Favorite Phish Tapes

Here are the responses to the Favorite Phish Tape Survey.

12-31-94 Boston Garden....Boston, Ma. let's see,.........M....A....Z....E!!!!!!!!!!!!!! also kick ass jams in Div.Sky, Antelope, Mike's->Buffalo Bill(one of the three times they've played it) And lets not forget the fact that they flew around the fu#%ing Boston Garden in a GIANT HOT DOG!!!!!!!!!! the vibe at that show was the single most intense feeling i have ever felt. i have heard rumors of a video of that show. If you know ANYTHING about it and how i can obtain a copy, e-mail me and let me know. -justin kolb
11/02/96 coral sky ampitheatre, west palm beash, fl An amazing night under the beautiful Florida sky. In fact, part of the magic of this show was that it was the only outdoor on the tour. Not to mention that phish spent the day phishing with allman brothers drummer butch trucks. The percussion > Yamar left me breathless. Carl perazzo played with the band for the entire show adding a special flavor to the sweet sound. Julius just rocked. Stash was a mind blower leaving me without control over the huge smile on my face. A nice lizards and a floating free made this an epic first set. During the set break, none of us could have imagined what was in store. Hence the CROSSEYED > ANTELOPE. THIS WAS BY FAR THE MOST AMAZING PHISH SPECTACLE THAT I HAVE EVER WITNESSED!!!! the jam was dense with trey visiting not only his drum kit, but some strande instrument hooked up to a wah peddle!!!! This sequence left me looking upward at the sky and wondering if there was really other life in the universe, and if there was, could they see us at this cosmic show???? Waste brought us back down to Earth when Harry Hood popped his head out of the refridgerator and said HELLO to us all. A day in the life was the beatles reincarinated. Many people around me disliked the sweet adeline set closer. Maybe after they hear how sweet it turned out on the tape they will realize their mistake. Butch trucks appeared on drums to help out his phishin buddies burn down the house on Phunky BithcH! There is a High Quality radio broadcast of this show available. I strongly suggest that every phan has a copy of this amazingly trippy show. -mike singal
12/29/95 Worcester Centrum, Worcester, MA I think this is the best show of the 95 NYE run. Just look at both sets. Set 1 has DWD, NICU, Fluffhead, Stash, and a crazy Llama Set 2 is even better. The set begins with Makisupa, segues into Cars, Trucks and Buses>Bathtub Gin>The Real Me. That Segue is one of the craziest phish has ever done. Then back into Bathtub. The other highlights are a Mcgrupp, BBFCFM>Bass Jam>La Grange with Mike's Bass instructor. This is just a groovy show. Here is the full setlist for everybody Set 1: My Friend, DWD, Poor Heart, Fog that Surrounds, NICU, Stash, Fluffhead, Llama, Sweet Adeline Set 2: Makisupa>Cars, Trucks, Buses>Bathtub Gin>The Real Me>Bathtub Gin>McGrupp>BBFCFM>Bass Jam*>La Grange, Bouncin>Fire E:Golgi *with Jim Skinnet -Ben Altschuler
12/31/95 Madison Sq. Garden I can't believe I don't see more votes for this show. From the smokin' PYITE opener to the first Axilla pt. II in s while, the band was all over it. I especially love the Auld Lagne Syne segue into Weekapaug which is quite possibly the funkiest, jazziest versions performed. Even Sea & Sand was beautifully done. The setlist wasn't unique, but the energy of nearly every song was just magical. -Brian Fitzsimmons
12/29/94 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI THE best runaway>Foam, Guyute and Bowie(35 min). I attended this show and I'm glad My friends were there for it asnd the party afterwards. -Greg Marceau
11/16/97 ??????, Omaha, NB If you were brave enough to venture into the 100+ degree heat at the Omaha show, then you were blessed as I was. La GRange opener blew me away but that wasn't even the topper. At the end of Axill Pt. 1, Fishman started yelling some smack about Lee Fordham (rumor has it he was a birthday boy). Then into Hood, Fish. decides to carry on the theme and instead of a Harry quickly followed by the crowd's Hood, my ears shook with astonishment when the band said "Lee......Fordham" in the usual Hood style. I'm a serious Hood fan (Milk does the body good) so the change had notice taken. Then at the finally of Hood, WHAM!, right into a Suzie, but not any usual Su either. During Fish's interjections in the song, he replaced Susie with who else but Lee Fordham. In addition, during the usual two "long" jams in Suzie Phish jammed out with rifts from La Grange and for the second from Axill. By far the best yet (I also went to Deer Creek Sum '96 and StL Fall '96 and they both get beat out by Omaha) and it all happened the day after my 21st. -Jesse Helmig
5/7/94 The Bomb Factory Dallas,TX Tweezer>Everything>Tweezer Reprise. Nice jams and teases all throghout the set. -Dan Robertson
2-21-97 tennax diso club,florence italy >From the start you could tell they were physched. MY SOUL came off perfect. FOAM then a ripping DOWN W/ DISEASE. Next a nice jazzed up version of LIZARDS into CROSS-EYED. Best version i've seen since 11-2-96, impecable drum and vocal by fish. Then came the moment i've waited for ever since i heard that Phish was going to Europe. Y.E.M.!!!!Not a particularly long version but packed with energy.You can tell on the tape how many americans were at the show. When they say "boy" the crowd screams. When they say "firenze" the bar erupts.The Second set Starts off with YAMAR into the Evil ANTELOPE!!>WILSON!!!. Trey must have been inspired by some of the darker pieces at the Uffitzi.OH KEE PA> AC/DC BAG this always makes me sweat. BILLY BREATHES is an ideal let down for the reba thats next. WASTE>CASPIAN explores new tones. The CHARACTER ZERO encore is jammed out. This show WAS a dream come true. -shane
12/30/93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME First off there are great SBD>DAT>Cass>DAT copies around of this show thamks to the net tree seeded by the band :) This is definitely one of the top three shows ever played by phish. Not only is there great hose jamming but the structured parts of the songs are also played pretty much to perfection! The setlist is great throughout the show, and there is great emotion as demonstrated by the "Slave, Slave, Slave..." chant from the fans in first couple of rows before Trey rips into the majestic opening chords of the first East-coast Slave in years! The segue from MikeS -> Horse is pure hose, the Bowie show opener is great and there's a Freebird too :) Get this show! -Jim Raras Jr.
8/13/96 Deer Creek Noblesville, IN well this was my second show after the first night i didnt know what to expect but they blew my mind (fungus did too), but it was a very mellow, jamming show The divided sky opener was perfect and melted as the sun went down. With the stars out, TUBE wow a rarity. Then a very nice, mellow Tela right into an intense maze. fast enough was also nice Then a smokin PYITE, loud LLama, a nice glide, then a great set closer, SLAVE this was very mellow and ended the 1st set Then "what could they do to top that?" -> set 2 A wierd jam led into a nice AC/DC bag then a M rockytop encore was a great way to end the greatest night of my life. thanks phish (11/15/96 was phat also) -Paul Pearman
02/20/93 Roxy Theatre, Atlanta,GA 1.Tweezer->Walk Away->Tweezer, Glide, Mike's 2.Mike's Groove with Tweezer, Lizards, Wilson, and other teases 3.Kung 4.Weekapaug->My Mind's got a Mind of its own->Weekapaugh->Rock & Roll-> Weekapaugh 5. Tweeprise and Sleeping Monkey to end the show 6. good Reba jam -Laurence Birdsey
08/16/97 Plattsburgh AFB, Plattsburgh, NY All I have to say is Bathtub Gin Heaven...it seems like it won't end its amazing!!!!!!!! you gotta get it. Other highlights are the rest of the set!!!!!! If you only get 1 more tape in your life it should be 8/16/96 SET I -Foster 11/19/92 St.michael's college, Pa ibelieve How about the whole show set 2 one side is mike's-H20 weekapaug next side Reggae lengthwise BBj Sick maze antelope divedsky on set 1 -raphael Aglietti
10/22/95 Champaign,Il Experienced a great revelation with some great bros!
7/24/93 Greatwoods, Mansfield,MA this set is sick beyond belief! 2001>SOAM, glide, maze with a nice 2001 tease, *great* fluff, MIKES!!!>YSZ>groove! golgi, GTBT, FREEBIRD! encore!!! i read somewhere that this is one of trey's favorite shows....and it ranks as one of mine =) does anyone know what song they were teasing in the Mike's jam???????WTF is that?!?!? STEAL THIS TAPE! ...standing in the tall grass, doin' cartwheels... greene beene
10/31/95 Rosemont Horizons, Chicago Whe you see the setlist: Icculus, Divided Sky, Wilson,Ya Mar, Sparkle, Free, Guyute!!, Antelope, Harpua!!! you think holy shit!, that's probably someones dream show. However, it was also Phish's first set of Halloween '95. One of THE phattest set lists ever, I highly recommend it to anyone. -Bill
12/31/96 Fleet Center, Boston, MA I have heard so many people dis this past New Years. "No kick downs" "They didn't do anything special" "blah blah blah" To me this past New Years is what phish is all about. It is true the set list didn't have any Mike's grooves or Harpuas or Halley's, etc. It was a CLASSIC show with all their staple songs. Sick jams on Antelope, 2001>DWD, Simple, Hood, Zero, Punch, Wilson, Tweezer Reprise, Suzie. These songs are what Phish has been about for years. People should appreciate this show for what it was and the magical feeling you get when you listen to phish (I was at the show- every time I listen to that show I get some of that great feeling back- it especially helps as I wait for summer tour). Instead of complaining they didn't pull some gimick out of their ass like sailing across the stage in a giant dildo. See ya at a show Brian
11/15/96 Kiel Center, St. Louis, MO My first phish show. Wow. First set was pretty good, but second blew me away. TMWSIY>McGrupp>TMWSIY is probably one of the best segues I've ever heard. Maze was great, too, come to think of it. Weekapaug Groove came, and I was pumped. I couldn't believe my ears or my eyes. John Popper jammin' with the boys, blaring away on his harmonica. It was sweet, sweet sound. The highlight for me, however, would have to be Trey's announcement at the end. "This concert has been brought to you by the letter 'M' and the number 420." Get the tape and check out the setlist. Notice anything strange? Check out Makisupa Policeman, and try and smell the "stinky kind" It's there. Can you feel it? -Christy
10/94 George Mason University, Fairfax, VA Unbelieveable, energetic, magical. The second set was like no other. 2001-Sample-Rift-Mike's-HO2-Simple-Weekaupaugh-Fluffhead-Purple Rain-Harry Hood-Suzie. The boys were on that night. Crazy sounds, great light affects and a high school cheerleading squad came on stage during Simple in the midst of crazy strobe lights and noone new what was going on. All it was- The boys messing with everyone's heads. Get a hold of this show. -Brett Merker
07/15/91 The Academy, New York City, NY My fave GCH show that fits on one tape. 90 minutes of solid, Horn-backed fun. -Matthew Bourland
6/22/94 Columbus, OH I had a tough time ranking this set over such old favorites as Ian's Farm 8/21/87 and new classics like Plattsburgh 8/16/96 III and 8/17/96 II ... it really all depends on the mood you're in when you listen to sets the caliber of these ... they're all sick. 6/22/94 II, though, is an INCREDIBLY inspired set stuck at the beginning of a four-week period that saw Phish bust out two Gamehenges and the first Sugarbush show (a legend in its own right). The set starts a bit late so Trey can catch the score of the Houston-New York NBA Finals game, which he reports to the crowd before they swing into a low-key, funky 2001 opener. This quickly segues into a crisp Mike's Song which would be the springboard for the most intense Mike's >> Groove I own on tape. Mike's Song gets dissonant and trippy as usual, and then segues into Simple (one of the first ones ever ... check your HPB/Almanac), which segues into a jam based on the Allman Bros.' "Midnight Rider." Here, you can tell that Trey! (at least) is REALLY into the show and obviously wants to take the audience with him. They play an impromptu Catapult OVER the Midnight Rider melody, and then switch back into Simple for a second time and proceed to sing the song's lyrics. True fans take note: They'll never sing it like this again. :) All four of them are practically screaming by the time they reach the " ... saxophone is grand!" line and then they take the jam even HIGHER before winding it down slowly to near-silence while whispering " ... sim-bop and be-be-phone etc. ...". The band appears stuck at this point, but we know all too well that sometimes getting stuck is a blessing in disguise for Phish. Trey starts strumming the soft, recognizable chords of Icculus and the rest of the band follows him into the most inspired version of this song ever ... featuring themes from Simple and characters from the NBA Finals! Icculus builds to a awesome climax, of course, and then dies, of course. Dead silence. ! No music. Thunderous applause. And then Trey goes nuts. NUTS. My all-time Favorite Minute of Phish is easily the MONUMENTAL Simple ***JAM*** that follows Icculus. How they could play this intensely with this much energy is beyond me. It's the highest and tightest I've ever heard Phish play. After the peak of the jam, the familiar chords that signal the end of Mike's Song are heard and Hydrogen >> Weekapaug are next in line. The Weekapaug is excellent but unfinished, instead segueing into TMWSIY >> Avenu Malkenu >> TMWSIY. As if that weren't enough, Columbus' fans are rewarded with a long Fluffhead/Fluff's Travels, mike-less My Sweet One, Big Ball Jam (!!!), and Jesus Left Chicago before a mellow Sample closes the show. Get a good copy and listen to at least side A (thru the Weekapaug) before deciding what YOUR favorite set is. I guarantee you'll be blown away by what the boys did on this night. -Damon Nazarenko
12/30/95 Madison Square Garden Although I don't have a favorite set or show, the tape that finds it's way into my deck the most is 12/30/95 Set II. The set begins with Yamar which has a terrific Page organ solo, and then some great noodling by Trey including an Auld Lane Syne tease. Yamar is followed by my favorite Free ever, which is in the old arrangement. Trey starts this Free off very, very strong, and you can tell the difference between this one and all the others. The jam is very well done as far as Free's go. Free is followed by a wonderful Harry Hood experience.......nothing more needs to be said about that song. You know when you have a Hood experience and when you don't!! This song follows right into, but not a segue, into an awesome AC/DC Bag. You can tell Trey is fired up for New Year's Eve in this song alone....again very, very strong work from Trey along with the rest of the band. AC/DC segues into Lifeboy. All the Page fans should pay attention: The end segment of Lifeboy in this se! t, where Page solos, is totally unreal. It's as if Page is standing at the door of God, and he is expressing, musically, what Trey says with words in the song. Simply beautiful. This is a cue from Page to the audience to get ready because from here they go into Scent. For all the Page fans, which I am a huge one, this is one of THE Scent's to get. A very awe-inspiring piano solo leads to a very cool guitar solo where Trey does the looping effect and everything. A very paht Scent. After Scent comes Cavern, and then a way above average Antelope. Very tight beginning, excellent trill, and most glorious jam. Right before the cool down, Trey plays a little riff that is very much like the end to Bowie. For the encore, they play A Day in the Life which is not the greatest of encores, but definitely not the worst. Unfortunately, I did not attend this show so for those of you who did I am more envious than you could ever know. By the way, if you don't have this show, PICK I! T UP! -Drew North
08/06/96 Red Rocks Ampitheatre, Morrison, CO. This Show was the show the night after the Morrison riot. A Makisupa opener was most likely a reference to the mayhem that occured the night before. During Rift, Trey Stopped and quted U2's Bono from "Under a Blood Red Sky" saying, "This is Red Rocks, This is the Edge,". Of course the audience went berserk. Other 1st set highlights included a nice Simple(which Trey had earlier teased us with during a smoking Suzie) which clued us in on what what was to come with this song, growing to mnsterous proportions during the fall tour and New Years Run. But it was Set 2 that blew me away. A tight Curtain opened and led into a georgeous Tweezer. This Tweezer was not to long and flowed like blood through the veins. I thought that i was dreaming at times as dust particles formed colorful, neon lighted whirlwinds around Trey and Mike on the stage. There was a blatant Norweigian Wood jam before the tune evaporated into the newly reworked Prince Caspian. Later on, During BBFCFM, Trey sprinted in circles around the stage for about five minutes as the crowd and the rest of the band went crazy. The Harry Hood > Tweezer Reprise closer was so wild(especially the latter, Suprisingly) that Trey nearly fell over several times. the Johnny B Goode encore was the only possible way to end such a crazy show. I believe tha this was the best night of the final ever Red Rocks run.
11/14/95 Univ. of Central Florida Orlando, Florida I only have the second set but it is pure sweetness. Opening with a crazy "Maze". Trey messes with the ending and gives it an intensity that I have never heard in a "Maze" before.Page's organ solo consists primarily of crashing atonal chords creating a feeling of mounting darkness. A fun "Gumbo" is next with Trey flubbing some chords, but it is still cool. But then the zenith of the tape is next. Stash-->Manteca-->Stash-->Dog Faced Boy(no instruments)-->Stash with some 25 or 6 to 4 teases and jams. 40 minutes long, there is some serious groundbreaking emotion jamming. Many parts are Surrender to the Airesque and the whole 40 minutes are never wasted and it is absolutely beautiful. A crisp "Strange Design" follows and the set comes to a crashing close with a fine YEM(which goes into an Immigrant Song jam). The encore is the rare Wedge and the Bluegrass frenzy Rocky Top ending a fantastic overall set. Do yourself a favor and try to pick this one up. Evan Bickerstaffe
Phish is a nice band! I love a bunch of jam notes meeting on the corner and colliding! The jam notes don't scuffle, but rather they meld into one tremendous jam. But in a flutier sense, Phish can rock. Hello MR. Jam note - may i become one with you? The Geasy Fizeek can beat that thang! Hooray for Trey! Page is all the rage! Mike Gordon! New Album - How 'bout some horns - trumpets, saxes, tubas. clarinets, oboes, or anything. Also they could jam with James Brown or Aretha Franklin or George Clinton. Grab the shorts of your cohorts. Later, Rob Reiter
12.16.95 Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY Possibly the most underrated show in a long while. A generally type I kind of show with nothing too drastic to speak of... A steller TASTE/FOG kicks of a great run of tunes. FOG is followed the absolute best YA MAR I've ever heard. Hands down, no questions about it. Melodious work by Trey, Mike and Page are connecting to an absurd extent. SLOTH follows; only the second and last time they played it in '95 I believe. One of the best DIVIDED SKY comes next with an unusually long silent part. Second set has a sweet REBA, SCENT OF A MULE (with a rather long middle segment). The highlight of the show follows: a 30 min. MIKE'S>SIMPLE>WEEKAPAUG. This is possibly the strangest Mike's Groove that I've heard, unlike any Mike's jam... Like I said, an underrated, rarely spoken of show that I highly recommend. Did they ever play a bad show in December '95? -The Merry Dankster
08/17/96 Clifford Ball Even though 70,000 people experienced this show, I feel this set was by far the most killer of the whole ball run. If you look at the playlist everytune is a Veteran tune, especially with the bust out of Brother first since 93. The curtain>Jim was incredible and the fact that the DSBD out there doesn't hurt. Soooooo crisp. It is nice to hear such great sound from such a great time. The fluffhead blows me away each time I listen to it with that echo reverb Trey does with his guitar and the Slave is just the perfect culmination to a perfect set! -Dan DeBeer
12/31/95 MSG, NYC, NY Truly the pinnacle of Phish, IMHO. 12/95 was an awesome month, and this is just the peak. Drowned -> Lizards complete w/ FOTM tease (its there :^), a RAGING Auld Lang Syne-> Weekapaug-> Sea and Sand (two Who covers), Sanity, first stand-alone JBG, as encore, cool Maze and Runaway Jim, an odd, mold breaking YEM, and the highlight of all Phish, IMO, the greatest bit of music ever played, Mike's Song, complete with Digital Delay Loop Jam. This tune is enough to make this the greatest show of all time, but look at the rest. -Hoover
8/13/96 Deer Creek, Noblesville, IN I can't really say that this is actually my favorite tape in my collection but it's sure as hell up there. Besides, I didn't see it mentioned yet amongst all these other amazing shows. Anyway, this is probably one of the most solidly played Phish shows I've heard. The first set flows so well it blows me away every time. Divided opener is perfect. Tube! etc. The songs fit together like a puzzle. The second set is a perfect complement with an insane Mike's->Lifeboy->Weekapaug. Really long show, too. The Bowie comes out of nowhere. Needless to say, but I will anyway, I recommend this tape highly. Later, /\/\ | |< @ -Mike Kriz
12/14/95 Broome Co. Arena - Binghampton, NY OK, I'm aghast that I haven't yet seen this set on the list, so I'll put my vote in. Curtain -> Tweezer opener, what more could you want? The Thweezer just smokes and segues into Timber Ho. The transition back into Tweezer is sizzling followed by more intense HOSE to polish of the Tweez. The meat of the set had yet to come though. The Halley's -> JAM -> NICU -> JAM -> Slave is my favorite 1/2 hour of Phish ever. Soul shaking, jaw-dropping, awe inspiring don't even give an adequate description of the JAMs contain in this segment of the set. The Slave is above-avg. tearjerking as well, followed by a great Axis encore. IF YOU HAVEN'T HEARD THIS SET GET IT AT ALL COSTS. Blows 5/7/94 (and most other sets) out of the water for sure. Shoop
>11/27/96 >The Key Arena, Seattle, WA > >II: Down With Disease > Jesus Left Chicago > Scent of a Mule > Brady >Bunch Theme > Scent of a Mule*, Tweezer > Sweet Emotion > Down With Disease >Jam**, Star Spangled Banner, Fire# > >* With Fishman on Electrolux >** "Can't You Hear Me Knockin" Tease ># In honor of Jimi Hendrix's Birthday > >An AMAZING Down w/Disease and TWEEZER! The Brady Bunch Theme is a >vocal/guitar duo by Trey, and is extremely fun to listen to. But man, >the Tweeezer>SweetEmotion>DwD is just amazing. Get this tape, by all means! > >-ted
88 the zoo NY sparks,WHIPPING POST,goodXbadX highway2hell -luke b
12/31/93 Worchester, Mass. i defenitely didnot find this on any fav. listings. i love this tape to death, i have many, but this is on the top of my stack. Great LLama, Peaches is unreal Haley's is nice and melodic, great show to just sit back and appreciate the tunes on a warm day outside. Suzie was real exciting, CRACKLIN ROSIE to a T, Great New Years Serenade by GREASY FIZEEK. BIG countdown and a great lizard. go get it. Later Dave -Dave H.
may 18, 1997 Amherst Massachusetts is second home to Phish Trey just had a new baby girl Isabella 3 weeks ago. The tour was designed this way. -Rhett in Amherst,M.A. -Rhett Zidziunas
New Orleans Jazz Festival Blessed is the sacred Mule. -treybien
11/3/96 The O'Connell Center Gainsville, Fl. My first show. Best opener ever created (My Friend). Absolute dank bouncin with Carl on the drums. Unreal Divided Sky in the second set with a Tweezer into Life on Mars into Possum into reprise! Beautiful! Ted Ellis II
10/31/95 Rosement Horizon- Chicago, IL The first set is great to start off with that "Icculus", entertaining "D-Sky", plus the return of "Guyute" in its slightly tweaked form. Things really cook though with the "Antelope" and "Harpua" (Love Mike's dream.). Set II cooks through Quadrophenia, which I am a fan of anyway, but Phish's version was brilliant. I love the understated "Sea and Sand" better than the Who version. From "Real Me" through "Love Reign..." this is an incredible set, especially for Page fans. Set III, though, wow. Simply the one tape I would take to a desert island. 3 letters:YEM! Everytime I listen to it I hear something new. Sick, hose, phat, whatever adjective you pick, you can't do that YEM justice. "Jesus..." w/ Dave the Truth Grippo is such a great contrast to the extra long, spaced out YEM. Standard "Day in the Life" follows, but that leaves the door open for "Suzy" w/ Horns. Just a lot of fun, always great with Horns. The encore of "My Generation" is just Phish being crazy, and the explosion makes me want to sell my soul to have been at that show. *Honorable Mention* 11-7-96 @ Rupp Arena- Lexington, KY Set II Get this tape not for the solid YEM or the good Suzy, but the Bathtub/ Bike combo is great. My favorte song performance from last fall. -Gareth Hughes
12/30/96 Fleetcenter,Boston,Mass When I heard this tape I remembered HOLY SHIT!!! I WENT TO THIS CONCERT!! There is nothing like going to the concert though. It starts off with timber ho a bluegrass number that makes you dance crazy. Then they played Uncle Pen. I love hearing Trey pick on this one.They also played Guyute. Some guy was requesting it down in front. I love hearing Tweezer though. It was about 15 minutes long but it had a nice beat that just memorizes you. They play Lifeboy which I never hear live. They played Scent of a Mule and I was like Jesus Christ A BLUEGRASS SET!! They play Slave to end it and Possum for an encore that just kept building up and up till the end Great holiday set! -John Ducharme
6/17/94 Eagles Aud. Milwaukee, WI well i looked through everyone's fav's and didn't see this one mentioned. the first set is a nice one, but where the show really kicks in is in the second set.........2001>Sample>Poor Heart Mike's>Simple>Mike's>H2 intro>Simple>H2>Weekapaug Harpua...and more!! and yes this is the famous O.J. show. the band frequently whispers run oj run throughout the show. if you don't have this one check it out when you have a moment.....it's for surely worth it:) -Tom Rippl
2/20/93 Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA WILSON-killer, an incedible Wilson----> REBA-among my top 3 REbas TWEEZER-->WALK AWAY-sicksicksick MIKES-this completely steals the show,towards the end of the jam, they start playing a medley of songs including the first 5 songs of that set(wilson, reba, tweez, walkaway, and glide)also the lizards solo to boot! Vibration of Life--Amazing vibes, sick moment WEEKAPAUG!!!--favorite weeekapaug, w/Rock&Roll All Night tease HOOD!--one of my top 3 as well, goosebumps all over -Skinny boy
04/23/94 Fox Theater Atlanta, GA This show is a treasured part of my tape collection and remains my single favorite live Phish experience. Highlights include a "High-heel Sneekers" with Merle Saunders, an all hands jam with Bruce Hampton and my favorite rendition of "Freebird". The energy that poured out that night was incredible! -Ed Peterson
8/4/96 Red Rock, Morrison, CO This show completely took me away. I thought that my mind was going to melt into thin air. Set I : Chalkdust, Funky Bitch, Guyute, Fee, Split Open, Mango, Sloth, Maze Loving Cup Set II: AC/DC, Reba, Mule, Sample, Bowie, Adeline, Slave Just a great show, made me think of Phish's power over their audience.
06/18/94 UIC Pavillion Chicago,IL Peaches>Jam>BOWIE(ala hendrix)Horn>Mcgrupp>Tweezer>Lifeboy>Yem>Chalkdust E:bouncin'>reprise The jam is a song but i can't remember the name. Bowie contains MLBJ and a purple haze tease the rest is damn well improvised material. Jimi,Bonham must Bach, and Phil must have been in the arena that night because the Hose was flooding the venue. -C.J
8/16/96 the ball This setlist is by far my favorite: Chalkdust, Bathtub, YaMar, AC/DC bag, Esther, Divided Sky, Halley's Comet, Bowie. 8 beautiful songs to kick off the most incredible weekend. Every time I hear the pause in Divided Sky I get chills thinking of 70,000 blissed-out phisheads gazing at the sunset. -Simon
11/14/95 U of O Arena, Orlando, Florida Although it is very hard for me to pick a favorite tape, seeing as it can change from day to day, I'll go with what is doing me really well right now. 11/14/95 set II. This tape is just stellar. Wish I'd been at the show, but I can't complain 'cause I saw more than my fair share of shows during this now legendary span in Phish's career. We open with a strong Maze, it's no 11/16/94, but pretty strong all around. Next up is Gumbo, with some pretty nice outro jamming from Page. Then comes Stash!! WOW!!! It goes on and on, seguing into Manteca, back into Stash, then into a extremely pshycedelic, vocal only Dog Faced Boy, back into Stash. The subtelties and inticacy of this entire jam can't be expressed in words, but lets just say it is the best jam oriented "as far as not sticking to the Stash theme" Stash that I've ever heard. Just brilliant. Then comes the catch your breath second set Strange Design. This is followed by an inredible YEM, with Zepp licks dominating Treys solo section. The set is closed on the vocal jam. The encore holds a rare and appreciated Wedge, followed by Rocky Top. Wish I'd been there, if you were consider youself damn lucky. The whole set is a gem, but the Stash jam is what makes it. Some beautiful sounding audiences are in circulation, so if you don't have this yet, put it high on your list. -Brett Howell
5/7/94 Bomb Factory--Dallas, Texas As me to pick my favorite tape??? That's like asking me to pull my own teeth. This set may be on almost everyone's list and is still one of the greatest sets I've ever heard. I could mention around 20 more here, but if I were to only pick on tape this is the one. I wasn't there. The best set I ever saw was 12/29/94. One word....BOWIE!!! The rest of the set was good, but they could have stopped there. Unbelievable. Ar -Ari "Dogman" Petroff
7/13/94 Patterson, New York First, this show opened with the PHATTEST Possum. Trey and Page jammed this one out. Next, you have the ever famous Cavern->Wilson->Cavern, where the entire Wilson is done to the tune of Cavern, but then when you think the Cavern is no more, they go right back into the chorous of Cavern. Now Trey needed a break, so a phat NICU, phollowed by a Tweezer->Julius->Jam->BBFCFM->Tweezer which is one of the sickest things ever. Not only are the transitions incredible but this is a raging Tweezer. The Julius is excellent and the Jam after it is great. The BBFCM is also done to a SOAMule tune which makes it different. Next a nice Mound phollowed by a phat long Slave and Suzy G. the Encore of MSO and Tweezer Reprise were maybe not the best but who cares this show rocked. -Mike G
5/25/88 ian mclains farm--i love this period--before trey's guitar had thirty different sounds to choose from--I: curtain with* (slowed down rift) rocky top, funky bitch, alumni, peaches, golgi, sneaking sally, suzy, fire II: jesus left chicago, fluffhead, whipping post III: sloth, i didn't know, yamar, haley's, la grange, fee, i know a little, bbfcfm, corinna, harpua, antelope vintage phish. sound quality incredible. sets like this come around all the time nowadays. peace out homeskillets, dm -doug madden
6/6/96 Club,Woodstock,New York They go all out in this one with some sick jams.They start off with Split open and Melt which is a good opener.Poor Heart followed by Runaway Jim which was one of my favorites. They slam into Funky Bitch with some Wilson teases.(You can hear some fans screaming "Willlllson").Theme from the Bottom came next with what soundin like a fight in the bar area.They really get things going with B.B.F.C.F.M and Scent full of fun and finish it with Highway to Hell -John Boy
8/17/96 plattsburgh,NY With an opening of The Curtain into Runaway JIm was a nice choice for me with also Antelope, Brother, Fluffhead and Slave. Great Set! -John D
10/8/94 Patriot Center, Fairfax, VA 2001> Sample in a Jar Rift Mike's Song> Simple> Cougars Cheer> Simple> I am Hydrogen> Weekapaug Groove Fluffhead Purple Rain Harry Hood Suzy Greenberg E: Foreplay> Longtime Rockytop Incredible intensity for 90 solid minutes of unbridled glee. Check out Page's whaling during Weekapaug. To follow the 30 minute Mike's>Groove with Fluffhead, Harry and Suzy culiminates a magnificent set of music. -Chris Clark
08-16-96 Clifford Ball-Plattsburg,NY The end of the second set was so AMAZING I nearly pulled out all of my hair! If you were there Iam sure you know exactly what Iam talking about. The Mike's Song was ST-EA-DY-ROCK'IN, then they dropped a SIMPLE that made drool. From there the band somewhat let me regain my sh#t when they played CONTACT, but as soon as I thought it was safe the band dropped the -PHATEST- WEEKAPAUG GROOVE. The crowd intensity was outta control, and the band was totally feeding off of us! If you weren't there, GET THE TAPE!!! If you were-CONGRATS! Peace, Eric
7/ /91 Arrowhead Ranch Catskills,NY To all of you "band-wagians"--these are the quintesential shows to have!!!!! The most amazing shows to be at, and the most amzing to have on tape. HORNS is the first key word here, VENUE is the second. No better tape to have. Must get--the crispies are out there!!!!!! -Jeff Rubens
2-7-97 Sheppards Bush, London Just get it! Circus comes to towm--------My Soul, nuff said & Talking Heads Tape -Rhett Zidziunas 11/??/96 Pacific Coloseum,Vancouver,B.C Curtain>> Mike's>>Simple>>Makisupa>>Axilla pt1>>Groove>>Catapult Waste Grace Hood E: Good Times Bad Times WOW!!!!!!!!!!! -Andrew Malamud
05/04/97 The Boathouse, St. Pete Fl. Wow, what can you say! My first Phish experience. A small venue, maybe 2000 at the most and an incredible energt. I kinda remember the first set but it was the 2nd set that really set me off. A sick Suzy with a Maze followed by Reba got the joint jumpin!!! Get this tape if possible. Runner's up would have to be Amsterdam 96' 3 sets of outrageousness, and Halloween 96'with the intense Talking Heads cover -Matt Karsh
sometime in 86 Penn State I have a sick quality from 86'. The date is unknown. It seems that they are in a quad or something but no one is there. Seriously no one. When they end songs Trey starts screaming that they are Phish, not one clap. It is a really random tape but a gem. The YEm is before the scream and the Tela has old lyrics. Every time I here the Tela I wonder why they decided to change it around and hope that I will Someday be able to here the old version if they ever bring it back. It is rocking all those who don't like Tela will change there minds in an instance. -jackie wilson
8-14-93 Tinley Park, Tinley IL The tape speaks for itself! I had this one for a long time and didn't know what it was from. Also>Antelope>Have Mercy>Antelope. Then there is the incredible jamming. This is my favorite tape ever! -Amanda Deneca
12/15/95 CoreStates Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA I: Chalkdust > Harry > Wilson > Maze > Ha Ha Ha > Suspicious Minds, Cars Trucks Buses > Bouncin' > Free > Possum II: Tweezer Reprise > Runaway Jim > It's Ice > Bathtub Gin > Acoustic Jam > Vacuum > Instrument Switch Jam > Fishman Piano Solo > 2001 > Bowie, Sweet Adeline Enc: Good Times Bad Times > Tweezer Reprise -Mike Adey
6-22-94 Veterans Memorial Aud, Columbus Ohio I just got this. INCREDIBLE! I think the setlists speaks for itself. 2001-> Mikes-> Catapult-> Simple-> Icculus-> Simple-> Mikes-> H2-> Weekapaug-> Tmwsiy-> Avenu-> Tmwsiy-> FLUFFHEAD!!-> My sweet one-> Big Ball Jam-> Jesus left Chicago e Carolina Cavern You'll definitley want to check this show out if you have'nt already -Greg Carter
06/11/94 Red Rocks Amp., Morrison, CO I'll be brief...This show is arguably onE of their best, imo. First off, it was played at the legendary Red Rocks! Secondly, look at the setlist - of the top of my head I can remember a Charles Dirksen Approved YOU ENJOY MYSELF, DOWN WITH DISEASE, STASH, a killer IT'S ICE, the absolute best 2001>ANTELOPE I've ever heard, followed by my fave FLUFFHEAD, SPLIT OPEN & MELT (Tery has been quoted as saying this SO&M was a highlight of the tour for him), and the subsequent return of FRANKENSTEIN, among many other tunes. Overall , this a solid, tightly-played show with a killer setlist. Get this show at all costs. Very high quality copies of this show from FM are circulating. -The Merry Dankster
8/5/96 Red Rocks/Morrison,CO Smokey 2001->Dw/D. Then ice and Halley's comet. Next, Page does Somewhere Over the Rainbow on theremin. Now the real treat: Acoustic mini-stage w/ waste,talk, and trainsong. After all this mind-bending comes Mike's->Hydro->Groove! Cavern Encore. You had to be there. Get the tape. -Dakus Geeslin
10-15-96 kiel center, St. Louis Missouri This was my first show, and it completely took me by suprise. The first set rocked opening with Wilson, and other great songs Bouncin', P.Y.I.T.E., Chalkdust,and others. However the second set was one of the best I've heard, the encore consisted of Mr. Mustard > Weekapaug Groove > Funky Bitch with John Popper from Blues Traveler jammin' on the harp. This is one of the best shows I've heard and I'm glad it was my first, it will be hard to beat. -jonathan rozmarin
03/13/92 campus club, providence, rhode island Kick ass tape. Phunky first side w/ curtain, SOAM, guelah and dinner. divided sky is good to flip over to, with a fluffhead following that will floor anybody- I wish my volume controls went to 13! a novelty antelope>BBCFM>Antelope closes the set, which is viscous at times, and the Furry breaks down into an amusing vocal improv. A must-have tape for road trips and stress relief. SBDS widely avail. -jim monagle
12/6/96 Aladdin Theater, Las Vegas, Nevada This was a very tough choice. But the Mike's> Simple> Harry> Weekapaug did it. Wilson> Peaches is phat. Incredible Y.E.M, GTBT, Weekapaug, Down with Disease> Frankentsein, and Harpua Beautiful 2001> Llama. -Kevin Weise
12/30/93 Civic Center, Portland, ME SET: 2001>Mike's>Horse>Silent>PYITE>McGrupp's>Weekapaug, Purple Rain, Slave E: Rocky Top>GTBT This to me might be the quintessential Phish set. This set without a doubt set the standards for future Phish sets. The jam out Mike's Song seems like a prewritten structured piece, however it is simply an improvised jam, which tells you just how on they were that night. HOSE baby! The tightest Punch>McGrupp ever. Basically, every single song on this tape is played to pure perfection. If you have been in a time warp and don't have it, many SBD copies are available. -kevin cassels
7/25/92 Stowe Performing Arts Center, Stowe, VT Runaway Jim, Foam, Sparkle, Stash, Rift, YEM*, Llama*, Funky Bitch*, David Bowie(w/Catapult teases) *with Carlos Santana Everything on this tape is special even the Sparkle.....but the David Bowie on here could quite possibly the greatest Bowie jam they have EVER done.... check it out and you will understand. -Josh Roth
5/3/85 UVM Dorm BBQ, Burlington, VT This is really an underrated era for Phish. Not many tapes available. This is the first show with Page McConnell. The band opens with an action packed Scarlet Begonias. The Scarlet jam has very many peaks and highlights, with Trey jamming some intense solos. They then flow smoothly into a long, spacey, JAMMED Eyes of the World. Jeff really shines on this one; Page as well. They even kick into the '74 jam that follows on some Dead versions before knocking us over with a LONG Whipping Post. Jeff's vocals aren't very audible, but the jam alone is worth it. A differently structured McGrupp's leads into a nice jam that eventually becomes Makisupa. Old school. A few extra verses, too! Next comes a really whacked Antelope jam. Here the band really shines, with Mike pounding into a manic version of the Other One to close. What a show!!! -bobby means
11/17/94 Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio there was an unbelievable forbin ---> Mockingbird with vibration of life dung the first set. Second set included a fantastic YEM-->HYHU vocal jam-- >love you-->slave to the traffic light. The encore included four acoustic tunes with Rev. Jeff Mosner. -Ara J. Crittenden
3-20-92 Binghamton Forum, Binghamton, NY Set 2 of this show is my favorite due to the incredible (IMO) Weekapaug Groove. It is just really fast and furious and gets you really energized. I also really find the whole set rather funny. I think it is my favorite because it is so humorous. There is a great vocal jam out of Weekapaug into Sanity, and Trey explains the SecretLanguage before going into Possum. It was also a great show to attend. -Sister Mary Carmen
10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont IL Icculus, Divided Sky, Wilson, YaMar, Sparkle, Free, Guyute, Antelope, Harpua......Need I say more -Michael Mathews
4/10/93 Arragon Ballroom, Chicago Ok we're talking about a LENTHWISE>MAZE to open up the set. Very nice. Followed by ver solid renditions of BOUNCIN', RIFT, GLIDE, and of course a BIG BALL JAM. Ok, here's where it gets good. A beautiful MIKE's>GREAT GIG IN THE SKY>WEEKAPAUG. But wait, there's more. They follow with a smokin' Funky Bitch only to be joined in by Sugar Blue on Harmonica. So the boys and Sugar finish the set in a bluesy style with HELP ME, and HOOCHIE COOCHIE MAN and then a rockin' CAVERN. An AMZING GRACE and GTBT Encore puts this tape at the top of my collection. -Mike Mathews
2/20/93 Roxy Theater, Atlanta, GA The best Tweezer ever. And a great Mike's Song. Listen to the 2nd set, they tease about 10 other songs during the Tweezer. Everything from small teases to the entire Lizards closing guitar solo. It's so sick. This is my favorite show, I also love 8/2/93 from Tampa. It's got a great Dog Log, La Grange, and Makisupa Reprise (only time every played). 12/11/95 is also sick, Dog Log twice, a sick Llama, Tube, and Warren Haynes on While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Funky Bitch!!! -Dave Kross
12/29/95 Worchester Centrum, Mass, Worchester In Websters dictionary, next to the word sublime, you will find an audio excerpt containing the transitional JAM from Bathtub>Real Me>Bathtub, which easily represents one of the finest god given moments I've had the privledge to witness. Thanks boys. Matt PS- Anyone out there plan on doing Dublin, London, or Amsterdam? If so, drop me an email at mrossi@email.cfr.org. -Matt Rossi
12/09/95 Knickerbocker Arena, Albany, NY The You Enjoy Myself alone makes this set worth getting, but an amzing Wilson (complete with Beavis and Butthead), groovin' Gumbo, Lawn Boy, greeeeaaaaat Slave, and a rockin' Crossroads make it my favorite. The YEM is one of my fvorite Phish JAMS, period. -Jake Morrill
10/19/96 Marine Midland Arena Mind-blowing, unexpected My Friend to open the show. What a crazy song. Followed by nice renditions of Rift and Free. The first set also featured the best DWD and Frankenstein set closer I have witnessed. The second set was equally insane: AC/DC, Sparkle, Slave ... Split Open, Fluff ... Antelope. Decent encore at best though - Fee, RockyTop. Overall, one of Phish's most spirited performances. Check it out. -Jeff B.
04-04-94 Flynn Theatre Burlington,Vt Back in their hometown, need I say more, -marc beitchman
12/30/93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME Bowie is amazing... Dream On teases everywhere! Second set is intense. 2001>Mike's>Horse>SITM>PYITE>McGrupp>Weekapaug is sick. My copy is DSBD/2 and is sick. -BJ Donnelly
12/29/95 I can't believe no one mentioned this one yet: makisupa, CTB, gin>real me> gin, then mcgrupp, bbfcfm, bass jam, legrange, bouncin, fire, golgi. one of best i have ever heard, for sure! -AFR
8/2/93 Ritz Center, Tampa, FL First set contains Brother, Bathtub, Dog Log, and La Grange Second set has 2001>Mike's>Sparks>Heavy Metal Jam>Curtis Loew ....I could go on -Luke Charleston
12-31-95 Msg,Nyc,Ny Pyite Opner Freakin awesome followed by a rockin sloth..then a GREAT Reba.. the a Forbin>Mockingbird..Drowned Runaway Jim and Mikes in the 2nd set just was the ebst ive seen or heard the band and the sanity and Weekapugh and Yem capped of the ebst show ever! -Butchweiss
12/08/95 CSU Convocation Center, Cleveland, OH 2001->Tweezer->Kung->Tweezer-Love You->HYHU-Coil-Tweezer Rep.-Antelope E: Come Together*->Day in the Life Being from Cleveland, I'm biased to this show, but Tweezer raged, Antelope got me hard and Day in the Life is the best Beatles song ever. All-around best show that I've heard. -George Viebranz
12/09/95 Kickerbocker Arena - Albany, New York Three words fo you: YOU ENJOY MYSELF! -Jen
2/20/93 Roxy Theatre Atlanta GA You have got to love the Mike's->Hydro->Weekapaug with the Kiss Roick and Roll All Night segue -Jess Ferguson
6-22-94 Veterans Memorial, Columbus, Ohio OK. Now I don't know if this is my all around favorite tape (that is too tough a decision to make). However, this tape does have one of my favorite PHISH moments on it. I am a huge MIKE fan and never have I heard such beauty as his intro into Weekapaug at this show. I don't know what got into him on this night but he just goes OFF!! It is the type of moment that not only makes you happy to be there, it makes you happy to be alive!! Pop the tape in and listen for yourself and pay attention to the crowds reaction. I just wish he would do this type of intro more often. -chris kasari
12/31/95 Madison Square Garden, New York, NY Set List: PYITE, Sloth, Reba, Coil, Maze, Forbin --> Shine --> Mockingbird, Sparkle, Chalkdust (1st intermission) Drowned --> FOTM Jam --> Lizards, Axilla II, Jim, Strange Design, Ragtime Gal, Mike's (2nd intermission) New Year's Festivities -->Auld Lang Syne --> Weekapaug --> Sea and Sand, YEM, Sanity, Frankenstein (Encore) JBG Whatta show!! Starting from the beginning it was SO GOOD! I was at this show too, and I cried at the beginning of Forbin (my 1st) it was such an emotional moment. The whole 2nd set was a jam fest (Drowned into Lizards, Jim, and a 17 minute Mike's) Also the Weekapaug was exploratory, and Sanity returned for the first time in more than a year. JBG to end the show just raged -Michael Isenbek
12/30/93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine I have a lot of favorite shows, but this one is most likely not in its case most of the time. (if you catch my drift) Also Sprach Zarathustra (energetic and uplifting as usual) >Mike's Song (Solid jam, containing a hint of a fetal Simple)> Horse >Silent > PYITE (one of the best ever!) >Mcgrupp (becoming really rare, this song is such a treat to hear) >Weekapaug (Finally! Beautiful jam, ending in YEM acapella style, then morphing into....) >Purple Rain, Slave (!!!!!!!) E:Rocky Top, GTBT (Classic encores) -John Purcell
8/14/96 Hershey Park, Hershey, PA Theme, Cracklin' Rosie, Sample -Scott O'Brien
12/15/95 CoreStates Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA I: Chalkdust > Harry > Wilson > Maze > Ha Ha Ha > Suspicious Minds, Cars Trucks Buses > Bouncin' > Free > Possum II: Tweezer Reprise > Runaway Jim > It's Ice > Bathtub Gin > Acoustic Jam > Vacuum > Instrument Switch Jam > Fishman Piano Solo > 2001 > Bowie, Sweet Adeline Enc: Good Times Bad Times > Tweezer Reprise It's so rare to see a "music never stops" show and this is one of them. The Reprises are awesome and so is the Jim, Free and Possum. HOT show. -Tyler Anderson
03/20/92 The Forum, Binghamton, NY Set two is so incredible! Trey's "I'm melting" at the beginning is hilarious! The Mike's Song> I Am Hydrogen> Weekapaug Grove is great. Mike's has so much energy and is so powerful. Weekapaug Groove is really energetic as well. This show is what made me a huge Mike's Groove fan. Beside that, the vocal jam ending of Sanity is great. On top of all this, they explain the secret language before Possum, which is always neat to hear. Overall, I think that the show just has an extremely high energy level. Although it is hard to pick one favorite show, this one is definately at the top of my list. -Lisa C
12/30/93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland ME This show is dope.. high energy playing along with insane jamming, and a really stellar setlist. 1:Bowie, Weigh, Curtain>Sample, Paul and Silas,Forbin>Mockingbird, Rift, Bathtub Gin, Freebird 2:2001>Mike’s>Horse>Silent>PYITE>McGrupp>Weekapaug>Purple Rain, Slave E:Rocky Top, Good Times Bad Times Awesome narration, awesome jamming.. overall, just an amazing performance. -Kevin Lynch
8-14-93 World Music Theatre,Tinley Park,IL Ok,here the first set is super phat w/ some of my favs in there:Chalkdust,Divided,Horse --> Silent, Split Open and Melt,Esther,and more. Then after getting a treat in the first,the boys get crazy on us sandwiching a Sparks --> Walk Away --> Have Mercy(please bring it back this summer guys!!) between Antelope.Then some more phat tunes Mound,Squirming Coil,YEM and many others.LaGrange encore.The setlists just don't get any better than this!!! -Aaron Leclerc
10\31\95 Rosement Horizon-Rosemont, IL Halloween Aside from opening with Icculus and an early monsterious Divided and Ya Mar, the first set contained an amazing Antelope> Harpua> Beat It> Beat It. Such a sick Antelope with the whole Jimmy rap during Harpua. On Halloween again in '96 Chicago I saw Quadraphenia performed (by the WHO) and Phish out-did them in every aspect. Such perfection, intensity, and energy could be rarley matched. Fishman's off-the-wall drumming was as close to Keith Moon as any drummer currently in their prime could get. As far as set three goes, there has never been and will never be a better YEM. Timed at over 40 minutes, it may be the best Phish song played at any time. Trey Anastasio might be the best guitarist of our generation. And while I'm not so incredibly high on Page and Gordon, I would have to say that Trey & Fishman are certainly on their way to becoming giants in their respective instruments. -Marc Zale
12/6/96 Aladdin Theatre, Las Vegas, NV For those who were lucky enough to be there (I Was!) this show was the highlight of the fall tour. Smoking 1st set. 2001 from this show is my favorite 2001. Excellent DWD. How about that 2nd set; Mike's groove ... including Harry Hood! The encore with Les, Larry, John on slide, Yodelers, 4 Elvi - need I say more. -"mo man"
10.31.95 Rosemont Horizon Chicago IL This represents an all around excellent show, it features straightforward jammming in the first, especially the composed sections in Free and Guyute. A solid rocking cover, which granted isn't every show, but it provides some awesome music. And of course the set III YEM which is just out there, the truly improvisational, Type II jamming that we all know and love. -Jeff Buchholz
11/27/96 The Key Arena, Seattle, WA II: Down With Disease > Jesus Left Chicago > Scent of a Mule > Brady Bunch Theme > Scent of a Mule*, Tweezer > Sweet Emotion > Down With Disease Jam**, Star Spangled Banner, Fire# * With Fishman on Electrolux ** "Can't You Hear Me Knockin" Tease # In honor of Jimi Hendrix's Birthday An AMAZING Down w/Disease and TWEEZER! The Brady Bunch Theme is a vocal/guitar duo by Trey, and is extremely fun to listen to. But man, the Tweeezer>SweetEmotion>DwD is just amazing. Get this tape, by all means! -ted (wow, ted worked in his own html!)
11/26/94 Orpheum Theatre, Minneapolis, MN set one features a incredible possum and guyute (the tighest i've ever heard) ...but set two is what really blows my mind..... 45+minute Halley's>Bowie( SLAVE!!!!(the one from A Live One).... this was my first show and i am still amazed to this day at how tight they were this night.... GET THIS SHOW!!!! F-tard's representin'....love to the poop crew, the night crew at the phish phorum, and remember......25lbs of rice is not a healthy source of nutrition... ...peekids unite!!!!! love, ben~~~~boywonder~~~~lafond
02/17/97 Paradiso--Amsterdam, NL Soul Shakedown is possibly the best opener. Nice Wilson with some extra spacey stuff, good Guyute, nice Timber and a smokin Gin all in the first set. Set II is the good part, though. The Coil gets a hour of straight non stop music going. The DWD is extra long with a wonderful jam going into the first ever Lucy. The Jam out of Lucy is the highlight of the show. 20-30 minutes of space jamming which leads into Taste. The transition from Taste back into DWD is truly excellent. This leads into a rockin Suzie... -Jeremy Ferguson
12/30/93 CCCC, Portland, ME This set is UNREAL. The highlights have to be the Mike's>Horse>Silent>PYITE>McGrupp>Weekapaug This is awe-inspiring Phish, and Trey is on fire, especcially during Weekapaug The set-closing Slave is no slouch either Also, GTBT for the encore has an extended jam that makes me shiver. Thanks Phish!!! -Tiger Jurken
11/24/95 Civic Arena, Pittsburgh, PA the crowd screams into trey's extended opening notes of oh kee pa give the listener chills as the band prepares to play a rare one. The treat continues as oh kee pa ends and ac/dc bag is next (not suzy like most would expect) Then some usuals, but tela, oh tela....all in all a 10 song first set. Set two has some winners. A predictable chalkdust, but wait here comes fishman with .... bike? yes bike! what a treat! and there's more fee? a late second set fee? If you don't own a copy of this one, get one! -C. Aloysius Golomb
03/14/93 Gunnison, Colorado I love this tape. It has a setlist that is unique and special. Some special highlights include the YEM->Owner of a Lonely Heart->Low Rider->Spooky->Oye Como Va->YEM vocal jam (including a Vocal Jam of We will rock you), Jon Fishman's version of the Great Gig in the Sky, and my first Halley's Comet. This show is nothing but fun. -Megan Zach
8.16.96 plattsburg airforce base, ny. clifford ball.amazing free along w/ a nice mike's>simple -wally dixon
11/03/94 Mullins Center, UMASS Amherst, Mass My phish phriend and I had set out to see a show together for the first time ever. He's from the south of gamehenge. I'm from the north. We piled into the mizzou and made the several hour trek. I took acid. He didn't. I was beamin' when Phish hit the stage and we were both to our feet. We had plenty of dance room and plenty of fellow dancers. Bum-bum, Bum-bum, FEE! no shit! A kick ass rendition and a phat way to begin a show. Next, more phun. Divided sky. He looked at me and said "We've already got our money's worth. The first set went on, Wilson, Peaches, SOAM, Glide (where has this tune gone?), dog faced, disease. I shined through the hallways of the Mull and with great delight found my other trippin' phriends and smiled a lot. Set two began and I was really feeling the music. 2001 began and we couldn't stop groovin'. This led into a phat jam which I recognized from past Mike's->Weekapaug jams. Simple. This brought me to one of my highest and most zoned points until BAM! Poor Heart! I love it when they do that! This increased my heart beat and I couldn't control my pheet. Julius was cool, but YEM was so phat. This included the vibration of life and a vocal jam. BBFCFM was cool, but Cavern rocked the house. "What ever you do take care of your shoes" is all we sang over and over on the ride home. The show was over, but you wouldn't know it. That phreakin' crowd was so insane. Still to this day I have never been to a show with so many lighters lit up after the show. It was amazing. Maybe that's why Phish played FOUR, yes 4 encores for us. Two acoustic, My Sweet One and Nellie Cane (And where have these gone too?), One acapella, Grace, very nice and with plenty of phans in the crowd singing back-up, and just when you thought it was over, an electric send off, Highway to Hell. This show is one of my all time phavorites. -golgionus phriar
12/31/95 MSG, New York City, NY Without question the best NYE show, Phish has ever done. Opening with the PYITE>Sloth>Reba, which was unexpected by all to the amazing second set which opened with "Drowned", awe inspiring Runaway jim, and a Mike's that has to be heard by all to end the set, The third set was a groove marathon, with the weekapaug, YEM, the ever welcome and seldom played sanity to the closing Frankenstein and encore Johnny B goode, which set everyone into 1996, with a happy smile on thier face. This was the best phish show I have seen, and remains a frequently played show in my tape deck. -john
07/01/95 Great Woods, Mansfield, MA This is a great tape with excellant quality. the yamar that opens the show sets the mood for a great show. followed by a kicking Llama. next, the If I could has the extended introduction which is just amazing.I wonder why they left it off Hoist. followed by all things reconsidered and a nice It's Ice. Then into a sweet SOAM,then bouncin', and a rocking chalk dust to end the first set. I wish i couldve been there. -Jon Patch
12/6/91 Middlebury, VT the soundchecks are perhaps the best part, a nice tight dog Log as well as makisupa policeman with a nice Trey solo, and a vocal shaggy Dog. The Reba and Squirming Coil are two of the best I've ever heard maybe because of the echo effect from the mic's. the Landlady is very quick and the Guelah Papyrus is very wierd, but interesting nonetheless. -Jeff Stahl
10/22/95 Assembly Hall,Champaigne,IL. A smokin' fuckin' Possum, Makisupa, Curtain, Slave, Tweezer, Stash.... -Zane Griffin
11/11/95 Fox, Atlanta, Ga Just seemed to be the best configuration of songs possible for a single set. -Robert Francis
12/29/95 centrum, worcester, mass. bathtub>real me>bathtub best groove the band has ever played 10 minute bass jam w/ Stinnet >La Grange bustout lost my shit when Trey was showing Stinnett the chords for La Grange McGrupp rocks -mike d
08-02-93 Ritz Theater, Tampa,FL I-Chalkdust,Guelah,PH,Brother,OhKeePa>Suzie,ATR,BG>Makisupa>MMGAMOIO,Dog Log, La Grange II-2001>Mikes>Jam>Sparks>CurtisLowe,Rift,Coil>Weekapaug>Bike,Antelope> Makisupa Reprise>Antelope E:SleepingMonkey,AmazGrace Unreal show.....Brother, Dog Log, Best Gin ever IMHO with segue into Makisupa and MMGAMOIO(My fave Bluegrass tune).The 2001>Mikes Long jam is unreal....Real nice FOBs circulating taboot...... -Steve Chiaramonte
2/26/97 Stutgart, Germany Open with Camel Walk. Can't beat that. Cool LLama and My Friend followed by a Harry Hood that will knock your socks off. Then, seamlessly, they drop into My Soul...UNBELIEVABLE. Then tube, yes tube, ohh tube. Then two more new tunes (Carini...andRocko William?) DOG LOG and closing with While my Guitar... INCREDIBLE. Tape will make your neck hair stand up if your listening via walkman! -Nathan Schmitt
7/21/91 Arrowhead Ranch, NY HORNS
12/29/94 Providence, RI Guyute and Bowie...he best Bowie I have ever seen and heard -Reshan Richards

12/31/96 Fleetcenter: Boston, MA what more can be said than this: opening with the power of axilla and launching into peaches and then into PYITE! The first set was well done, and nothing beats the new years cheer when page sings, "i think that this exact thing happened to me, just last year!!" in silent. second set saw a killer hood jam and a well done caspian. finally- the 2001 to open the new year was great and the DWD was the best i have ever heard. EVER! what a nice treat the antelope was which i was waiting for all night. finally, rhapsody was a treat- the only disappointer was the encore selection -the choir was good but why net let a phish song finish it off? chewy
3/18/97 Flynn Theater, Burlington, VT The highlight of the show for me was when the horns came out during Cars, truckd, busses. And when Tammy Fletcher sang some songs -JB Ledoux
06/22/95 Finger Lakes Amphitheatre, Canandaigua, NY I can't believ no one has mentioned this setyet. The Theme is amazing, with many interesting shapes and colours. The Jam between theme and tweezer is great, and I always get lost during the Tweezer jam (my generation???!!). The encore sucks -willo
2/20/93 Roxy Theatre-Atlanta, GA This show is amazing!!! It starts Wilson Reba Tweezer> Walk Away> Tweezer> Glide> Mike's> Kung> Have Mercy> Rock and Roll all now ( w/ gene simmons introduction) Hood This show is chaotic. Every songs segues in and out of Tweezer, especially Tweezer>Glide>Mike>Have Mercy During Tweezer, Mike is mumbling something about the sewer and in the middle of the song Trey yells, "How's everybody feeling?". It sounds as if they could of played all night. Have Mercy is a perfect transition. Rock and Roll All Night fits the mood right before Weekapaug, complete with Trey's Gene Simmons introduction. This is such an underrated show if, you already have it, you know what I mean, if you don't, you're missing out.
12-31-95 MAdison SquareGarden This show had a little bit of it all. Mike's groove, a Col. Forbin > Famous Mockingbird Sloth, Reba, Runaway Jim, you name it. This show rocked -Robert Rubin
12/31/95 Madison Square Garden, NY, NYC OH MAAAAAAAAAAAN(shit)!!!!!!!!! PYITE, SLOTH, REBA!!!!!!!!!!!! TOM MARSHALL does SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GAMEHENDGE TIME LAB, and the MAD SCIENCE PROJECT!!!!!!!!!! SPARKLE-->CHALKDUST, OH MAN!!! my favorite 2 song combo EVER!!!! ONE OF THE BEST WEEKAPAUGS EVER
7/20/91 Arrowhead Ranch, Parksville. NY -Amanda Engel
11.01.91 Gothic Theater. Denver, Colorado This is my current favorite!!! Some of the Highlights; 1st Set - Bag, Destiny, Coil, Fluffhead, Tube, Divided 2nd Set - Tweezer, Mike's, Tela, Tweeprise Encore - HYHU and Pusherman* (*with explanations about the choice of those songs as Henrietta's themes) I can't really say that the playing is way above average but the atmosphere is great, the band is obviously having fun, thanking the audience frequently, etc... Pretty solid setlist too! -Jonathan Mason
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10/31/96 The Omni, Atlanta, Georgia This is one of my favorite tapes. The first reason I love it so much is because I was at this show and it was an amazing experience and the tape serves as a great memento. The first set begins with an unexpected Sanity. Other highlights of the first set were Reba, an oddly placed YEM, a special Halloween Col. Forbin>Naration>Mockingbird and DWD. Second set is the second reason I love it so much. I think that the cover of Remain in Light is one of the most interesting things Phish has ever done. I like it more than the previous two costume albums (even though they kicked ass too). Third set is a special one as well. Following the Brother opener comes 2001>Maze, Simple (with an incredible jam), Jesus Left Chicago and an amazing Suzie with horns. The encore of Frankenstien was an average one. This tape rocks and I highly recomend it to everybody. -Nick Oddy
12-31-95 Madison Sq. Garden, New York, N.Y. Blistering PYITE>Sloth>Reba combo to open (probably best Reba ever btw). Nice Forbin>rap>Mockingbird as well. Set II has a Drowned that is streched to its limits with a smooth segue into a fine lizards. Killer Jim with Trey on drums and Page funking on the clavinet really long too. Set II ends w/a superb Mike's. The boys bring in the New Year with the best Weekapug ever, follwed by a nice eerie YEM. First Sanity in over a year taboot, Oh yeah, and the J.B. Goode encore is just fine -Darren Fitzpatrick
12/31/92 Northeastern's Matthews Arena, Boston, MA I remember them playing my 4 favs in a row and to have it on tape is fantastic(Wilson, Divided Sky, Foam, I Didn't know) Great sound at the show and on the tape. -Greg Doucette
02/20/1993 Roxy Theatre Atlanta, GA MIke's>every phish song teased>my minds>Mike's>H2>kung>H2>weekapaug>have mercy> etc. everybody knows about this tape, but it is still the best phish show ever played in my opinion. mike -mike ayers
11/15/96 Kiel Center, St. Louis, MO The soon to be classic "M" show, and I happened to be there. The set list, save Weekapaug includes songs only with the letter M in their name. The Makisupa > Maze opening was incredible. Page made this Maze the best I've heard. And then a calm moment with McGrupp, a beautiful song I'll probably never see again. A really intense Melt followed. But the highlight of the night was the Mike's. The band jammed out so smoothly over two chords like they do in Simple and Drowned. It was excellent. Monkey was a welcome treat. And of course, Popper came out for Weekapaug and Funky Bitch which both just rocked the house down. And Trey dedicated the show to "the letter M and the number 420." Phat. -Adam Gutterman
10/29/95 Louisville Gardens, Louisville, KY Awesome show (also my first). Everything about this show was awesome in my opinion, and the second set had Shaggy Dog, my favorite song. -Nicholas D. Howell
11/4/90 Fort Ram, Fort Collins, CO Just amazing all around. Curtain Tube Harry Bitch. Forget about it! And being a 16 track DSBD -> Nak Dragon doesn't hurt any either. This Harry (and the whole show) is a must have. Set II aint too shappy with a cool Weekapaug. -Jonathan Epstein
11-22-94 Columbia, MO Funky Bitch > what the? (my tape says it's "Lawn Train") > Y Rushalayim Schel Zahav > Cry Baby Cry. This is just incredible and must be heard. Curtain > Blackbird. not bad. Runaway Jim > BBFCFM. One of my favorite segues. Bluegrass. BBFCFM is finished bluegrass style. Very humorous. Blue and Lonesome, Butter Them Biscuits (Trey on fiddle), Long Journey Home (not $2 bill) Harry Hood by request, always welcome. Highway to Hell -Pete Kraus
12-30-93 Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, Maine The David Bowie is amazing. The "dream on" tease throughout is just plain silly. The whole Gamehenge saga with the water and the pipes underneath the crowd just blows my mind every time I hear it. Very tight musically show. -Matt Thomas
12/04/95 Mullins Center, Amherst, MA The "While my guitar..." in set 1 is killer. The rest of the set is extremly solid, opening with Julius and an apperance of PYITE. The second set has a YEM along with BIlly Breathes and a spectacular Antelope. Great show. -Paul Healey
11-2-89 u of NH in the first set the reba has an extra part that is so funky, ya dig, anyway that is my fav show this week -devo
6/26/95 SPAC Saratoga Springs NY It is the best show for two reasons. First, the first set is comprised of many songs that are not played on a daily basis. Also, the second set sees Phish at the pinnacle of their career as a jam band before Trey decided to get that awful drum kit. When he stays on the guitar you can notice by the Down with Disease >> Free >> combination that the band, as a whole is far more creative. The drum kit tends to make jams somewhat dull and boring while displaying Page's synthesizers. -Timothy S. Danielson
10/23/96 Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT Whoa, whoa, whoa...we're startin' with a sick song called Brother...... That's what they were singing to me this night. Then I noticed something stange on the stage: What's that extra drum kit doing there? Oh yeah, it's Bob Gulloti! Then they jumped into Ya Mar, and this is hands down my favorite Ya Mar (and Ya Mar is my favorite cover, so this one's a doozy) When you listen to this, make sure you check out the drum jam at the end, Bob and Fish go crazy, and they are so together...anyhow....BLAM Tweezer is up next. Again more sick drums, and a smooth jam. Lizards follows, and this is always a treat. Flip the tape, and it is not quite as powerful, but there are some great songs: Llama, Slave, Suzie, and Julius, with a Killer Chalkdust encore. Bob Gulloti makes this set. Hope to see him again with the boys... Get this tape... Andy Scott
10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon, Chicago how can you possibly beat a guyute, harpua, antelope to end the first set of the 'ween show? cool icculus and unbelievable free -mark reilly
11/23/94 Fox Theater, St. Louis, MO This set contains excellent versions of Tweezer and YEM (which should have made ALO IMHO) along with a good Maze and Scent. This was my first show and listening to the tape still sends chills up my spine. After this show I was hooked. -Bob Miromonti
06/16/90 vermont one of the first shows a got and the second set my favorite as they played you enjoy myself, lizards, golgi, tweezer, and the antelope in a great set. -Tom Wind
10/31/95 Rosemont Horizon, Rosemont, IL a mad Icculus opener right into one of the best Divided Sky EVER!!! Setlists cruises along with a nice Yamar, Free, and even Sparkle fits nicely here! ;) Of course, a great Harpua to close. -Corey Lennon Fields
6/18/94 UIC Pavillion, Chicago, IL I. Wilson, Rift, Bag,Maze(H), Mango,Ice,Dog Faced Boy, Divided Sky, Sample. II . Peaches, Mind Left Body>Bowie>Horn>McGrupp>Tweezer>Lifeboy YEM>Vocal, Chalkdust E. Bouncin, Tweezer Reprise. This whole goddamn show is hose and I dare anybody to challenge me. Pay special attention to Maze. Just try to dissect it. I've been trying since 94. I truly believe this is a unique instance when the hose was employed during Maze. Trey CRYING during Maze. Me smiling during Divided Sky. Unparalleled Bowie, Tweezer (except for maybe the 11/30/95), YEM>Vocal. Never heard anything like the Vocal Jam! A light speed Chalkdust. -James Rategan
12/31/95 Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY The first set is a killer combination of rareties, rock-outs, and general wackiness, but the second and thirds are where the legendary jams are. Set II opens with an absolutely amazing Drowned > Lizards - which rules with or without the Fire On The Mountain tease. One of the three best Jims is also featured in the set... behind perhaps Sugarbush 95 or Spartanburg 10/29/94. An interesting Mike's > Delay Jam closes out the last set of the year. The Weekapaug featured in the third set is, in my mind, easily the best ever. The jam in between verses is varied and incredible searching the far reaches of the groove. The post-verse jam melts and melds into a delicate Sea and Sand. A bitchin' typically 95 Y.E.M. follows. A barn-burning Johnny B. Goode encores... -Jesse Jarnow
08/02/93 The Ritz Theatre- Tampa, FL bathtub>makisupa>my minds got a mind of its own mikes>sparks>curtis lowe weekapaug. bike. antelope>makisupa reprise>antelope -Mike Lozano
11/06/96 Civic Coliseum, Knoxville, TN I like to consider this show the most underated show of fall 96'. I don't hear much about it but it has so many interestring fgeatures making it my favorite tape(12-1-94 being a close second). Set 2 starts out with a Wilson where 5,000 people, small for these day, got ready for the set ahead. Next was Curtain where the real fun began. This segued into the Mikes song from hell. This Mikes must be close to 35 min. in length where some of the phattest grooves I have ever heard erupt from. Pure impriovisation!!! Everyone needs to hear this Mikes. Mikes segues nicely into Swept Away>Steep into Weekapague with a great bass intro from Mike, never heard an intro like this ever!! The weekapague is nice, pure intensity. Next is Scent with a very fun Dule and Sample then Funky Bitch close out the set. For the encore Trey thanks Knoxville for the nice time during the days off("Cup of Joe") and finish off with Rocky Top because "We couldn't resist". Man I love this set!!! -Mike
06/22/94 Veterans Memorial Auditoriumn, Colombus, OH Nice jams. Phat Simple->Icculus->Simple. The whole set goes into each other. A must have! -Joe Kanakaraj
10/31/89 Goddard Colledge Overall, there is no question what part is the highlight of the show. For me, it is definitely the voice jam on YEM. Everytime I hear it I laugh. Also, the Antelope -> Kung -> Antelope is pretty phat. The quality of the tape isn't actually that good, but the playing quality makes up for the ok sound quality. -Chelsea Peele
12/29/96 II Philly Spectrum >From start to finish the set rips. THe band comes out in a fury and saw no signs of slowing down. From Bowie to Harpua the show is on fire, and the crowd responds roaring throughout the 90 minute set. The YEM is insane, if only you could have been there. Bret -Bret Pessin
8/5/96 Red Rocks Ampitheater, Morrison, CO Just a great All around set. Starts with 2001->Down With Disease, which is great for a set opener. It then follow with a It's Ice and the rarely played Halley's Comet. After that they rela a little and do one of thier acoustic mini-sets, which were my favortie par of the summer tour. Before getting into a Phat Mike's groove they do an always enjoyable Amazing Grace. THe encore (Cavern) is a little weak but this set carries it. -Jason Beck
12-30-93 Cumberland Civic Center- Portland, Maine First set highlights: Intense Bowie w/ Dream on tease...A rare + rockin' weigh ...A killer Bathtub...Forbin's Mockingbird(nuff said!)...and an acapella FREEBIRD(YOU HAVE TGO HEAR IT) Second SET: 2001>Mike's>Simple JAM>Horse>Silent>PITYE>McGrupp>WeekaPAUG,Purple Rain, Slave...E: Rocky Top, Good Times,Bad Times >From 2001 to weekapaug is arguably one of the best stretches they've ever playe d. ..truly awe inspiring -j.c. gethicker
12-31-95 Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York In Set I- my favorite song was played Punch You in the Eye, and the Shine Jam Wa s killer. In Set II- The Drowned jam rocked, and Mike's Song was excellent. In SetIII- The Countdown>Weekapuag>Sea and Sand was most fun. -Dan Harla
6-26-95 SPAC, Saratoga Springs, New York OH POSSUM!!!!!!!!! The best one ever in my opinion, not even close. Preceded by an excellent TELA and the show opens Knife>DUWGO>GIN>NICU> SLOTH. I think that it is impossible to rock any harder than they were this night. Everyone raves about the DISEASE>FREE, but the other parts of this show rule. Check out Mike's bass solo after YEM jam! I swear there was smoke coming off his bass, and I was not on any mental enhancement. Only Monkey of the tour and only Tela. I have seen 65 shows and this one was the one that I will go to my grave with!!bestwishes -Joshua Howley
10-26-96 Charlotte Coliseum It's a tough decision, but this is the newest of my favorites. Julius opens up to get things moving. Also in the first set is a Wolfman's, and a sparkling Reba. Character Zero jams, too, plus a Theme. Second set opens up with DWD, has a phat YEM, then a long, jamming Simple. Think it's over? MCGRUPP, ANTELOPE, and a Fire encore. Great show! -RJ Bee
08/05/96 red rocks, morrison co the show starts off right with wilson>poorheart. A great divided sky, foam, and wolfmans brother make way into a awesome "squirming coil" in which page jams out for atleat 10 mins. the second set starts with a great 2001 straight into down with disease. This d.w.d lasts about 15 mins and doesn't finish, instead they make a wonderful transition to Its Ice. After halley's comet page plays on his "theramin" which turns out just a transition to their first ever mini-acoustic set. Waste, talk, trainsong are released for the first time all tour, and strange design was too played acoustic. Amazing Grace was well, amazing. Speaking of amazing try the Mike's> Hrdo > groove, the best I have ever heard. A Mikes> hydro> groove, the best I have ever heard. A solid cavern finishes the night off just right, only for more anticipation until the next night. -Justin Neal
12/14/95 Broome County Arena; Binghampton, NY First set has great fun songs - excellent Makisupa and SOAMelt, as well as pleasing Horn and Frankenstein. Second set opens with a Curtain>Tweezer>TimberHo!> Tweezer run that kicks ass, then one big jamming segue with Halley's, NICU and Slave. Probably my favorite two set show. ve. Probably my favorite two set show. -Charlie Ittner
12/31/92 Northeastern's Matthews Arena, Boston, MA I remember them playing my 4 favs in a row and to have it on tape is fantastic(Wilson, Divided Sky, Foam, I Didn't know) Great sound at the show and on the tape. -Greg Doucette
2/20/93 atlanta, ga best set ever no doubt in my mind, phish at their best. -Jared Rosoff

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