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Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA

1: Oysterhead*, He's An Inpiration, The Mountain, Rubbernecking
Lines, He Used To Be The Owner Of The World^, The Meadow, Wildwood Weed, 
Sinking Down, Ain't No Cure For Suicide, Jerry Was A Race Car Driver**

E: The Immigrant Song***, The Israelites, All Day and All Of The

E2: House Of The Rising Sun

Oysterhead are: Trey Anastasio from Phish (guitar), Les Claypool from
Primus (bass), and Stewart Copeland from the Police (drums).

[Note: Songs with unknown titles were given names from the lyrics.]

* - Band took the stage late, all wearing white jumpsuits
^ - Trey dedicated this tune to Jon Fishman, who ran on stage and bowed
** - Primus original. With "Reba" lyrics (somewhat different than normal)
*** - Led Zeppelin original; band going crazy, with Trey jumping on Les
**** - The Kinks original

The Israelites is by Desmond Dekker and the Aces
Thanks to for beginning to assemble this difficult setlist!
( thanks Craemer for calling Cassidy and relaying messages, (and Jeff Waful) for detailed setlist additions, and Cosmo
and Matty for the additions/notes.)

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