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This page is devoted entirely to Page "Leo, Chairman of the Boards, MC NeonCellGAP" McConnell.
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(At the Went - Photo by Toby Clark)

Hamburg 7/23/96 - Russel Kahn

Ned Beebe & Page at the Went

Page at Loreley Fest.
by Mike Schmidt

Page Comments

I was lucky enough to meet Phish at Borders Book store in Chicago (11/8/98) for their book signing party. I waited in line for an hour or so, the whole time I was thinking, "what am I going to say to them? I can't say something dumb!" So I get to Mike, and I was speechless. I'm thinking ok, I have to say something, if I say something cool (yes) but I at least have to say "something". So I get to Fishman and I commented on how I thought the Halloween show in Vegas was great. Next, I get to Trey. I mean come on, "what do you say to Trey??" So I shook his hand. Trey was very cool and asked if my friend and I are coming to the shows that night at UIC. So I finally get to Page, by this time, I'm pretty relaxed. So I say to Page, (noticing this nice huge veggie platter with various dips and flavored seltzer waters) "Nice spread". Right away, he picks up the platter from behind him and makes my friend and I sample the food. He's like there is plenty to go around. Then he goes on and on how people are so friendly in Chicago. I walked away and the first thing I said to my friend was that Page Rules!! - Jenny
page is one of my biggest influences... his melodies and his voice is just.. incredible.. being a piano player myself.. page is definetly one of the best out there.. one of my favorite page moments was on November 29th, 1998 at the Centrum , in worcester, mass. I had 2nd row right smack in front of him. Well. anyway...i had a copy of my bands cd's with me.. i wrote"Page.. destiny..." So after set break.. i decided to throw one up when the lights came on. They did. i threw one up,,, and he picked it up.. and gave me thumbs up!!!!he put it on top of his piano next to the clav!!! I'll never forget this magic moment>>>
One of my all time favorite Page moments (and there are many) is from 10/25/96 Hampton....check out the Squirming Coil that ends the first set! We got stuck in traffic and missed the first few songs but were lucky enough to be on the floor during this excellent Coil...even years later listening to the tapes still amazes me...all Page phans seek out this version, the ending solo goes on and on, you will not be disappointed.......-hsudaddy
My favorite page experience was at the 12.11.99 spectrum show. My friends an i were page side, 3td row behind the stage. We were so close to Page we could smell him. The entrance for the backstage area was about a section over to our left, and the stage stairs were directly infront of us. So whenever the band came out my friend and i would go to the railing to see if we could get 'fives off "the boys" well fishman slapped me five, trey and mike did not, but when page walked by, he stopped, shook my hand with a smile and said "nice to see ya, enjoy the show". And enjoy i did. Watching page's hands so closely was amazing. Especially during the sick middle eastern jam in SOAMule, and for the "all fall down" special signals where page was lying on the ground....with one hand on the keyboard that was still playing. Amazing. I want to see "People for a Louder Page" movement get started. Thanks you to Page, and the rest of the boys
one of my favorite phish "adventures" was seeing the phoursome in lorely, germany... june 22, 1997. there couldnt have been more than 400 people there. so, being right up at the front, i naturally chose to be on the left side. for the whole concert, page kept looking in my direction, trying to read the crowd, get a feel for what we wanted. then it came, the first time i ever heard story of the ghost played live. it was a new song at the time, i could recognize it, but when page began to jam on his little clavinet, i lost it!! it was then when i realized that page is one of the most under-appreciated artist in my favorite band. sure fish has his own style (listen to him in the jazz mandolin project, just moving) and mike and trey are the "originators," but page, now there's funk in a nutshell. there are several songs that allow hime to have a solo (suzy greenberg, slave, weigh and more) but i want to see more of page. i want to see a group named phans for a louder page. its time. the mike revolution has occured, he is loud and rockin on ghost. but i wanna see more of page, more. page, youre awesome!!! just know that you read us perfectly, we wanna see you rock!!! by the way, a little sidenote, before the set (in between primus and phish) i saw page in the crowd. having nothing for him to sign, i whipped out my good ole canadian passport and let him rip. i still have that signature to this day, one of the wildest and greatest days of my life. adam rosenbloom
I went to the mini spirng tour this year and watching Page sing Lawnboy totally changed my views about him forever. Watching him play the piano is music to my ears. It all started 12/13/97, second song of the encore; Squirming Coil. Page played the most insane solo, I almost cried. Hearing him sing Strange Design is amazing as well. But what takes the cake was at the Shoreline Amphitheater this year. Out of nowhere, Jesus Just Left Chicago! Page is the slickest and most amazing piano and keyboard player I've ever heard.
At Providence 4/4/98, my friend Eric and I made numerous signs with intentions of obtaining the same seats we had in Nassau the night before, front row behind the stage. We got the signs Page side and he had quite a chuckle at the "Paul and Silas --> Touch Me" draperie upon his stage entrance for the second set. Chairman represent. - Drew McKeon
Page has an amazing collection of musical instruments. He plays a Yamaha C-7 (7 foot) grand piano, on top of his grand is a Honner D-6 Clavinet (funky!). To his left is his Hammond B-3 Organ ( customized for him by Goff Professional) on top of his B-3 is a Moog Source Keyboard (he likes to use this one for Frankenstein) Directly behind him is his Fender Rhodes Electric Piano and the newest addition to his collection is his Yamaha CS-80 analog Synth.
i had the great fortune to get backstage at the 12/1/96 show at UCLA. im watching the entrance door and there's page, lurking by the entrance, not sure if he wants to come in. i walked outside to find him talking with someone about that nights performance and suddenly he's swarmed by fans asking for autographs. He has no pen so I offer mine and he takes my ticket stub and adds his autograph to the mike and fish ones I had just gotten - then looks up at me kinda grinning sheepishly and says 'oh no, i smudged your mike!' (which indeed he had). i shrugged and asked him if he'd "fake a trey" signature (Trey wasnt backstage) and that made him laugh. He was the nicest guy... unrelated to page - that night i asked Fish if they'd play Gyute for me in San Diego, at a show in two days, and to my horror he acted really offended... but sure enough they played it... i still cant believe it... it made my year! - jason axinn
You can never take a Phish concert for granted, whether you have rear view seats at Spectrum where you can only see Page's hands pulling melodies out of the boards or lawn seats in Virginia Beach while he splays himself across several boards at once, taking inspiration from summer storms and rainbows. Every concert experience that I have I cherish, first and foremost for the phatty music that comes out of it and secondly to be so blessed to have Phish's influence in my life. Even though I'll miss the US fall tour this year, I made it to Hampton last year and guys, never forget your hazy phreaky phriend in the fifth row whose "Emotional Rescue" you came to. -
Whenever Trey yells, "Pllllaaaayyy it Leeeeeoooo", it sends chills up my spine, purely for the reason that you KNOW Page is going to pull something sick out of his bag of ivory-keyed tricks.....Listen to the Jesus from Halloween '96, horns aside, Page gives the most soulful vocals to the song that I've ever heard....he makes that song, along with the funk he bringes into Frankenstein....which is always a standard song in terms of Phish, But he always rages on the keys......simply put, Page's craziness justifies the price of a ticket on any given day......if a ticket were 4 times as much, it'd still be justified :) -Josh levine
As a pianist, I have always first looked at the keyboardist of a band. Page has always struck me as a great musician and I am constantly looking at him during shows, listening intently to waht he is going to produce next. But perhaps a higher compliment came from my mother. My mother is a classically trained pianist for 41 years. She dislikes the current rock scene (trashing bands like Nirvana or Pearl Jam or other popular bands by saying that they are not very talented, and more so lucky..) and confines her tastes to bascially classical stations and easier listening stations and bands. When she heard Phish for the first time, she didn't shut it off. She said, "That keyboardist is amazing.. He is obviosuly very talented.." She really enjoyed every Phish CD I've given her to listen to. Believe me, that is a higher compliment than anything I could ever give. I guess you have to know my mother. On another note, I met Page at the Island tour, and he couldn't be nicer. Actually, it was funny, when I met him, he instantly said, "Oh, I'm so glad to finally meet you, Trey told me so much about you!" As if it were an honor for him to have met me, instead of the other way around. It's interesting how life goes sometimes!
My most incredible Page story comes from the new years show at MSG 12/31/97. The fine folks who work in the tix by mail department had sent me fourth row center for this show. Mike was right in front of me, they were incredible seats! During Page's jam during Weekapaug, I was dancing and waving my hands in the air, watching Page jam, when he looks in my direction. While he's looking my way I notice he is playing what I'm doing with my hands. This lasted for about 30-45 seconds and at first I wouldnt believe that he was following my hands, but when he looked away to continue playing, the girl next to me asked " did you get his attention? cause he was playing along with what your hands were doing." I said to her, you saw that too? and she said yeah. and I said I thought I was imagining it or something, but since she saw it too, that makes it real! So on top of seeing one of the best shows, in the best seats I've ever had, I actually shared in the weekapaug groove! Thank you Page and Thank you Phish!
when i first heard about the great went i decided it would be fun to take the couple weeks before hand and bycycle all the way up to limestone. i started one week and 5 days before the start of the went from fairhaven, vt [which is on the easter side of the state, about an hour south of burlington]. i took back roads and camped out at public rest areas and camp grounds. met a whole bunch of interesting people and by the end of my first week on the road i found myself in limestone, maine. well, after a week of nothing but cycling and then another week spent in limestone [in which i knew absolutly no one] i was overcome with loneliness and bordom. you can imagine how psyched i was when cars started lining up through the towm. i had planned to meet up with several of my friends on friday afternoon. when they hadn't shown by 9 that night i was starting to worry. i just sat on the side of the road watching car after car go by waiting for a familiar face. around 10 i got the sudden inspiration to jump on my bike and ride against the traffic jam, searching for them. i rode about a mile and a half against traffic that was completly stopped. three times i thought about turning back, but i kept on. then i heard my name called out and just like that my friends and i were reunited. the went was [needless to say] amazing. on sunday i met page in the concert area and by friend was quick to say, "page, this guy bicycled up t to see you!" page looked at me and said, "oh, so your the biker!" apparently i was in the limestone paper the day before and was the topic of conversation backstage. i wouldn't trade the experience for anything. going to lemmonwheel? why not bike it?
To me, Page represents the true definition of virtuosity. His ability to feel the instrument that he plays is unreal. I mean, when he touches the keyboard (be it maze or coil) he's playing balls out every time. I think Page is simply one of those four guys from Vermont that makes you love them, and with them, music. -Geoff Anderson
As a musician I must say that Page can make a show a TRULY emotional experience.............for everyone.
All I really need to say is, what would Phish be like without Leo? Would they be at all? Eh? Food for thought. For sure though, Page rules. I will never forget hearing page play Squirming Coil on 12-31-95, and I thought to myself, "Page brings beauty into the bands music, Bach would like Page." From Tube to Lawnboy, Hood or Coil, Page is always making me smile, and keeps me coming back for more. Sometimes I just wanna run up and give him a big 'ole hi- five..... someday I just might get to do so. Here's to the Chairman of the Boards!
My unforgettable Page experience! 04-25-93 Kuhl Gym, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, NY 1: The Landlady, Possum...... My buddy (Chris) and I were standing in front (the gym was far from packed). The sound was incredible and extremely heart pounding. This was by far the closest I've cared to stand to the stage (I was basically catching Trey's spit). An incredible Landlady that just heeds way to a mindblowing Possum (I'm not exaggerating). Well, here's where Page comes in... He was staring at Chris and I, dead in the eye while singing his "posssummmmmmmm" part and Chris and I just kept looking back and forth at eachother and Page, and Page starts smiling, and trying not to laugh and we were just going nuts. I know this sounds silly but, this memory is forever etched in my mind as a highlight of all of my live Phish experiences (and Chris' too). Thanks to Page!!!
ill never forget leaving the shoreline amphitheatre 7/31/97 heading towards the gorge we were less than an hour away from shoreline and had to gas up, when the tollbooth attendant asked us if we were phollowing phish we had no idea we'd end up at the same gas station as phish. after having gordon sign my stub and witnessing trey purchase some pastry snack at the mini mart,i thought that nothing could be more intense. then there was page, he was over by the tour bus talking to the crew, i approached him with awe and splendor and was almost speechless, to my relief he was more than understanding , he asked if i had enjoyed the show after signing my stub and shaking my hand. i would have never imagined that my first trip to shoreline would result in one of the sickest shows i ve seen and end up with bumping into the band at a gas station. it wasnt until later that we realized that the tollbooth attendant was asking us if we were literally phollowing phish as he has pointed to (what we didnt even realize at the time) the tour bus
Champaign and Detroit Bathtubs were nice. Page, like the rest of the boys continue to amaze me not only with their talent, but their progression and versatility. I sat right where they came out in Cleveland and noticed Page slamming a Budweiser each time he came out. I decided to do the same. -Bill
Page is amazing!! We love you Leo. Steph
Being a pianist, I am inspired by all the truly great pianists in history.... Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum, Chick Corea, Bill Evans and of course PAGE McCONNELL, whom inspired me to once again take up the piano after an absence of quite a few years.... Thanks bud, eel P.S: It is about time that there was a PAGE PAGE! (My first born male is going to be PAGE)
Although those who have heard the 11/21/97 show will mostly remember Pages awesome Lawnboy vocals, I think his best moment in the show was when he went insane at the end of the SOAM jam. It was crazy, cause you could here his keyboards ring over everything (crowd and the others instruments). Page once again showed everyone that he is the Original Outlaw. Page-Head
Everyone should check out the video of Phish from when they played "Farmhouse" on Conan O'Brian. I've never (well, maybe I have, but that's not the point) seen Page smile so incessantly. Throughout the whole song, he's looking out at the audience with this great big grin on his face. His smile always seems to genuinely and sincerely say, "Hey man, thanks for comin' out tonight, really great to see you." That video makes me smile every time because of it. :) Peace & Music. -Pete
This one goes way back to the summer of 1993. It was the first indoor show of the summer, and the first night they didn't play 2001 since it's debut. It was a small and very old theatre in Knoxville, TN. We were out in the hallway before the show began when some drunk idiot bumped right into me. I turned around, saying, "what the.... Oh, hi Page, sorry about that." Then I turned to my friends and just said, "Man, I never thought he was so short."
Having watched the A & E biography on Jagger and the Stones the other night, has anyone else ever noticed how much Page looks like Bill Wyman in the Stones' early years? Mike
At the USAir show, my seats were right behind fish so i had a straight ahead view of page the entire show. excellent extended jamming the whole way through. during ghost when page was on the clavinet(?), i turned to my girlfriend (who has never been to a show) and i asked him what he looked like. she read my mind a said a mad scientest. he was going wild w/ his funk experiment! andy shields
so my friend and i are staying at the same hotel as phish in utah this fall, just sitting outside freaking out about just meeting trey, when page walks out to the bus. i told him have a good show and that was that. then all the sudden page comes out from the bus and asks, "are you guys hungry?" sure we say. so he comes back out with a box full of subway sandwiches. "Are you kidding?" Page, with a smile, "i wouldn't joke about something like that." --- how cool!
So there were a bunch of us on the 3.00 pm tour of Madison Square Garden on Tuesday 30 December. Eric, our genial tour guide was dutifully pointing out the amenities of the Knicks' and the Flyers' locker rooms. Honestly, we were much more concerned with the door labeled "Page's Piano Room." While in the Knicks' area, we drafted a little note on a little piece of paper: "Dear Page, Took the tour. Sorry we missed you. if you get a second tonight, maybe you could play Harpua? Thanks very much. Happy New Year! Signed." And then we slipped it under the door. Lo and behold, during that night's monstrous, neverending second set, there was a very lovely Harpua. Did our note have anything to do with it? Probably not. But isn't it nice to think that maybe, just maybe, Page read the thing and said, "Gee, how about if we play that tune tonight. I betcha these folks would really enjoy it." In other news, another door was marked "Johnny's Palace (i.e. The Betty Ford Clinic)." Inside was a table stocked with a plethora of potent potables. Eric, the aforementioned tourguide quickly took it upon himself to shut that door. -Scot.
So, to kick this one off, i just must say that Page broke me down completely with the Mule Dule on 12/28/97. The CapCenter (i can't bring myself to call it USAirways Arena) has to have one of the worst vibes to play a concert in, but the electricity that was he was sending to the boards that night simply pierced through that particularly poisonous portion of the stratosphere. Was it Floyd? Was it Bach? If someone were to transcribe that little piece, it would make much better listening than "Minuet in G" in piano recitals across the universe! My other thought just came to me a minute ago: Is MC Neon Cellcap hip to the telecommunications era? I'm sure he is an extremely popular guy in his circles and must have a beeper. If this is true, then we could feasibly get some photographs of said electronic device and then post them on the net. Then we could have PAGE'S PAGER PAGE! How much more cool could it get? Or is it just time for me to go back to sleep? -Douglas Holm
A little thought while sitting here wishing I was at MSG- I love it when Squirming Coil closes a set or encore, simply because it forces Page to talk to us. He seems to be a bit nervous, but also more genuine then when Trey says his usual "Thanks, we had a great time tonight" or "We'll be back in fifteen minutes." The Squirming Coil to end the fall tour in Albany was perfect. Brian Montgomery Buffalo NY
I went to the Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset, in England on 6/27/97 and met Page backstage as he was getting out of the band's 4x4 Jeep vehicle before the show. He was in the front seat on the left side opposite the driver on the right . He got out in front of me and stepped into some thick mud and said something like " a bit muddy today " with a an English accent. I said hello and he said hi back. He seemed like an easygoing nice guy just like the guy who met him at The Great Went.

Non-Page related.
I ended up talking to Mike and Trey and they were equally cool. I had a picture with Trey and then it was showtime. Fishman was nowhere to be seen. They were the first band on the first day of a three day festival in the pouring rain @ 9:40 AM.

Bob Apteker
Orange, MA

I saw my first show in Albany (Friday night) and me and my friends seats were behind the stage. When we first arrived at the seats and discovered the location I wasn't to happy, but when the show started I realized what a great view we had of Page.My eyes immediatley made their way to his magical hands and they remained there for the rest of the show.It was a sight I will treasure forever.


Right before the encore at the WDR Festival in Koblenz, Germany, both Trey's and Mike's guitars were taken off-stage and put away. When the guys came back onto the stage, Trey told the crowd it would be a minute because the gear was packed away. Then Page elaborated by stating, "Trey will just have to sing his guitar part." Kinda funny. Kyle Hanefeld
I killed a man once for saying page is sloppy.
I'll never forget the first time Page put me over the edge at a show- it was the holiday run in '94- the first show at the Philly Civic Center (which is in a sketchier location than the Spectrum.) My seats were right by the stage on Page's side; I had a perfect view of his hands. I'll quickly digress to say that Page rules in Philly. 12/28- Maze and Weekapaug were owned by Page. Everyone raves about Drowned 12/3. But 12/28/94 was the originator. First set was good. It smoked. It got me pumped. I believe it was during Ice when I turned to my friend Brad and said, "Page." Second set. Page's set. The opener was Suzy. Page ripped like a man intent. Then came Mike's Song, which was excellent followed by either Contact or Mango which was fine, and then Weekapaug. If I'm not mistaken, this was the Fall tour where Page first expanded his setup with the clavicle on the top of his Baby Grand. The only time I had seen him use it before that evening was 10/7/94 during the first Guyute. During Weekapaug he got his money's worth. All I can say is that Page took ownership of that Weekapaug. I like to play guitar thinking that every note I play could be my last. I came up with that from watching Page during this Weekapaug. His solo just kept getting better and better; the rest of the band was hold:wqing him up yet he was flying on his own. After Weekapaug, it seemed like the band gave the show to him, playing songs t highlighted his playing (a phenomenal Coil and an Axis encore rocked the house.) Page makes his music flow. :-)Andyt
I just wanted to add that I met Page at the Went and it was rather humorous. It was Thursday night and the camp grounds were just one intense scene of euphoria. We were at our tent right near the gate when I see Page on a golf cart. I went and introduced myself and just thanked him for the music. Later that night I saw him again on the cart and he just nodded at me. Later still, I ran into him walking the grounds with his wife and he remembered my name We were walking by and he yelled "You again Steve, what are you following me?" It was a pretty funny night. He is the nicest guy to talk to and more than willing I might add. Just an overall great guy.
I love Page during Guyute. He just rolls the sound over during the beginning and creates such a wonderful orchestrated march for Trey to lay wonderful lyrics upon. Page makes me smile.
I think some of Page's true genius lies in what he's playing underneath solos or jams in which Trey is playing the melody. He's making playing back up an art that would make me taking a bagpipe solo on top of him sound good. Thanks for the inspiration
I'll never forget Worcester,sunday night ,Page was just turned to the back of the stage with his eyes closed and just played the sweetest little jam. It definately gave me chills. Jeff Naugy,Ct
Page has offered me inspiration in my piano music and a "way out" when I begin to feel out of satisfactory options for where a jam is leading. He always has a unique way of expressing the wonderful yet relaxed feelings he possesses, and will always be my number one guiding light through my improvised music.
It's so nice to see Page rage on his Clavinet. He was all over it in Detroit, funking it up to the furthest octave and blowing my mind. I was up directly behind him on the 2nd mez, giving me full view of his hands dancing across the keys. Page keeps me coming back, and back, and back....

Burt Neilson

My boyfriend, Dave, and I went to Italy in Feb. 1997 to see Phish (and some other historical stuff) and we had an amazing time. The highlight was backstage after the Rome show (we got back thanks to a spaced-out Mike who handed me two passes after checking every pocket on his body twice). The "backstage" consisted of a hallway where just a handfull of fans and Trey and Page were hanging out. Trey brought down a bottle of Tequila from his dressing room and handed out shots while Dave and I found ourselves chatting with Page. He was so great and approachable. We talked for a half hour or so about all kinds of things and he really seemed to warm up to us. At one point Trey came over and the four of us rapped for a while. I complimented Trey on his shirt, which turned out to be a Versace that he just had bought in Milan. He got so excited that he asked Dave if he could "borrow" me and we went up to his dressing room (yes, just Trey and I) and he proceeded to model a pair of pants that he had bought at Versace as well. We hung out for a while and then went back downstairs where Dave was still talking with Page. Page asked us if we were going to the show the next night in Cortemaggiore and we told him we weren't. He seemed genuinely bummed out and told us if we wanted to go that he would comp. us tickets so we said we would seriously consider it. Of course we hopped on a train the next day and arrived in Cortemaggiore eight hours later to find two tickets and two backstage passes waiting for us at the door. After the show we hung out with Page again who went out of his way to greet us and take us backstage where we ate olives and drank wine with him until they had to leave. It was an experience I'll never forget. Thank you Page for being so real.
If the four boys never got together (God for bid) I think that Page would be the most successful musician. He could be composing classical music, and would be just as successful by himself; but don't get me wrong, all four members make phish the best band in the world!

Scott O'Brien Newtown, CT

After 2nd night of Albany we we wandering around the parking structure, then I found myself standing on a ledge overlooking the tour busses. I sat there and waiting and when I saw Page come out I yelled, "Hey Page!" he yelled, "yeah?!" now knowing where the shot was coming from. I yelled, "Page! up here" He looked and I said, "Great show tonight man, thank so much"...he simply said, "Thanks" and got into the bus. Kinda cool.
-Andrew Gadiel
Page McConnell is everything a keyboard player should be. I always sit on his side at shows so I can watch the master at work and I am consistently blown away by how he can find the perfect "something" for whatever anyone throws at him. He is so solid. I really feel I should mention his performance on "Jesus Left Chicago," on Slip, Stitch & Pass. It gives me chills every time.

When I was in Como, Italy this summer, I was sitting on the ground with my friend several hours before the show just hanging out & my friend said, "Hey, that looks like that guy in the band." I turned around and Page was standing right next to me! After freaking out for a minute I got my camera & asked him if he'd pose for one more picture with me (lots of other folks had discovered him, too). He said, "Absolutely." Everything I'd ever wanted to talk to him about quickly flew out of my brain & I just stood around gawking.

Just one more story about how Page is a great player & a great guy. But we all knew that.


Best image of Page that comes to mind would have to be from Ventura,Ca. summer 97'. They played an incredible first set, and right when they were coming back to start the second set, Page just kinda gazed out on the crowd in the middle of the shitty race-track, smiled and cracked his knuckles, knowing full well what was to come.... Bam PYITE!!! yeee-haww!! Thanks for the image!!
During the 11-29-97 show in Worcester by friend and I got down to 10th row center. Sitting right next to us was Tom Marshall. I started chatting with him in between the sets and learned that Page's Aunt, Cousin and I think his sister were sitting like three seats down from us. The whole second set he kept looking over towards our direction and giving little waves and winks to his familty members. I coulda sworn one of them was directed at me but I guess I'll never know.
Page in Philly the second night (12/3) during Drowned, was dank. He kept playing perfect note after perfect note.**Mike 80
Page has alot of integrity. Some of my favoritre phish moments have been when Trey tries to weasal out of jam and tell the rest of the band members what to do. I'll never forget Trey backing out of the Weekapaug in Philly on 12/28/96. I was in the 8th row and saw Trey give Page the cut symbol. But our man Page was going to have none of that and kept on hacking away at Weekapaug theme. I think he was waiting for the rest of the band to joing back in but there was no way Trey was coming back. At one point Fishman started to play drums again but it didn't last long. At one point I was positive even the repetive notes Page was playing was mocking Trey. I got up on my seat and starting jumping up and down and yelling "Go Page" because I was kind of pissed the rest of the band backed out of the song. Thanks for finishing the song Page! (Of course it is this tension between the musicians that makes great music!)

My most interesting Page experience was seeing him play three keyboards at Virginia Beach 7/21/97. During the multi-instrument jam he played one with each hand and played another with his feet! He was completly off the ground and supporting himself. I hope someone got a photo of that moment.
Cory Ferber

I got to hang out with Page for about 45 minutes on 11/22/94 before the show. We talked about many things, including how intense the UIC 6/18/94 show was. After a while, he asked if I had a ticket for the night's show. I said, "not yet," and he then reached into his pocket and pulled out a ticket. He handed it to me, and I was dumbfounded. I thanked him immensly, and had a great time in the show. What a guy!!!
for me, page's peak was at the went. end of the first set when trey, fish, and mike left the stage for a squirming coil solo. it was so far fetched from the funk, up on your feet phish music but in itself it was amazing. when he finished the last note, before the crowd cheered, one guy standing in front of me summed up the whole moment with two fitting words, he yelled, "Thank you" if you were there i bet you were thinking those same words too. -Pat
I just found it quite ironic that "Rocky Top" was the encore at the Detroit show. I wonder if the band and some family members (especially Page's brother who just happens to be from Knoxvegas) watched the VOLS sneak out that win earlier that night. Maybe the presence of Page's brother, the VOLS win, and maybe a shot at the presumed high population of Michigan fans that were in the croud, was the reason for the playing. I'm not a huge football fan and we'll probably get killed against Neb., But I must say that by far PHiSH plays the best Rocky Top around, it's a definate relief to the all banjo redneck version that gets played a million times every football saturday. I say all this because I saw Page's brother at set break in Dayton wearing bright ass VOL pants. I'm from K-Town myself, and I see his brother leark in local shows here and there. He's a cool dude, I personally don't know him. But he says hello to everyone that that says hello to him. Anyway, I hope my notion of Rocky Top was true, and also I hope that some of the phans that are also Michigan fans walked away from the Detroit show with some satisfaction of a kick ass show and a feeling of some sore ribs if a rib shot was intended.

Cheers to a great set of fall shows, and best to all during the holiday shows.

Chris Brown

Last night I was just sitting at Woody's in Rochester, and who strolls in. TREY and MIKE and others. I couldn't believe it. But where was PAGE? Trey bought the bar 3 rounds of drinks. We were playing a little fooseball and basketball, having the best time!!!!!! Mike took us back to the bus and we partied. PAGE was there!!!!!! I was so excited to finally meet him. I'm still in shock!!!!!!!
I bet Page is a good husband.
My seat at Dayton was directly on Page's side, the closest I've been to the stage. I had a great view of him, and I finally witnessed my first live "Spread Eagle" where Page played opposite boards, arms outstretched, flying in the music. Awsome. -Elliott
1) Who can forget "Phantom of the Opera" Page? I'm talking about the Igloo 10/18/96 set II. (The set was Suzy, Maze, YEM, Reba, Waste, Hood). After the usually fantastic runs in Suzy, Page and the rest settle into an intense Maze. The intensity keeps building into Page's organ solo...then, with this _really_ intense (did I mention that this Maze was intense?) look on his face, Page just starts BANGING on the organ. I mean, REALLY BANGING. Now, I've heard the tapes, and, of course, they don't do this performance an ounce of justice, but when he started pounding on the keys, I thought that I was losing my mind. I distinctly remember feeling the seat in front of me vibrating from the onslaught of Page's organ. It was un-freaking-believable.

btw-- when I figured out that Trey hadn't even had his turn yet, I did lose my mind.

2) Short but sweet, my first Lawnboy was Hampton 11/22/97 (or is it 21?) The "Chairman of the Board" stepped out from his perch to "lounge" the song. I don't know how often he does it, but it was superb!

One of my favorite page moments is in Harry Hood right after the "Thank you Mr. Miner, thank you Mr. Hood." When he hits those familiar Hood notes on the piano it gets everyone all...well...happy, and ready for the Hood jam! --Jay
This past weekend me and 3 friends stumbled upon a familar looking tour bus at the Plaza Hotel in Dayton, we were without tickets to the show, so we decided to wait for the band to came out. After three hours in the cold, Mike came out said "Hello" and got on the bus, then Page strolled out, placed his luggage on the ground, and started up a conversation with us. We explained we didn't have tickets and he said "You don't have tickets, I'll get you tickets" needless to say we were exstatic, they took down our names and low and behold waiting at will call were four 11th row seats (Page's side of course) on the floor. The show was one of the best performances I have ever seen. Thanx Page!!! Mike Wehling
Kudos go to the snappiest dresser of the band for his performance this weekend in Dayton (12-07-97). Trey tried numerous times to beat him down, but he bobbed, weaved, and parried with an onslaught of righteous ivory tickling! Touché, Trey!
My friend Paco and I were in Orlando, FL's The Edge nightclub for Phish's show in late April 94. This was the first Post-Hoist tour and while the band was beginning to get more national attention, in Florida you could still catch them in small places. The night before, they had played a glorified screened in porch at the 'Boatyard Village', a hoaky tourist trap in Tampa. At any rate, Paco and I strolled into the Edge and nearly creamed ourselves when we saw how small it was. We started to check out the tshirts when we looked to our left and saw that Page was standing right next to us, checking out the tshirts himself. We said, "Hey Page, what's shakin'?" and before he could answer some other fan butted in and started asking for Page's impressions on some minute detail of a show that this fan had seen a few weeks before. Page's reply has always cracked me up, "Hey man, I just get off the bus, play for a while, and then get back on the bus. Beyond that, I don't have much to say."

Ted Singer
Brooklyn, NY

I've been on Page's side at almost every show I've been to (from various angles), but in Worcester (11/30/97) I was basically right next to him. It gave me this amazing perspective on the show and the band as a whole, nothing in particular stood out to me that night, but the feeling of being so close rocked me. Scott.
My fav Page moment was at the Clifford Ball.. He was really jammin Bathtub Gin...and how can we forget (even though most of us weren't there) but the Ride Capt Ride from 5/28/89... Thats page at his vocal best.. vin
After the Vegas show in 1996, a buddy and I were sitting at Ceaser's Palace playing blackjack. We were sitting at the table when Page walked by all by himself. "Hey Page!" we yelled. He was already past our table, but when we yelled his name he walked back and sat down with us. We played blackjack with him for about 20 minutes. He was very friendly, but you could tell he was beat (if you were at the 96 Vegas show you'd know why). He wasn't betting a lot of money and he really didn't know how to play blackjack, but we didn't care. It was pretty cool just hanging out with him. It was kind of fitting that on my flight out to Vegas for the first show of this tour Mike, Trey and Fish were on my flight out there (they had a lay over in Chicago). So I've now meet the entire band, at one time or another, in Vegas.--Scott
It was July 9th, 1996 when me and a friend were walking around the small town of Deauville, France trying to get tickets for the sold out show at the 1000person venue...but no tickets were to be found and Santana was not down with Phish giving out backstage passes. I was pretty bummed out, but as we turned a corner...look who's there. Its Page, Trey and Mike. They stopped to talk to us for about 5 minutes, but most of my conversation was with Page. He told me that he'd been playing piano since he was 3yrs old, and was loving Europe(but also frustrated with the 45min opening slot they were given). Really nice guy who actally cares about what phans think. Trey was cool, and Mike was just plain WEIRD. Mike asked us if we'd run away if he wore this brand new neon-green outfit he just bought down the street. I said YES. I guess he wore it anyways huh? Very cool experience. PAGE is GOD
Page,Bring back Cutis Lowe, please! -anonymous
I will never forget when he soloed so long in "Scent of a Mule" in Pittsburgh, 95, that I was sincerely shocked when the band came in with the 3rd verse. He has always been, and will always be, my favorite Phish Boy! ROCK ON, PAGE!
I guess it was spring of '94. I had two days off between a show in Fairfax, VA and one in Lexington, VA. So, I was back in Charlottesville (where I lived at the time) and headed over to Trax for a God Street Wine show. Pretty early in the show, who should walk in but Mike, Fish and Page (this was when Trey's foot was broken, so he didn't make it out). Fish quickly settled in at the pool table, Cactus stood next to a wall while numerous ladies swarmed over him, but Page was just checking out God Street. I made my way over to him and we started talking. After a few minutes, my friends came up and said we were up on the foosball table. Page immediately asked if I needed a partner. Well, um, sure! So there I was playing foos with Page. He wasn't too good (not that I minded) and we got beat down pretty badly two straight games. But, obviously, those were the best two foos games of my life.
4/23/93, Colgate. I was on the crew for the show, and went to their hotel to greet the band. Page was in the bar, and I introduced myself. Next thing, I was sitting there doing the Times crossword with him. --Mike
I'm sure the world knows already, but respect must be paid for the piano solo > Sea and Sand from New Year's '95. The band certainly hit one of THE peaks of their powers (up to that point, at least ;) with the Weekapaug and subsequent jam, but the fact that the moment was built up and *handed* to Page made it all the more special. A hundred times better than any Coil solo. And Sea and Sand is easily my favorite Page moment. Watching it live, Page alone onstage, bathed in blue light, pouring out his heart... suffice to say, it ain't a memory that's going away for a looong time.


"Ahhhhh. Page Sings." -Jon Fishman 5/16/95, offering a title for 'Strange Design'


Anyone needing a serious Page-dose of the funk had better check out his solo from the StarLake Gumbo. WOW! And that grin, who can deny that that's the grin of a... MADMAN!!!!
Page's Jesus Left Chicago in Denver......He's a SOUL MAN. HE makes Black Eyed Katy! Dakus Geeslin
Right on!!! Page is such the man and I just felt he needed to get a little more attention, ya know? I mean. THOSE FINGERS! They're all rad musicians and it's impossible to favor one over the other, but for some reason all of my favorite shows have had me stationed at Page-side in the obstructed view seats where you really only get to watch Page's hands and the lights.
Page was great this past week-end....his voice is so beautiful - it brings tears to my eyes its so pretty....
"Page was on fire the second night in Philadelphia. He owned the first set - his solos in Drowned and 2001 were incredible. The Chairman is the man!"
12/28/96 in Philly -Page's Solo rocked....that night wil always stand out in my mind.
Page rocks ! I met him behind the food stand in Sugarbush and he gladly signed my scribbled down setlist. He showed great interest in what we thought of the show and told us the next night would be even better. -- Nick
Just wanted to add that Page in Philly the second night (12/3) during Drowned, was outstanding. He kept grinding out those note....ohhhh I could still hear them, Greg
At Auburn Hills last weekend, during Bathtub Gin, Page went INSANE, Just PoUnDeD on all the keys he could at once, as the happy crowd egged him on! I will never forget that as long as we live. If my memory is correct, Leo also treated us to an extra long solo in Foam.
We love you Page! Dan Rzicznek
One night in 1993 after a show, I had to pee so bad and they wouldnt let me back in the building to use the bathroom. My wife and I met Page near the tourbus and Page let me use the toilet on the bus. Very cool of him! Then he signed my Junta cd cover and my wife's ticketstub. He has been my favorite phish ever since!
Daniel Waller, Petaluma, CA
Page was everything beyond stellar in Cleveland. He was tighter than Trey or Fish(Mike was pretty tight too...). Out of the four, Page gave the best performance.
I love page's solo things where he catapults up the piano a la ragtime in Weigh.
Page was incredible this weekend in both Detroit and Dayton. And from what I hear he was stellar in Cleveland as well. Give it up for the chairman!
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