Big Cypress Indian Reservation - Florida
Afternoon Set (1:46): Runaway Jim, Funky Bitch, Tube, I Didn't Know*,
     Punch You in the Eye, Bouncing Around the Room, Poor Heart, Roggae,
     Split Open & Melt** -> Catapult, Get Back on the Train, Horn, Guyute,
     After Midnight*** 

Midnight->Sunrise Set**** (7:45): Here's Mud in Your Eye > Meatstick^ -> Auld Lang Syne, 
     Down w/ Disease -> Llama, Bathtub Gin^^, Heavy Things^^^, Meatstick
     tease^^^^, Twist Around > Prince Caspian > Rock & Roll, You Enjoy
     Myself%, Crosseyed & Painless, Minestrone%%, Sand -> Quadrophonic
     Topplings%%%, Slave to the Traffic Light, Albuquerque, Reba, Axilla,
     Uncle Pen, David Bowie, My Soul, Drowned -> After Midnight reprise,
     The Horse > Silent in the Morning,  Bittersweet Motel, Piper** ->
     Free, Lawn Boy, HYHU > Love You%%%% > HYHU,  Roses are Free, Bug, 
     Harry Hood intro tease > 2001 > Wading in a Velvet Sea, Meatstick$

   * - with Jon (coming from sunny Florida to sunny Florida, "Soda Jerk")
       on vacuum
   ** - unfinished
   *** - J.J. Cale cover from the album "Naturally" best known for the
         Eric Clapton version; first time played
   **** - (11:35pm) Set began with Father Time on stage pedalling away at
          a stationary bike, powering a large clock, the sound of the
          gears are heard over the PA. At approximately 11:50pm Father
          Time collapsed from exhaustion and the clock stops. At this
          time a fan boat was heard from a set of speakers in the back
          corner of the concert field and a large fan boat entered the
          field from halfway back, stage right. After crossing 1/4th of
          the field the sides and top of the fan boat were blown off to
          reveal the band riding in the hot dog from the 1994 NYE show.
          The hotdog crossed the concert field and the approached the
          stage as the band threw lei's and other goodies into the crowd.
          As the hot dog neared the stage, an instrumental version of
          "Meatstick" came over the PA. Once the hotdog reached the stage,
          the band disembarked carrying several meatsticks which were fed
          to Father Time, reviving him so that the clock could continue
          moving towards midnight.
   ^ - instrumental version with the band picking up the song from a
       pre-recorded version played over the PA for the last 45 seconds of
       the year
   ^^ - with vocal/instrumental jam as Trey, Mike and Page sang the notes
        as they played them
   ^^^ - recorded live for ABC TV's Millennium coverage (aired between
         3:15 and 3:30am EST); Trey instructed the crowd to chant the word
         "Cheesecake" rather than clap and cheer at the close of the song
         in an attempt to confuse the TV viewers (similar to the "secret 
         language" additions for the 1992 NYE show); Trey introduced the
         band for the recorded footage and offered a message of peace and
         love for the world about the importance of the
         left lane of the highway being the passing lane
   ^^^^ - teased as midnight neared for the Central timezone
   % - with "Cheesecake" vocal jam
   %% - Trey solo acoustic
   %%% - from "The Siket Disc" with Mike holding up a voice box repeating
         the phrase "Quadrophonic Toppling"
   %%%% - with Jon on vacuum; Jon introduced Page before the song and Mike
          and Trey afterwards, and the band as being Phish 2000
   $ - no encore; post-show music over the PA was the Beatles "Here Comes
       the Sun"

Thanks to Phish.Net, CK5, ali McFDowell, Dan Gasse, "RJ" & many fans.

12/30/99 Big Cypress Indian Reservation - Florida I (1:39): Water in the Sky, Light Up or Leave Me Alone^, Suzie Greenberg, Corrina Corinna**, Limb By Limb, Native Greeting Song***, Big Alligator Song***, Possum, Farmhouse, Ghost, Ya Mar, Character Zer0 II (1:35): Wilson, The Curtain > Tweezer -> Taste, Meat, Golgi Apparatus, Wolfman's Brother, Gotta Jiboo, Harry Hood, Good Times Bad Times III (1:20): Chalk Dust Torture, Moma Dance, Run Like an Antelope, The Sloth, When The Circus Comes, Mike's Song > Simple -> I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove**** E (0:10): Boogie On Reggae Woman > Tweezer Reprise * - Traffic cover from the album "Low Spark of the High Heeled Boys"; last played 8/13/88, [943 shows] according to ZZYZX's Phish Stats ** - Taj Mahal cover; last played 2/18/89, [926 shows] according to ZZYZX's Phish Stats *** - with Seminole Indian Chief Jim Billie; possibly called "Che Hun Ta Mo" **** - With "Auld Lang Syne" tease at midnight! Thanks to Phish.Net, CK5, Ali McDowell, Dan Gasse, "RJ" and many Fans!
12/29/99 - Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, FL Soundcheck: Jam > What's the Use, Ginseng Sullivan, Character Zero tease, very brief Jam, Curtis Lowe, Quinn the Eskimo, Timber Ho! Thanks to Mark Palmer