Carnegie Hall - New York, New York -  A benefit for Tibet House 

Trey's Set (Acoustic): Farmhouse, The Inlaw Josey Wales*, House Where
     Nobody Lives** 

with Nawang Khechog and R. Carlos Nakai: Instrumental*** 
with Rufus Wainwright: When Will I Be Loved**** 
with Philip Glass: Third Street^ 
with Patti Smith: People Have the Power^^ 

     * - Trey mentioned that he's been trying to figure out a name for
          this song for 2 years, and that tonight its called "The Inlaw
          Josey Wales"; previously called "Minestrone" and "Purple Hugh"
     ** - Tom Waits cover from the album "Mule Variations"; with David
          Byrne on an accordion-like instrument
     *** - with Nawang Khechog on Mayan Ocarina (a type of flute) and R.
           Carlos Nakai on Native American Flute; Trey on acoustic and
           electric guitars; allegedly the first time a tibetan musician
           and a native american musician played together
     **** - Everly Brothers cover; Trey, Patti Smith and
            several other musicians joined Rufus Wainwright for the first 
            song of his set; Trey on acoustic
     ^ - new Trey original which he'd arranged with Philip Glass earlier
         in the week; Trey on acoustic with Philip Glass on piano
     ^^ - final song of the evening; with Patti Smith and all of the other
          performers; Trey on electric and on backing vocals with Nawang
          Khechog, R. Carlos Nakai and David Byrne

   Trey jokingly referred to this show as being Phil and Friends 2 (Philip
   Glass and Friends); other performers included David Byrne, Nawang
   Khechog, Angelique Kidjo, Ashley MacIsaac, R. Carlos Nakai, Virginia
   Rodrigues, Patti Smith, Rufus Wainwright and the Gomang monks
   Kaz reports: "A very enjoyable evening, Trey a lot more loose and easy
   as compared to last year. The crowd a lot more mellow and less rowdy as
   compared to last year, only one loud cheesecake chant, which Trey may
   have missed because he was setting up with David Byrne to play the Tom
   Waits song."

Thanks to Rob Johnson & The Phish.Net
Thanks to Bill Gardner, Dennis Raffa, Jesse Jarnow, Kazdeyna, Lukas and
Kent Karlsson and Steve Hormell for the setlist and info!

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