Mr. Rosenberg (AC/DC), phantastic review of last night's event!  It was rather
surprising to stumble upon fellow phans who I met and re-met at different
venues along the way.  Last night certainly lifted my spirits and set the
course for Vegas.  I'd also like to give an honorary "shout out" to STU, YANNI
and RYAN for making their celebrity appearances last night!

And now for my two cents on the Phish signing at Tower Records,

As I approached the counter where I was graced by four musicians (along with
Tom Marshall and possibly Carini) my creative ideas for good questions that
had been floating through my mind were swept away by the emotion that was
creeping in and taking control.  I realized that I (along with the hundreds of
people who came out) had created in my mind an idealistic almost super-human
persona for those four guys, and as I approached them I didn't know what to

So there I was, standing eye to eye with Trey!  I don't think you fully
realize the magnitude of this moment until it's all over.  So here it is once
again...EYE to EYE with TREY!  Let that sink in a bit.  It was only a few
seconds of his time that was being devoted to me.  But what a great feeling it
was.  A bit selfish, yes, but extremely satisfying.  Afterall, I race around
this country (and many of you - the world) to be graced with the sounds he
strums from his guitar.  We make him out to be this incredible being, not
necessarily human, but as you see him up close outside of his typical setting,
with no instrument in hand, you realize he's a normal dude who is having the
time of his life doing what he loves best.  There's nothing g-d like about
him.  Although you could certainly argue his presence is felt.  And he is
definitely a bit more BURNT SIENA than he appears onstage.  Go Trey!

On to Fishman.  Typical Fishman, standing around drinking a Corona in the
middle of Tower Records.  I've never met him before but I feel like I know
him.  Didn't say much.  But he didn't need to.  He seemed to understand what
the moment meant for the phans as they passed through with their books,
cameras, and new album.  As one observant phan noted, "Bob Weaver has some
LARGE wrists."

Next up, Cactus Gordon!  The Cactus was very enthrawled by the female in front
of me.  She was a bit more "smooth" in her approach towards the band.
Apparently she's a med-student who was trying to convince them about bringing
a medical team on tour, in case of serious illness or injury.  The band
welcomed the idea and maintained brief conversation.  Mike and Fishman seemed
excited about having a cute, 25 year old blond, soon to be doctor on tour.
Wouldn't you?  Needless to say, I was toast as far as striking some kind of
intriguing conversation with the Cactus.  A simple hello, great to meet ya is
all that was said!

On to the Chairman of the Boards!  It's ironic; Up to this moment I felt he
was the guy who I knew the least.  Think about it...Fishman speaks for
himself.  We all know he's the prankster of the bunch.  Trey and Mike, you
develop a sense of character for, because you just do!  But Page, I could
never pin down Page.  So meeting Page was most exciting for me.  By far the
"warmest" of the bunch.  Page and I shook hands and exchanged some phriendly
words.  You could tell he was really having a good time.  It was so nice to
converse with a guy you spend countless hours talking about, following, and
creating memories that last a lifetime.  

I said my farewell with a "see ya in Vegas!"  and as I shuffled past the
crowd, I realized the best part.  To walk away, knowing that I do have
something in common with these guys, and so do you all, for that matter.  When
I'm fifty and look back on the best of times, I will be reflecting on moments
I spent with Phish and friends, as they will too.  That my phriends, is

"After all, it's not an experience if they can't bring someone along!"


P.S. Hazer - Consider this your review!