes he has to make during this song. Amazing. Ficus (Ficcus): Never heard it before. Made a guess because I knew Mike had a couple new songs and this didn't sound anything like MEAT (which I heard was the best of the new, new stuff). It will grow with time. I do like the middle-eastern sound they were playing with. A primarily vocal tune. Farmhouse: Wasn't even thinking about this song. I heard this at the Centrum (yes I missed Conan). I like the vocal arrangements of the song. It is catchy and there ain't anthing wrong with a little catchy Phish. For days after Nassau I was going around work repeating: "Birds of a Feather Come Flocking Outside." So I left this one singing the refrain as well. It is starting to jam out a little. And everyone knows Phish's new credo: "WE JAM EVERYTHIG!" Possum: I have not heard a Possum since The Ball (two years ago) and they didn't waste anytime getting right into it. It wasn't the longest Possum in the world, but peak and release is the name of the Phish game. Trey was going off like a mad man. No complaints here. Sweet Jane: Knew this the minute Trey started strumming. Perfect song for Page. One of the better Velvet Underground (Lou Reed penned) songs. I was psyched 'cause Phish is deffinently playing with our minds. Halloween will have no cover. Mark my word! I will post my theory on Andy's Message Board. This version was very loyal to the original; even jammed it out for a few minutes. I was happy with the set. And was psyched for the second. Set II: Cavern: I like that Phish has not been afraid to tinker with the older songs. Cavern hasn't changed much, but it a lot better with the funky intro (e.g. 4/5/98). I also recomend listening to 6/14/97 'cause that Cavern has the best funk jam in the middle. Phish has really stepped off the Plateau and are not afraid to play with their fools (taking risks). 2001: Yeah it wasn't the best 2001, but hell who cares...I love ZARATHUSTRA (for the hardcorers) and any cance to hear the nasty funk, hell bring it on. Trey was wahing it, Mike was slapping it, Fish was striking his high-hat and snare and good 'ole Page was all over the keyboard (Page does some amazing work on this song). Tela: Another song I haven't heard in a while. Ah, Page sings. Great composition. Love a little Gamehenge with my funk-happy meal. The set was shaping up nicely. Piper: Here is another little Phish ditty that is following me around. I thought 4/3/98 was one of the greatest shows I've ever seen, that Piper was amazing and the people who have heard it know what I am talking about. The Piper from here blew that one away. Best jam of the night. The build just gets you so juiced, but instead of going into the refrain for a second time they just went off. I can remember thinking Trey was kicking ass. He was all over the fret board. I love Chris's work with the lights, but my eyes were shut for the entire fifteen minutes. It was amazing. Let me say this again, it was amazing. Sexual Healing: It was only fitting that Henrietta got to sing a little. It really was his (er, excuse me...her) night. Sexual Healing put a nice cap on a fun-filled evening. I was having a good time and so was everyone else. I thought the best was when Fish looked like he was done and left the stage only to come back and give us all a little more: "Sexual Healing." Hood: I told my friends before the show that if I could see one song this night...Hood was the one. It ended this magically short night in rip-roaring fashion. I just want to make one point about the glow-stick war. I understand how magical it was at The Went, but Hood is being ruined. When they headed into the JAM segment and Toph brought the lights down, the crowd was so loud for the first five minutes...it was impossible to hear what was going down on stage. I now accept the "HOOD" chant at the beginning (though I think this is even lamer than the glow-sticks), but I hope they phase out the sticks or at least not do it everytime they do a HOOD. Finally the ights started coming back on and the crowd started listening and HARRY built to a climatic punch. Perfection. Encore: Sabotage: I was expecting a double encore. I also was not expecting another cover 'cause of Jane in the first set, but everyone knew what this was the minute they started. The place was jumpin'. It was a sight to see a bunch of Heads getting down to the beat of the Beasties. It was tight, it was faithful, there was no jam, and it was absolutley a lot of fun. As I said Fishman was the star of the night. BA-BUM BA-BUM, BA-BUM BA-BUM...SABOTAGE!!! Overall it was a terrific show. I think everyone just needs to go with the flow and accept what happens in the moment. If everyone expects a certain thing from a Phish show then you are not going to leave satisfied. Phish is at the peak of their pwers and I am having the time of my life. Here is to the Fall, 'cause it is going to be the pinnacle of this awesome, amazing, icredible, mind-blowing Phish Odyssey! Jay Reed Choda12@yahoo.com
After seeing many shows, many seem to run together. This show did not have that one epic jam that will make you remember it forever, but it sure was fun and as always great. The Wedge- Great opener..Believe it or not this was my first in 31 shows. NICU- Nice as always...was surprised they played it two nights before, but nonetheless always great to hear. Sneakin Sally- Not as great as 12/30/97, but I love this tune.. Guyute- Very tight as always and there is nothing more to say then thank you guys!!! Ficus- First time to hear this song, and was not overly impressed. Farmhouse- Very nice mellow jam..appears that this song will continue to evolve. Possum- Great as always...Not extra special though and seemed a little bit sure, but nonetheless I loved it and wow does Chris do an excellent job with the lights. Sweet Jane- Only heard thjis song a few times, but Page made this one of the highlights of the first set. Overall, very good first set. Pretty sure,but great song selections in my opinion. Cavern- I liked the funked out version of this to open the set. Much better than the version that usually closes a set. 2001- Predictable place for this song..very good, probably about average length. Crowd seemed to really enjoy. I have seen better and I have seen worse, Tela- Yes, what a nice pull. Page is amazing in this one as always. I felt a little bad because my good friend loves this song, but could not make the show, but of course I enjoyed thoroughly. Piper- Probably the most extended jam of the night.. I love the build up in this song and it appears that this song will become a regular second set jam. Sexual Healing- I don't always enjoy Fish's songs, but I will say that I had a lot of fun during this one. The crowd was really into it and it definitely fit nicely. Hood- Of course it was great, with glowsticks and all.. Encore: Sabotage- Trey sounded very good on vocals and wow what a pull. Might never be played again? Overall, I had agreat time as always and look forward to rest of tour.
This show was awesome!!! Fishman singing "Sexual Healing" by Marvin Gaye was so unexpected and spontaneos - everyone was dying laughing. Then when they came back out with "Sabotage" by the Beasties, the croud went absolutly insane. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. P.S. Not to mention that PHISH was in my backyard - it was amazing!! -Jennifer Norton - soasoas@erols.com
Just got back from Maryland, a show with as many surprises as there were predictable songs. Set 1: The Wedge-one of my favs. glad to see it being played again. Nice to open with, got the crowd groovin' and flowed nicly into NICU. Allways a welcome treat, even if I've heard it at 4 of my last 6shows. The groove kept flowin' into Sneakin' Sally. with tight funk jam. I called GUYUTE as the next song, you could hear it coming a mile away. Next up was a new tune, FICUS-mike sings and Trey's rift is catchy, but it is a slow one.Farmhouse followed, 1st time hearing it live, should be used more as a second set tune, the jam is spacey, and would be perfectly used after a long jam (i.e., Mike's>Weekapaug,Bowie,YEM). I again called Possum, as I thought it might end the set. the song was well jammed, but nothing out of the ordinary. ,the crowd was again shocked with the SWEET JANE cover. When trey began to play the riff, I knew it was sweet jane, but did not think they would play it. I again underestimated Phish, in their ability to wow the crowd. After tonight and a look at their recent setlists, I won't be so foolish again. I enjoyed the set very much and was happy for the funk onslaught at the beginning of the set. Set II Cavern-caught most off guard, and a seldom played opener, made it all the more delightful to hear. 2001- very predictable. had the generic space intro, which always gives it away. not much jamming, kind of a let down considering this usually psyches up the crowd,not tonight. We were once again surprised for the scarce TELA. A true jem, and love the odd place ment of it after 2001, instead of Tweezer,Dw/D, or Maze. Tela slowly moved into PIPER-my favorite song over the last two years. I love the build up in it. It is very euphoric, and a great song to dance your ass off to. Now Fish's turn to take center stage, doing a hysterical version of Marvin Gaye's SEXUAL HEALING. I hope this stays in fish's rotation.Crowd was into this big time. Harry Hood closed out the set complete with glowstick war jam. would never of guessed the encore, neither did the other 25,000 fans. SABOTAGE!, Phish does Beastie Boys? Why Not? This was highlight of evening as no one saw it comeing, but once it came, we all relished in it. anyway it was a stellar show plenty of funk,covers, and comedy!. The way a Phish show should be!
here is my song by song ananylsis- wedge- perfect opener.it just seemed really well placed with the surroundings.and they never play it, so thats a plus too. nicu- hell yah! nicu kicks some arse! sneakin sally- this was a great version.it took itself into a wicked funky jam, one of the longest of the nite.into----> GUYUTE! yes! finally. well guyute is guyute...but they extended parts a lil bit, and trey added a couple chops in thier. it was good. ficus- the crowd didnt know it.it reminded me of talk, mellow and cool downish.i wasnt too impressed.but it can grow on me farmhouse- finally,there improvising farmhouse. it was good too possum- as marv albert would say, yesss.. it was standard possum,nothing special...but damn was it good. sweet jane- good closer.maybe if i knew the song though... 1st set..--overall light on the jams, but lotsa good quality rarish songs set 2 cavern- doh! i was callin birds....but cavern was funky..the crowd (myslef included) was expecting 2001.no surpirsie when... 2001- kinda routine...intro was pretty cool...not as cool as 4-4-98 intro..wasnt too long..not more than 15 mins... both "verses" tela- yes yes yes yes yes yes !!! piper- ok.your thinkin piper big deal right? i dont think so.this piper was THE jam of the nite...15 mins long...got kind of spacey.music faded until BOB WEAVER showed up. sexual healings- seeing a grown man in a beard in a dress singing this and swaying, was funny and some how cool.no vac though.into HYHU. hood- unreal....trey mike and page each took a "fill" in the intro, with page using some really cheezy but cool sounding keyboard.hood was good.awesome light stick war..some where in the first set an inflatable spiderman found its way up to the stage, sorry forgot.so hood closes. encore- im sure you saw it by now.i cant say there was 1 person who was expexcting.........SABATOGE!!!!(sp). oh my.this took evtyone by surprise..trey sounded good as shit on vocals too. peace bob

my first show since new years 95/96. great show. a lot of new stuff i had not heard. covers of sneaking sally, sweet jane (velvet underground), fishman doing sexual healing (marvin gaye), and some song by the beastie boys, sabotage i think. other songs i knew included cavern, tela, possum, harry hood, 2001 jam, etc. great show, nothing recent to compare it to, however, even though new years 2.5 years ago was better, they haven't lost anything, only gotten better. in the end, an encore of a rap song left a sour taste in my mouth, not soon forgotten.
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