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I'm sitting here listening to VA Beach '98 and it finally comes to me why the cops in that town were more assholish than any I've ever seen: they're beach cops. Redneck beach cops. Typical city cops spend more time directing traffic at football games and leading funeral processions than they do breaking up parties. Cops in beach towns, however (and particularly in a vacation spot as popular as Va Beach) are going into parties and cracking heads all the time: high school and college spring breaks for example. And when the cops come into a party like that (some of you can probably testify to this) they come in quick, tough, and not ready to take any shit. They want to scare you shitless in order to make you easier to deal with; how else could anyone convince a houseful of drunks to pour out all of their liquor? So, that's their preferred mode of operation (let's assume); now check this: one Sunday early in August Phish comes to town. This should be a peacefully chaotic evening, lots of people checking out and checking in, a day of rest for a law enforcement office that is tired and moody after a long weekend at the height of the season. Instead, there's a raging party brewing at the Ampitheater: freaky looking kids engaging in lots of suspicious-looking if not exactly illegal activities. The cops can handle this, they know parties...the vendors are shut down, beer is poured out, a couple of cars get searched. But that's at 4 in the afternoon, and the crowd isn't getting any smaller, it's growing...any Johnny Law can see that from horseback...and the trouble with these damn kids is (Officer Barbrady thinks), they don't fear me. My presence isn't enough to cow them, my badge doesn't make them knuckle under; in fact they seem to enjoy taunting me. So Ponch and John start to get a little sweaty, it's humid as hell and everywhere they look no one gives a shit about the authority that their fragile egos need so preciously; no one seems to care that they are the Star-Belly Sneeches who get to carry guns around. Not knowing what else to do, Lenny and Carl decide that it's time to start making these fucked up kids understand who wears the pants in this world..... ...And that's how we arrive at the horrifying gestapo tactics that were seen at Virginia beach. Does this make sense? I think anyone who was there will agree that Terrapin or no Phish should never return to that forsaken pisshole, the good jam to bad Karma ratio just isn't high enough. Eric Keselr -
well, this thought is more about andy gadiel than about phish, but i had this very strange dream that i was in this room, in a college i think, but not the college i'm actually in, and andy gadiel was there. he was a really cool guy (in real life as well as my dream i'm sure), in the dream he had about chin-length frizzy brown hair and was wearing a striped long sleeve t-shirt. we were talking about random stuff and phish of course and some of our favorite shows and then there was a fire drill and we were forced to leave the building. random. just thought you might be amused. -jon
Interstate 95 How things doin.....this here is my story from the summer tour. "The Road To Raleigh". I left my home in Richmond, Va with my friend Ben at 12:00pm, to head down for Raleigh, Nc. A three hour drive(sounds like Gilligan already!). We stopped at the best barbecue shop in town before leaving, 'Big Daddy's BBQ'. The service took about an hour, but the BBQ was very's an order-up shop. WE left for Raleigh, again. One hour into the trip, driving along Interstate 95, we hit THE big traffic jam of Emporia, Va. Emporia is 1 hr south of Richmond, but it had already been over 2, when the traffic reached a standstill. Here we exchanged grapes for raisins with some nice phans in a red Jetta. Thanks. Motionless for 15 minutes, Ben got out and walked. "I'll go about a mile up the road" ben remarked, before he embarked. I slowly moved behind in my car. Ben was nowhere in sight. Left lane traffic was moving faster, so I jumped into it. One mile passes...still no Ben to be seen. 2 Ben. "he must be going faster than I thought" I thought to myself. 3 ben...I'm going 40 ben. "he must have run!" I reasoned.."ben likes to run!" 4 ben. "I can't stop and turn back...he's got to be in front of me! Just one more mile!" 5 ben in sight. Approaching 6 miles, still in slow traffic, an hour after him getting out, I decide to pull over and ask the guys in the red Jetta if they have seen him. "I don't think so man" they reply. With my car on the side of the road, I begin my journey south on I95 on foot. Equipped with sandals, shorts and t shirt. I search the traffic for phans on their way, but they are few and far between. Most are coming north from Atlanta. TO my joy, I see a white VW bus approaching with a long haired, shirtless passenger hanging out the open window. He shouts, "DUde, your friend is like five fucking miles down the road!!!" I thank him, and realize my only option. I began to run. Expecting Ben to walk towards my direction, or to hitchike, I continue with a positive attitude. So I run...1 mile...2 miles(I'm walking by now...I'm no athlete)...3 miles...My feet blister open from sandal chaffing...4 miles...I ask several construction workers for rides on machinery to find ben...they speak no english...I really hurt..I'm sunburnt...blistered..bleeding...asphalt covered...bad shape...I move on....5 miles...curious, I try to ask passers by if they have seen guy on side of the road....dobody wantsd to talk to crazy man on highway....I reach the place where I left ben off...limping..exhausted...crazed..dizzy....There he sits..on the guardrail..head between arms...obviously distressed with the incident. Over traffic I yell repeatedly..he eventually hears, anbd I laugh. It was crazy..I had my words with him...but we still had another mission to accomplish...get back to my car!! Hitchike..the only was 4:30, and we still had 2 hours to raleigh, but there was still traffic. I could no longer walk! After several rejected attempts, a large brown 70's model pontiac pulls over. Inside are two old, porch monkeys. We accept, and get in. The car smells bad, and we can't understand porch monkey language. Unable to decipher, we say yes alot, and "just a couple more miles." Porch monkey car begins to smoke..they don't niotice at first, but pull over befor anything explodes. We thank them, offer assistance, and move on looking for another car. We get a ride in a nice new nissan. young man driving. introduces himself, "Hi I'm Romeo" Yes this was his real name. Romeo. WE get to my sweltering hot car, and proceed to raleigh...out of traffic by 5:30, still two hours to go, I push 90mph all the way. WE arrive, parking 1 mile away in a baseball field. Ticketmaster screwed us over again, so we had to run to will call before it closed. It was 7:15pm. Iin pain, we ran and ran and ran..blisters getting worse...then..the sky ripped open and it began to pour. My feet loved it, and it capped off one hell of a day! The show bagan while we were in line...we entered, the sky cleared up, and you all know how it went after that..."...It was a full moon night just like this one when Col. Forbin climbed the mountain..." It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Looking back, it was one of the best days of my life. Really made the show that much better. I danced till I fell. Have a great Day Brad Ricks Special thanks to: -Guys in the red jetta..those were great raisins, hope you liked the grapes! -White VW bus...gave me direction, gave ben some friends, offered more than plenty for the boy without a ride. -Girls in the green car...ben appreciated the pepsi. -Porch monkeys. -Romeo. -North Carolina construction people for not making driving suck like Va construction does. -Phish-----you guys are the best!-
Harry Hood. Madison, WI. The Kohl Center. It should have been one of the apexes of an excellent 2nd set and all-around tight show. Unfortunately, when the glowsticks started flying, all I could do was cringe every time one got near a band member or their equipment. For Pete's sake, one hit the top of Page's baby grand with a loud *thwack* that will definitely be audible on the tapes. Please, please, please if you want to throw glowsticks, do NOT do it in the direction of the band. I'm sure it's cool to try and get one up on stage, but it would not be cool to destroy equipment, or worse yet, damage one of the finely-tuned band members. I would suggest sending out informational flyers with mail order tickets in the future, or maybe do some kind of service message before each show a la Mickey Hart's "please don't crash the gates" announcements. I don't know how to stop the madness. I'm not against glowsticks, I'm just for making sure the band and their equipment is safe and sound for the next show coming up. Tom =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- "Phish is a litmus test, a musical mirror of listener's tastes and prejudices; and if the existential thrill of improvised music doesn't appeal to you, look elsewhere." - Richard Gehr "What we're doing now is really more about groove than funk. Good funk, real funk, is not played by four white guys from Vermont. If anything, you could call what we're doing now cow funk or something." - Trey Anastasio Tom Pinit
Hey all, I'll start by adding the requisite line about how I love phish, and that I'm not trying to bash them, I go to shows, I collect tapes, etc. Now the meat of my story. I am troubled by what I perceive to be an increase (or at least an increase in the focus upon) of cover tunes. Don't get me wrong, I am not against all cover tunes, especially those that Phish have made their own (ie 2001, Cities come readily to mind). However, I would rather hear original phish tunes than hear phish play note-perfect renditions of other people's songs. For example, while I was blown away by the Sabatoge cover at Lemonwheel, I was disappointed by the closing tune as "while my guitar gently weeps". The only thing that gets reported about these sort of shows is then how "phish covered song x by band y, song y by band x..." There is so much more to phish than ripping off other people's tunes, and I think the band should focus more on their own songs, and those songs they chose to cover would be more entertaining if they were "phishified" (ex. 2001). That's why "Remain in Light" was the best cover album--they built upon the work of the Talking Heads instead of just playing rote renditions of the tunes. This is a rather qualified position I am arguing for (less cover tunes in favor of original material, not a complete doing away with cover tunes, dig?). So if you have anything to contribute to this music-based discussion, please email me. Don't tell me I don't "know" the band or I'm not down with the scene, 'cuz then you'll just be talking out of your ass and you can spare me the trouble. But if you've noticed this trend too, please let me know your thoughts. peace andrew
so im at the guitar store i go to everyday at lunch, just got back... I will be buying a sick acoustic after vegas... and I'm telling the guy just that, so he asks why im going to vegas so i tell him whats up and he says he has in fact heard of the band (i wasn't sure b/c he speaks with a heavy italian accent and seemed like a bit of a foreigner) yes, i heard of them, the red haired one was in here this morning (as he points over to the really nice guitar room) Trey? Trey ? I said I don't know he said- I said The Italian- Trey Anastasio? Yes, his name was Anastasio he said He told me to go upstairs and ask Nick, who helped Trey, if i didn't believe him Well Nick told me Trey bought an old acoustic (some weird type made of fiberglass instead of wood- Nick said they are cheap, but a cool item to check out, funky sounding) and a practice amp. Mike G was in there last night- and they were both phenomenally cool and nice. another guy in the room said he worked for them at a concert last summer and they were the sweetest people in the world- just vermont boys like you'd expect he told me to tell him all about halloween when I get back they're doing letterman, signing books, and guitar shopping what a life
Here is a somewhat interesting story.. Me and some friends were hanging arounf Freetown Christiana, Coppenhagen a few hours before Phish was to go on doing the usual. As the munchies et in, we decided to go grab a falafel sandwhich at a local booth. Sure enougn, Mike was in line with us (No big deal...I mean who hasn't seen Mike hanging out in the crowds about a million times.) After exchanging a few words with him, we walked back through the town and met up with Trey, Page and Fish. Here is where it get good! Page introduced himself to me and my friends and we started talking. After a few minutes, someone put their are on my back. I turned and it was Trey!!! He stuck out his hand and said to me "Hi. I'm Trey but you probably know that" No shit I knew that..anyways, we chated for a bit and I can honestly say that these guys are some doen-to-earth motherfuckers. I mean, Trey made a complete smartass remark to me, but it was so funny the way that it came out, it was so sincere and harmless...
This is the band that was small then big, then bigger and all the while we danced together. Anyone that wanted to. We could go get our hand stamped the day of the show back then when they would play in non-air conditioned places. We used to hold up our ticket stubs when they would play Golgi and the traditions are ever changing, like the music, it's what keeps us coming back for more. It's the chills you get when you hear someone describe them, the first notes of your favorite song, the smile when you make eye contact with another at a show. This is the place where we dance together and forget about all the other things for a little while. Hugging neighbors, meeting friends and again half way around the U.S. and for some the world. Phish bring me back, memories, sights, sounds. I remember thinking a 2000 person show was huge but how if we all love it so much and tell everyone so, can we expect them not to grow. It's not a secret I could keep from anyone. It's me dancing around my living room, its you driving in your car, its us on the road to the same destination, the expectation, embellished elation, and knowing that you will be around wonderfully beautiful people very soon. It's beautiful ladies, glitter, boys in cords and kakhies, the smell of grilled cheese, patchouli, fleece wearing baseball caped boys, busses, stickers on cars, dreddies, homemade clothes, shaggy hair, trading, miracles, all kinds of kids from all backgrounds, from all over, a wonderful kaleidoscope of humans traveling across the folds of the land. So if you don't mind I will sit and smile in my contentness that I know I may not be there tonight but again I will be there, and again we will be there. Forever in the bond Kelly
i had the thought today, considering some talk i had encountered about a crowd prank on halloween, that it might be cool, when the lights go down before the first set, for the crowd to boo. just until they appear on stage. i think that they would be totally startled by this for a moment and i think that it would just create an interesting vibe for which the show to build upon. think about it. how would it be to hear the arena filled with incessant booing, welcoming phish onto the stage? run it through your mind, if you will, and decide if it might be interesting. Thanks, Jay
Earlier today I was hanging out at a friends house and his 17 year old sister asked me if I had gotten my tickets for Hampton. I told her yes and she said that she, too was planning on going. Now, this really made me mad. First, this brings up this issue of the crowd scene at shows. It seems that more and more kids are showing up for the scene and not for the music. Well, I asked the girl why she was going and she looked at me and awe and said cuz she wanted to. Now, I'm a firm believer in helping people reach out and experience phish, but I knew that this girl didn't like them. This girl is a girl that listens to rap and dresses in really short shorts and midriff-baring shirts and lots and lots of make-up. I told her that live phish sounds nothing like the cd's and she said it didn't matter. So, again, I asked her why she was going and she responded the way I was expecting. She said, and I quote, "for the scene." That just got me really ticked off. Here was this girl who practically never listens to phish and doesn't give a rats ass about the band and she was all ready to go to a 2 day show in hampton. Like I said earlier, I'm all for people experiencing the music of phish, but not the way she wanted too. In my opinion, she was a waste of a ticket. She has no right to go and no right to own a ticket. The good news is that I just saw that the Hampton shows already sold out, so there is no way that she can get a ticket and go. That makes me very happy. Phish shows are for people who go for the music, not for the scene. Peace. -PhishyAndy
I was listening to 3/31/93 Roseland Ballroom in Portland OR the other night when in between tunes, Trey talks about "barrels" that have been placed near the door. These were for canned goods in support of a food drive for the local homeless shelters and missions, etc. So I thought to myself, "Hey, why doesn't Phish bring back this sort of canned goods drive??". Imagine--if each fan brought one can to a show like Lemonwheel, or even MSG, you would have tens of thousands of canned goods!!! Of course, I think that this sort of canned goods drive would be best accomplished on a multi-night run in one town, that way the band could remind people to bring cans to the next night's show. What do you think??? Are there any organizations affiliated with the band that already do something like this, that I'm not aware of? How can I get this idea to the band management? Thanks for reading, Tom
Hello, I have tried to get in touch with the folks from the Pharmer's almanac, but it seems they rarely answer thier phones or check thier email, so I would like to share my story with you. On summer tour, I met Fishman's Dad at the Vernon Downs show. He was a really cute old man that amazingly enough (because Fishman is adopted) looked a lot like Jon. He was real short and cute. Anyway, I was dancing in the crowd about 20 yards or so from the stage on Page's side and I noticed him. I never knew what he looked like, but I put two and two together seeing as he was a 60 year old guy amongst all of us. So, when Trey asked the crowd the trivia question of "what was the name of Fishman's high school band", I listened in on his conversation with the older (40 or so) lady in front of me. --He said he couldn't remember. I noticed he had a backstage pass around his neck and knew it was definitely him. So, I introduced myself in between sets and asked him if he was going backstage after the show. I knew that even though I had tried to get to the after party for most of the tour, I wouldn't be able to ask Fishman's Dad to get me there, so I had to be discrete and do something else. So, I asked Daddy Fishman if he could give Jon a note after the show when he saw him. He said sure! So I scribbled down a few words on the back of my setlist and gave it to him. He was so nice, he even asked me if it was okay to fold the note! ---it was on the back of my setlist, and he treated it with the utmost respect. I told him he could do anything he wanted with it, as long as he was going to give it to Jon. He said he'd be glad too and I thanked him and continued with polite conversation throughout the rest of the set break. The note that I gave him read: Dear Jon, Play Sanity up at the Lemonwheel Pretty Please The rest as they history Fishman cares! I was hoping that the Pharmer's people would put my story in the next almanac, but they are so slack about getting back to me. If you could maybe post this or something it would be cool. A lot of people love Phish, but don't know that they really do care and I would like to let them know how much Phish really cares about us too. Thank you Jeni Enck Athens, Ga
So here I sit on Sunday morning, about a half hour before Madison tix go on sale, and I am still bothered by yesterday's events. My friend is in Madison and went to TM yesterday to get UIC tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets were on a 15 minute delay everywhere except the Chicago area, and well the show sold out in 8 MINUTES!! Is that a new record?? How quickly did Vegas sell out?? Anyhow, the floor seats were apparently _gone_ in 1 minute. It's amazing how quickly Phish can sell out a 9500 person venue, even with mail order tickets making up some significant percentage of that. So, needless to say, I am worried about even getting Madison tix, even with my friend currently in line at the Kohl Center box office. Do you think Phish can continue to play 3,4 night runs at these smallish places like UIC and the Greek if it's almost impossible to get a ticket? I mean I checked yesterday and there's still tickets for the McNichols show! Does no one want to attend that show or something? Thanks, Tom
This is going to be short. Please read the well articulated artical in Jam Bands by Jeff Waful. This is what forces me to say that we dont deserve phish. isn't that rediculous that i could say that? well its true. hopefully not everyone is like these "glow stick tossers", but i ask you who was standing next to these losers? if i saw them doing that and they didnt stop after they were asked id at least try to divert them from the scene. And finally the rumor about phish having the newyears concert in Hawaii, i hope its true! Thanks Blake
I don't know if anyone picked up on this or if everyone picked up on this, but, at the 'Wheel, when the elephant started spraying water on the phans, I took that as a reference to Carlos Santana's remarks about how Phish's phans are like flowers that get hosed by their music. We were hosed, literally! Make Sense?? ~Jason~
Some guys down the hall from my apartment building are Phish fans, as am I. We both knew that one another would be mail ordering tickets for the L.A. and Vegas shows, but we didn't order together. We had planned to road trip together for the shows. We both ended up having our orders filled (joy). When we went to compare tickets, we were totally psyched to see that they got Section A, row H seats 121 & 122, while I ended up getting seats 123 & 124 at the Greek. Pretty cool, huh?
How about for a mass crowd prank we all go wild yelling and screaming and clapping when the lights go down and the band comes out on stage. It might be tough to convince everyone to do it at the same time, but you know how spontaneous things happen at Phish shows. I think all we need to do is organize a critical mass.
Actually Katie, Trey's pun actually had a third conotation. He said "burning down" in his traditional dank reference, but I believe he used that phrase beacuse it sounds very similar to "Vernon Downs". Trey's wit also worked as forshadowing for the encore of "Burning Down the House". But, then again, it's also very likely that after saying "burning down" Trey was reminded of the song and decided to play it. (They've been learning most of their covers during set break). But who knows. -Jeff Waful
I went to the Vernon Downs show the other night, and I have an interesting tidbit. During 'Makisupa', Trey hinted at the encore cover piece, 'Burning Down the House'. He actually said "burning down" during the part where he throws in a random line! I just thought that was interesting, and that you might think it was too! I'm attaching a picture of me with Trey (the small version so it doesn't take you forever to download). I saw him at the beach in Barcelona this summer, and asked him for a picture. He was a little annoyed at first, but then he was really nice. It was the single most exciting moment of my Europe trip, so I thought I would share it with you! I saw all of the shows except the Midtfyns Festival and the first night at Barcelona, due to travel complications. If the photo is hard to see, and you're really interested, I can send you a larger, clearer version. I didn't want to tie up your line because you probably get a million messages from insignificant folks like me. Tee hee! Thanks for letting me share! Katie Cook Fayetteville, NY
Just got back from the MD->ME run with some of my friends. All of us have been catching every phish show we can since 91. I have around 900hrs on tape or so. This my friends, was a KILLER phish show!!! I was really surprised to see negative reviews about this show. To each his own I guess, but let me offer our review. We had trouble finding the amptheater, and was a little late getting there. However, when we got up to the entrance they waved us into the VIP lot. We parked, and walked about 500ft to the entrance to the show, down behind stage left. There was *NO* line, and the smiling usher barely checked our tickets as we walked in. Once inside we got a couple beers and some killer lemonade. The weather was PERFECT, and the crowd was real mellow. The show ripped. The band was extra tight, and the jams were really interesting. The songs flowed in and out and everyone was dancin and having a great time. The security was asking people not to smoke (cigarettes) which is cool with me-they're just doing their job. If you were discreet about it, they didn't bother you. One of the ushers by us was bobbing and weaving his head during the show. He looked like a miniature Mike Tyson. Anyway, the setlist doesn't really do this show justice. The evening had the feeling of an older phish show - it was mixed up, yet blended together at the same time. They were very relaxed on stage, and you can tell that they love playing there. The Punch-Bathtub-Lizards-MOMA-Birds was incredible. Punch grooved, the Bathtub jam was like the Clifford Ball one turned up a few notches - Trey was on fire. And if that wasn't enough a PHAT bowie to close the long set. This was one of the best Phish sets I've seen EVER. The sound was PERFECT. I could hear everyone crisp and clean-including everything in Fish's kit. Trey wasn't all jacked up in the mix. The second set continued the great jams especially Antelope, Waste jam was cool, and then some old time Phish goofiness. YEM wasn't the best version, but the vocal jam was actually cool. By the time they started Chalkdust, nobody cared that it was Chalkdust yet again, and Phish just ripped it. Same with Frankenstein-we didn't care what they played by that point. Ragtime was entertaining. And then the encore...I don't even need to comment on that! All I know is that we were in the Orchestra Pit for it :):):) This was the best show I've seen since 12.30.93 and 7.14.94 by far. This is a MUST HAVE on tape!!! To all of you who didn't like it, I'm really sorry that you don't "get it". After the show, EVERYONE we ran into had smiles and laughs and thought "WOW what a show!". This was a show for the seasoned phishhead, not all you whiney little teenagers who bitch because you can't drink beer in the lot. When I was your age, we just put the beer in a cup and never had a problem. DUH! We also didn't think the thrill of Phish was drinking or smoking, we went cuz they are the best fucking band in the world. And we still do!
In response to the person who suggested a mass-crowd prank for Halloween, I think it's a great idea, except the band would know it was coming. There's just no way to surprise them. That's what makes them so special: they always know what's up with their fans. They read this website, no doubt about it. Hello Trey! A flyering effort could work, if done at the last minute once the band was back stage, or possibly during set break. Whatever you do, don't try and organize it over the internet. Anyone remember last year when everyone was planning to get a My Sweet One chant going during set break at MSG? Remember what happened? The boys busted it out in the first set. I think it would be great to surprise the band in some way, but it's going to be a challenge.....good luck.
Just a thought, why don't we have a little fun with the band this halloween and keep them guessing as to what WE (the fans in the audience) are up to. We could do something that totally contradicts the normal band/audience social dynamics. What if we play off the cult "thang" and all dress for the occassion in ceremonial garb, like wedding gowns for instance (all white of course!). Or as they take to the stage instead of a greeting of jubilant applause they find everyone to be sitting down, meditating in stone cold silence. Hell, that might even prompt a first set gamehenge narration! These are just a couple of random examples of what we could do if we unite together and take part in co-creating this amazing ritual that is a Halloween Phish show. I believe we could actually do it. I mean, I witnessed what a few thousand well distributed flyers accomplished at Red Rocks in '96. We've got plenty of time to think this through. I just think it is about time for us to have the upper hand at a halloween ahow. Put the ball in their court so to speak. WE do outnumber them, but they are so tight and focused. Our greatest weakness is in our sheer numbers. It's a logistical nightmare to get even half of the audience unified in a common goal, but not as hard as you might think. Just imagine the creative force we could manifest if we did! I firmly believe in the spirit of the lyrics to AC/DC BAG when Trey sings, "I'll show you mine, if you show me yours", or something to that effect. All we've got to do is show 'em that we mean business, show 'em that we are ready, yet don't show 'em until SHOW-TIME, if you catch my drift. So if we as a community decide to pursue this random thought, we got to keep it on the down low. BTW, I don't wanna jinx the chances of this occurence, but i personally feel a "We Sold Our Soul For Rock'n'Roll" cover coming on. >>>just a thought<<<
Didn't make it to Lemonwheel although I should have. My girlfriend Emily predicted that I would meet Trey way back in June she said I had to go....due to circumstances I couldn't but she did and took along my meditation beads to give to Trey as I asked her to. Well sure enough she ran into him and threw the beads around his head and that was that. Hearing her tell me that story made me so happy. It was like I was there in spirit and Trey now knows what an important influence on my life he and the band has had. Sounds like a much better vibe than the Went, thats good news too. Now the trick is to maintain these good vibes and energy until fall tour (and even after). Hope everybody had a blast and I would love to get copies of the shows....I'll see you all in Vegas and Worcester and get ready for an extremely sick Halloween run! Peace and Happiness- Phil
A Little Story From Alpine Valley, August 1st, 1998: I am pleased to say that I had a chance to be at Alpine Valley this summer, my third time in the past three years of great shows in East Troy. This year's show found itself a week earlier in August than the two previous highlight of tour shows, '96 & '97. Once again it was a highlight of the tour, a truly amazing show. I was far away from Phish and the tour for the entire summer, working at a summer camp as a counselor, given the opportunity to work with children, a job more rewarding than anything on earth. I was far removed, I had but my tape collection and discs, which can satisfy one's soul, but not nearly akin to a show, which fills one up to the breaking point time and again throughout the course of the night. My frined Dave Taus and I had been getting ready for Alpine the entire summer, from June 11th we would listen to tapes and talk in the ways only phisheads can understand. Then began the countdown as the end of July rolled around and August 1st came around. Phish was well into a tour that we had only seen through the computer, not doing the amazing shows justice. Phish truly seemed at their peak. It was an agonizing week. Finally the glorious day arrived and we found ourselves at the lot at Alpine Valley, only a few hours to go, FINALLY it was upon us. We decided to go for a walk, to puruse the vendors, maybe buy a shirt, some munchies or toss some disc. We found ourselves about two hundred feet from the entrance at about 2:30 in the afternoon and I thought I recognized the thundering bass that only belongs to Phish, I looked at Dave and he looked at me and we REALLY picked up the pace. We were right against the fence and I picked up Black-Eyed Katy, I hadn't known that they had reworked it and renamed it Moma Dance but the chorus soon gave it away. So Dave and I after a month and a half had stumbled upon Phish, soundchecking. What happened next is the stuff dreams are made of. I walked around the side to a delivery entrance and ran into a security guard and two phans on scaffolding listening as well, we talked and the guy showed me setlists from the tour and I was estatic to see what Phish was doing, the tour looked GOOD, and Alpine was shaping up to be a show!! I ran and got Dave so we could be closer to the soundcheck. They ended Moma Dance and Trey played the intro to Tela and stopped abruptly and it seemed that the band left the stage. The four of us, Dave, myself and our two new friends, whose names I never caught, were heartbroken, done already? We walked through a delivery door and ended up behind the beer gardens on a balcony overlooking the expansive lawn of Alpine Valley with the ski hills as a backdrop, a beautiful sight in the early summer afternoon. The four of us stood on the balcnoy watching the crew test lights, beer and food vendors set up shop, and we stared at the stage with a faint glimmer of hope that the band would retake the stage. Eventually Mike came on and strapped on his bass, then Page at the keyboards, and Trey on drums, oddly no Fish. They started a song that we identified as Albequrque, with the help of our tourhead friend. It was Trey and Page on vocals and they were having fun, especially Trey. Then Page left the stage and came back with his hands out, shaking his head and with a frustrated look on his face and from the mics we could pick up, "I can't find him" Obvioulsy Fish had taken off and found himself some beer and forgot to finish the soundcheck. He later returned with jeans and a t-shirt and sat at his kit. They began just playing, nothing distinct, just jamming it sounded alot like My Soul, in that fast bluesy sort of vein. After about ten minutes Trey started talking about cigars, making up a song and they jammed for about ten more minutes and he started up again and started talking about beer and how much it cost the night before and how it was more expensive here and how the song started out about cigars, then he started making fun of Fish and they jammed for about ten more minutes. They were having FUN!! Alpine was most defintely going to be a SHOW!!! They ended the Cigar/Beer jam (as I labled on my setlist) and then went into Albeqerque, this time with a full band. THey close out the soundcheck with an energetic Ginsengh Sullivan that had the four of us in the beer garden dancing. A great way to start a show! Close to two hours of Phish, before the show even started!! They had such a good time at the soundcheck and show itself that made it great to be back at show after such a long absence. Phish really is clicking on all cylinders and hopefully it won't stop for some time! I won't even mention how incredible the show was, hands down the best I've seen. Phish really turns it up in East Troy. I'm itching for the fall tour. Thank you Andy for a page full of such wealth and devotion, thank you to whoever read this long-winded mini essay, thank to my two new friends who I shared the soundcheck with, and of course thank you to Phish. -andy matragna
This is really random, and don't think I would ever plan to watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but I was cleaning my room the other day and the TV was on. I sat down when I was done and just kind of watched this show. The scene was something about the stuidents at this high school taking a test and checking the grades on a billboard. they had a closeup of the billboard and on the side was an interesting flyer. You guessed it, it was a small Phish flyer, almost looked like those ones that they send out with mail-order tickets. My guess is that some guy who was in charge of the scenery is a phishhead and thought it'd be a kick to put phish up there. Anyway, thought you'd like to know. Dan from MD
what is up up with people and their ability to breath the names of blues traveller, rusted root and dave mattehews in the same breath as phish or the dead? every time ive seen blues traveller it has been a dissapointment.their a bar band at best! as for dave matthews, use some other words in your songs other than crash, and write about something valid other than chicks. and rusted root sucks to, please.
I just got back from a 2-show stint (Merriweather and Va Beach), and I wanted to thank the band and the phans for making it a beautiful experience. There was a real sense of community and friendliness there that had been lacking for the last couple years. To those who hooked me up with food, drink, and nug, thanks a bunch -- I didn't forget to give back. After the Went last year, I was feeling pretty low -- for the first time, I felt old. Not because nearly everyone there was younger than me, but because the kids had this idea that since I didn't have dreds and was out of school, I didn't fit in. I saw people there getting into fights, and just being rude as hell. That really infuriated me -- I missed the sense of community; a feeling that I only got with Phish. I'd seen the Dead, and the people were, for the most part, extremely cool; but it "wasn't my bag". Phish was. A lot of older people like to ramble on about Phish's "glory days", when they were playing places that held 4,000 people, and not even filling them up -- which was cool, but to constantly talk about this is just as elitist as the kids at the Went. Just remember: the music is for everyone, and unless you get a backstage pass from the band, you're only equally as welcome as anyone else. Remember that everyone there is there to see Phish, and seeing Phish because they feel the same connections that you do. Remember that we're all "family". Thanks for keeping the scene a beautiful one. Peace.
As I spent a relaxing Sunday remembering and rejoicing in the happiness the Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia have brought to my life, I was unaware of the shock that tonight's setlist would bring. TERRAPIN STATION!!! As a big dead and phish fan, this just brings chills to my body. I'm not sure if the average phish fan realizes the significance and underlying meaning of this Dead masterpiece. I'm not about to explain it now. I just will retire to my bedroom, knowing that on the anniversary of a great musician's death, special energies were released into the cosmos, and something special happened. Its moments like these that make me feel just happy to be alive.... Peace-In-Music, Mark L.
a quick thought: When I was just getting into phish a friend gave me a tape containg the entire gamehendge narration. I liked the band, but this moment defined how I now feel about them. I put the tape in and lay down for a nap. I tried to coerce myself to sleep, and as the music played, I got relaxed. But, I found myself sinking into the songs and the words instead of sleep. In fact I couldn't sleep, it was so good I was sucked in, I listened to the whole tape and reflected on it. I remeber thinking to myself, no music had ever made me completely go into a zone before. It may sound silly, but it really did, and I can't thank jimmy b enough for giving me that tape, cause it put me there, got me into the band. So, thanks jimmy.---- --Wigs, NJ
Dreaming of Lemonwheel... I hope that Lemowheel is even more PHATTY and MEGA than last year! I can't have too many PHATTY and MEGA things in my life.'s calling to you softly..."Meeeegaaa Buuuurrrgerrr, Meeeegaaa Buuuurrrgerrr." When I get into the lot, I'm going to crack open a PHATTY cold one. Me an my boys are riding up in a PHATTY MEGA RV. Search this! I 'm imagining that they finally got that dang hot-air balloon up and they flew over the crowd showering down glowstick-like "snow" during "Bliss". Can someone arrange that for me? That would be too f*cking cool. KMC Blacksburg, VA 7/27/98
My thoughts on Meeting Phish this summer: I saw my 1st Phish show in May of 1994 at Montezuma Hall located at San Diego State University. I had seen the Dead a few times, and was planning on doing the west coast Dead tour that summer (which I did). I kind of went on a whim, just killing time til the jerry shows 3 days later. I was literally knocked off my feet when they opened the show with Llama (I had eaten something that was making me feel really weird and had to sit down, right in the middle of the floor of a GA show =D). I've seen every Phish show I could make it to since the 1st notes of that Llama rang out. I was impressed at how tight and big these guys could sound in such a small venue, and then take advantage of the venue's size by playing "unplugged" (I hate that mtv-ized term). It was like they were still small time down home guys at heart, but could blow the roof off the place at any moment. Fast forward to 4 years later. I'm SICK of my job, and I need some time off and the west coast leg of the summer tour is calling my name. At the last minute before we leave my friend asks if this girl can come along, oh by the way she knows Fishman. I talk to this girl and she seems cool so she's on the bus with us. I wasn't sure if she was telling the truth about knowing the band, not until she handed me my aftershow pass for the Portland show. So the show is smokin', and the 2nd set comes to an end, and I try to find where I'm supposed to go. Left of the stage up front has a small line of people wearing their aftershow stickers on their shirts so I know I'm in the right place. I meet the SWEEEETEST girl from Massachussets who randomly recieved her pass from one of the guys in the crew (it's 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 times easier to get backstage if you're a girl by the way). She hadn't ever met the band before either and was really hoping to meet Page. We didn't get our hopes up too high though because we heard that the band sometimes doesn't even come out to the aftershow party. Well, this is what a Phish aftershow party is like: there's tables and chairs set up with chips and salsa, and beers in the fridge, and you sit there and hang out and wonder "what the hell? how did I get here?". So I'm getting to know this girl a little better when out of nowhere Fishman is talking to the girl that got me backstage about 10 feet away. I get up, walk on over to Fish, shake his hand, he laughs at my shirt (a fluffhead shirt with buckwheat on it saying "O-TREY!"), and he goes right back to talking to that girl. Hmm...not exactly the life changing experience I was hoping for. So we're kickin it and the girl that got me backstage runs up to Trey and hugs him...I'm really starting to believe that she knows the band here =D. Trey kind of walks off, playing with Eliza. Then Page comes out. The girl I had just met was kind of scared to walk up to him but I talked her into it and we walked on over. As you've probably heard he's a really cool cat. We talked about Europe and that last show in Barcelona where the speakers blew up. He said it was a great show despite what happened. Then comes a surreal experience. I'm standing 2 feet from Page as he's talking to my new friend Melissa, I'm introduced to Trey, Fishman is like 20 feet away, and Mike pulls up on his golf cart. I couldn't believe this was really happening. I mentioned "hey, there's mike" to my friend. Page heard me, and told Brad Sands "Mike's Here". They had been waiting for Mike. Basically I made the band leave cuz I noticed Mike was there =D. Page says, "Dave it was nice meeting you" remembered my name. Jeez, this is turning into quite a story. Anyways... Fast forward to the 2nd day of the Gorge. We're trying to beat the heat when Lo and Behold Mr. Jon Fishman walks by. He recognizes this girl that's in my little posse, and ends up hanging out with us for like 15 minutes. I gave him and this HOT girl Eden, carrier of the backstage pass list, a ganja brownie each...from what I hear he ate it between the gorge and shoreline and was ripped. Jon blended right into the crowd, wearing a Phish hat and everything. Nobody noticed it was him! People were walking by left and right selling doses etc. and they didn't see that we were kickin it with the drummer of Phish. Fast forward one last time to Ventura: The girl that got me backstage at portland hooks me up again, as thanks for driving to all the shows. This aftershow party is way more hectic. There were only about 50 people at the peak of the Portland aftershow party, and there were more like 30 when the band members were actually out and about. There were a good 200 people backstage at ventura. We got into the line for the keg and got a beer and kicked back. I hadn't met Mike yet so that was my mission. I walked up to him, said "thanks for playing drowned tonight Mike", he didnt' acknowledge me, and drove off in his golf cart. Cest la Vie. I talked to Page again for like 2 seconds, and thanked him for playing sea and sand, which was a song I never thought I'd see them play live. I saw a huge cluster of people surrounding a person with that signature mop of orange hair so I decided against joining the mob around trey. The best part of the whole experience of meeting the band was that I felt a lot closer to them, and the concerts felt more like watching your friend's band at a keg party than being at a "Major Rock Concert Event". Page was really cool for remembering my name, and Jon was really cool for taking the time out to hang out with us at the Gorge, Trey looked tired in Portland so I didn't bother bugging him past "nice to meet you", and Mike...well Mike's a unique guy. I'll talk to him someday. I'm not name dropping here...not a one of them remembers who I am now. Meeting Phish was something that was bound to happen, and at the very least it gives me a good story to tell my kids before they head out on summer tour 2016
Here's my thought: I was driving listening to makisupa, so of course my thoughts were on contraband items. I pulled up to a stop sign and noticed something interesting: There were two stop signs facing me, one to my left and one two my right. Since I was stopped, I took the opportunity to indulge in my one-hitter, and when I was done I scrutinized he stop signs and realized that two stop signs side-by-side, when read backwards, spell "POTSPOTS"- pronounced "Pot Spots", which is exactly what it was, a pot spot! Get it? Billy N.C.->Wheel! Oh yeah
Now this is the silly product of a dream I had last night in which I saw the Shoreline show again in retrospect. So anyhow I sure am sorry to take up your time as its pretty long. Here are me thoughts: Now at Shoreline, I was on the lawn and so was having quite a good time just digging the new funk sound without actually seeing the band, but sometine before the opening of the first set YEM the giant video screens lit up. And by the time YEM had begun, the skies had grown dark enough to actually see what was being projected onto the screens(Thank the Lord for contrast). In my opinion, this exceptional YEM with a nice funk groove that reminded me of the new Black Eyed Katy-style was enhanced by the video screen showing closeups of Trey, Page and Mike actually playing their instruments(we got to see their hands!!--Fish was behind his kit so no closeups of the brother in the sundress who would be our own private dancer with a rendition of Sexual Healing the following night). Anyhow, during the nutty funked section before the vocal jam(which was way funkier than usual), the camera hung on Trey just as he stepped up to his wah-wah pedal and began to scratch out the deep funk rythms high up on the fretboard. There I was watching Trey with his eyes closed behind his thick glasses and with a gaping smile as his head covered in red hair bobbed from left to right with the beat. This image of Trey in such a state of bliss under the red lights(supplied by Chris, of course) found its way back into the fore of my thoughts last night as I slept. And as I woke up I thought back to the dream and realized that Trey looks an awful lot like that Red Dancing Dead Bear that we have all seen on Happy Vans on the road going from show to show or parked in the lots selling the cold vegetarian pasta. Let me no what you think. I think Trey is actually channeling the spirit of this Dancing Bear during the really intense funk jams that we are witnessing nowadays because, as we all know, red is the color of funk and bears are the funkiest animals in these parts. And yes drawings do have spirits...Trust me, I know. Dylan <' } } {
now, i realize what i have thought of may be a bit far fetched and i may be stretching it just a little bit, but one day, i cannot remember the exact day or anything, but over a year ago, i was listening to harpua. i cannot remember which show it was, but that does not matter, for it is irrelevent to what i have come up with. i have tried explaining my theory on harpua to many people. they refuse to see what i see and call me crazy. if anything, im just wrong! not crazy! so, getting down to the point- when jimmy's kitty, poster nutbag, dies, his father suggests jimmy gets himself a goldfish. jimmy refuses to get a goldfish, he simply says- i want a dog. so one day i began thinking- is this foreshadowing? maybe jimmy saying that he wants a dog is hinting that this next dog could be another harpua. see- harpua is a mean old dog cause his master got pissed off at all the towns people for lets say- sending them into harpua gets mean and seeks revenge! if he cant be happy- no one can! so he either kills poster, or contributes to the death of when jimmy says he wants a he saying he's pissed? is he saying he wants to seek revenge for poster's death? will this dog be the next harpua? well, i am not saying that its a foreshadow of the making of another harpua song- like harpua 2...or some shit like that, im just saying that maybe jimmy wants does this theory seem that crazy to you? gee....i hope not..maybe im thinking too much, but cant you kind of see what i am saying? =) if you can even remotely see where im coming from- support me please! let me know what you think. :o) ~~jacie
In reference to JaminL's post - Is it a feeling that there's something you need to do? Like you have something in your pocket, but you're not quite sure what its for or what to do with it. I experienced a strong feeling like that at the end of the Albany show. I kept feeling like Page wanted to play Squirming Coil. It was a child-like voice (which I associated with Page) that was asking the powerful sound of Trey and Mike to come out and play a nice game. During the encore of My Soul, I had to leave. I couldn't stay in my seat anymore. I didn't know what I had to do, but I left. I missed the Coil that I knew was coming. So, I don't know how it ties in with what you are feeling. Maybe there is something guiding us and it directed the Coil at the end of the show. But, "it got away, yea. It got away." I link Coil's lyrics to missed opportunity. Maybe the enlightened state is the one where something is under your skin, the knowledge of our own mortality. Is the mind that is aware of its limited existence an enlightened mind? We get a feeling that there is something to do because we know that time is limited. Is the feeling of love mixed up with regret in some way. We love things because we know that they are temporal. We want to hold them close because we know deep down that they will cease to be. Maybe that feeling isn't a cause of grief, but the key to how we love in the first place. If everythng was eternal, could we find love? Is there some connection between the lyrics or the inspiration for Design that fits into this idea? I don't know. Just thoughts. Big Daddy Lamar
Brian and Robert is slow but a good song. Almost like a sTREYnge design or something of that nature. Meat is cool. Gordon is great on the vocals and the funk is deep and varied with nice stops and starts. I Ficus needs another listen on my part to be reviewed. Alot of words and a little mumbly from the first take. Does not mean it is not special live. Shafty i sby far mt favorite Phish song right now. I got the tapes of 4-5-98 and wow was it awesome that night. It is so funky and gordon's bass riff is awesome. The lyrics are cool too and can actually be understood which is a rarity with most phish lyrics. JYW Peoria IL
A friend of mine just told me about this website and I have been getting my fill the last couple of weeks, checking out the Europe setlists, rumors, and other good stuff. I have seen a few shows a year since 94' and I know in the eyes of major phish fans that is not all that much but to me they are far and away the best live act there is. I just saw the shows at Portland, the Gorge, and had to stop after Shoreline and report to work on Monday. What a bite in the ass that is. The reason I wrote was mainly to say that the 2001 into Mike's Song>Weekapaug to start the second set at the Gorge on Friday was the best hour of Phish that I've been lucky enough to witness. I'm not gonna say it changed my life but it sure made me feel a whole lot better about it. In a nut shell that is the power of music and the beauty of Phish. Of course with a little funk and heavy metal thrown in for good clean phun. Rock on, Ryan.
Story from Albany fall tour 1997 The first set opened in classic fashion with funky bitch > 2001 which was sick and funk-filled cities. So as expected, we were groovin'. However, in the midst of this nice beginning we noticed the couple in front of us. Now let me preface, this, because I don't want to cause any turmoil, I do understand people who zone into their own world at shows, but these people were beyond anything comprable. it's one thing to be involved in the music but...these people were nothing short of hilarious. The man: 45 years of age, gray pony tail. The woman: sitting the entire show quietly writing away trying desperately to record the setlist. Anyway, the man would slowly spin 360 degrees throughout the whole show. So slow that he would be staring at us for periods, with eyes closed however. But, what got us was his odd movements, they were harsh, not flowing or fluid, sharp punching motions some directed up toward the sky ithers straight out. We thought that this was a tough one. During the set break we asked to see their setlist and of course it was wrong, so we suggested that it might not be correct and the man awoke from his state to have debate with us, in which he was clearly wrong, as he claimed that the set did not open w/ funky bitch. Any, second set, he is back in motion punching left and right. near the end of the show, i managed to drop my cigarette right in the woman's hair! this was completely by accident, but they had been so rude to us during the break that we said nothing. She accosted us after the show saying that we had burned her hair, which was a gross lie, it wasn't even on her hair for more than a second. The funny thing was that their antics made the show a little more interesting, coupled with an antelope encore that left me joyful for days. Without the punching man and his wife, I would not have as phond memories of the show, guess it has to be that way. See you at merriweather.
Strange Design from albany 12-13-97 embodied my recurring dream, I don't know why, but I have a dream where I have something to do, something important,and I have no idea what it is, it's not just a dream though, it's the feeling that the dream gives me, sort of incompleteness, something lingering, but it's not a bad feeling, almost an enlightening one. As i try to put it down on paper I realize that it is impossible to explain. the dream is not concrete, it's not always me and it's not always something to do, it's basically a feeling that kind of shows me that there's some fated force guiding people's lives, not just themselves. Anyway in my car I was listening to that tape and all of a sudden had that feeling, it was the first time I wasn't sleeping(or half sleeping) when I experienced it, I had to pull over and let the feeling pass, before I could continue driving. I have listened to Strange Design from that show and others since, and never again have I felt it, but I do know it's real.
This might take awhile...but I call this one "Thank you long haired Dave and your magic van" It was Santa Barbara, California sometime in the morning of 5-17-94, and the phone rang. On the other end was a friend who was more than just a bit excited. He had won four free tix to that night's Phish show at a little theater on State Street. Normally they show movies there so I thought this quite strange. Now at this moment in my life I had yet to see a Phish show, in fact I had yet to even hear a single note; radio, boot, cd or otherwise. I wasn't planning on watching TV that night and it was free and friends had compared them to my musical love (dead) and so I said "sure why not." We walked to the show from our home and immediately I saw why there were the comparisons. There was a girl first off, walking back and forth in front of the theater holding a finger in the air, asking for her "miracle". I remember mocking her. I thought to myself "Don't expect one sister, even if you do get in, this ain't the dead" Now the Arlington is a killer place to see a movie, it's got a balconey and all, but the real treat of the venue is the setting. It's kind of like being transported back a century to a scene right out of Spain or Mexico. The walls aren't walls at all, instead there are these facades of villas, so that if you are down in the regular seats on the floor, it's like you're sitting in the street and you would expect children running barefoot among the cobblestones, mothers doing the wash and a donkey tied up to a post. The villas have windows and roofs, balconies and vines running up the adobe walls. The lanterns flicker with candle light and the wooden doors ask to be opened, maybe leading you into a family's home where some killer sangria might be waiting for you. 1st set: Suzie, Maze, Mound, If I Could, Scent, Ginsing, Dog Faced Boy, SOAM, Coil The scene was insane with dancing, people were literally climbing up the walls, up onto the balconies of the villas and the lanterns backlit their grooving bodies. Smoke everywhere. As it was May 17, it was Page's Birthday and in the middle of his solo for Coil, Trey brought out a birthday cake, candles aflame. Some might take the time to say here that it was unbelieveable, well more so was the idea that I just wanted to go home, second set I could do without, in fact I could have done without the first one. Well my friends talked me into staying, insulting me with words to do so. So I stayed and immediately regretted it, it was not what I wanted, but they kept passing me the green hit as a way to keep me in my seat ( I sat down in protest of the show) I have no idea what I was thinking, some of it probably had to do with the fact I was a serious deadhead and felt the comparison was not fair and because they weren't ANYTHING like the dead I held it against them. I wont list the second set but at the time it finished, none too soon, I prayed there wouldn't be an encore. I was bummed to see the band take their places, but the minute they tore into AC/DC's Highway to Hell a little something clicked and I appreciated what they did with the song, I mean even by the standards I had at the time it ROCKED, and lord did I get up. Even so I was still not ready. 2 1/2 years would go by before I went to my next show. Jerry was gone to us now and the missing thing in my life was the music that had died with him. It was my birthday and yet another phone call from another excited friend. He had gone out and gotten tix for the Cow Palace show 11-29-96 and was determined to take me. I hemmed and I hawed trying to come up with excuses for not being able to go, after all I thought, they wont play just AC/DC covers all night. But my reasons were lame and it's rude to turn down a birthday present so I begrudgingly got into the magic van and made the trek north with three friends to the show. The lights came down, the fun guy inside me came up and Frankenstein was on. Like the monster it is, it took over. The something in me that clicked during the Highway to Hell encore that had been laying dormant awakened as well and I was OFF. NICU, Cars Trucks Buses, Zero, Divided Sky, Bathtub Gin, Life on MArs, Maze, and Suzie followed and there wasn't a moment my body stopped throughout it. I didn't know I could be moved like that, I didn't know I wanted to, but there it was, and all I could do was grin and say "DAMN!!!!" over and over. Somewhere in the middle of the 2nd set closer of one Mr. Harry Hood I discovered many more things, like pouring water over your head and stripping down to your levis is a good thing, and as we were thanking Mr. Minor and my balled up T-shirt was in my hand, soaked with sweat and water another thing crossed my silly stained mind. The emptiness was gone, I was full and I let go of that t-shirt, throwing it out over the railing of the second level and down to the floor below. This shirt was a special one to me, not only was it the only thing i was wearing, but it was a shirt i had got from the last dead show I attended, a Phil shirt, the one that that says; Bass great, Lesh Philling. It felt good to let it go, to see it drift out over the moving horde and disappear into memory, never mind that it was almost December in San Francisco and I'd soon be outside dripping with the remnants of my dancing in the chill of the air, pneumonia is curable right? The boys gave us Sample in a Jar as a good night and I cried for it to keep going, tears of too many things to list. We picked up our stuff, as we had lost it all and made our way to the magic van. I did San Diego a few days later, and got on a Greyhound Bus Christmas night to travel 3 days so as to make the Philly shows. The Magic van has delivered us to a few more since then and my friend who had taken me for my birthday and I have a pledge to see at least two shows every year. I am doing the west coast leg from Portland to Ventura, and will once again get on that DOG for another 3 day trip to make lemonwheel even though i have no idea how i'll get to the venue once i get off the bus (help? if you have any ideas) Needless to say, I thank the boys; Page, Trey, Mike and Jon for philling me with their music. Some ask me why and I tell them the story of the t shirt which ends like this. The minute we got outside of the Cow Palace there was a guy selling t-shirts for 5 bucks, and I had just one Lincoln left. I didn't really even look to see what it said cause i was too cold to care, until I had paid him and was walking away. On the front it simply said... Free. And in a minute I will be.
Hey everyone! Can' wait til summer tour. Just a few positive words. What is so special about Phish is that we ARE all different. Wouldn't it suck if we were all the same? Dressed the same, thought the same. Phish is an identity to most, something that seperates us from the rest of the joe average world. I am proud to have short hair and have an education and a career. But that does not make me better or worse than the person who tours and learns about life through traveling and meeting people and sells grilled cheese to make a living. We just happen to have different backgrounds. Let's enjoy each other this summer no matter what we look like. If we don't, we are resorting to all the crappy racism that exists in the "real world". I love Phish and the phans because I can walk down the street and see someone with a Phish shirt and 5 minutes later feel like that person is my best friend. That is the beauty of our "common interest". Lets learn from each other, meet each other. If we surround ourselves with our little groups that we feel comfortable in, we will never learn or grow! Expand your minds, smile at someone you never met, start up a conversation with someone you don't know and you will see how much more fulfilling your life can be. On the subject of tape trading, I am trying to be as positive as I can without upsetting John Whitler who posted about tape traders holding out on tapes. I will admit my page states I am a busy person and I have limited time to spin. But the fact is I would never deny a person from obtaining a tape they needed. A little story by a newbie about why they want a tape makes me excited and want to pass that show along. But most people who ask for tapes say "will you spin some tape?" and don't even leave a name or a show they are interested in. Let this be a lesson to newbies and fellow traders, a little communication goes a long way. Now I know John was probably not referring to me and there are some jerks out there, so I feel your pain bro. But I guess I just wanted to say it is important to EMPHASIZE why a particular tape is important to you and most people i know will sympathize if you are not being greedy (asking for 8 or 10 tapes). Look for me on summer tour, I will be the one passing out free tapes for lots of people. Smile, be happy, like someone said earlier "this will not last forever and if we spend the time complaing and analyzing people, we will miss all the fun". Peace, Rob
Hey there Phish Phans. Man, I just gotta say I love you all, and all you have written on this page. Both the negative and the positive are great because it shows we are a real community of caring people, twisting, thriving, and spinning with different opinions. For all those worried about the "scene," let it ride, we're doing ok. But the "scene" is not what I want to talk about, well not exactly what I want to talk about. See I have been in France studying the last six months. In fact, today is my last day! I leave tomorrow to return to good ol' Kalamazoo Michigan (ironically just as my favorite band is pulling in to Europe) but man, I couldn't be happier. Sure, it would have been great to see the boys up close in a little room grooving it out with about four hundred people, but I have my sites set on Deer Creek. I miss all you guys and I'm ready for you in full dose. I miss the "scene", I miss the smell, the feeling, the smiles, the beautiful girls in dresses and dreads. I miss dirty feet and dirty dogs, and veggie burritos, and grilled cheese sandwiches and Samuel Smith's Bombers! It's all so great, and it all only goes down in America. It is the one thing that is uniquely American, and that no European (though true many Americans as well) can never understand. Now sure, our country has a lot wrong with it, sure the police force has been given enough power that they balance on the beam of suppresion. But our country, man, our country is where Phish plays, and where we can follow them. And the cops never seem to catch all of us, and the cops can't suppress love. I guess after all I just want to say that after six months in Europe, though it is a great place, and has wonderful things to offer, we still have the best country in the world with the coolest people in the world. I thank God that I live there, and I thank Phish and all you phans out there that help make living there great! I'm coming home baby, I'm coming home! See you all at Deer Creek! If you see me around, say hi and give me a hug, I'll be the one smiling with sweet contentment from ear to ear. Dominic Siciliano
Today I wanted to write down my random thoughts about Phish. I'm 16 and many of my friends (who are slightly above Bouncin'-heads) ask me why I get so many tapes. The only way I can think to describe it is that I've gotten 'it' and they haven't. 'It' where you realize that besides the fact that Phish is such a great band, there's so much great music they've played and you're missing out if you haven't heard it. I got 'it' the 29th at MSG. I can remember the moment. It was during Theme. I mean I had been pumped the whole day about going to the show, it was my first time in Manhatten, it was awesome that they opened with NICU, Crossroads was raging and the doses were great, but from the opening piano notes to the end there was just this flow completely seperate from but also coming internally from the band that filled every space in the room. Every note Trey played would just add to it, encircle it, and come from it. Listening back it might not have been such a hose jam, but from Fluffhead on I felt it. I remember it being a dark yet light blue during Theme, and a reddish orange during DwD. It was this crazy purple during Antelope, and I can't even describe it during YEM. I was pissed when my friends insisted we leave to make the train after set II, it turns out we were 20 minutes early and could've caught a train 20 minutes after that. But I was happy. I went to 4/4 at Providence and got seperated from the kids I went up with, and I'm glad. I had to split a scalped ticket so the frat-boy in the making who drove could have his friend go, on the way home he boasted about hitting Trey with a glowstick. Another kid who went with us ripped me off for my Sunday ticket after I couldn't find a ride. He said he couldn't get more that $25 for it and therefore didn't sell it, but I saw the ticketless hoardes on Saturday and all I wanted was face even if he made $40. These are the unkind people we must avoid. Anyway I know I enjoyed the show much more high on Page's side by myself than they did sneaking down to the floor and trying to get as close to the stage as possible. And to the guy next to me who passed me his bowl and then I spaced on passing mine back, I owe you one. The second set was great, but the Hood encore sent me off thoroughly satisfied. I've loved that song ever since I heard it on a CD of Santa Cruz 10/19/91 (I'd spread it but some scratches would ruin the tapes). The encore was the last place I'd expect to hear it, and while not the most stellar version, the sight of the people dancing in the rafters summed it all up for me. Speaking of tapes, look for possibly a mini-tree or at least a b+p deal from some of the Europe DAUD/1s I'll be getting (thanks in advance Jon McLennand!) There are so many kind people out there that it would be awesome if everyone who gets 1st gens did a b+p deal. Do it for that warm fuzzy feeling you get when you spread the music with no personal gain. If you really love the music I can't see how you wouldn't want to as it only involves the push of a few buttons. I try to do more than necessary to help out newbies or traders in general because I wish there was someone out there doing it for me. Spreading the music is what gives me the most joy. And to those of you out there who didn't see you're first show at Hartford 97' but in some small club or building, I envy you! Don't be pissed at younger phans, we're the ones who should be pissed at you for getting to see shows when we were running around playing youth soccer or going through a Metallica phase (which I humbly admit). I'll only be going to Lemonwheel this summer because my parents think Plattsburgh and Vernon Downs are 'too far' (for what? I say), but I'll be listening to everyone having the time of their lives on tape. Because where would you rather be than a Phish show? If you've read this far thanks a lot. Think of how good this band will be in 10 years, how many awesome shows you'll see between now and then, and smile! Bryan Gilstein
Hello every one! I am so overjoyed that everyone is expressing their opinion whether good or bad! It is imperative that we as PHiSH Phans make the scene work. In order for it to work, we have to embrace each brother and sister with open arms whether or not it is their first show or even if they've been a permanent since like the 80's! The reason why groups like the Dead and PHiSH have the scene they do is becuase the Phans make it that way! It is you the consumate phan who collects tapes, goes to shows and spreads vibes and lives PHiSH that is important. But, remember you are not any more important than the youngin' next to you, askin' his buddies when bouncin' or fee is supposed to be played! You the Phan who is Phishin' every day, is important because you are educated in the ways of the scene and can spread POSITIVE VIBES and inturn, you will make or break the newbies opinion on the scene!!!!!!!!! If you act BUNK, then that newbie will say PHiSH sucks and the scene sucks! So it is so very important for us to be responsible and think about our actions. You the youngin' who is looking forward to your first show, (look for me at shoreline for your MIRACLE TICKET!) or even if it is your 50th show, it is important because you are the Phuture of the PHiSH scene!!!! KEEP IT POSITIVE ON ALL LEVELS. I'm not trying to preach even though it definately sounds like I am, I am simply trying to provoke some thought about the state of the scene. I was at 11-22-97 Hampton Col. and the lot scene was reminiscent of ' 94, very laid back and way cool!! I was proud of what it had become. In my humble opinion, it is just a matter of time before PHiSH is playing spots like Soldier Field, Sam Boyd Silver Bowl, RFK Stadium and others!! These places hold upwards of 60,000 people! So figure that the scene at the WENT will be the norm at a two day run in a stadium environment! If we start now with positivity, we will make a HUGE impact when PHiSH does start playing stadiums! Remember, it is just a matter of time before this happens. To qoute one of my fav Hip-Hop groups, A Tribe Called Quest " We Need Positivity, Not Negativity, Because We Gotta Strive For Longevity!" Also, to quote PHiSH lyrics, " RELAX, THE WORLD WILL SPIN BESIDE ITSELF AND SUCK YOU IN, WITH THREATS AND HOPES BEYOND COMPARE!"------------- New Tune, Relax/Roget Christopher Cassata------- A.K.A------ Bobby Shortcut Shows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greetings phellow Phish phanatics!! Just a plea to all pet owners: Please, please do not bring your pets to Lemonwheel or any other Phish shows this summer. I was reading the info for Lemonwheel and it states very firmly that your pets will not be allowed inside the grounds. This includes the parking lot. I understand that many of you tour with your pets and while I know that you probably love them more than life itself, it's just not fair to them to bring them to shows. I can't tell you how many times I've been at Phish or Dead concerts and have seen pets tied to car bumpers while their owners are out in the lot partying. Or someone loses their pet and the poor thing ends up wandering around with no place to go, probably forgotten and now homeless. This really saddens me. Just last summer this guy I know brought his dogs to a show and left them in the car while he was walking around the parking lot. He came back after the show and found that they had died from the heat. They were so desperate for something to drink that they ripped open a bottle of anti-freeze and drank it in an effort to stay alive. When I heard about this I almost punched the stupid s**thead a**hole (and I'm definitely not a violent person, but this was so stupid and cruel that I almost blew it). For some reason, some people think it's cool and hip to own a pet and bring it on tour. It makes them feel more kind or something. Well I don't think it's kind at all. That incident was not an isolated on, I'm sure. Your pets do not have a choice, but you do. Please leave them at home or at a kennel or something. And if you can't afford a kennel and feel you have to bring them with you, then you are definitely not responsible enough to own a pet in the first place. This is a life you are playing with, not a fashion statement. If you really love them, show them some kindness and leave them at home. If you don't have a home because are on tour all the time, then you shouldn't own a pet. It's that simple. I feel very strongly about this as you can see. To all those who read this and bring their pets to the show anyway, be warned: If I see your dog or cat and you are not around to take care of it, I will take it away and bring it to security for transport to the nearest animal shelter, to be placed in a loving home with responsible people. I'm serious. Anyway, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. Please be smart and leave pets at home. See you at the shows. Peace. A .T.
Well i hope i am not writng this for only my friend John to read and understand but that it will be at least entertaining for others. My thoughts today are of course about tour. Specifically "phish heads" whose find the need to bitch and moan about every little thing that doesn't go there respective way. Many times after reading a thoughts section on Andy's fine page i am near tears. I feel the need to weep when i read all the hatred and bitterness so called "heads" are sending toward each other and toward the band. I have to say it is bullshit. I know people don't like the "Dead comparision" but the Dead paved the way for Phish no matter how hard one tries to deny it. The Dead had a very similar following as phish, and when their fans got mad at them or started fights or gate crashed the band sent out a resounding message. They told them to stop acting like children to start to love each other again and have respect for the music because THAT is what it is all about. Then they said words that haunt me as far as the phish scene goes, they said to those people who respond to their statement as "fuck it, we'll do what we want" the Dead replied: "SO CAN WE." Remeber that people none of this is eternal take every minute to appreciate what phish does and how they make your life better. What if they weren't around, i'd like to think that no one could take their place in my life. So i only get to see 4 shows this summer at least i get to see those 4. And if you think of yourself as a true "head" then you would go to the ends of the earth to see them not complain that they aren't playing in "your backyard." So be kind. And be thankful. To Cactus and the boys thank you from me and please don;t let these people take you from us. Andy Kahn-
Today I sat in the park and wrote down my thoughts about the Phish scene. I am one of the kids who "trashed" the scene before. I didn't trash it for the hell of it. I "trashed" it because Phish and its' community are something I really love and enjoy. I can always go to shows and cut loose and have a good time.I really can't describe the feelings that circulate through my body. Or the wide range of emotion I feel during every note. Those four amazing musicians give me a high that no drug ever could. The music is special all on its own and thats the reason we go to shows but the scene just adds to the music. THe scene is just so diverse and wonderful that you couldnt go anywhere else and find that. BUt I feel that its changing for the bad. I am sure everyone will agree that its changed. And change is inevitable. I just dont like how people go to shows for the drugs or b/c Phish is big now. Its all about the music. Just think about all the things you own, all the things you say, and all the things you do for Phish. Why do you do it? If "I do it for the most incredible music" isnt your answer then I dont know what is(or something like that). I have made some very good phriends b/c of Phish. I have changed the way I think and dress and do things for Phish. And I do it b/c there is nothing I would rather do than be at a show sharin in the groove. I have really given this some thought and I am sure most people that read this understand what I am talking about. I just want everyone to appreciate Phish for who they are and especially for what they do. They make me glad to be alive....In my last thought( about the kid writing the setlist trying to write the setlist down) I really didnt describe right what I wanted to say. It just didnt come out the way I wanted to. I apologize for this and hope it didnt cause any1 problems. My main point in that thought was for people to acknowledge the change in scene and the fact that people arent there for the music. That just aggravates me. At Nassau two kids near my brother were trying to pick up a girl. SHe was all into the music and they were distracting her from having a good time. IS that right? I dont think so. They are ruining some1 elses good time. If any1 has a prob about what I have said, drop me a line at Thanks....tim
Just wanted to drop a few thoughts. First off, I feel that life is what you make of it -and it turn, so is a Phish show. I know that the "scene" has changed drastically since say 94, but the music is still good. Don't waste your time at your next show trying to anaylize each and every person around you. There will be innumerable amounts of different people around, and it can be a positive thing if we want it to be. Diversity is the spice of life, isn't it? I don't know why I let it get to me, but it seems as if most of the people who post thoughts on Andy's page are professional scene analysists. If your main concern is the scene, turn your energy into a positive thing. Don't worry about what people look like, but think of ways to help the scene to have a positive impact on the communities that play host to us. I can remember going to shows in the early nineties, and wishing that they would sell out so there would be more energy in the venue. Now that shows are selling out, some of you only want certain types of people there. That is the wrong attitude to have. Live and let live.
This message is directed to all people who get crispy low gen tapes. I have had some good and some not so good experiences in my 3 years of tape trading. Over all it has been great but the one thing that really honks me off is people who do not share tapes. You know the people who say i am too busy or my girlfriend takes too much of my time. That is a buch of crap. If i can find their tapelist and it has a rare low gen tape i need then they need to help that person out. Why would a person keep their list on the net if they are not going to trade? And if they do not want to trade why would they not be willing to do a blanks and postage deal. I have spun at least 1000 tapes through blanks and postage deals probably in this year yeah the last 5 months. Phish and other bands play great live music. As many peopel as possible need to hear their music and that can not be done without people sharing tapes any way they can. Please be like Kyle Hanefeld. Share the tapes. Be generous and do a favor for someone. Keep good karma and stay kind. Everyone will be so much more happier. Thanks to all who have ever helped me in searching for tapes and hooked me up. You are all the best. John Whitler
With regard to the 'scene', the growing divisions, the negativity, whatever, I don't get it. Anyone ever heard this: "He told me that the lizards were a group of people practically extinct from doing things smart people don't do" and "their clumsy end was perilously near". Anyone draw any connections here? "The lizards would be saved if they could be enlightened by the writings of the Helping friendly Book" "THE TRICK IS TO SURRENDER TO THE FLOW!" Does anyone else see? We are the lizards, the negativity brewing so thick is Wilson, the only liberation lies in the Helping PHriendly Book-the band. The tensions result from those unwilling or unable to surrender to the flow, which is certainly a way to listen to their music, but consider the further extension of that. Consider the people who come to shows, the cops (I'm fighting the bitter taste in my mouth here), the venues, the campgrounds, the ticketless, the Sammy's 4 sale, everything is encompassed by this flow. People want to pick what they like from it and complain about the rest. Picture a river flowing, if you're going to swim in it, you're going to get wet, if you don't want to get your hair wet don't dangle your feet and bitch when someone splashes you. I had never seen the band truly put off by a weird vibe at a show and tensions jagged in the air untill 4/2 Nassau. Trey seemed overwhelmed, almost Roger Waterish, and after all of this time to think about it, I hope he realizes how much pressure is on him. I'm sure he does, and I hope he expresses to everyone where Gamehendge truly is. If anyone dosen't believe me, consider when this negativity was inflated to such a horrible leviathin. Right after Spring Tour. I attribute a good part of this to New York (sorry to those kind who live there, but if you lived somewhere else you'd know what I mean) very strong vibrations around that city. Well sorry for rambling on so, hope this helped atleast shed some positive light. "so he led me through the forest, to the edge of a lagoon, by which we wandered till we reached a bubbly spring..." let's keep this summer's pilgrimage kind and in tune. Dan
We will not change anyone by trying. We can only live our life as an example to others and they will follow. We can love the music but we must love the message. The music is not there for us to abuse it with a drug induced attitude every show. I would like to travel parts of this tour this summer and see les phans on the road who will not talk to me about the music but only talk to me about the opium-mushroom combination they had. But there will be shows , there will be shows were we will all meet together sometime and share an unbelievible groove that will be unprecedented before. Hope to see you there!
To everyone telling everyone else how to act-shut up.The scene is what it is, and as far as I'm concerned, the music is just getting better.There will always be people at the lots screwing stuff up-do your part and have fun.See you in Walnut Creek...:
Wassup kids, i gotta say ive read alot of these posts and ive found alot of truth in what people seem to say about phish crowd. But these dont, and never will constitute reasons why Phish crowd is a negative thing (to me). Sure if you go to a show and pick apart the personas, the actions and the appearences of all its wonderously diverse denizens your gonna come up with some loose ends. I wanna know why cant we stop trodding through reasons why shit is so bad and just groove? I aint sayin to stop caring, not at all, but to me the key to a kind community is simplicity and unity. Lotsa kids dress different, lotsa kids got sticks up there asses, lotsa kids try to generalize and hold others down because of their outsides, but thats not cus the scenes got a problem, its cus too many people are tryin to change up the flow and make issues out of things that arent worth lookin twice at. Keep it simple kids, be happy, be open. Cus I'm sure everyone of us drivin home or buggin up the highway with some friends after a show has realized the simple truth: ITS ALL GOOD Isnt that the only thing that matters? Why weigh? Keep it real kids Peacevonspence (
I have been checking Andy's page on a daily basis for about a year now, and I have decided that it's finally time I post my random thoughts. To say the least, I get really worried when I see what is becomming of the Phish Community. When I saw my first Phish Show in 94, I thought I had finally found the part of my life that had been missing for so many years (and I had). But in the past four years, it saddens me to say that Phish tour has gone progressively downhill, not Phish, but Phish Tour. There are several things I would like to address in this "random thought", but I will try to touch on only a few of them. I will begin by addressing the whole Dead/Phish thing, as much as some people think that the words "Dead" and "Phish" should never be used in the same sentence. Let me begin by saying that I am more of a Phishhead than I ever was a Deadhead. But this does not change the fact that I love and respect the Dead for what they did. Lets face it, without the Dead we would not have Phish as we know them today. Sure, Phish would still exist, and they would still play the same great music that we have come to know and love today (even though their style of improvisational rock was greatly influenced by the Dead), but the Phish experience would not be the same. We cannot possibly believe that in the mid 80s, a group of people (hippies) would have evolved, and began following this incredibly great group aroung the country, making the Phish experience what we know it as today. If you don't like the Dead, thats fine; thats your opinion and you are entitled to hold it. But there's really no need to put them down, just as there is no need for anyone to do the same to Phish. Let me continue by addressing the actual Phish tour. Unfortunately, there will inevitably always be people at Phish shows who don't belong (those who are there for anything but the music). But those of us who are there because we love what these four guys do for us, need to try to make Phish tour what it was at one time - a peace loving utopian community who was moved by the music of Phish. We can once again create this community by doing only a few things. First, don't complain about the people at Phish shows if you don't know why they're there and don't stereotype. Sure, there may be alot of youngsters at shows, but who's to say that some of those kids don't actually like Phish? I only wish that I knew half the stuff when I was 14 that I know now, or that I could say I say my first Phish show at age 14. As far as the people go who are there for anything but the music, just ignore them, as if they don't exist. Talking negatively about them only adds negative energy to the scene. And for the people who post negative thoughts here on Andy's page, just skip right over them. If you don't read or listen to these negative thoughts, they won't affect you. Also, treat the venues as well as the cops with respect. I know that some cops can be assholes, but by shouting out "pig" when there is a cop nearby does not make the situation any better, it only encourages them to dislike Phishheads more and to fuck with them more. If we all treat cops respectfully, perhaps they will not see all Phishheads the way they see us now. Respect the rules of the venue. By rushing the floor, we are only jepordizing our chances of seeing Phish at that venue again. And please people, CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES!!! We as Phishheads have an obligation to keep mother earth clean, not to polute her by leaving out shit all over the parking lots of her venues. Make a committment to clean up the area around your car before you leave, even if it isn't your shit that you're cleaning up. Finally, BE KIND to all. Next time you're at a show, randomly hug someone, or spark up a conversation with the phriendly phishhead sitting next to you. These are the kinds of things we need to see happening more on Phish Tour. I could continue going on for hours, but this is already becoming lengthy. If what I have written here affects even one person, I will feel like I have accomplished something. I'll see you all on summer tour. If you have any comments or opinions about what I've written, feel free to email me. Also, email Andy and tell him what a terrific page he has, without him some of us would be in the dark about our community. Peace, Mike
I've been reading the stories about the scene surrounding Phish turning into a completely negative thing. I think this is absolutely correct, but what many of the posts don't say(or don't say directly anyway) is that the scene is what WE make it. It is not the band's job to control the scene, it's not the venue's, it's not corporate America's. It's ours. I have to agree, the scene is going down the pipes, but don't start blaming it on anyone who's different than you. Guess what? I'm a fourteen year old DEADHEAD! I saw my first Dead show when I was six(That was 1989 for the math impaired), and I had to watch them fall down the toilet. Maybe instead of blaming other "groups", maybe we(And I say we because I am, as of about 1993, more into Phish than the Dead) need to listen up to the other groups. I can give you an idea of what they'll say right here: The kids will talk about how they are discriminated against. At the Shoreline I went to buy a burrito and the guy had the nerve to say: "Isn't this show going to go to late for your mom to pick you up?" I was more than a thousand fucking miles away from my home, all of a sudden my mommy's going to come rescue her little child? As a younger fan, who's friends are mostly younger fans, I can tell you we're sick and tired of this treatment. Next, ask the old Deadheads. Depending on how old they are(And how long they watched the scene spiral off) they'll say different things. But say they're truly OLD Heads like '69. They saw the line get drawn between audiences and bands. They saw their band move into stadiums(Like many of us have); they saw some amazing increases in their population(ie right around '77 first, then around the release of In The Dark); and they saw some of their favorite musicians die along the way. These older fans can tell us exactly where things went wrong. And you know what? There isn't shit that you can do about population increases or death. All you can do is take it in stride and try to make the best of it. That is where the Deadhead community went wrong. They alienated each other into groups, just like we're doing now. That put immense pressure on the band, the venues, the government, the police, and most importantly, THEMSELVES. The riots happening were due to the scene not accepting itself for what it had become. We have already seen the beginnings of this happen to us. Red Rocks, Nassau and most likely other, less published incidents. I have news for all of you: You may not like how cops act, but KICKING THEM IN THE FACE WILL DO NOTHING!! They're only doing their jobs. Let me repeat that: They're only doing their jobs. Their job is to keep peace and we're making that fucking hard on them. Finally, you want to ask the "tour scum" what they think. They'll say that they're persecuted for their lack of funds. They have no money, many times no family, and often times Phish is their only light. We need to accept them and bring them into the community. COMMUNITY. We need to remember that word, because ours is falling apart. Forever, Ryan PS-Picture a bright ball spinning pretty. A closer look reveals the human race. Full of hope, full of grace...
Just wanted to say that I think that the Phish vs. Dave Matthews Band poll that Rolling Stone magazine is conducting is rather foolish. First of all, I don't know why it matters who has more fans (or more fans that would go to the trouble of voting in a Rolling Stone poll). Secondly, why the competition between two great bands? I would personally much rather see Phish if I had to pick between the two, but I have had some great experiences at DMB shows (when I went with people that intended to dance and frolic). Sure, Dave Matthews appeals to pop culture and many phans condemn him for that, but really, what's not to like about his music? Just a thought. BTW, DMB's new CD, which came out today, is quite a treat - Bela Fleck on 3 tracks and Tim Reynolds on the whole thing. Check it out. Widespread also has a new one out if you don't have it yet - Light Fuse Get Away, a double-CD live production which is a must-have for anyone who has or has not seen them perform live. Peace, John
I'll try to be short....the tomes people submit are understandable (I could write for hours about the band myself) but it's a little hard to filter the chaff from the wheat (or whatever). I just wanted to tell you about a trip through time I recently took with the help of the SugarMegs gang. I'm new to the 'net and was eager to find Phishy findings. I made my way to the SugarMegs page by way of AndyGadiel's (which is too good for words) and started poking around. I must say here that while I am a longtime fan I don't go much for the whole meta-community that has formed. I'm a solitary kind of guy and find that my enjoyment of the band does not require too much input from others (that's just me).....if it weren't for the concert I wouldn't go to the show if you know what I mean. I'm psyched to find all this music at SugarMegs.....I check out the "Emotional Rescue" that almost stopped my heart at Hampton last fall....then the "Julius" from Winston-Salem.....Trey was staring (a cliche I know....he was staring at the general area I'm sure but.....) right at me while they took the jam around again....and again...and again..... So I'm hearing this stuff for the first time (introversion has it's trading in a long time) and so I decide to look around a bit more closely. I see some "historic" shows listed but keep moving back through time 'till......wait...can it be?....W.O.W. Hall???? Eugene???? MY FIRST SHOW!!!!! I just about died. So I click on the first set thingy and I'm right there in Eugene on a spring night (4-4-91) and Jason (aka Critter) Miller (aka 2Legit2Crit) is introducing Phish and Trey is bending up into OhKeePah behind him. Critter promoted concerts for the University, he'd bring Phish back a few more times including EarthDay '92 when his inflate-able earth beach-balls planted the seeds for many a BBJ (imho). My roommate was good friends with Critter and we had gotten free passes and would pass backstage freely throughout the night (SO not a big thing then obviously). I'm sitting alone in a room and dancing my ass off 7 years earlier at the same time. Pure time travel. I'm going long so I'll try to wrap up................It was just too much. I could see Trey's sneakers tapping the two Tube Screamers....the watch face on his speaker cabinet....Boogie on top of Page's Hammond......Page looking goofy and super suave all at once....Mike just looking goofy but head-bobbing-out a goove that wouldn't quit.....two decals Yin-Yanged on Fishman's bass drum....The show belongs in the underrated file.....nothing special in the list but the music was so on the entire night....(after Portland the next night came the real treat....Evergreen with MAYBE 100 people and the boys celebrating the end of their first trip to the great pacific northwest.....I couldn't even begin to describe what happened that night ....PURE MAGIC) It's been 7 years since Eugene and while I haven't seen as many shows as I would like I haven't passed up a single opportunity to see them since (32 and counting). We got tapes a few weeks later and I must have listened to them more times than I can recall 'cos as the music came over the phone line to my computer I knew when every jam-shift was was like I had seen the show yesterday. I lost the tapes long ago but my first was burned into my brain. A very special night, then and now. thanx for the memories Andy & SugarMegs, LumpBlock (Clod) (drop the Clod for e-mail) (I see I went much for my plea for brevity at the top)
Please take your time and read this it's a very cool story! Well I am going to tell you all about my Hampton Col. 11-22-97 experience! It was cosmic and spiritual to say the least! Here goes, well it started in Bowling Green,Ohio at about 4:30 AM. My friends and I were chillin' in our dorm room (as usual) We were all really psyched to see what Phish would play because the setlists were so killer out west! So my friend Todd said " If the setlist was killer for tonights show we're goin' " We all laughed being that Hampton is 13.5 Hours away! Of course as college students we were very broke and ticketless! Hampton = sold out! So when we uploaded the setlist we were like WOW!! gyute encore 4 song set 2 plus encore nice! jammin' must have been unreal! (*I have the tapes it was!). So we all are sittin' there trying to convince eachother that we could go! So after some serious ponderance we decided we can go but we're broke! Then appears Jake, my friend listener of the master BOB DYLAN and old school-bluegrass!Not really a Phan (YET!! MIND YOU) Apreciates them and all just never got around to bein' a phan!Jake says " let's go I have 500$," we all say yea let's do it! We promise to pay him back and then we start to pack up! We grap tapes by the handful, sacks<--you know! pieces, and we head out! Well it of course being Northern Ohio had just started the first major snow storm of the winter! Well we walked all the way across the entire campus! We got to the parking lot and Dan (the owner of the car) tries to start her up, well he left the lights on and she's got a drained battery:( SHIT The problem in cracking the egg is, of course, the total lack of abrasive elements in a severed neck. I found it far more workable if the wire was pulled out of the neck through the spinal column. Then, the separated vertebrae can be used to crush the egg. The drawback is that one must have a friend close by to help with the placement of the egg, as ones arms (and legs) tend to go to sleep after the spine is severed. What does this tell you about electricity? Well, for my part, it taught me to unplug the wire before trying to push it in. ........come waste some time with me, you beautiful people. Love B.
Hey, we just wanted to write in a little plug for our friend J Willis Pratt. Some people may have seen him open up for Phish in Albany this past fall. We saw him play last night at Toast in Burlington with his band and with Jon Fishman sitting in on drums for part of the night. Seeing Willis play always makes us happy, he was truly born to be a rock star. He writes some really kick ass lyrics if you're listening. His newest CD, "Bleeding in a Sharks Tank" is available through Phish Dry Goods, he's got another coming out soon. You might want to check out his webpage it has sound bites from his album on it too. Wiilis seems a bit rough when you first meet him, he can be a bit rough around the edges. He is truly one of the most tender hearted, good willed people I have ever met though. It's hard for some people to see around those edges, but if you get a chance you'll meet one of the most purest of good people you ever will. It's hard to try to put words to the man, he's one of a kind. I hold willis very close and doubt I will ever meet anyone quite so pure again. His greatest dream is to be a rock star, like his friend Jon. He doesn't by any means follow in Jon's footsteps, his musical style certianly can clash with the musical style of Phish, I understand, his music isn't for everyone in the phish community. But, check it out on his webpage, get his CD if you like it. Support him if he ever gets the wonderful opportunity of opening up for Phish again. We consider it a true priveledge to be part of Willis' life. That's it really... Jen and Dan
I've been coasting through reading these random thoughts, (randomly, I might add), and think I might be able to add something enlightening. I'm nearly thirty-three years old and have seen twenty-one shows since '93, 37 Dead shows, blah, blah, blah. I dress basically like a yuppie with a new tie-dye, wear expensive sunglasses, have short hair and shower daily. Phish regularly penetrate my very soul with their music and just the overall vibe of their shows. How could this be possible when I'm not dressed in a full hippie costume? Music fans come in all shapes and sizes, folks, and the fact that many of you actually worry about whether the person next to you "deserves" to be at the show would be comical if it wasn't so pathetic. Indeed, if that's what you're thinking about, (excepting someone screaming in your ear during amazing grace, or something like that), perhaps YOU are the one that doesn't "get it". I think the entire preoccupation with this issue of "show-attendee worthiness" illustrates that the average age of the Phish community is pretty young, i.e. immature! I might also suggest that there are probably more posers dressed with the dreds and ragged clothes than you think. Losers shirking life's responsibilities by touring with Phish who don't "feel" the music, either. The bottom line is, when the lights go down, the only thing in the world that matters is those four on stage and to waste any energy on silly complaints is foolish. Speaking of that, why the almost universal bashing of "bouncing" and "sample"? You phans celebrate Phish's versatility, yet whine when they play the utterly soothing, beautifully arranged "bouncing" as a nice change of pace; who cares if little kids love it? The very popish "sample" isn't their best song, but it beats, at last count, 5,345,232,967 songs played live by other bands, for God's sakes! I think it just goes to show that even when you have an experience like Phish, you've got to bitch about something---it's only human! In closing, my description of a Phish show: "They're either 'on', or they're 'fucking unbelievable'"! P.S. The band should furnish Andy with front-row for every show for his efforts!
I am a relative newbie in the Phish Community. I have been listening to the band since 93-94, but have only been to 9 concerts in that time. To tell you the truth, I have enjoyed every minute of every show I have been to. There were numerous occasions where I might have been introduced to Phish earlier in my life, if I had made this or that HORDE show, but I eventually got to my first concert at Hershey Park, 1996. While many people decided not to go to this venue because of its location, I felt that I had an amazing first show. Since then I have been to Alpine Valley, Tinley Park (good show, bad acoustics), Detroit, Champaign and the New Years Run of 1997. In that time I have experienced the most mind blowing music in my life. There are ups and downs in the music, times when you are just listening, and times where you are so intensely focused that the music transcends everything. While the latter is always an amazing experience, you just can't stay there all the time, you're brain would burn out. I was never really a member of the pre-show scene until I got together with my current girlfriend, and after a couple of bouts with some hallucinogenics, I have retired from the drug-using scene (hello to phellowship members). I am not going to preach about drugs, it is not my place. All I will say is be careful. As for the scene, as many people have said, the scene is what we make it. It is sad to see kids trying to imitate the sometimes awful things we do to ourselves. They may be old enough to attend a show, but they look to the older phans for guidance in how things go at the show. We need to give them a good example. I don't claim to be better than anyone, but I have a degree in Biology and extensive knowledge of the chemistry of drugs. The nitrous just has to go. While this stuff does have practical applications, the amounts being consumed at shows is a tragedy. We are allowing a whole generation of kids grow up thinking it is ok to blow their minds out and become individuals who contribute nothing to society. I have heard a lot of people in the community complain about the American society. Wake up folks, if we didn't have this society, we wouldn't have a band like Phish to listen to. Like it or not, we live in this country. We may not like other individuals, but according to the laws of this country, we have to live with them, provided that their opinions and actions do not harm others. We need to wake up and take responsibility for our actions. If we choose to do something, like a drug, we have to be willing to pay the consequences. I found it out the hard way. The reason I am now drug free is that I did a large dose of acid at the Alpine show last year. I had a great time. Two weeks later, I was curled up in a fetal position on my coach, ready to kill myself. The acid unlocked all sorts of repressed memories (that is why it was once used as an anti-depressant), and I was unaware of why I felt like such s**t. I just knew that everything I was doing was negative. All of the energy in my life was negative. I entered therapy. Now, 8 months later, I am getting ready to return to school for a second degree, and am applying to Medical school next fall. My life is so positive, and Phish is still a part of it. I am still a big fan, although some of you would disagree, due to my lack or concert attendance. I fell into the dark side, but have reemerged with such a positive light that the only way I can describe myself is happy. I made my choices freely, and accepted the consequences. These consequences have cost me time and money in therapy. I am not holier than thou, but each of us has to realize that Phish is only a band. They are the best, but they are still just a band. We can use our free time to pursue our interest in them, but we have to be our own individual. I believe in the collective unconscious mind. This is that we are all connected, but we are not aware of this connection, it is in our subconscious mind. In our conscious mind we each need to be an individual. This will allow us to express ourselves. When we allow actions to just happen, instead of being decisive, we lose a part of our individuality. That is what makes each one of us different. We can each like the band, but if we devote 100% of ourselves to it, we are going to come out disappointed many times. I realize that a lot of what I am saying here is along the lines of a Dennis Miller Rant, but I feel that I have so much to offer, and am willing to share it with anyone seeking the way of peace, tranquility, and a full life. We don't all have to be rocket scientists, but each of us has to express their individuality. I am going to leave my email address, and hope that you will respond if you have any questions or concerns. Please don't spam me, that is one of the reasons that I don't generally post to bulletin boards. If you care to talk at all, is my home account. My name is Ed, and I hope you all have a funky day. Ed - "Thank you Mr. Hood"
Next time someone asks you how a Phish show was your response should be.... For some moments in life there are no words. Its from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I think its the perfect way to describe a show.BTW I got my tix for summer.....cant wait.....later on
This thought is to all phans that think every kid at a show is a "Buncing Head" or whatever. I just turned 14 and first started liking Phish when I was in third grade. At my camp all the counselors influenced everyone. (The same year I wrote home to my parents telling them about this "great new band callled the Grateful Dead"). Anyway, yes I'm short and have braces, but I'm NOT a teeny bopper. My favorite bands at this time are Phish, Leftover Salmon, and Miracle Orchestra (great funk/jazz band from Boston). I've gone to shows with friends (most of them hate Bouncing anyway) and people are like, "Get away - you don't belong here". Just because I'm not old enough to go on tour or even go to 18+ shows doesn't mean I can't enjoy the music just as much as someone who's seen 154 shows. I do have over 100 tapes of many good bands though, and I'm just saying Get Rid Of Your Sterotypes about younger phans. Most are cool. - Casper
In a summer 1992 or 1993 Interview of Trey and Mike conducted by Tabitha Sorren of MTV backstage at the H.O.R.D.E. festival Trey says,
" . . . So it becomes an obsession with certain people. Because it's different every night and always changing, and then when they come to a concert, and something genuine happens, they're a part - the fan's a part - of a genuine event that's happening at that moment and that feeling, I don't think they ever shake it.
When they come to a concert, something spur of the moment, incredible, exciting thing happens, and they're a part of it because we're feeding off of the same energy. They're sitting - we're all in one room - doing the thing together, whatever it may be - and that stays with you forever.
You're kind of hooked, to use a Phish pun."
I did not attend the spring shows because I didn't have the money(I'm a lowely college boy). But I would guess that most of the people reading this think I'm not a true fan. Those kind sentiments and elitist atittudes are what bring the scene down. The band is playing great, and they've never really falled off at any piont, they just change directions. We are so spoiled as fans of this band, they give us greatness nightly. I love phish because it's real music that isn't driven by any corporate machine, it's driven by our dedication to keep this fabulous band working, and thier dedication to give us a entetaining&transcedant show. Let's keep it that simple, and get away from these politics. Republicans vs. Democrats,IRA vs.British Government,Racists vs. EVERYONE NOT LIKE THEM, Newbies vs. Frats vs. OLD-DEAD-NEW-PHISH-HEAD vs. Old school phishhead? That's where it's heading people...just love each other or ignore each other, okay? TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES,AND EACH OTHER(SOUND FIMILIAR?)
Right on To andy carver and the guy below him. I totally feel the same way. I guess the word for the day to both of them was jonesin. I like the word. Hey let people be themselves at the show. We have all had a first show and it is a new experience. It is not like something is going to come natural the first time. Also please stop with the people in the shows. I am sick of the strait druggies who come to the lots to feed their habit. It is the MUSIC and if someone chooses to do drugs well hopefully that is an afterthought. PLease focus on enjoying the boys. John Whitler
Sounds like Fishman needs Carnini at his home when this Brian Molloy character decides to show up.
what's up everybody and props to all who went to the providence shows. anybody who got in knows they got their moneys worth. I'm not down with this complaining bullshit. You got to keep that vibe alive. Personally, my ass was rocked and my head was humming from every aspect of the band. I just love how my boy Trey does this rock star moves. Like bangin' his head (I swear that guy is gonna break his neck one day during antelope ), raising that elbow to emphasise a lick or during cavern he was so funked out that it looked like he wanted to make love to that guitar That's the stuff that makes me laugh and keeps me coming back for more. and then there's Jon sitting back there swinging those circled jazz beats, with his perfect posture. You got to give the guy credit for his perfect posture. And how many of you out there had Birds of a feather stuck in your heads for days after the show? As for sundays show we all know it was the BOMB. These guys were'nt gonna fuck around from the get go. They knew what we were starving for. Everyone was jonesin' for that YEM and Tadow! they swing it right to us first set. I was in the hallway at the time and every kid freaked and the hot mommas just started shaking that ass. Hey, hope I opened an eye or two and fired up someone out there. There's more to come from this frisky writer so peace out and remember my motto "Boogie till you puke!" and "Keep on truckin" Andy Carver
I've been reading the many random thoughts on this page and am concerned about what WE have become. I won't briar beat anyone with my ideas and ideals about the band and the scene, but I will give insight as to why I have so much fun. I've seen 9 shows. No big deal. However, in the time it took me to catch those shows (fall '95 - fall '97) I've learned a great deal about the band, the songs, and the scene. Looking back over the first tapes I ever had, I find it a window into my ignorance of years past: I have songs labeled WeekaPANG Groove, Time Time Time (Mound), PYITE->the Landlady->PYITE. Yeah, as far as Phish was concerned I was ignorant as hell. We all had to start somewhere. At my first 2 shows I couldn't make a complete setlist ("What the hell is 'Life on Mars'?"), but I persevered. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't have stuck with it. The young'uns we see at the shows these days deserve the same benefit of the doubt. At the Winston-Salem show last Fall there were more teeny boppers than I could have imagined. I saw two kids with braces just from where I was sitting. There were two young girls in front of us that would attempt to dance to the groove, but would give it up after a few minutes. It must be a difficult adjustment to go from shaking it to Matchbox 20 to about a half hour long Bathtub Gin. It didn't upset me that these kids were there, quite frankly it amused me. If they didn't have a good time, then chances are they won't be back. Everyone gets the fair shake they deserve, and it's up to the dedicated fans to accomodate them (unless they truly are jerks). So the next time you see the Sample and Bouncin' heads, just chuckle to yourself and let them hope for their 5 minute songs while you jones for the RUNAWAY JAM!!
Hello everyone- O.K., I hope everyone enjoyed themselves in Providence and Nassau! In response to ALL the comments recently posted on Andy's wonderful page and elsewhere, I want to offer my thoughts and a plea of sorts to everyone who really cares and has a passion for anything, not just Phish . PLEASE EVERYONE RE-EVALUATE WHAT PHISH, MUSIC, THE "SCENE" AND KINDNESS MEAN TO YOU. I say this because I think that it is time within the phish community (and without) that people breathe deep and put into perspective what this all means in their hearts. I've seen phish since '93 and have seen the band and scene evolve along the way. I hope that everyone understands that they are just like you and me and that they also are aware of what is happening within the scene. Although you don't see Trey posting on the net about what happend at Nassau thrusday night, he knows...furthermore I'm starting to feel that having one of the band members say something is the only way that things will get changed for the better. But you all know as well as I that WE MAKE THE SCENE WHAT IT IS. When you go to phish don't be jaded about ANYTHING. Go there with an open mind and for the music. So what if there are frat-people, old-deadheads, teenys, etc. How do you know they're not their for the music? Exacty. you don't. Music is different things for different people. Be respectful. Don't carry assumptions. You can't change other people but you can have an impact (even a small one) on peoples lives. During Sunday's show a girl came up to me all tweaked out(obviously on psychadellics) who was not your "run of the mill" phish fan. I could see that this was all new to her and she was bugging out but I did just ignore the problem and say "she's not a Head, or here for the jamming so fuck her.", as I have seen done before. Instead, I talked with her and calmed her down, got her some water, and in a little while she was really really into the playing. That girl might never see phish again but at least she knows that there are human beings there who are willing to help out others. It is unfair of us in the phish community to be elitest or judgmental. What makes us so much better than people who go see MMW or Hanson, or Metallica? In life, we are all equals. And so what if you didn't get to hear Destiny Unbound, or Rift or whatever. What the setlist turns out to be is so irrelevant to the larger issue here. Phish plays what they feel like playing and we should appreciate whatever they throw at us. Yes, they make mistakes(i.e. Lizards on Saturady was flubbed abit) but who cares? They played Lizards. that's the gist of it. Also I'd like to point out that many of us put phish on a higher platform than other bands. That should not be. People, you have to be open to all kinds of music because that fact is its all good. There is so much good stuff out there why limit yourselves? The negativity that is occuring right now comes from ourselves just as much as from "other" people who come to see the shows. It is just an issue of common sense. I'm seeing things that look like the last years at Dead shows. People getting hurt, bumrushing the floor, etc. That flatly stated is NOT COOL. We hype ourselves up so much it's not funny. Phish is this and that and I've been to 50 shows, and we are this huge community of people that love everybody, blah blah blah. Honestly I feel that the phish community is really becoming very hypocrtical. I'm sorry if this offends, but its true. Phish is just phish. A great band. A show is just a show( yes its different for everybody, but in the end its true) We love everybody. But do we? If we make comments like "the asshole in front of me wouldn't stop singing to Bouncin" than I would have to say no. If we want to live up to the expectations we have set for ourselves than things have to change. If you are a kind person than show it. Give someone a miracle, clean up after the show, be responsible and look out for the brothers and sisters around you (even if you don't think they are there for phish) It doesn't matter. This might sound like I'm a jadded fan but I'm not. I'm just concerned that I'm seeing people and music and vibes and energy and love all go down the tubes. We are part of something bigger people. And so is phish. They create energy but so do alot of other bands and people. Just think about the energy that is present when you're in a room with four of your friends having a really good conversation. Now, multiply that by a zillion and you have some idea of the enormus energy that exsists at a show. Within this energy is contained so much potential. Why waste it with negative vibes and bitching and groaning? Everything is connected. All your actions have consequences that are far reaching. You might not know it but the water bottle that you left on the ground at the show might affect hundreds of people in different ways. It sounds far fetched but it is true. People go see phish shows for different reasons, none of which should be considered better than others. If you see someone doing something stupid at a show politely tell them that what they are doing is stupid but don't lose your shit and blame everybody for the actions of one person. What I'm trying to say here is that phish is a big spiritual, emotional, and fun part of my life as it is to many others. We all have to realize however that no one has the right to bitch and groan, and no one else has the right to bitch and groan about that person's bitching. We are the solution to our problem. Yes, everyone is free to think their own thoughts, but just consider for a minute the words and actions and consequences before you let fly. What is the use of words if they are not translated into positive actions? I hope that I have not offened anyone and if so I am truly sorry. I just want to see everyone who cares about the band and music and scene step up and do something about it. Comments are welcome from all. Thanks for taking the time to read.Thanks Andy, thanks to Phish and all the cool cats who actually care about this. Peace and Happiness- Phil Svoboda
So, we mail ordered for seven shows today and while we were at the post office the craziest thing happened. We were at the desk filling out each money order, psyched as hell that we had the funds to order for shoreline and other shows out west -when the guy next to us happened to notice we were addressing everything to Phish. He says " I used to teach English to the guitarist of that band, Trey Anastasio, when he was in the seventh grade in Princeton, NJ.". So we found out that the "little red hair kid" was pretty good in school and ice hockey- go figure. Anyway, he asked us if we were going to see all those shows "So you guys follow them around, have you ever gotten back stage?" Unfortunately we had to say "No" sadly, and he said "well if you ever do tell Trey that Bob Krouger said hi" So, we'd like to pass on the greeting- see ya this summer!!!!!!!!!!! Peace and Love Scot and Jen
okay, well i've been reading this page, and frankly it's got me down. but that's just everyone's opinions and that's cool. but one thing really ticked me off, the post that criticized the kid writing down the setlist. okay, what the fuck? what is the point there, you criticize him for not writing down STASH the *instant* the opening lick kicks in. puh-lease, the negetive vibe at shows could be coming from you. i consider myself a huge phish fan. i take down the setlist. but i guess i have no place at shows since i write it down at my leisure. in a shocking revalation that may STUN this community i admit that sometimes i may wait two, thre or EVEN FOUR SONGS to write down that run. this definately happend at night one nassau: Tube, My Mind's, and Sloth is not to complicated to remember. so because i was writing it down during the end of sloth i'm not a fan. oh well, whoever made that post, e-mail me and i'll pass all my summer tix along to you when they arrive. i have no place at shows, i'm sorry. i even didn't know what to call the new song being labled as "Roget" i should've been able to read the band's mind. i'm such a poseur. Peace.... Aaron Hawley PS-- i hope you understand the above was blatant sarcasm, which is a negetive thing. on a positive note, i'm ovffering up my crispy DAUD1 copies of both nights at nassau for B+P for the first three people who e-mail me. the only catch is they should post somehthing to andy's random thoughts page, on a POSITIVE note.
In this past tour some major things have occured, i'll keep this short so i wont mention them but im sure all have read posts from phriends. Phish is gonna be in huge stadiums sooner or later this is inevitable, unless of course we do a 180 turn(we being the phish community) And if we still act that way, yup, Phish's reputation will precede them, and no more phish( i personally wouldnt want a band in my town that has fans that kick police officers IN THE DAMN FACE!, under any circumstances)! this is for everyone, we are obviously doing something wrong and sending the wrong messange to people,ie: the "12 year-old" kids at the shows who are just there for the "scene". I personaally got into phish at an early age, and for one reason or another the "scene" was not my reason for being hooked, the four of em' were just damn good! So what am i saying we should do??? i havent the foggiest, but i do know it needs to change. I realize that all of this is apparent i just thought it should be said once more, and on this page. Thanks so much.. Blake
Hey everyone, I have never formerly wrote one of these things before, but I am still in such a state of awe, that I had to write it to this list. (I am in Canada, where phish is as popular as snow-boarding helmets). Yesterday morning, I woke up an hour late to meet my friends and to drive to Providence (no thanks to the goddamn daylight savings). Fortunately for my ass, they all forgot to change their clocks as well. At eleven, the four of us departed for the five hour drive from Lennoxville, Quebec to Providence, Rhode Island. We were all extremely cranky, but a large hint of excitment was obviously throbbing within us. We got there with time to spare, relaxed, and got ready to boogy. After unexpectedly meeting up with two long lost friends, a veggie burrito or two, and a dreadful trip to the overflowing mens bathroom, I made it to my seat. They came on just as I was realizing that I was finally there. I was hoping for a "jim" or a "disease" opener, but I really did not give a shit. "Oh Kee Pah" blew me away with surprise, but was it ever a treat! The crowd, including myself, was bursting out the seams with joy. We were all equally ready for the night that would follow. I thought they would blast into "Suzie" coming out of Oh kee pah, but they decided to charm us with a pleasant surprise. YEM was great to hear. Trey was having a bit of trouble with the beginning, but we would have loved it even if his speaker blew out. Overall the YEM was OK. Nothing out of the ordinary if you compare it to others from '97. The building jam was great, and the vocal jam was nice and funky, but overall, it was a fairly average version. "Theme" was fun. Not much to write home about, but hearing theme always brings a large smile to my face. The only "McGrupp" I had ever seen before last night was 12/30/97, which as we all know was unfinished. They more than made up for that. Page shined during his solo, which was thoroughly jammed, and the ending made me happy (as it usually does). The "Bathtub" was great to hear. As far as quality goes, they could have done a lot more with it. I wasn't as impressed as I usually am with the "gin jam". The transition into "Cities" was less than flawless, but enjoyable nonetheless. "Cities" took a little while to get going, but once it did, it wouldn't stop. I don't know what the hell they were jamming to about eight minutes into Cities, but it was beautiful and made up for the less than impressive jam before then. Sparkle was Sparkle. I really didn't think they would have time for more, but "SOAM" proved me quite wrong. It was a great version. I had a feeling during the Gin-->Cities jam that they were feeling a little rushed, but whatever was wrong was fixed during SOAM. Overall, the set was good. Fairly standard (for the standard they have recently set), but good. I wasn't gasping for air from the intensity by the end, but I definitely wasn't complaining. I'm not much for rating by numbers so I won't. Little did I know what I was in for . . . At setbreak, I found myself promising my Canadian friend, who had never been to a show, that the second set would be better than the first. Part of this was because I knew that a song like "SOAM" and "Cities" isn't real life-changing if you've never heard it. He found the first set a little awkward. "DWD". The second they started with the distortion at the start, there was not a doubt in my mind that DWD was up. I preceded to jump uncontrollably. I can't rate this version critically because the whole jam had me in ecstacy (except for when I was distracted by the morons dancing on the cat-walk). Let's just say it was a Down with Disease. This disease was jammed to the extent that it is usually jammed nowadays, but about fifteen minutes into it, thousands recognized the cheerful opening chords of "Yamar". This was no average, ordinary "Yamar". The jam which extends by the guitar solo was extremely relaxed and focused. They really perfected their synchronization and improv. After a while, everyone faded out but Trey. At this point, Trey proceeded to entertain us with the best guitar solo (in my eyes) I have ever seen him play. For five minutes, he went off completely alone with only a single light for company. I didn't get bored for a second, the jam eventually picked up again and evolved beautifully into "Caspien". I am not a huge Caspien fan (maybe because it's two chords), but I definetley enjoy it when I hear it. There was nothing incredible about this particular version. Towards the end when it gets real quite (right before the big bang), I really liked the way they stuck with that for a WHILE. Page just went with his own groove, while Mike shared an occasional riff. It was the perfect rest to a long while of dancing. "Maze" was great. I always love hearing Maze. Page took awhile to really get into his solo, but he finally nailed it. Trey decided to use his soloing time to screw around with the jam. He managed to turn the jam into "Oblivious Fool". A bit of a shocker, but It was nice to hear and done very well. The jam that took place after a verse or two of Oblivious Fool, sounded like it was going back into "Maze", but it didn't exactly do that. "Possum" confirmed the insanity in the Providence Civic Center. Their was not a single person in the room who wasn't loving to hear the first tunes of Possum chiming in. The jam in Possum was intense, although they seemed to keep teasing a giant peak that they never fully reached. I had no complaints. It did the job that Possum usually does. This jam became funkier as it progressed until we found ourselves moving to a completely new origianl funk jam. At this point, Trey thanked us and all that, and informed us of the presence of the funk (I really don't remember what he said). This funk jam lasted forever, and Mr. Michael Gordon was making some of the greatest noises possible to make with a bass. This was the definition of a truly great Phish funk jam. I could have sworn that I heard the first chord of "Cavern". Without changing their funk beat, they played what could have very well been the best Cavern ever. What a remarkable set. After, whistling and praying for a "Hood" for five minutes, I got "Bold as Love" instead, and went home happy. I really did not mean to turn this into a novel, but I had a lot to say about this show, and once I started typing, I was almost back there. I'm sure you guys know what I'm talking about it. The 4/5/98 show in Providence was pretty remarkable as a whole. I would strongly urge anyone who was or wasn't there to look for it soon. Thanks for putting up with my long story. Mike Preston PR971225@UBISHOPS.CA
Just a follow-up to that last post. I too feel that the scene is going downhill. Not just the negative vibes that have been going down on Andy's fine page, but in every aspect of *OUR* community. I say this with out trying to offend anyone, but in these days of political correctness it is going to be difficult. Back in 1994, when I saw my 1st show, it seemed that everyone carried this glow of anticipation about just being in the building for one boogie their pants off. Now I look at the crowd, and everyone can blame it on something (i.e old deadheads who have made it into the scene, frat boys there to party, teeny-boppers there to hear bouncin, etc), but I just feel we have lost sight of this wonderful thing we have, THE BAND. Yes we all have our wish list of songs we would like to hear on a particular night, but don't be whining that they didn't play every set with every song a classic lesser played tune. If you go into a show hoping for a Destiny Unbound, chances are you are not going to hear it, and you will go home disappointed. The way the band is playing now just has to be enjoyed, and I think it is just the tip of the ice berg. There is so much exciting energy being poured from the stage everynight, that I cannot believe some of the reviews on this page. THIS IS A BAND< THEY ARE PHOUR HUMANS (contrary to popular belief). Here are four things to remember when you go to a show 1. clean up after yourself (we won't be allowed back if the messes continue) 2. if you are going to drink/smoke/dose, do it responsibly, and be respectful to those around you who choose not to partake (only in the music for me) 3. respect others space- DO NOT rush the floor, cram 17 people into one seat, it just pisses everyone offf around you and no one will have a good time. 4. Enjoy the music- let it clean your soul, float you, make you a better person for being there. Those are my thoughts, see everyone this summer Maryland--->vernon be safe and give a buck to the waterwheell peace thru the funk dan d4
I think the Phish scene is going downhill fast. I havent been around that long (listening to them since '93- first show in '95) but i have been around long enough to see all the bad things that have happened. The music continues to improve yet we as phans continue to get worse.People bitch about the song selection and how this song sucks and this one doesnt jam long enough or i have heard this 43 times. hte band is human. they are going to make mistakes and arent going to be able to play their best every night. We have to remember this. I also think that there are people going to these shows who are just going because "going to a Phish show is a cool thing to do" Well yes i agree it is the best thing anyone can do, but when i see kids walking around in Tommy Hilfiger size 95 jeans, and a Wu tang tee- shirt on i feel that they arent there fro the right reason.And that reason is the Music. that is why we drive thousands of miles around the country, isnt it? I used to go to shows to hang out with the crowd before the show. But now i Just feel it isnt the same as it once used to be. Thank God the band is so fucking good or i dont think i would come back.It used to be an experience, an adventure. But now it isnt.In Nassau i had kids next to me who personally I thought were really into Phish. They just looked that way. He decided to write down the setlist. It took him about halfway through some of their best known songs to realize what they were playin'. I know everybody, including myself, doesnt know every song .An it doesnt make you a bigger or better phan. Just as going to 8 shows or 80 doesnt make you a better phan. But what i question is why that kid is there. Is he there to cut loose, have a good time, and really appreciate what these four amzing musicians are doing? Personally I dont think so. Before the Nassau show i just was in a horrible mood and i thought once i got there the scene would cheer me up. well it dint. It made me feel worse. What happened to the nice , open- minded, caring, wonderful, appreciative, people that i once knew.If everyone is there for the music then that is great and i apoligize. But i dont feel that everyone there is. In fact I know this from some kids in my school who hated Phish who went to a show. Every time they heard Phish they would bitch about it. Yet they went o see a show. Is that right? no it is not! well those are just my thoughts.Keep on sharin in the groove!
These are just my thoughts on music and Phish. I've climbed inside music and ate of its fruits. Tasting overwhelming flavors... at times I like to just take music and wrap it around me, lost in the odd familiarity of its comfort... eventually crawling deeper into the music until I find it... there it is... RELEASE... I look back now and can see that I am truly found in music. I am found by losing myself in the flow. Bathing in it, cleansed and purified, the music seeps into my bloodstream, until,... that tingling sensation begins to emanate from within... from the very center of my being... blossoming like a flower with its petals opening around me and revealing my soul. Now that I can breathe music, the action of swimming in its river has leaped into a whole new realm. It is still an incredible experience, but it is also becoming a way of life... riding the music... I am finding that Phish shows are gatherings of musical surfers, surfers of music, all with their own unique levels of experience, of wisdom, of love of life... ...and the wave, what a magnificent wave... constantly changing and evolving, for the mere existence of an individual changes the waters forever. Every person is constantly creating ripples, flowing out over everything in Life. With countless people, the ripples accentuate each other and in turn create waves... Phish have been swimming the waters and know of these waves, as do we. The miracle, is that they have managed to bring forth a wave for us,... for everyone... one that we've helped create and are still creating. With this in mind, it is paramount that we acknowledge our ability to change the waters of Life and then develop skills in harnessing the way we shape the universe. I feel one key component is the ways in which people surf, riding the music... for standing still and trying to make changes will do nothing. One must hop on their surfboard, or whatever means available, and then cut out their grooves against the wave. When this is done, others to come will find that they can harvest the seeds you've sown in the lands you've opened. well, sorry to ramble on so long, but that's how i feel. if you could put this anywhere, i'd gladly appreciate it. thanx, adam
I read the Phish summer tour news with mixed emotions. It looks like a carbon copy of last year's tour with only a few differences. A LOT of the same venues, same length, and this time they are planning to stop in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio at Polaris Ampitheater on July 31. This really pisses me off. Not that they are playing in my hometown, as it is the first time in four years they've been here. (and what a show it was - see 6-22-94). What upset me is that they are playing at such a crappy venue. When They built the place, they knowingly stuck it in an area that was about to explode with residential homes and commercialism. Ever since the doors opened, all of the neighbors complained about noise, crowds, and all of the other celebratory hooplah that surrounds an evening of music. They only allow blankets to be brought in (if, say, Michael Bolton is playing), It is the quietest venue I've ever been to (they made a pact with the neighbors to keep the noise down) and no one is allowed to sit in the parking lot unless you stay inside your car. The moment you get out of your car, they almost poke you with a cattle prod to get inside. Last time I went, they made me throw away a Little Debbie snack cake that was stashed in my hip pouch. Good thing they didn't check my socks(which wouldn't have been far fetched). I guess I am a little bitter that my favorite band will be at the worst venue I've ever been to, and I've been to quite a few. I looks just like the rest of the venues they will be at this summer. A cross between Walnut Creek, Deer Creek and Lakewood in Atlanta. On the bright side, it will encourage fans to high tail outta there and make the long trek to Alpine in less than a day, for what will no doubt be a summer highlight again. God I hope I'm wrong. See ya there.
What a great time to be alive. Music, live music especially, is certainly at its peak. I just got back from the Ben Harper show last night, the man is to say the least a genius, a great show. The Greyboy Allstars who opened for Ben are so god damned good, also a great set of music, I look at the saxophone in a different light now. I also just got the tapes from the MMW show earlier this year in Chicago, a truly amazing show to be at and for once the tapes do it justice. moe. and Leftover seem to get better everytime I see them and Widespread just won't stop jamming. It seems like every band is playing their asses off and it is a beautiful sight to see and hear. Oh yeah and then there's this band called phish, they had an absolutely incredible fall tour where they busted out some tunes they haven't played since the eighties and jammed the everliving shit out of so many others. Andy was right when he said early on in the tour that phish was at its best. The energy in Hampton, the magic in Worcester, the mindblowing holiday run. A great time to be a phish fan and fan of improvisational music. The future is bright, for all bands and hopefully the magic will continue. So for all of the jaded fans and people who say "it's just not the same" re-evaluate, the music is what is important and it seems to me that music is a new level and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight just yet. Everyone good luck on their respective tours. Have fun in April and the summer will bring us more phish, playing their hearts out, along with their incredible counterparts: MMW, moe. Leftover, WSP, Ben and the countless others that make up the music scene today that we all are given the opportunity to be a part off. Take care and let the music take you away. -andy matranga
12/01/94 Haven't heard anything about this show before, good or bad, but that's enough to know it doesn't receive the credit it deserves - definitely one of the best from a Fall '94 Tour which, all around, is a landmark in Phish's evolution. I. Sample, Uncle Pen, FEFY, Maze, Guyute, I Didn't Know, SOAMelt, Adeline. II. Peaches, Mound, Tweezer>Norweigan Wood>BBFCFM>Makisupa>NICU>Tweezer> Jesus Left Chicago, Hood, Golgi E. Sleeping Monkey, Tweezer Reprise First set's allright, nothing really exceptional here except a good clean Split Open (which, I'm sorry, to me sometimes gets so out of whack that it sounds pretty shitty, but maybe that's just me - listen to 6/14/95 for an example) Maze and Guyute are nice, nothing fantastic. Set II might be the best set I've ever heard, live or on tape. Peaches is excellent, as is Mound. Tweezer is excellent, seguing into this epic, free-spirited Wood jam. The Makisupa actually sounds a bit different than anything I've heard from '95 on. Even more of a reggae, mellow feel, if that'ss possible - great segue into NICU, and then back into Tweezer before a superb Jesus Left Chicago (Page!!!!!) Harry Hood is nice, and then a really energetic, explosive Golgi to close out a fantastic set. Sleeping Monkey is Sleeping Monkey, but the Tw. Reprise closes this show out nicely. Definitely worth your while and the cost of a couple of blanks if you can get your hands on it. Cheers, J.
Phish. How much has it impacted all of our lives? The music picks us up when we're down, helps us through the tough times, (really, can you hear the words "poster nutbag and keep a straight face sometimes???) and brings a certain type of people together. It hurts when I see thoughts about how bad young people are for the Phish Community. Because the teens that are ruining it for everyone are the ones that really don't appreciate the music. I happen to be a junior in high school, and people around me don't understand the concept of Phish. When they hear that their best songs are all like 10 minutes long, most are turned off because they think of a 10 minute STP song or some other crappy sold out rock band. A longer Phish song is not only an individual song. Granted, it only has one title, but the tempo changes almost, nay, do divide the song into several mini-songs. Just look at Bowie. It took my girlfriend this long to understand Phish, and I've known her for well over a year. It's a gradual process, and one truely has to admire and have knowledge of music to know what Phish is about. I have never seen a Phish show in my life. I could have last summer, but my mom told me that I couldn't. Yes, I too have to get permission to go to a concert. This year, I am bound and determined to get to Alpine Valley. I could go on all day, really. I just love the whole thing: the taping, kindness, vibes, you name it, Phish has got it. So, to those who are the stereotypical teens or even adults who don't seem to appreciate the music, smoke your bud at home with friends; don't pay $30 to ruin it for everyone else. If anyone ever wants to chat PHISH, drop me an e-mail. I've been trying to find someone. It would be great. Keep groovin'. See ya'll this summer... Steve
Can you believe it?!! I have seen shows all around the country, and with this summer's dates I can see three shows and all of them are withing three hours of my house. Playing at Sandstone in Bonner Springs will never be as cool as playing the Gorge, or Desert Sky, but it is nice to see that the guys are making up for passing Kansas City over in the fall. While my drunk friends slept all of the way to Champagne, I had to drive. Even though I was dead on my feet, when it came time to groove, I was rocking!!! I can't imagine what it will be like when I don't have to drive 12 hours to the closest show!!! It was well worth it thought! Summer 98' will rock, and for those of you getting ready for Lemonwheel, have a great time without me!!! I have to go back to my day job the beginning of August. Always Phloat!! M.K.
I was wondering if anyone took notice of phish's venue in Copenhagen: Freetown Christiana. I visited this place in the summer of 1995 and was quite surprised at what I saw. Basically, if I remember correctly, it's an experimental living cooperative of about 2000 people that's self-governed independant of Danish law. Residents are more or less self-sufficient, living modest lifestyles without a lot of modern-day convieniences. The place was somewhat dirty in the touristed areas, and many of the buildings didn't look all that sturdy. Located on an abandoned military base by a river, the Danish governement lets them do as they please. Hash and other stuff is openly sold there. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows specifically about the Grey Hall. I remember an old outdoor stage, covered by some sort of arc, in a courtyard area with some picnic tables. Could this be it? Otherwise, the only other venue-type place I saw there was a small bar that could hold 50 people max. In any case, I'm sure Christiana will make for a unique phish experience. Probably won't have the beauty or history of some of the other European halls, but well, you know... Also, be sure to catch the Greyboy Allstars if they come to your town! Having just heard them in San Francisco, I'd say they've soloing has improved from just a year ago. I thought I even heard some Trey-esque builds from the guitarist! Matt
While I was student teaching at Fairport high school, a couple kids needed rides to the Went. Planning to go with my pal Steve in his automatic so driving could be shared (none of them knew how to drive my standard), I said "of course". When Steve couldn't make it, I was sad and thought about not going. The week before I was in a real spot, trying to decide. And the kids called from the high school, asking about the ride. A sign, and of course we 3 Went. I had also, earlier that spring, made plans to meet my buddy Matt (he was the only person with whom I made such random plans) at the Went, somewhere. We were to borrow my housemates automatic, but it broke down an hour before takeoff (I had to work 9-5 Friday). Me and my charges took off in my car instead, my driving 16 hours solo, non-stop from 6pm Friday night-saturday morning to arrive at LAFB at 10:30am. Who needs drugs on a drive like that, (I did need them after, I confess) all on backroads!! MUCH more importantly, Who needs I95?? Plenty of moose on backroads at 3 in the morning! Tent up, and then wait for the show. I listened to the first set, enjoying the mix of tunes and sun and people everywhere, and stood at the end to survey the scene. I was about 25 feet from both the lighting tower and the center railing, in front of Mike. I looked first to my left, to the tower for lighting, etc, and saw what could only be Matt's back - in a sea of 60,000, I found him after a set of Phish and two seconds of looking! What more could you want? Turns out they broke down three times from Darien-Went, and arrived at the start of Makisupa - I never could've met him in the lot before, as he wasn't there. The rest, well, everyone who was there knows how rest of the weekend went. I can't wait to see you all again (except for the litterers, c'mon, we are better people than that - at least get it NEAR the trashbins.) this year! Feel Good! - Dave (
Hello from Chicago, Everybody check out the Greyboyallstars if you can. They are a FANTASTIC band from the San Diego Area. They are touring with Ben Harper right now. This is one band that I GUARANTEE you'll like even if you dont know any of their tunes WWW.GREYBOYALLSTARS.COM Thanks GOS
I never thought I'd ever be someone to post anything on the net... it's scary out here. Millions of people may know your name and what your all about in only a few minutes. I'm sure Andy himself can relate... I mean this page for example has spread itself all over the place like bacteria... the ULTIMATE PHISH PAGE with thousnads of links and data and files and what not. I don't know.. I'm stuck with an empty feeling in my stomach and i find myself sending this petty e-mail. I've learned that it's hard to be a phish phan when you have to ask your mom just for permission to buy yourself a ticket. But somehow in the end I think it all pays off. For example my friend came up with 4th row and 10th row and offered me to come along for a night.. and somehow i convinced my strict paranoid mother to drive me and a friend to Maine for the Went. It paid off really.. As for the present I can't seem to get tickets for the show that I'm finally granted permission to go to in April and now it looks like I'll be waiting till summer or fall again... and i already know i can't catch the went 2. I'm just wondering what feeling will replace the emptiness in my stomach this time around... go with the phlow right? yes. i think i will.
The only show I've seen was the Great Went, but what a show it was! I've been too lazy to get into tape trading, and after the Went I knew I was missing a lot only listening to Phish's albums. Then I discovered RealAudio concerts, and I could suddenly get the closest thing to live Phish next to being there. But, computers being computers, things go wrong. Every now and then, I get net congestion or some such problem, and the music stops for several seconds. When they're in the middle of a jam, even those few silent seconds are enough to give me painful withdrawl. I don't realize how much I'm into the music until it's gone, then I'm writhing in my swivel chair. How badly I need to see a real show! Joe Chisholm
So, I just graduated and got my first "real Job". You know the drill, 9-5, Mon.-Fri. It was a bit overwhelming at first ,changing my lifestyle so quickly. I have to get up at 7am! I hadn't seen 7am in years (except if I was still awake from the previous night or show). But recently I discovered something that starts my day out on the right foot: Phish in the bathroom. I brought in a little tape deck and now while I shower and shave I groove out! It's great. What better way to become energized and in a good mood? I'll be all groggy and out of it and then BAM some sick jam will just give me goose bumps and I'll start grinning. With such a busy schedule during the week, this is pretty much my only time to listen to my tape collection. I highly recommend this to anyone else in a similar situation. I read some old interview with Trey where he was remarking about how awful most radio is. He said that if people listened "real" music on the way to work, the world would be a much happier place...right again Trey. I get 2 weeks vacation time a year (which I'll probably use for summer tour) so when I found out that I could hit 2 shows on a weekend in Providence I flipped. Thank you Phish once again for brightening up my life. Whoops, gotta get back to work...see everyone real soon -Jeff Waful, Boston
I just got done reading tons of reviews and some make me a little upset. I really hope i don't make anyone mad at me but some of them reviews are really aweful. I know everyone goes to a show with many expectations and sometimes they aren't met but they really don't have to write those bad reviews. Believe me, i understand that everybody has a right to share their opinion but for me each show just keeps getting better and better no matter what they play. i just know when their on tour and i'm here at home i can't wait to get up in the morning and get to Andy's page to see what they played last night and every time i'm thinking "i wish i was there last night". But of course i haven't seen half as many shows as most people but i just hope and pray that each show just keeps getting better. Again i really don't want anyone to be angry with me for not liking some reviews because there are just as many good ones also so keep sending them. Take care everyone.
What's in a phish? Surely a liver maybe a bladder but this all doesn't matter. Could it be the fins that let it circle and spin? No, the most crucial piece lies within! Phish have intestines and brains, but who cares? It is not the gills that give it its air. The best part of a phish is surely its heart, which produces the beat that makes us jump up and rock!
It's so cool how everybody is just on pins and needles right now waiting for the summer tour dates to be released. What other band could have a list of rumored tour stops circulating around the country? It's like this every time tour dates aren't yet out, but I think it's even more intense this time because of that unbelievable Fall Tour/Holiday Run. (Does life on earth get any better than the Mike's opener at Hampton 11-22-97?) Anyhow, I'm checking Gadiel's site daily for new rumors to fuel my imagination. I live in NC, and I know that much of this summer tour will be out west, but I'm really hoping for a Virginia (Farmville?) or NC stop this summer for my pre-Went fix. There is nothing better to look forward to than a Phish concert, and I can't wait for this thing to start. Sweet mercy!! (Meanwhile, check out Bela Fleck and the Flecktones if they're coming your way. They're doing some really cool stuff right now, as always) Peace, JohnL
I finally got to see my first show in almost a year this fall and all i had to say was I FEEL THE FEELING I FORGOT.....FREEEEEEEEE... That feeling that we all feel is indescribable, yet everyone knows what I am talking about.Isnt that weird? We cant describe our feelings, but know how each other feels.Another thought...Have you ever just sat back at a show and watched everyone have the greatest time of their life(i m sure we all have)? It is unreal what their music does to us...they take us to another place,to another time,to another world. Before a show we are all on different pages, different worlds. But when the music starts we all become transformed into one.Including the band.I remember watching the Trey during "bowie" in Philly second night, just staring into the sea of people with an absolute look of euphoria and relaxation on his face, just like everyone in the crowd.It was something that i will never forget.Thanks Phish for making the most beautiful music on earth.Tim
The Asse Festival Pt. 3 And yet once more Zarathustra began to speak. "O my new friends," he said, "you strange higher ones, how well I like you since you have become alive again. Verily, you have all blossomed; it seems to me such flowers as you are require new festivals, a little brave nonsense, some divine service and asse festival, some laughing fool of a Zarathustra, a roaring wind that blows your souls bright. Do not forget this night and this asse festival, you higher ones. This you invented when you were with me and I take that for a good sign: such things are invented only by convalescents. And when you celebrate it again, this asse festival, do it for your own sakes and also for my sake. And do it in remembrence of me. Thus spoke Zarathustra. "Thus Spoke Zarathustra, A Book for None and All" Friedrich Nietzsche
What's up to everyone out there in Phishland. I've just been sitting here listening to some tapes and am just getting it! This band , this music, is the most intense beautiful, irritating, overwhelming experience anyone would want to know. I am just waiting to see what they are going to do next. We are very lucky to have 4 guys willing to try something new (almost) every night for us, the phans. I've read too many negatives on this page to not say anything. THe music is 1000 times better than any of the shit you hear on the radio nowadays, and we are lamenting that they played "My Soul" too much on the last tour. If tyou think about it, that is just one song making that set longer, so you can dance your pants off. I love every show, every set, every song, every second. TO borrow a line fron Celtics great Bill Walton about the Dead, " What is my favorite song? The next one!" That says it all. IF Phish moves all of you like they move me, that should be a mantra. It is such a positive thing these guys are doing, and we are putting a skew on it. Whether you've been to 300 shows or 1, you know what Phish can do. I was hosed at my 5th show, and i'm never gonna turn back. TO all of you lovely heads out there, remember the time when you hardly knew the tune they were playing but that jam, that jam sent you reeling father out than you could ever imagine possible. Your face awash from the stage lights, the band takes you higher and higher, and just as you think you can't take anymore, the band peaks with a fury and vigor and just as you realize it, they are setting you gently back in your seat while they close out the song. That should be the feeling you have every show! I'm jonesing for the summer, so see you out on the road. Peace through the tunes Dan"imal"
Well, what can I say about Phish? Simply the best! No doubt. I've got so many memories from such a small amount of shows (compared to many of you guys) that I just thought I'd share some of the greatest moments of my life. 6/28/95-Jones Beach, NY. My first show. My friend called me up the day of the show and said "Noah, we're leaving at 4:00, I want to get there early". What!? 4:00! But the show doesn't start 'til 8:00. Little did I know what a Phish show was all about. We arrived at the lot and I looked around in amazement. I was 12 years old at the time, and I thought "These people are weirdos!". I was probably the youngest person there! We walked around the lot for a while, I bought a phat Antelope shirt, and I absolutely loved the scene. Drum circles, hemp necklaces, skateboarders, the whole deal. We went into the show and my heart was pumpin'. I couldn't wait. The boys came out as the sun was setting. What were they going to play? Axilla Pt. II, great opener. The rest of the first set was great, with stellar versions of Foam, Stash, and FEFY as well as a nice Reba, Chalkdust, PYITE, and Fluff. The next set was great as well. Sample opener was nice. Tweezer got a little lengthy and boring but it was my first Phish show and I was loving it. Gumbo and Sparkle were great as well. But Suzie knocked my socks off! I'd never heard the song before (I didn't collect tapes at the time) and I loved it so much. I was amazed with the energy level of this song. Hood was nice. Tweeprise was great too. Sweet Adeline and While my Guitar Gently Weeps were great encores and I left the show absolutely hosed by what I had witnessed. Now that I listen to the tapes, I realize that the show was just average compared to the level that Phish is playing at right now. I've seen six shows since then and each time, they've been better and better. I brought in the New Year with Phish that year with two great shows at MSG and saw them when they came around in '96 again. The Penn St. show was great in the fall and left me psyched for the Holiday Run. 12/29 was outstanding, TUBE, YEM, POSSUM, BOWIE, THEME, FLUFF, ANTELOPE, DWD, does it get any better?!!! The 30th speaks for itself. Sally>Taste, Harpua, Bag, Hood, Izabella, CARINI>BEK>SALLY>FRANKENSTEIN, whoa! I missed the Went (I was pissed) but there's no doubt I'll be there this year. I wouldn't miss it for the world. Those of you who think the Phish scene is dying, think again! The energy level of those MSG shows was unbeleivable, the crowd was nuts, the band was nuts, it was the best. And another thing, next time you see a young kid like me at a show, don't make fun of them or think that they're not as much of fan as you are because you've been seeing them since the good 'ole days. I guarantee they're just as much or even more into the music than you are. When you're young and you haven't seen a lot of shows, Phish can do no wrong. I've learned that many a times. Well, that's all folks! Take care of yourselves and have a blast in the summer. I'll be right there with you. -Noah
After recently joing the cyberspace/phish community I hae come to some rather disturbing contradictions. Are the people I am trading Phish tapes with really the same fun loving, genuine, good people I see on tour? I recently moved cross country to California from the midwest and not knowing anyone out here I have turned to the internet to get my tapes. Only to find that MOSt of the people I trade with flat lie about the sound quality of the tapes they trade. I know I am picky but when I opened my package of tapes I recieved in the mail today (those "dank A+" tapes) and ruched to the stereo today, my hopes were crushed again. Not only were they not A in my opinion they were not even worth listening to. This is the 12th trade I have been invloved in and only 2 so far have worked out. I know you people out there. I party with you people out there. Why lie to get tapes? I would much rather trade for blanks than get my hopes up for tapes that just plain let me down. If somebody asks me for a specific trade, and I know my copy is shit, I tell them so. Pretend the people you are trading with are the kind people next to you at a show, and you are sharing an experience. Which you are. Let's not let each other down D
I would like to say that I'm glad we have a system that allows us to be together as one big family. Phish influenced me in really appreciating music, especially classic rock and the concept of jamming. Before my discovery of Phish, I was more involved with industrial, techno, metal, hardcore, experimental, alternative, and acid jazz. Now I listen to classical, world, spiritual, and classic rock. It took me a whille to accept Phish in my collection of music, but it all changed when I saw them live at the Clifford Ball for my first experience of what they are really about. I never felt so free and energetic in my whole life. I was in an euphoric state when fluffhead started, which gave me goose bumps through my entire body. Words can't really express the state I was in except: BLISS. After that event, I looked at life in another perceptive. I have only been to four shows, but these shows are considered gems to many phans, Anyway, I'm 20 years old and attending college at the infamous Bergan Community College studying religion, philosophy, and psychology. I live parents in New Jersey right now which sucks! But I'm looking for home in spiritual enlightment. So for this has not been easy and I'm wondering where I'm going to be next year. Phish right now is my savior through these times of confusion and illusion of this world that we live in. God bless Phish and everyone really appreciates these great bunch of real men!
I was at home listening to A Live One, Hood came on and it comes to the jam part;I can't stop dancing. I was thinking to myself here are these four guys who play music, and in a way people pay money for this music:blanks,CDs,Tickets,videos,shirts,stickers,patches,gasmoney,food,posters,taping equipment ect. If you think about it over the years people cough up a lot of change for these guys,not just for merchandise but for gas to go see them, all the money doesn't go to them. And what do these guys pay us back with "good tunes" . I think that is so cool how much some body can love these people and there music so much and not meet them in thier whole life!! It is like Santana said about phish being the hose and the crowd being the flower and how they feed off of each other. Peace , Grasias -Griff
recently i attended a number of shows over the fall and winter tours. each one seemed to get better and better. i don't know how they do it. phish, they are the four most amazing group of people i have ever known of. i even got the chance to meet mike and trey at the albany omni before the dec. 13th show. They are so real, by just looking at them onstage on tv or even in person, they are just themselves, they aren't trying to impress anyone, and it builds up so much more respect than i already have for them. right now is really rough for me. my parents are divorcing, and at only 16 i am trying to cope. i tell you it is not easy. but i facinates me most that i can just put in a tape and everything just disappears, not only is it enjoyable but spiritual. they can do something to me nothing else ever could, no fucking counselor, psychiatrist or medicine could ever make me feel the way phish has. i want to thank them for being such a big part of my life. i knew right from the start when i was told, once you go there you'll never want to turn back. and i am so happy i went there. thanks you guys. -courtney
Halloween 1995(a love story..sort of)......A night of magical and mystical proportions. This ranks second (next to 6/18/94) as the best phish show I have ever witnessed. I was so psyched when I heard phish was to play at the Horizion for Halloween. My good friend Jenny( who I was madly in love with at this point and still am) set us up with 2 tickets (courtesy of mailorder) and I drove down to the show right after the end of the school day. I went down with my friend Pete who had never been anywhere within 500 miles of a phish show. We arrived early, before the loy scence had materialized. We just hung out for awhile and scored some nice nugglets before the show. I was to meet Jenny at our seats. Pete noticed how crazy the lot was and told me he had this scary feeling about tonight. He was right in a sense it was sort of spooky, anyway I cruised inside found my seat and smoked a nice sized pipe in preperation for the momentous event that I knew was about to occur. I was feeling a little bummed since I hadn't found my friend Jenny yet. There was this pulse in the air and running through the crowd, like before most phish shows, but this was different...almost like people were psyched to let it all hang out and be scared shitless tonight. The lights went down and the magic began....ICCULUS opener. Words cannot describe what happened to my brain at this point. I guess the best I can do would be that someone had tied me onto the back of a rocket like Willy Coyote and shot me at 2000 miles an hour into space....that's the rush that was there. I lost my voice in the first two minutes of the show screaming and going apeshit over this tune. Then came THE DIVIDED SKY..which keep the juices pumping although I began to drift a bit and think of Jenny, where the hell was she, she was missing this! WWWWWWWIIIIIIILLLLLLSSSSSOOOOONNNN......was next and I was mad psyched for this one. About 30 seconds into the second verse someone pushed me on the shoulder and took me out of the zone. I turned and stared at this person in a full wetsuit with flippers and a was Jenny. I also lost my shit at this point because I was SO pschyed to see her. I gave her a huge long hug as we both screamed in excitement and finished out Wilson. I turned to Jenny and belted out the first verse to YAMAR right along with Page. We just jammed right out on this one. Then a nice SPARKLE that, contrary to poular opinion, I think is a great tune. From this we went into FREE which was where the magic hit me and wouldn't let me go. I just grabbed Jenny's hand and also wouldn't let it go. That FREE took me to places I think I'll never be again but it was worth it. All these thoughts just came up like how much my parents love me, how much I love the girl next to me and the band in front of me. It was FREE where I finally figured out what "it's" all about and where I finally became free. The lights, the words, the music, the scence everything was like we actually were curious little creatures floating in the ocean. It was was also where I started to have the breakdown. I've never cried at a phish show before or since. I just started sobbing in Jenny's arms and telling her how much I loved her and phish and everyone. And I realized that it's all about being kind to everyone and doing your best even for folks you don't know and just completing the circle of life. During the jam in FREE, I just became one with the music, if that makes any sense. It was like the music was directly connected to me and vice versa. I felt every note Trey was playing race throughout my whole body. GUYUTE next and another first for me. I peed in my pants.(no I'm not kidding) I'd heard so much about this song and heard the 12/29/94 version, but was not expecting it at all. I was in this complete state of Nirvana and I just lost control of everything. An ANTELOPE to follow was great. At first I wasn't psyched cause they played Antelope a bunch of times on the tour and I'd caught like all of them. But it turned out to be sweet! I've never heard a transition from the beginning into the jam like that ( and I've probably seen more antelopes than any other tune) that just had so much energy! (seriously listen to the tape, they just fly before they bust out into the middle section it's only like 2 seconds but wow!) The groove part was also a personal favorite. Cool Page and band singing. HARPUA was a Halloween treat. LOVED IT. great "Beat it" tease...also during Mike's spooky racoon dream I had time to reflect on the events that just happened and tell Jenny about everything. I wished for one thing all tour and that was to hear SUZY with Jenny at that show. It's our favorite song.... so needless to say 3rd set with the horns...BAM! "Little Suzy Greenberg with her head caved in.... " Jenny and I were so high off of that we went ballisitc. Later she told me during the Suzy that she too was taken to another level and realized many things as well as our feelings for each other. What a magical night. This descirption just doesn't to the whole thing justice but I hope that you....that you people will read the Helping Friendly just kidding. Seriously I wrote this to assure people that they can have spiritual/magical moments at phish that will change their it changed mine and open their minds to the wonderful world of kindness. Thank you for reading. Peace and Happiness- Phil Svoboda
I'd just like to say that i m going through the worst case of "Phishdrawal" And like everyone else i cant wait to be sharing in the groove. I'd also like to meet the band...just to say "thank you, you dont know what you guys mean to me.
Dear Phellow Phans... In the past few days I have been recognizing alot of negative things. Regarding tapetrading (especially!!) When I scroll down through the messages on swish's page it get's disgusting FYI-I was just reading that phellow trader was going to put someone on the bad trader list for not sending J-cards!! Come on people!!! If some one sends me tapes w/out J-cards I don't flip out, Hell, it won't make me run to my computer and put someone on the badtrader list. I got what I wanted the most essential part of the trade the TAPES!!! It's just the little things like that. That piss me off. As a trader with almost 300hrs. I just can't understand why this stuff goes on. It's not just this example, they're are many more believe me!!! Come on people share the wealth.. Next I see people bitching about shows. I haven't seen alot, 14 to be exact. But I haven't seen 1 bad show yet!! Yeah I have had my bad experiences at shows, but it doesn't detract from seeing the best band in the world, and watching them preform magic on stage. I read reviews on the net and some of them are bunk!!! I prepare my whole summer around the tour so I can make as many shows as possible. And I make sure that I have a good time. Hell some of the shows may have long rides involved. but if you really want to see phish than you'd probably go. I would!! Plus, say if trey fucks up on stage, get over it!! with the style of music they play it's bound to happen!! Why don't we make the most of seeing phish, sharing good vibes, and enjoy them while we still have them. And stop with so much of the negativity surrounding shows,tapes,driving,etc.. and have fun!! Because they are not going to be here forever!! Phish can do things to me that no other band can do. I haven't figured out what it is yet, but when I do I will let you know. I realize you can't please everyone so if you agree or disagree with anything that I mentioned then let me know. I'd love to hear what you think. PS..Read Andy Gadiels personal thoughts. I agree with him totally, esp...with his thoughts regarding what makes phish so special!! Now let's make the best of 98'. See you this Summer. and continue spreading those tapes!!! Peace matt
With regard to Phish's Best of '97, specifically the "Jams of the Year" For me, the most ridiculous parts of Phish sets are the two or three songs in a row that the set centers around. It's what makes the set; it's what you describe when relaying talk of the show to your friends. It's what gives a show instant credibility during a tour. Sure, I was bummed I missed Ventura after only hearing "BowieCitiesBowie" from Jake on the phone. In past years, it used to come in the middle of the set, but as we all know, 1997 was a different year. It could have been the first two songs of the set for 45 minutes, like a lot of my tapes are showing from fall tour. What was the best one-two-punch combo for 1997? I don't know, but I've got some suggestions. Below I've listed some examples from the shows I've been to and the tapes I've garnishied. Generally, they are segues, but not in all cases (i.e. the 12/30 ACDCBag HAD to be on the list, but didn't really segue into McGrupp). Andy Gadiel (or some other HTML-coding legend) should have a place on a website to vote for the best two songs of the year back to back (hint, hint). I've listed some potential winners below, limiting my list to two song combos, although that was kind of hard in many cases. Can you tell which are the gratuitous throwins? [Please note: all bullshit "Jam" labeling is deleted for these purposes] 2/16 Simple->Circus 2/17 DWD->Carini (or Taste->DWDreprise) 2/18 Wolfman's, Reba 2/21 Crosseyed and Painless, YEM (Firenze debut) 2/21 Antelops->(metal) Wilson 2/22 Simple->Jesus Left Chicago 2/23 Peaches, Mike's 2/26 Scent->Magilla 2/28 Frankenstein->Bowie 3/1 Wolfman's->Jesus or Jesus->Reba 3/18 Cars Trucks Buses,Suzy Greenberg (with horns) 6/13 Stand->Isabella (debut) 6/16 Limb By Limb, Ghost 6/19 Stash->Ghost (kind of have to include Saw It Again with Ghost) 6/20 Taste, Cities (just for the pre-Cities jam!) 6/22 Ghost, Limb by Limb 6/24 Wolfman's > Reba 6/25 Down With Disease->Piper (including DWD reprise) 7/1 Bathtub Gin->Cities 7/2 Stash->Llama (much more than this rolled into two titles) 7/5 Twist Around->Piper 7/9 YEM->Ghost (Flecktone factor) 7/10 Ghost-> Take Me To The River 7/21 Theme->Funky Bitch 7/22 Down With Disease > Mike's Song 7/23 YEM->Rocky Mountain Way 7/25 Ya Mar -> Ghost -> 7/26 Timber Ho! > David Bowie 7/30 Bowie->Cities->Bowie (still only two songs) 7/31 I Saw It Again, You Enjoy Myself 8/2 Down With Disease > Tweezer (with Disease reprise) 8/3 Twist Around->Jesus Left Chicago 8/3 Simple, Fluffhead 8/6 Also Sprach Zarathustra > AC/DC Bag 8/8 Wolfman's Brother > Free 8/9 Slave > Groove 8/10 Cities->Good Times, Bad Times 8/11 Timber Ho!, Piper 8/13 Ghost > Isabella 8/14 Camelwalk > Taste 8/16 Wolfman's->Simple 8/16 Halley's->Cities 8/17 Tweezer->Taste 8/17 Down With Disease > Bathtub Gin 8/17 2001 > Harry Hood 11/14 Wolfman's Brother > Piper 11/16 Wilson > Harry Hood 11/17 Tweezer, Reba 11/19 2001 > Wolfman's Brother 11/21 Emotional Rescue > Split Open & Melt 11/21 Ghost->ACDCBag 11/22 Mike's->H2 11/22 Groove, Hood 11/22 Tweezer > Black Eyed Katy 11/23 Bathtub Gin-> Down With Disease 11/26 Character Zero->2001 11/26 2001->Cities 11/28 Timber Ho!, Limb By Limb 11/29 Runaway Jim > Strange Design 11/30 Guyute, Funky Bitch 11/30 Free > Piper 12/2 Yamar->Weekapaug 12/3 2001 > You Enjoy Myself 12/3 David Bowie > Possum 12/5 Julius > Slave 12/6 Tweezer > Isabella 12/7 Pycho Killer* > Jesus Left Chicago 12/7 Boogie On Reggae Woman->Reba 12/11 Drowned > Roses are Free 12/12 Saw It Again > Piper 12/12 Guyute, Antelope 12/13 Ghost->Mike's Song 12/28 Ghost > Drowned 12/29 Bowie->Possum 12/29 Tube, YEM 12/30 Sneaking Sally Through The Alley > Taste 12/30 ACDC Bag, McGrupp 12/31 Wolfman's, Limb By Limb 12/31 Mike's Song->Piper My votes are: 2/21 Crosseyed and Painless, YEM (just being there...) 7/30 Bowie->Cities->Bowie 8/17 Disease > Gin 12/13 Ghost->Mike's (Bring the Dude) I'm not taking votes, but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Ted Ted Kartzman Actuarial Analyst The Kwasha Lipton Group 201.363.2636
"The 29th was the highlite of my youth.
Tube swamp funk, yo!"

Fall 1994 Revisted So here is My RANDOM THOUGHT, Hopefully some of you will find it as amusing as my friends and I did. It was several years ago on the first night of the Fall 1994 tour. The venue was @ lehigh University and as I recall It was called Stabler Arena. (im not quite sure) 10/7/94 maybe, maybe not ??? Ive never been the statistical Guru my phriends are. So anyway the show was cosmic. First GUYUTE EVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That in alone is worth writng in about, not to mention the acoustic foreplay>longtime encore. But the defining moment for me during the show was during STASH. A killer version during which I had the most amusing idea. During the sections where the phans all apropriately clap in a pattern of clap, clap, clap (I think you all know what Im taklking about) I began to say to myself CHA, CHA, CHA. I couldnt stop luaghing and smiling. I told my friends to do the same, each one by one burst out in a manic frenzy of joy. To this day I still go CHA, CHA, CHA while everyone else claps, sometimes to myself, sometimes out loud and I still Laugh, maybe its me, maybe its my friends, maybe it was the shrooms but youve got to try this next time you hear them play STASH. youll be amused more then ever, and dont forget to tell your neighbors. Peace, love, happiness. G
Excerpt from a message to Slade Sohmer detailing the events of 12/31/97: ...The most peculiar thing we witnessed was after the show on the 31st. We're sitting straight back from the stage, not in the upper deck, but the one right below, all the way in the back. They were decent seats, pretty much the same ones we had in `95, as we could see everything going on: the band, the crowd, the lightshow. So people are filing out, it's like 1:00 a.m. or something, when Bodack goes, "Look back and to the left." We're all stoned so the "back and to the left" thing gets me giggling thinking about assassinated presidents and spitting Mets. So I twist my neck around, don't really see anything, kind of sit up a little, and that's when I see it. There's this girl, ass-naked, standing at the top of the stairs in MSG. Initially, I was stunned. Mind you, I had seen excessive nudity in a venue before (see Tinley Park, 1997), and you would think that the abundance of sex in advertising and popular culture in general would have completely desensitized me to any occurrence such as this, but I was honestly speechless. Although no one person in our immediate party vocalized the intention, it was clearly understood that we would all wait, a mere 10 feet away from this Crazynakedchick, until the situation was completely resolved. We all considered trying to talk her down. You know, get her seated, get a fleece on her or something, but there is something forbidden about approaching a strange woman that is wearing no clothes. Some of our early theories were that this was merely some prank, an attempt at noteriety from one of the legion of my-parents-live-on-the-island-and-I-drive-a-Range-Rover-and-go-to-Penn-b ut-I-ate-three-hash-brownies-tonight Phish fans. Then, we thought maybe she was waiting for a friend of hers to take her picture, sort of a "Nude Badge of Courage," stick-it-to-the-man, I-got-naked-in-MSG-and-nobody-caught-me thing. Then she began to speak. It was all very nonchalant. She, with animated hands and a stern expression turned from side to side from her perch at the top of the stairs, muttering something about how we all understood, and that what she was doing was beautiful, and that we should join her. Now, when she mentioned this last part, I began to get an idea. Jackowitz, who was with us, has sort of a history of public nudity, and I have a history of instigating said incidents. I knew what must come next. "Jack, go get naked with that chick," I said. "I'm not gettin' naked," he replied, but you could tell it would be possible to sell him on the idea. "Come on, get naked." "No." "Just for a minute." "Todd, I'm not getting naked." "Get up there and get naked. Just for a minute." "There's no way." "Well, at least strip to the waist." And so it continued for a few minutes, eight people pushing Jackowitz to the verge of nudity. By this point, some pervert from a couple of rows down came up and was taking pictures of Crazynakedchick, who gladly posed. This ended when one of her friends came up, another woman, this one fully clothed. The two began fighting playfully, shadowboxing and stuff, when Crazynakedchick starting laughing maniacaly and landing repeated open-handed blows about her bestfriend's face, neck, breast and head. And for some reason, all of this didn't seem too abnormal. It's not everyday you see a naked woman in a fight unless you work on the set of The Jerry Springer Show. Like all things, the fight came to an abrupt end. I can't recall exactly what happened next, but I know that for some reason, at the exact same moment, all of us turned to look at Crazynakedchick. I remember there being an expression of complete serenity on her face. All of the agitation and anxiety and aggression that had been there before was replaced with a mask of total calm. She brought her palms together in front of her in a praying fashion, raised them above her head, bent slightly at the knees, and sprang outward in a perfect dive. She didn't flinch. She didn't look scared. She didn't try to brace herself for a landing on the concrete steps below. She just flew...about 10 steps down before pancaking with a sickening thud. This change in plot turned the entire section on its collective ass. All of our mouths dropped. The uber-stoned around us sat in shock. Several girls shrieked in panic. A guy with dreadlocks ran for security. It was like somebody had yelled "D.E.A.!" Because she had dove so far and a group was amassing around her, we couldn't see what had become of her. I, of course, feared the worst and fought off images of fractured skulls and broken teeth. But Crazynakedchick proved resiliant and climbed to her feet a few minutes after the spill. She had no visible lacerations, but her previously clear skin was now tainted with the smeared muck from the floor of The Garden: spilled beer and soda, the tapped ash from that last cashed bowl, some teenager's vomit. A this point one of us, or maybe all of us, exclaimed "Let's get the fuck out of here." As we made our way out of our seats we witnessed Crazynakedchick consoling a crying and concerned friend. Crazynakedchick was probably her ride home. We were walking down the steps and into the main aisle when MSG's crack security staff arrived on the scene. One of the rent-a-cops kept trying to put a sweater around her, but she slapped away his hands. As I turned one last time to see Carzynakedchick, her posture stiffened. She raised her chin, stared into space and began singing in this powerful voice. I don't know what the song was, but the entire image was terribly surreal. She had attained a certain dignity, standing naked to the world singing her song of songs. In the earliest hours of the new year, the beauty that she had prophecised came to fruition. I turned away as we exited the main part of the arena and walked down the steps toward the main entrance of The Graden. It was agreed upon by all of: it was a damn good thing Jackowitz didn't get naked.
My story starts way back in August when the Schvice came out and said that Phish was going to play a two-night stand in Hampton. I also couldn't help but notice that the second night fell on my birthday. I thought to myself, "Is there a better way to celebrate a birthday, or any other occasion for that matter, than to go see Phish?" Nope. So my friends and I loaded up the car and made the long haul from Bloomington, IN to Hampton. The 22nd was magnificent. The weather was beautiful, which made for an unbelievably great time in the lots before the show. Plus, this was the second night in Hampton. We were all well-rested and ready to rock. We partied a little longer outside and enjoyed the unseasonably warm evening since we had gone in early the night before to get seats up close. After we had gone in and been in our seats for a while, we became more and more anxious for the show to begin. We could sense a buzz among the crowd. Everybody seemed really hyped-up for this show. I know I was. Then, one section of the crowd started up the wave. The f---ing wave was going around at a Phish show! I couldn't believe it! And this was not just any wave...this wave must have lasted 6 or 7 minutes! It was as if someone tore the roof off the place, dipped their arm into the arena, and began madly stirring it around! The place was dripping with energy. The crowd was ready. Phish was ready. The house lights went off and the boys came on stage. To me, there is nothing like the opening of a Phish show. I live for that moment. I think it's because I know that I'm in for a a treat. My reward for making the long journey is just beginning and I know for the next three hours or so I'm going to watch four guys create some of the most beautiful art in the world -- the same art I spend my life collecting, discussing, and learning more about. Then Trey started playing the beginning of Mike's! Was this a joke? Was I hearing this correctly? I slowly looked around in bewilderment to the people standing next to me. I was trying to make sense of what I was seeing. What a way to start off a show! Phish then eased into Hydrogen. I couldn't believe that one either. The melody rose and fell until it slowly built up to...Weekapaug! I love this one. Then again, who doesn't? So cool. You'd be hard pressed to find a person that couldn't shake to this one...and I'm sharin' in the Weekapaug groove! After this, I was stunned. I couldn't believe what they had just done. Forget about easing into the show with a fun little jam (like Emotional Rescue the night before). Phish came out with their boxing gloves on and personally socked me in the face. Hello! "What could top that?" I thought to myself. After a long pause, marked by an extatic Trey running up to each bandmember and telling them what was next, I found out what could top that...Hood! Oh my! The smile on my face went from ear to ear, and as Trey bellowed out "Harry," the duel between the fans and band ensued with an overwhelming wave of "Hood" chants. At this point, I literally lost it. Tears of joy went streaming down my face. I've never been so happy in all my life. It's really quite an extraordinary experience to cry at a show. I had never done it before and I certainly don't plan on doing it again. It was a special, once-in-a-lifetime sensation fueled by the music and the moment. Of all the things I've seen in my 23 years, nothing has moved me to the degree I was moved at that moment. I felt so complete and alive. It was truly remarkable. Phish didn't stop there, though, as Hood triumphantly would to a close. The rest of the set was extremely powerful too, and on any other night would have stood out as the heart of the lineup. But this was no ordinary night. As the set came to a close, I felt obligated to go outside and catch my breath. The Hampton Coliseum served as the perfect venue for this occasion, because the main concourse of the arena led to an outdoor patio that overlooked the lake which butted up against the building. It really was an incredible sight and allowed me to gather my marbles, which I felt I had lost inside. As we waited for the second set to begin, it was evident that the crowd's energy was not consumed by Phish's incredible first set. If anything, just the opposite occurred. It was as if the last set had pumped even more life into an already exuberant audience. The crowd began to clap in unison as it was obvious they were thirsty for more. The clapping got louder and faster with every beat. Finally, the lights went off and the band came on stage. Trey made reference to the clapping and chanting as he started the set by saying, "It just sounds like a horrible cannibalistic chant for people who want blood. I don't know what you're saying...Is that the human sacrifice part of the show?...All right, bring him up!" It was hysterical. Then they busted out into Halley's Comet, which seemed appropriate, because this show was out of this world. I had never seen this song in-concert before, and only have it on one tape (New Year's '93-'94). I thought I liked this song based on that version. Boy, had I been missing out. This Halley's was so cool. It must have lasted twenty minutes, and to me it sums up Phish perfectly. It's wacky and goofy, yet there's a certain sophistication to its improvisational jam. All this, while capturing that underwater groove. I love it! At this point, I kept telling myself that nothing would surprise me, but they did...Tweezer! Tweezer was one of the three songs I wanted to see this night. It's so cool when they actually play one of them, isn't it? What a f---ing funk-fest of a set! Follow this up with Black Eyed Katy, which is just an awesome jam, and we had ourselves another ridiculous set. What could be next? Piper. I nearly fell over. This song has the ability to get me really high. It's so intense and just keeps on rising. I have no idea what the words mean, but as you said, Andy, who cares? This song is just a whirlwind of emotional energy for me. The lights were phenomenal, too -- orange, red, yellow, green. I have such a vivid picture of this song in my mind. It really is incredible. This is what I love about goint to Phish shows -- the monumental images that are permanently etched into your memory bank which serve to raise your spirits at any given moment. I was completely content after Piper was over, but Phish obviously was not. It was a really wierd feeling. Normally, I crave one last tune. While I accept the fact that they have to stop playing, I never want it to end and always think they can play one more. But this night was different. I felt completely content with the show and was already awe-struck. Antelope was Phish's way of really pushing the envelope. They knew they were on. We knew they were on. It was as if they said, "Let's see how far we can ride this wave of energy." They rode it further than I've ever seen them ride it. Phish had taken the audience and wrung us out like a wet rag. They had pummeled us with every perfectly placed note. They were killing us, and I loved it! Now for my bizarre story. Obviously, I thought the show was terrific. Now, I'm not one to put much emphasis on the encore. I've learned my lesson. I look at the encore as completely separate from the rest of the show and take what I can get. However, the guy behind me felt differently. Phish came out for the encore and everyone was excited to hear whey they would play. Bouncing Around the Room. Not my favorite, but oh well. Might as well enjoy it, right? Not according to the guy standing right behind me. As soon as the crowd settled in and the initial roar subsided, this guy screamed at the top of his lungs, "Fuck you, Trey! Fuck you! That's bull shit! Fuck you, Trey!" I could not believe what I was hearing! I was paralyzed with disgust and developed an empty feeling in my stomach. Phish had just put on a show that moved everyone, and all this guy could say was "Fuck you, Trey?" I was brewing with anger, and had to restrain myself from punching the guy in the face. All I could think of was that they played Tweezer, but hadn't really given it a proper ending. I couldn't think of a better in-your-face statement than a rip-roaring Tweezer Reprise. After Bouncing was over, the boys belted out a triumphant Reprise. I knew it! As soon as I felt this guy had figured out Phish wasn't done playing, I turned around and poked him in the chest with my finger and screamed, "That's what you get!" Wow...what a rush. I was so glad to be able to do that. All I can say is, thank's Phish! What a great birthday present! Kevin
Article in Guitar World w/ Storm Thorgerson, Album Designer GW: How did you like working on Phish?s new album, Slip Stitch and Pass? THORGERSON: I really enjoyed working with them. I hope we work again; boys, if you?re listening, lets work again. I was very impressed by one particular piece of information: did you know that they don?t work with a setlist? You knew that? I didn?t know that. How many rock bands do you know of that don?t have a set list? I don?t know any. I was really impressed by this, that they feel the level of communication with each other is such that they don?t worry too much about what they?re going to play. And they take things, take themes and improvise them, go off and play quite long versions of things. They seem to take an idea and run with it, musically speaking. I thought that was interesting. GW: Which would explain the cover. THORGERSON: It was about their improvisation. It?s a picture of a man who?s unraveling a very big ball of wool, and somehow it seemed to be appropriate-take and idea and run with it, see where it leads you. ?????????? THORGERSON: ? I build big things sometimes. For Phish, I built this ball of yarn that is the size of a small house.
Dare we try to question why? Why does this music move us so? And I mean all of that question quite literally. Why is it that when we listen, we must move? And when we absorb the perfection of the music, we must move in perfect ways . . . And when we close our eyes and sink back away from the ordinary world . . . withdraw, floating on their sublime sounds, back in, away from that "out there" world, and into the real world of us, into our real selves, into where we are real and perfect, where we are blessed with feeling, sometimes knowing, that everything we are hearing is perfect, that it makes our bodies move in perfect ways . . . What is this force that moves us so absolutely? That draws us, compels us ever to hear more, to seek more, to experience more, to move more . . . to be there again . . . at another concert, or vicariously with another tape . . . to always be there, reveling in the perfection of the moment, and our movement, and the music? What is this power, this force, that draws us ever in, wistfully seeking the next time we can spend alone with these men, our men, our Phish, Phish music, our music? . . . draws us to it again and again, obsessed, like insatiable lovers who know where their ecstasy is: in those moments when movement together is perfection . . . their sonic movement joining with our kinetic movement, as we dance to the vibrations pulsing through our bodies, as we open our ears and our souls and surrender and move . . . dance, moving uncontrollably but under perfect control of the vibrations that are washing through us, surrendering to the flow of this force, this power . . . the same force that empowers these four men to play nothing but perfect notes . . . this same perfection that moves their bodies and their minds and their souls, as they too surrender . . . become channels to those vibrations . . . as they too have long since surrendered to this force, this power of perfect music, this relentless deluge of life's best beauty, of life's most perfect beauty, the beauty of unfettered sound . . . of free, resplendent, moving, musical sound . . . And what is this force . . . what is this power, this beauty, this perfection, this vibration? It is the spirit of Icculus.
Concerning the presence or absence of 'teases' or 'jams' or illusions otherwise, I guess it is both good and bad to read so far into every note Phish plays. On the one hand, it demomstrates a keen knowledge of Phish's style and artistry to pick up on all the nuances in their songs. This involves recognizing their influences and recognizing a duplicate chord progression or one of Trey's solo runs. When you tune in well enough to Phish then eventually you realize that they have basic musical influences and they play a certain way. This in turn means that a lot of sounds come out that sound alike when taken out of context and are then labelled a jam or tease (I swear I've heard Weekapaug and or 2001... grooves in each and every jam they've ever done. In fact, at a recent Santana show, I started blaming him for teasing Weekapaug and Runaway Jim. How far can this go?). I guess there's nothing wrong with this, except that it can get annoying when somebody tries to label each and every measure of music played. On the other hand, it's gotta be pretty haughty to complain that these jams are noted. From what I've seen, the teases and jams listed by setlists did seem to shine out and be intentional.. I think what Dirksen was bitching about was more when people try to extract unintentional (or simply 'natural') riffs from a song and label them. Either way, get over it. Phish is complex and articulate and intuitive. That is true both of the band and of their audience, don't you think? The topic of teasing jamming and random riffs is more prevalent this last tour due to set-long jams and blended songs. Sorry if this strecthed the bounds of Random Thoughts. I didn't intend to begin a discussion, a la r.m.p. or Digest's. brcohen
Trey on New Year '99 - From NYT Article To me, historically, there's always been so much great art going on around big periods of change like this. At the end of the 19th century, there was so much important art and literature. So I'm looking forward to it and we've been throwing ideas around to do something. Who knows, maybe we'll play the space shuttle or have concerts in four different time zones. I want to do a 30-hour show. People need to be able to cut loose for many days.
To the picky, hard to please Phish fans, It seems everyone who comments on the new Ween cover "Roses are Free" are just saying how dumb Phish is for covering it and how bad Ween sucks. Both Gene Ween and Dean Ween are outstanding musicians (you might realize that if you saw them live) and they need not to be said as some dumb band that Phish is too good for. If Phish covered a Dead tune people would freak if I posted "...and then they did a Dead cover which made themselves look like a joke". This Charlie guy who posted some New Years comments on your page added a line like that in the midst of his slang filled review of the show. But anyway, i think that song has Phish written all over it so watch what you say about a band you don't have a clue about. Keep up the good work Andy, Zane
Dear Phans, Let's first establish this, I love Phish and I love the phans. However, my feelings have changed a bit as of late. I still love the phans but I am a bit disturbed by what goes on at concerts nowadays. My sentiments mainly come from my experiences at MSG on the '97 Holiday Tour. First, the LIGHT STICKS. We all love the light sticks because they make a pretty awesome visual effect when the lights go off. And the band feels the same way [i.e. Trey at the Went telling us to bring more of those things]. But I felt really sorry for the band as I saw them doing their best to jam during HOOD while being pelted with the sticks. Yeah, it was fun to watch Trey try to catch the things, but it must get annoying. Bring as many light sticks as you want, but please, toss them in the crowd not on the stage. Second, the CHEERING. We all love the band and their music and we like to show our appreciation in many ways­one of them, cheering lowdly. There are times to cheer and there are times not to cheer. Example, at MSG during Harpua. Trey is trying to tell a story and we can't hear a word he's saying because everybody's screaming like it's a basketball game. Another example, Divided Sky. When they reach the stopping point three quarters through the song, you're supposed to be quiet. Our cheering only inhibits what they can do at times like these. Don't get me wrong, you can cheer at the shows, but when they're trying to talk to us or concentrate, by all means shut up. Third, the CLAPPING. Clapping has long been a ritual at rock concerts. It is another cooperative jesture between the fans and the band. Rythmic clapping at Phish must go! When we start to clap in a rythm we inhibit Phish's ability to create music in their own direction. They have to wait until the clapping dies down until they can move off into another beat. Clapping in Stash is all right, but lets try to eliminate the rythmic clapping in the middle of a jam. That is all. I hope you don't think I am the Gastapo of Phish concerts, I'm only trying to make the experience better for all of us. See you in the Spring!
As a veteran of seventeen odd shows, the new years run was one of the best I've seen. (It's a toss up betwwn that and CSU, the Palace, and Dayton '97) I am not one to ever criticize the band; after all, they are only human and play pretty damn well. I guess everyone can't always be that fucking good. My biggest disappointment of the run were the fans. I have never been surrounded by more unfriendly people. Could it be my midwestern accent? I know how possesive east coasters can be about their band, but, really, I'm not trying to take it away from anybody. Phish brings me a happiness few other things do and I love to share it with those around me. At MSG I missed the friendly smiles I'm used to getting at shows. Many people were blatantly rude when I attempted conversation and I was even called a bitch for asking a nice question. The community, as I see it, has become less accepting of others in recent years. People run around in their tight little circles and it's pretty much every person for themselves. I miss the feeling of being with a lot of people who have a passion for the same band, not just the drugs. I miss people talking to me and making new friends. I'm sick of being pushed around and hearing people bitch if Trey wasn't right on one night. We all need to stop and look at what a great thing is going on and realize we are all a part of it, no matter where we live, fucked up or straight, dreaded or not.
I'm sick and tired of all the criticism surrounding Phish from phans. I know the band is not perfect, but they're damn sure the greatest of all time. Give them a break for God's sake. Personally, as someone who has not had the opportunity to see an excessive amount of shows, I am amazed by every single note the band plays! If people would open their minds and souls, and just share in the groove instead of constantly judging it, they would discover a sense of unbelievable satisfaction. Its great to attend nearly every show, wish I could, but don't set your expectations too high. Phish is human. Cherish every moment you share with the band. Just imagine what life would be like without them.
The minutes... I've weighed my waiting moments like the last cent in my bag all those waiting moments have held me back with raw jet lag But the minutes that await me I will hold gentle in my hand And tomorrow I will walk head high acrossed this shining land To those I've shakin' hands with, to those hands that will come soon I thank you as I move along in the thanking that you do Far away and close and in between the times are getting bright So dance in the music and ride on the clouds into the setting light. thanks for your time, nick. (
Dear Andy, I'm 19 years old and saw my first Phish show completely by accident at Amy's Farm back in '91 - my camp counsler took me there! I'm fairly new to the whole internet thing, and while I doubt that I'll ever really get into it, I think your page and others are great resources and great procrastination tools. I go to college in Saratoga Springs,N.Y. a place that always has great music happening nearby. I myself have organized Gordon Stone Trio gigs, Jazz Mandolin Project gigs, Acoustic Junction gigs (before they changed their name to "Fool's Progress," and Smokin' Grass/Upside Down Frown gigs. I also have the pleasure of only being 2 hours away from beautiful Burlington - So I've been able to catch some really great low-key gigs like Gordon Stone w/ Mike G. and Fish at the now defunct Last Elm Cafe (along with tons of JMP gigs.) My most memorable Burlington gig has got to be seeing Pavement play Club Toast this past fall. I must admit that I knew little about Pavement before Trey started raving about them - but my roomate has always been a huge fan, and he really got me hooked.I had known about the gig for several months before the show, so I really did my research and listened to anything Pavement related. Adam, my roomate introduced me to "The Silver Jews," which was actually Pavement's 1st name and included singer/songwriter/genius, David Berman. They have 3 album's that I know of "Starlite Walker" (The only SJ's album with Pavement member's), "The Natural Bridge" (Which In my opinion ranks up there with anything Dylan, The Velvet Underground, or Hank William's ever did) - and their third album really an EP (I think) available only on vinyl called "The Silver Jews and Nico" (Ha!-at least they admit their influences)Which I have never heard. - Anyway, David Berman decided to become a novelist instead of a Rock-star and only does albums occasionally (in my opinion he is the real genius behind the whole Pavement thing even more so than Steve Malkmus - who now prefers to be called "SM" - I think he might have a "Prince" complex. So it shouldn't be suprising that these guys aren't exactly the warm, friendly, chums that Phish are - they're stuck up intellectuals from L.A. who write killer tunes.My roomate also introduced me to the bands "Palace" (A.K.A. "Palace Music", "Palace Brothers", "Will Oldham") and "Tortoise". I won't get into these guys, you can find out for yourself.Along with all the Pavement disks and singles, I felt prepared to see my 1st show. Anyway, back to the Pavement Gig. If you've ever been to Toast, you know that the place is pretty small - comparable to Wetlands in NYC or Trax in VA. So I was psched, considering Pavement has gained enough popularity to be on Conan O'Brian and play the Roseland Ballroom in NYC. the opening band was a Burlington hard rock outfit called "The Pants" (Fish has sat in w/ them before.) I wasn't to interested, so I decided to sit at the bar and watch the Yankees playoff game. As I grabbed a stool, I noticed SM and Mark of Pavement watching the game right next to me. As I said before, these guys kind of have a reputation for being a little "pretentious" (the best word I can think of.) So I thought it wise not to play the part of the fan, but instead launched into some serious baseball talk - and they turned out to be great guys! While all this is happening, who do I notice over my shoulder but Trey, who seems to be cautiously inching his way toward his idols! Notwithstanding, I was greatly amused to see hometown hero Trey as timid as a thirteen year old groupie decked out in his "grunge" look - ripped blue jeans, plain black shirt, and black knit beanie cap (The same one he wore on the cover of "Guitar Player Mag." By now, everyone in the bar knows that Pavement is sitting at the bar and that Trey is trying to saddle up next to them -but everybody is really relaxed about it (Even I restrain from asking Trey if the Rolling Stones ever had the chance of being at the Went.) In true Rock-brat fashion, Pavement didn't go on until the game was over. Their performance was fantastic and not suprisingly short.The highlight for most people was "Type Slowly" with a hypnotizing jam that even SM commented on by saying, "That was our long jam song for Vermont." Trey must have laughed at that and that was definitely the only time I saw Pavement acknowledge Phish's presence. During the show I noticed that Fish was grooving right next to me. The funniest thing I saw was Trey playing air guitar and shaking his tail - he bumped into my roomate, and without missing a beat Adam, started rubbing his ass in the same fasion against Trey's!-we literally laughed our asses off.My friend, Pete Gershon (who edits a GREAT music 'zine called "Soundboard") attempted to tape the show, but only got the first three tunes, and he was the only taper. Anyway, that's pretty much my Pavement/Phish story. I'm also writing this to ask if anyone has Trey's radio program from the Ball, "Eye on Pavement" on tape - I missed hearing it and would really appreciate a copy. I'm writing this from my Dad's computer, but my E-mail address is . Wow, well i hope i didn't ramble on to long. I've got a bunch of other great Phish stories i.e. Amy's farm, Europe tour '96. If you'd like to hear 'em I'd love to blab your ear off. Thanks, Lucas.
In my opinion phish has to be one of the greatest bands out there and the best performers that I have seen. I went to the Landover show at USAir arena and it was incredible. Everyone was so cool and could care less about what anybody else did. It was one of the best concerts that I have gone to. Thank you to everyone for making my first Phish concert a very memorable one.
Subject: Harry and the glowsticks Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 12:30:17 -0400 From: david Organization: Whitehead Institute Newsgroups: Hello all... I was at the Went, Albany, and MSG, so I've seen the Hood glowstick phenomena in its three (recent) incarnations. At the Went, the glowsticks were a symbol of wonderful spontaneous interaction...Trey called for the lights to be lowered (just as he had at the Gorge?) so that we could enjoy the celestial beauty, and suddenly, there we were amidst glowsticks and beaming smiles. At Albany, the crowd with its glowsticks was ready and waiting for an attempt to repeat the magic of the Went. I was surprised when the crowd eventually began hurling the sticks TOWARDS the stage, and even more surprised when Trey threw them back. Taking any part in the glowstick wars seems to indicate at least tacit apprival by the band, which quite surprised me. At MSG, the band almost certainly knew what to expect when they began playing Harry, and the fans were only too happy to oblige. The glowsticks flew, the smiles and darting eyes returned, and we all enjoyed the day-glo streaked darkness...brownies and glowsticks...mmm-mmm. What does this all mean? Well, it seems that the glowsticks might be here to stay. At first, this didn't really seem all that wonderful. BUT, the more I consider the whole thing, the more ultimately appropriate I feel it is... Harry...Harry...where do you go when the lighst go out? I mean, now we know what happens "WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT..." For years we heard the question, and it had, until recently, been rhetorical. Maybe he was riding the Chuck Wagon, maybe he was getting down and dirty with Mrs. Butterworth, maybe Trey accidentally drowned him in a glass of milk while playing Udderball in the house. We never knew. Until now. Now we know...Harry goes nowhere...he stays inside the fridge and watches the trippy lights...arcs of color hurled from behind cold cuts, falling down behind the beer...leftover Chinese take out boxes lit from overhead by streaks of color on a journey from the empty pizza box plateau to the potato salad mountains. Aluminum foil reflecting the greens and reds and purples flying and hurtling and falling, filling the fridge with frivolity... Just imagine turning your back on the fridge door as it shuts, but seeing, out of the corner of your eye, beams and streaks and traces of color...turn quickly, throw open the door...NOTHING. Just the same old leftovers bathed in the same old light. Close the door, though... Harry...harry...where do you go when the li-ights go out? Harry, Now we know... phish yourself silly... David
Dude of Life with Great Red Shark The Dude took the stage in sequenced long coat with Napoleon hat for two excellent sets - the group sounded tight for only having been together for 8 months. Suzie Greenberg, Fluffhead and Antelope amongst the set list. Joined for two songs during second set by "amateur drummer who wants to try out" - John Fishman. Strangefolk came on at the Wetlands just before midnight (we arrived from Phish between the first and second sets) and wailed through three long sets until after sunrise -about 6:20 in the morning- finishing up with a medley of 5 or 6 songs. Had two great days/nights of music and remarkably at the old age of 48 still able to party! Paul Lutz Boxford, MA
##A FORMAL INVITATION TO THE GAME## Hello Uno, Now that the Phall Tour is complete, i'd like to offer an explanation of sorts for anyone who may be curious. If you have no idea what i am talking about, attach no signifigance to this message whatsoever. On the other hand, if you attended any show this fall where you saw one of the following sights, this message may be for you! -kids with Uno cards taped to their shirts -Uno cards protruding from hats, bandanas, pockets -cards lying on seats (or on the ground, not my direct fault) -kids waving Uno in your face outside the venue, seeming to offer you one -an apparently maniacal dude standing on his seat before or between sets, waving his card as if it held utter signifigance If you recall any of these sights, allow me to expound. It all began at the Great Went, night 2, between sets 2 and 3. My brother Royce and I had wormed our way to within 20 rows of the stage. As crowded as it was up there, it was near impossible to find room to place one's ass for a much needed break. My brother, always one to find ways to pass the time, noticed a crumpled, dirty card laying in the trampled mud of the concert field. Curiously stooping to pick it up, he alerted me to the presence of a RED NINE, unbeknownst to us, the "first" uno card. My brother has that perfectly Phishy sence of humor, namely, Mike's Corner combined with Chris Peterson's "Get a Life" (which i would love videotapes of, if anyone knows where to get them). Thanks to Royce's need for the bizarre, he began to wave his newfound prize wildly in the air, indicating it's "importance" to hundreds of mystified and amuzed fans behind us. We pointed at it, we saluted it, we even got angry at it and occasionaly threw it on the ground, only to "rediscover" it a few moments later. All i can really say, was that our Uno card was utterly entertaining and hilarious at an otherwise lackluster moment. Indeed, in retrospect i believe we had discovered the essence of The Great Went, if i don't presume too much. After this charade had continued for about 20 minutes, the most coincidental and unbelievable thing happened. A guy, at least 20 rows of people behind US, thrust his hand into the air. Guess what he had. No, really, guess. You guessed it, he had beaten us at our own game:he had the DRAW FOUR WILD CARD. The highest ranking Uno card in the world. How he had got it, i have no idea. Probably found it, just as we did. Although i wont go so far as to say it was the craziest thing that ever happened to me at a Phish show (it's equal with about 50 other things), i will say i was floored. We laughed, we saluted one another, we even tried to get him to make his way up to us(impossible). Completely hysterical. The Great Went. While we never managed to talk to the other "player", we did often wave to eachother throughout the final set, brandishing our Uno cards in recognition of eachother, and more importantly, the beauty of Phish. This image stayed with me all throughout fall, almost becoming an icon of the zany-ness, the coincidence, and the awesome force of FATE which surrounds our band. And then it hit me. I'm not a vendor, nor do i give out stickers or hugs (well, i do, but i dont do it consistantly). However, ive long wanted to find a way to give SOMETHING back to the scene which has given so much to all of us. And what better way than to do just what the band has always made part of their MO: i wanted to infuse something completly absurd with total meaning, i.e. feeling good about Hood, Washing a Ufitzi, dinner and a movie, dog-doodoo and ?Poster Nutbag?, admiring star trek (Spocks Brain) or lumping Lucy's's always been a part of what we are. (I believe Benjy calls it a "gund") Outsiders often comment, "What the heck are these freaks singing about?" or some such nonsense, we chuckle to ourselves hoping that someday they'll figure it out. Just so with Uno. (<--what a good bumper-sticker slogan) And so began the big Uno Giveaway of fall tour '97. At nearly every show from Hampton VA on, i personally, or one of my close friends, were in attendance, freely distributing Uno cards to whoever so desired. While we missed three shows (NC, Dayton and MI), the presence of "America's #1 card game" has been present almost everywhere in some capacity. And guess what? It started to catch on, and some people were hooked. Some kids started to bring decks of their own. Others simply kept their cards visible at every show, others would pull them out of wallets or pockets when confronted with another "player". One girl even sewed her yellow 2 to her dress. ;'] I probably have been asked what these cards mean over 500 times by now, and probably contrived at least 30 different answers. I've said everything from "a new form of currency among heads" to "Stay on tour! Collect the whole deck!" , and some less coherent responses. Some people trade the cards for better ones, some try to find their matches. But the best is when you can tell someone instinctualy understands, without having it explained, that it's true meaning is only absurdity, only fun in it's most basic sence. I love Phish more than any manmade institution in the world. As i said, i wanted to give something back. If youve ever felt like me, now here's your chance. Go buy a pack before holiday tour. $4.50 at walmart. I know it sounds insane, but isn't that part of the fun? Besides, the're others of us doing it, and believe me, it's FUN. Its nice to have a gift for someone, even if it's just a green skip ("now you have to skip the rest of the night!") or a reverse ("walk backwards, duh!"). I was _personally_ told SEVERAL accounts of Uno bringing "luck", in the forms of kicked-down tickets, favorite songs, etc. I also made a TON of friends who loved the idea. Rumor has it a card even reached Mike Gordon himself after Worcester, but let's not get ahead of ourselves... If anyone's still reading, i hope you dont think im an idiot. At least it's not just another show review, right? I beg you, if this idea appeals, write yourself a BIG reminder for the holiday tour, get a deck, and pass em out. Where does this lead, you ask? Cardgame against the band (get them back for the chessgame), a secret way to identify narcs, trades for tickets, secret language, inter-uno clans devided by color or number (blues vs. reds)..all suggestions i've heard. Who knows. All i know is you wont be sorry, and you just might get to be a part of something special!!!! See you soon, with an Uno stub in your hand. CLay
Holiday Tour '97 starts tomorrow and boy am I psyched for Phish's three night stay in NYC. I wish I was going to DC but it's really out of my way, considering that I live an hour away from MSG. I've always been amazed with how people travel on a whole tour with the band. It seems like every time I pop in a Phish tape, I begin to daydream about touring with the band I love, seeing them night after night, taking road trips all across the U.S. (or even Europe). My best friend and I have been to quite a few shows together for two 15 year old kids. We've been to many a shows at MSG, Jones Beach, and other areas near NY. We've always had this passion and desire to tour with the band. Just him and I travelling around when we get our driver's licenses and cars. We're gonna start saving our money now. Who knows, maybe in a couple of years you'll see us doing a whole summer tour. "The best laid plans..." Happy Holidays and have a great Holiday Tour! -Noah
I always like to flip through the Random Thoughts just to see what people are randomly thinking...I have to echo some of the sentiments in the thought from Ben that discusses the incredibly horrible attitudes many long-time Phish "fans" seem to have concerning "their" band...I constantly seem to see messages from people who claim that they are the only true fans because they are from Vermont, they have been with the band since the early days, etc etc....what gives with this crummy, confrontational, obnoxious attitude? I enjoy many different styles of music and many different bands, and Phish happens to be one of them. I enjoy making travel plans to attend shows, and I love the journeys to get there. Seriously, what gives with these rude "fans"? Can't other people enjoy the music, the shows, the fun? Or do you have to be exclusively from Vermont, and have been to 276 shows? Newsflash gang: many of us have lives that keep us a long ways away from the tour scene, but we like to jump in every now and then and have some fun...isn't that what it's really about? An enjoyable escape with friends, fantastic music, and terrific atmosphere, preferably in some city we've never been to before! Please don't get me wrong, I'm not down on the scene in any way shape or form, but I'm way down on the small percentage of long-time "true fans" that seem to be out to keep people away from "their" shows...lighten up, gang. There's plenty of fun for everyone. You should welcome people that want to enjoy the music and the scene, not shoo them away. Those "long-time true fans" need to lighten up, and help make the scene better, not drag it down and make it worse with their crummy, boorish attitudes. Have a great new year, see you next time you come West!

Each fall, Phish plays a fall tour and finishes off the year shows at the end of December, dubbed the "New Year's or Holiday Tour" and each year, it's always a good time. However, this year, Phish has managed to top themselves with a tour which saw the returns of two songs that haven't been played since the 1980s, and several songs which haven't been played in over 50 shows. Low Rider(826 shows), The Curtain(57 shows), TMWSIY(66 shows), The Sloth(54 shows), Dog-Faced Boy(109 shows), Boogie on Reggae Woman(821 shows) and BBFCFM(115 shows) all made their truimphant returns to the Phish stage this tour. Also the tour contained such rarities as Halley's Comet and parts of Sanity. A Day in the Life and Suzie Greenberg also made their returns after two tours of absence. In the past, every Phish show has been special in it's own way. At least one part of a show was played really well or there was a rare song to rejoice in. This tour, each show had a special part which has played excellent. Think about it, Vegas had a Mike's and a YEM, which in my opinion, the presence of both a Mike's and a YEM is the sign of a classic show, only about 30 shows have had both and even less in recent years. Besides Vegas, MSG(night 2), Shoreline, and NYE 95, no shows have had both. Utah had the Guyute, Antelope combo. Simply put, it's has been the best tour in years. I went to quite a few shows this tour and was blown away each time, even at PSU, which I expected to be a weak show and Rochester too, which I thought would be weak, contained the tour's 2nd Drowned and Rose are Free( a Ween cover) and BBFCFM. What is with Phish? They are playing the most incredible tour in recent memory, perhaps since the famous run in August 1993. Also, the song selection is interesting. Ghost, a song which opened up the 1997 Summer Tour and was played a total of 10 times that tour, including three times in the first four shows. It wasn't played this tour until the fourth show and only a total of 7 times. Guyute, saw much more action than ever, played 6 times, I think, including once as an amazing encore, coupled with Antelope. Mike's Song action five times, including twice as an opener, which I'm not sure if I agree with. Still, the Mike's Groove opener at Hampton was when I discovered the meaning of life.

In closing I have to say that this tour is awesome, and I hope to accumulate all the tapes, until Holiday Run, later.

P.S. Holiday Run will be sick!

-Tom Torbik

just wanted to share a thought. Me and a friend went to europe last year 
for a month. When we were in germany we went to the hofbraus house which 
is this huge, old beer hall. After drinking many liters of dark beer I 
had to use the facilitys. The bathroom had stalls just like american 
bathrooms. I went in one to pee. The walls were pale green and looked 
liked they were just painted. But, then there, on the upper right hand 
corner, something scribbled in fading black magic marker, I looked 
closer and it said "..what ever you do take care of your shoes!" I had 
to smile. Whoever wrote that there,, 

Phellow Phish Phans, The positive vibe is kickin', I can feel it in the air. Something funky's brewing, but it could just be my hair. Christmas time's for sharing so I give this vibe to you. I can't wait till new years eve when we bathe in Phishy goo. Stay positive, be kind, and don't blink - you might just miss it. Big Daddy Lamar
Well, I hate the fucking radio. It seems like everytime I turn it on, I hear the same songs. Over, and over, and over...That's what pulled me into listening to Phish. The fact that I never hear them on the radio. That and the fact that the music that pours out of the lives of these men can mean so much to one person. Music exists all around us, yet only a small few of us can have the strength to harness it's power so the rest of us can hear. Even the greats such as Mozart and Beethoveen said that they could feel music pouring through them, and they were just there to provide a medium for the music. They claimed it was God sending the music through them. Improvisation is the ability to capture the music that exists naturally and the feeeling of having no sense in what comes next, yet being able to harbor a self-confidence that you are in complete control of the situation. Nobody controls improvisation, it controls the musician. Improvisation must be practiced, as silly as that seems. But it is not a process of practicing playing a musical instrument, It is the process of practicing listening. Practicing feeling the music that is around you. It takes tons of practice. I am really starting to hate the Phish scene. I have been to eight shows, and I plan on seeing the whole MSG run. I went on a mini-tour this summer from Tinley to Deer Creek. I have never felt so alone in my entire life. Everyone at the shows was out there for themselves. There was no spirit of community that I have seen at other shows like Ekoostik Hookah. Everyone was pushing, shoving, stealing, conning, and manipulating each other. It made me sick. I have an intense passion for listening to Phish. But I can not stand the crowd that is out there right now. For example, as I went to buy tickets for the Dayton show this fall, I was accosted by a young women who said "You do not deserve to go to a Phish concert." My friends and I had been waiting since 5 in the morning to get tickets. Her rationale behind her statement was that since we had not had a chance to see the band in the early days, we were not true fans and therefore should not be permitted entrance into the show. What the fuck??? I couldn't really understand her logic. I am rather young at 19 and there was no way that I could have listened to the band back in the eighties, I was only 10!!!! She blatently said to me that I am not a fan. Maybe this is ignorance on my part, but Phish has brought me some of the happiest moments of my entire life. Who was she to say that I was not deserving of more of this happiness because she had seen the band before I had. I'm sorry, but this is the cold hard truth that I have come to face. I also know that I will be looked down upon when I try to sell my 12/29 and 12/30 extras at the MSG show for fourty dollars. The price on the ticket does not say fourty dollars, but I ordered them over the phone, and with all of the service charges, shipping by UPS, and other bullshit that they rack up, my total order came to $80.15. When I'm at the show trying to sell these tickets I know I will be looked at as some stupid frat boy trying to mark up the price of the tickets. That is not the case, I'm rather trying to make sure that my money isn't taken from me. I know this is negative, but I really couldn't go on thinking that Phish is the best thing ever to me. I love the music, I love the emotion, and I love the energy I get caught up in while at the show. I love hearing the part in Run Like an Antelope where the boys build us up almost to the point of collapsing, only to be gently set down into another groove. I love the hearing the jam of You Enjoy Myself fade out into an intense, spooky vocal jam. I love meeting people at shows, and then seeing them later while on tour. But I hate being ripped off. I hate having stupid shit like my flashlight stolen from my tent while I'm at the show. I hate being looked at like I'm out of place when I have a whiteball cap on at the show, I hate people who stub there friends down to the front row and have them push everyone who worked their ass off for a front row ticket out of the way. I hate people asking me for free shit. But man do I love the music... -Ben Foster
I'll start off by saying that I caught the first four shows of the fall tour, and I think Phish is playing better than ever before. I just wish the crowd would follow suit. I sat/stood 3rd row in front of Trey in Vegas, and while the show was phenomenal, musically, there were some strange things going on in the crowd. I don't know if you've heard about it, but things were so messed up that two of my friends totally freaked out during the show. First is that guy who wears some costume. It's a potato, or peanut, or something. Anyway, he managed to get up on stage in Vegas, and tried again the first night in Denver. He did some weird sign with his hand before being carried off, and several in the crowd returned the gesture. Also, even worse, were these two guys screaming "Phish sucks, I hate you. You guys have changed. F--k Phish! I can't believe you guys are listening to this!" They continued this through the show and also pushed people out of the way until they were right in front of the band, yelling. I know the band saw this during the second set, and it seemed that for a while they were battling these idiots with their music. I also think that when they played Bouncing, it was a total joke, sort of a retaliation for that scene. (If you'd have seen it, you'd know. Jon started drumming, Trey gave him a questioning look, then made a goofy face for the whole song.) I love Phish more than ever, but this scene is getting out of hand. Who ever heard of an agro Phish scene? As long as the band can rise above it, it's all good, but I hope these people just get out of the scene-there's no room. Aaron Grossberg
This isn't a show story or a review or a smoking's a story about the community we live in. I didn't get my mailorder back at all and knew I didn't get tickets....I was a little pissed off. My girlfriend got us tickets for the 30th and that was cool with me, but I really wanted 31st. Just yesterday I come back to my room and there's an envelope on my desk. It is my mailorder sent back to me...but it has someone else's return address and there is a letter inside. Brendan Cranna seemed to have been sent my mailorder as well as his and forwarded it to me. The tix were for the 30th, no biggie right? wrong. They were 3rd row seats and got me NYE tickets. If anyone knows how I can reach this guy please let me know, the address is really messed up and I can't read it, but my girlfriend and I owe all the fun we have on NYE to him. It is things like this that make me happy to be a part of such a community. I hope everyone has a great holiday season and I'll see you all who are going to be at the shows! BJ
I had 2nd row seats(section 107) at the second albany show. During J Willis Pratt my friend motioned to my to look at Pages side of the stage by the security guard. It was my Mike! He stood there for a few minutes before moving to a 3rd row seat. A few people noticed him. I was watching as a girl walked up and introduced herself. He held out his hand and said "Hi I'm Mike". I thought this was great. He's so modest he assumes that even though he's in the band someone might not know his name. Its probably nothing but I thought it was pretty cool of him.
now my question----what was playing at the set break on the first night in albany?? i also heard it in the palace and one of the nights at worcester and hartford. it sound like a folk-celtic irish music. the lead voice is feemale and it jams!!!! i want to get it!!!!!! please help me out or direct me to someone who can. peace and bag it!!!! -prem-
I dare anyone who was there to listen to the Deer Creek '97 HOOD without getting goosebumps. I don't think it can be done. I know I can't. What a magical jam.
" At last he was the end, he'd found what he was looking for. The journey which his life was a part of had taken him to the farthest reaches of the world, and while he searched for that goal which he held so dear, he knew that to be living his life to the fullest he could understand what he was doing it for. As he gazed into the light of the renounced understanding, only one thing remained clear for him. That to live his life to the fullest understanding, he must first understand his life. Why he was there wasn't important, all that was important is that he was there. And it was up to him to take the raw materials composed of his soul, his heart, and his mind, and put them to use so that he could prosper. So that those components which were working could glow with the inner beauty he possessed. In the end, noone would remember the complaints or the failures, but the accomplishments and the understandings of the journey called life, and he would once again stand atop the mountain in a blaze of glory, in clear view of everything, and have a vision of all. He would truley be free." -AG
Well, the tour is over but expect crazy things for the Holiday Run. Anyway, I was staying in the OMNI Hotel in Albany this weekend as were the boys. After the first show I was standing in the lobby after the Crew came in. I was about to goto my room and pass out when all of a sudden I see the "PHISH FALL TOUR 97 ALL ACCESS" pass on the ground. I picked it up and started to freak that I was now in the money. After showing it to a few people and cracking up I startet drinking at the bar. Then I see Brad Sands and some other Phish employees walking through the lobby. I hustle over to turn it in because of some sort of morality complex. They were all shocked that I would turn it in as was I. Subsequently, they said what I did was nice and that I should come up to Brad's suite for the final party of the tour. I got some alcohol of my own and some drink mixers and headed on up. Everyone in the band was there or was there (Trey). I drank with the boys, employees, and frineds from about 1 am til 4:30. They can all throw down but no one does it like Fishman. Fishman was drinking a Bailey's/Ketel 1/ O.J./whatever else concoction out of a Chinese food soup Quart holder. They were all having a great time.
Let me say that phish never ceases to amaze me. That is why the second night in the knick was amazing(my second favorite show next to darein lake). Everyone was expecting alot, and the boys came through. Show opened with a funky Ya Mar, that took off into a sick jam, that would rank this version one of the best. Out of this jam, they kicked into a blistering version of Axilla pt.1, complete with "nitrous jam" outro...kick ass! Next was Ginseng, nice version only my second, but still would have preferred Homeplace or Uncle Penn. Strange Design followed, my first always nice to hear a page vocal. Sample was Sample...STANDARD. Then the band busted into Vultures...fiasrt and only of the tour...a spirited,metalesque version, but flawless...sweet... Next Trey conferred with the band for a few seconds returned to the mike, and busted into...TUBE!! This Tube was 8 1/2minutes of pure funk with page on the synth, probably the one of the best(and lengthy) versions ever. It ripped!! The band kept the energy high with a rip-roaring version of the LedZep classic Good Times,Bad Times, very cool page vocals, mimmicking Plant best he could. End of set. threatened to be ruined by sample,ginseng,and design thrown in the middle, but can't look past killer YaMar, Blistering versions of Axilla 1 & GT,BT,Vultures, AND OF COURSE, THE TOUR'S SECOND TUBE! Second set opened with a solid NICU, always good to hear. Next they break into Punch, which I heard at Roch', but it's still cool, better version at Roch', IMO. Next was Ghost: at first dissapointed, but when the jam kicked in it was all good, this ghost was pretty sick, they didn't come around with the chorus again, but instead Trey strummed the opening notes to...MIKE'S!!.... AHHHHH!! went nuts, this was my first Mike's in 8 shows, I was so pumped, and this was no lame version, to be blunt, they funked the shit out of it with band members egging each other on throughout..."Cactus bring the BOOM!" Just pure sickness...Into Llama... heard this was teased alot the first night...standard,average version into...Circus comes to town...Good tune, but would have opted for something else...Fish started the fimilair beat to Weekapaug, and Gordo starts on his basslines he thunders out a monster bass solo of claypool-esque proportions. This high energy paug' was awesome, and as the jam got deeper, the boys started groovin' on a stop-and-start version with trey coming in on the starts with a funky-ass guitar part with spotlight on him, lookin' like a showboat with his foot on the speaker in front of him gyrating his body on a p-funk groove. They were the funk,the funk was them until... the jam started intospace into...Catapult...haunting,spacey,melodic version...nice vocals by Mike, which kicked directly back into...Paug' which winded down with some CYHMK teases...overall, a great mike's groove...Blew away with the Hood directly after the groove, above average version(which means it rocked) complete with a glowstick war, as the band jams with lights off(ala WENT). END OF SET . GREAT SET, WITH GOOD TUNES THROUGHOUT, Circus the only throw-away, great Mike's...Encore: My Soul...great,roCkin' version , but not what I wanted to see(nice work page and trey)...Squirming Coil.. flawless version with a perfectly spaced outro, with Page and Trey doing dual solos util page was left to close the show, beutiful as always. Overall- Liked both sets, but both had some weak moments(cicus,design,sample), but especially LIKED Tube,Axilla,Vultures,,Mike's, Hood, and Ghost. I love this band!!
This weekend was perfect, absolutely PERFECT. You know those little things that always seem to go wrong when 6 people take a road trip? Well this time we did it right. Everything just seemed to work out. We left Boston around 2PM on Friday and we were all extremely stoked to see Phish for the next two nights. Right from the start I just had a good feeling about the trip. We went with a great group of people, everyone was equally obsessed with Phish and we passed the time in the car with some Phish trivia as well as predictions for Friday night. We were lucky enough to stay in my friend Steve's beautiful house out in Western Mass. It's out in the middle of the mountains and is just the perfect place to kick back and relax. We made it to the house by about 4:20 (really) and immediately Steve started making dinner as we made a fire. We had quite the pre-show feast: lobster, shrimp, chicken, rice, salad, was amnazing. So then, we all start getting kind of nervous cause its 6:30 so we head out the door to go to the show. "Anyone know how to get to the venue?" Steve asks as we're about half way there. At this point, I was sure we'de miss the beginning of the show, and I hate that. But, of course it was a PERFECT weekend so....Steve remembers he's got his cell phone with him, calls the venue, gets directions and somehow I make it to my seat by 7:50! The only problem was we all had single tix. So I'd sit by myself, no problem, done it plenty of times before...."Hey, you're Jeff, right?" Turns out the guy sitting next to me knew me, I'd been at his house a month earlier...we have some mutual friends, (go figure). First Set highlights: SICK 2001, some of the best funk yet, Karoda going nuts on the lights...CAMEL WALK!...Most jammed out version I've ever heard of Taste...Character Zero ripped. And another thing...I've been brainwashed into thinking Bouncin' is cheesy cause everyone says it is and "the mainstream" audience likes it, so when they started playing it I sat down. About half way through the song I realized I hadn't actually heard the song in ages. I never listen to it on tapes and I hadn't seen it live in a while...I recognized how beautiful the song really is. It reminded me of years ago when I used to love the song...and quite frankly I still do. Label be however you want to, but Bouncin is a beautiful, complex song regardless of who likes it! Anyway, set 2: I Saw It Again>Piper INSANE!!! These (along with Limb by Limb) are my favorite new ones...and I was so stoked to hear them back to back, then they did this weird funky jam that lead perfectly into Swept Away...I cried when they started playing Swept Away. I was so emotionally moved by how pretty it was...and then I saw two girls sitting near me hug each other when they started playing it...I couldn't help it. Isabella absolutely smoked and then Reprise rocked out as usual. Trey was fucking going nuts during Reprise! Anyone else see what was going on between Trey and the first couple rows on the floor? I was watching it the whole show: these 3 or 4 guys had insane seats right up front and were just going crazy the whole show, Trey was so into them that he was actually playing right to them. During the Reprise Trey was dancin and pointing at them it was hilarious. the place goes nuts when they bust out Guyute. Guyute comes to the final verse and a lot of people are getting their coats on and heading for the exits...when They hit the final chord I notice that Trey is nowhere near the mic for his typical, "thanks a lot everyone, we'll see you tomorrow night", instead, he's looking over at Fishman signalling something...and then I thought I was hearing that? no way...ANTELOPE?! The place fuckin erupted, people around me ripped off their jackets and started flipping out...what an encore! I thought I heard a Buried Alive quote in there, plus the Ry Ry Rocco part was extended (proving that the band was in no rush). It was like a start/stop jam with Trey taking 8 bars to do some funk riff, and them Mike took a short solo before finally kicking it into the final chorus. Trey looked right at the dudes in the front row when he yelled "set the highgear..." it was beautiful. Anyway, we all found each other after the show and find out that Sandy (who didn't have tix) wound up finding a ticket right before the show...THEN she got a ticket for Saturdays show right as we were leaving. Wow, this was too good to be true. We got home to that beautiful, secluded house only 40 minutes away. We drank some great beer and sampled the plethora of dank we had all brought. Day two: Awoke to the sell of breakfast around 1PM. Feeling very refreshed, we ate another great meal and then immediatley started cooking dinner. After yet another gourmet meal we hit the raod for Albany. This show was the bomb... The night before, Devo and Smithers had found the one aisle in the venue that didn't have a security we all decided we'd chill there tonight so we could be together. (section 101, the aisle didn't go to the floor). Got my first Tube in 38 shows! Also witnessed one of the most amazing sets I've ever seen. Before the show I did see the Dude of Life walking around, but he never came out even with the "bring out the Dude". The Harry hood was so beautiful, I cried again...tears of joy. I was at first worried that someone was going to hit the band with a glowstick, but then Mike started throwing the glowsticks back, kind of showing that the band liked it. It was a smaller version of the Went Hood, but was still equally amazing to see in an indoor venue. I really can't put this set into words and I don't think the tapes will do it justice either...there was just a vibe in the air that night...great crowd/band energy...when the music in Hood changed to different section the glowsticks just stopped, like it was part of the song. No one abused it, they just knew to stop. It was great. (also a lot of the glowsticks were on stage and that looked amazing under the purple lights). Well the night ended with a beautiful Coil and Page solo, he then thanked everyone for a great tou and threw a glowstick into the crowd. THANK YOU PHISH. So roadtrip: no arrests, everyone got into the shows, didn't get lost and everything just seemed to work See everyone in NYC on the 29th. PEACE, Jeff Waful
I was planning on writing a whole review due to my profound inspiration at this show, but I really just want to talk about a few salient points. The first set was incredible. Every note was alive. How about that opening band? ha, ha. The guys had me blown away. The music during the first set was incredible. It was like Trey was reading my mind and playing all of my favorites. During the second set, I heard some incredibly subliminal shit from Trey. I need some feedback on this one, but I heard Trey say, "You got some good shit if you're getting this." and "Page! Page! I can't hear you Page!" I believe this occurred during the Mike's. I also felt Page begging in a child-like way to play Coil. I had to leave during My Soul, so you can imagine my suprise when I saw Coil on the setlist. Wow!! The images I was getting during this show - Santa and his reindeer during the first set. A dragonfly during the second set that slowly evolved into a rocket. During the "cactus" jam, it sounded like a huge explosion with the jam following the debris as it fell to earth. The jam during the second set got very "ordinary." It felt like the guys were at work and pleasantly chatting about being on stage and hanging out and what they were going to do next. I felt a lot of dynamic interplay between the band members and the audience. In the end, I could feel the audience and the band separate and that was when I had to leave. I got hosed in a big way. e-mail me at if you heard what I heard.
Well Friday's Worcester show was my first since The Went and I needed it. We were lucky enough to score floor seats about 20 rows back in the center (perfect). Before the lights go down, my friends and I always review the tour's set lists and try to predict the probable songs of the show. I had guessed a Runaway Jim opener, but was ecstatic when I heard the first few notes to the Curtain. There's nothing like the surreal feeling of seeing Phish for the first time in months. I had been looking forward to it so much, it was almost like, "is this really happening?" (the brownies had also just started to kick in). Curtain was solid and when Trey counted off the time signature to YEM it was obvious that they had come to play this night. YEM was great and heavy on funk. After they had been grooving for a while I turned to my friend and remarked, "wow, no vocal jam". At that instant, they started playing quieter and went into what we initially thought was the vocal jam....but, wait it sounds like..."I didn't Know!" YES! such a treat, I love this tune and hadn't heard it in a while. Plus we got the added bonus of the first Henrietta Vacuum solo of the tour and in quite a while as far as I can remember. (it seemed that the boys felt right at home in front of the "home-town" crowd). When they kicked into Maze, I was psyched. I was ready to dance. Standard (amazing) Maze. Next was Farmhouse. I groove this song probably because it's so new. I can see it growing old if they play it too much, but for now it jams. (No Woman, No Cry-big influence). I was very impressed with Black-Eyed Katy. I hadn't heard it yet, but was pretty sure that this was it. I still can't get over how funky the boyz are these days. They're so in the pocket. Theme From the Bottom was jammed out more than usual, thought it would end the set, but Rocky Top did. Overall, the first set was impressive-not epic. I was happy to finally be at a show, and really needed to sit down. Second set opener of Tiber Ho! got everyone groovin again, I was
"Music is a spiritual expression of what's in your heart. Music as a way of getting rich is a pretty new thing, and I often wonder if the mega-bucks glitzy atmosphere is making the quality of music suffer. You have to work really hard to get around that and remember why you're in it in the first place: because you have to be. It's like an addiction. You can't go a day without picking up your guitar. To me, the only commercial goals that are really valid are, 'Boy, I wish I didn't have to go to work. I wish I could do this all the time.'" -Trey Anastasio
Here's a funny little tidbit for your day.
Over the weekend, I was hanging out with some friends before the Palace show. Some people I hadn't met came into the room and my friend introduced them as, "This is Ryan, this is is 2nd show. And this is Mark, it's his 15th show." I felt like I was at a Phish Anonymous meeting. -Andrew Gadiel
Subject: Review: The MSG ticket line or how to freeze your ass off in 30 easy steps.... (fwd) Date: Mon, 8 Dec 1997 14:02:03 -0500 From: Sister Mary Carmen Newsgroups: Setlist first: set I: Homeless guy selling Nike's->Rain, Indecent Exposure Guy, Valium and Methadone Guy, Masturbation in Bathrooms, Ranger's Game lets out-> Arthur the bike man, Drunk Man-> Little Jacket Man, Scuzzy Men, The Mayor of Linesville Makes a List->Sister Mary Gets Scary with a Scalper Set II: Warmth in Penn Station-> Almost getting a Summons->Searching for a Warm place->Heading back outside, The Drunk guy from California->Running Away from the Drunk Guy from California, The Cool Homeless Guy-> Giving away our food and blankets, The lineup->the Long Wait Inside-> Buying our Tickets Enocre: Goinhg home to shower and pass out Mike and I awoke at 2:00 am Thursday morning to catch a train to NYC at 3:30 expecting to be the first two phreaks in line. At exactly 4:21 we walked around the imposing edifice that is the Garden we spotted a huddled mass of homeless humanity... or so we thought... what we found were Brian, Chris, Anik, Brian and Todd the five people who arrived before us. Brian and Chris two troopers from Albany had staked their claim at 7:30 am Thursday morning... we may have been the sixth and seventh people in line but we were far from the first. As we settled in for our 32 hour seige of MSG we became acquainted with our neighbors... all nice people. About 10 minutes later the next 8 people showed up and we were the first 15 people on line for about the next 4-5 hours. Aside from the cold weather and the dark, with the ocassional homeless person stopping by to chat, the first evening was pretty uneventful. As the sun rose, more commuters and tourists took to the streets of NYC and began their day. It was really interesting to watch the city turn from a really quiet place to a thriving, busy, hurried, mess. As more people began to show up in line, the weirdness truly began. To make a long story short, I will give the remainder of the adventure in list form, recapping all the interesting/hilarious/downright weird events that took place: (all events are listed in chronological order) Set I: 1. The weird, homeless guy trying to sell a pair of Nikes: I woke up from a five minute nap listening to some guy trying to sell a pair of stolen Nikes for $20 dwindling down to $3 after not getting much of a response from the half asleep line. 2. It started to rain on and off for the rest of the day. It finally ended around five when it was already night. 3. The indencent exposure guy: This happened around ten am. I regret (well maybe I don't) that I did not actually see this. However, everyone else did. Some scary man pulled out his penis from his pants and urinated in the middle of the crowded sidewalk then proceeded to wave his penis around in the air in circles. Mike had to check with Brian and Todd to make sure that this was actually happening. I guess the cool/odd thing about this was that all the people who were on line waiting for a taxi (about 60 people) just seemed to treat this as though it was a normal everyday occurence and looked the other way. God bless NYC. 4. Mike was offered valium, methadone, alcohol: A rather normal looking man asked Mike what he was waiting for. After Mike told him Phish, the man proceeded to tell Mike all his addictions and mental problems. When Mike said he'd be in line for about thirty hours, the man offered him valium , methadone, or alcohol to tide him over. Mike happily declined the offer. 5. Masturbation in the bathrooms: we received a report (thanks Brian and John) that the Penn station bathrooms were turning into dens of masturbating dirty old men. NOTE: the only dirty thing in the women's room was the ceiling leaking dirty brown water everywhere but in the bucket that was placed under it. 6. The Rangers game let out: Thank God the Rangers did not lose. I can not believe just how drunk fans get at these games. We answered a lot of "What are you doing" and "Are you homeless?" questions, as well as being told "To get a job!" and "that we are crazy". Some of the best answers to the "what are you waitng for?" question were: "Spice Girls, they're gonna be naked" "Monster Truck-a-thon, with Truckzilla" "WWF" "Bette Midler and Barbra Streisand" "Kenny G" "Trey on Ice" "Free Sex" "Free Acid" "You, where the fuck have you been, we've been waiting all night" "Sociology experiment, we are trying to experience what it is like being homeless" NOTE: even though we had the comforting knowledge that we were going home to a nice, warm place, we actually did experience being homeless for thirty hours and have more compassion for these souls that wander our city streets. 7. Arthur, the bike man: Apparently Arthur was the first man ever to drop acid in this country. He held the secrets to the freemasons, the illuminati, organized religon, the AIDS virus, the meaning of life, and if we gave him more time he would have told us who killed JFK and what was inside Al Capone's vaults. This man was seriously disturbed and the funny thing was that he looked so normal. 8. Drunk Man: Anyone who was there knows who this drunk man was. I know that drunk man sounds kind of vague, but this man was DRUNK!!!! He wandered down the line getting in everyone's face until an ambulance from St. Vincent's picked him up. Anyone who was about numbers 25-35 in line care to share with me who exactly called the ambulance and why? 9. Little jacket man: Man with a radio and extremely small jacket grooved and flowed to the tunes of his mind with the line. 10. Apparently I am attractive to really scuzzy homeless men becaus e about 10 of them tried hitting on me. It was pretty funny. 11. The Mayor of Linesville Makes a List: normally, every time I have waited in line at the Garden, security comes out and takes a list of all the people on the line and then gives out the bracelets in line order. Well this did not happen. Tom, who was a fan waiting in the back of the line, got pissed since about forty scalpers had decided to jump in, pushing them back. He talked with security and then proceeded to take down all of our names. He made a list of about 250 names and then gave it to security. The scalpers names were not on it and apparently they were pissed. If it had not been for him, the scalpers would have gotten a lot of tickets. 12. Sister Mary gets Scary with a Scalper: Some guy who thought just because he was talking to the two people in front of the line on 10 different occasions that night felt that he deserved to be third in line. i felt a bit different. Everyone saw him and was getting pissed, so I voiced our complaints and proceeded to get really loud and annoye. I kind of surprised myself as to how vocal I was being, but I was really mad. I think Anik refers to this as me "regulating" the front of the line. From that point on, I was standing and watching what was going on. To quote myself, "You can be damn sure that you will have a problem with us if you cut in on this line!" Set break: They gave out the bracelets, the scalpers really got screwed as they were pulled off the line, and we were told to come back at 6am. Set II: 1. Went inside Penn Station fo rWarmth:" We headed down to the LIRR part of Penn Station since we are usually left alone there. It worked until quite a number of us hippie freaks were gathered and people started playing the guitar. It sort of attracted the police and they were sort of pissed. 2. We almost got a summons: The officer told us that we cold get a summons for sitting there doing nothing, so we promptly left as he was writing them out. 3. Searched afor a new place: WE tried everywhere in Penn station, but there were cops at evry place we tried to sit. I am surprised that we were not arested or given tickets. Admittedly we came close. 4. Went back outside: WE gave up on trying to be warm and bit the bullet and went back outside. There were people already out there. Lots of last minute poeple came and got bracelets. I could not believe they were still giving people bracelets. They were already up to the 300s. 5. The Drunk Guy From California: He came right up to us, at himself down and began rapping the Sugar Hill Gang. He was very very weird and extremely drunk. He had pissed his pants, and was seriously talking in his own language. He had no idea where he was or where he came from. We did manage to find out that he works in a hospital giving EKGs!!!!! God help us all. 6. The Cool Homeless Guy: We met this really cool guy because he was attempting to take my rotted, disgusting, sleeping bag out from the dumpster I had just thrown it in. I really didn't want anyone to have it. He said that he felt it was a shame for a good blanket to go to waste. I then offered him the two of the five new blankets I had bought at Kmart that night. He was very grateful. We then gave him all the food we did not eat and he repaid us with some of his fantastic artwork. The man makes mazes and all i can say is that I wish I was tripping while I was looking at it. He was a young guy who had only been on ther streets for a few months and my heart really went out to him. 7. The lineup outside: Security began to line us up in number order outside. We were excited because we only had about four hours left. They then proceeded to bring us inside the Garden to wait. 8. Waiting inside the Garden: This was the hardest part for me. I was really exhausted and I swear I was seeing little animals running all over the place. I tried to sleep for the next two hours, but the floor was really cold and it was freezing in the hallway. However, I could see the ticket booths. Finally around 8:30 they lined us up at the ticket windows. 9. Buying the tickets: the excitement and tension was mounting. I was second in line at the window. I thought Chris, who was in front of me, was gonna die. Finally they opened and the frenzy began. We got floor seats for all three nights, sitting with all the people we waited with. The ends certainly justified the means, I was very happy and ready to go home. Encore: As soon I got into my door i was already half undressed, all I wanted was to be clean and out of the clothes I was wearing. My roomate left and I slept for the next twenty hours. I have decided that I will never camp out for another holiday tour because it is just too damn cold. This is the third time I have camped out at MSG and I must say it was the most enjoyable. I hope to see everyone at NYE. I have no idea where the gathering is going to be, if anyone has any ideas name them. Peace, Sister Mary Carmen ****************************************************************************** "God help you if you are an ugly girl,* "Does anyone else feel weird when course too pretty is also your doom. * putting their hand inside a Everyone harbors a secret hatred for * puppet?" the prettiest girl in the room" * - Sister Mary Carmen * - Ani DiFranco * ******************************************************************************
I would like to give a random thought about the progression Phish has made over the past year. The new "funk" style is definitely hot. Not only has it brought new life to old fave's like Stash and Wolfman's but it seems to be allowing the band to follow in the direction that they have been moving in since the early days at Nectar's. That direction, of course, would be one of constantly changing and improving upon what can only be termed as some of the most enlightening and original music to be created these days. After catching four shows from summer tour, and the incredible shows in Hampton, I can positively say that the music is as good as ever, if not at its best. Sure, I have a hundred sets of Phish next to my stereo including most of the hottest shows they have ever played. I find it interesting though, that of all the tapes I have in my ever-growing collection, some of the most current ones seem to be more the transport from the everyday stress of work, school, etc., than the usual. The on-stage antics might be disappearing somewhat, but so what? The epic jams and intricacy of the music produced by these four guys as one is simply wonderful. I know I might sound like I'm ass-kissing or whatever, but c'mon, just turn on the radio today. Its tough to find a station that you can listen to for more than one song if even that. I truly don't even bother any more. Everyone keeps asking me, how can you listen to them all the time? But I simply reply DIVERSITY! Every tape, every show from every year has a personality of its own. Which leads us right back to the present. The new funk style.
I'm curious though. The setlists have been pretty short but the length of time has remained somewhat the same. Driving back from Hampton to the Jersey shore I started wondering. Is it possible that sometime in the near future we could see a songless or one song set. This would be quite interesting if you really think about it. Start off a set with Tweezer or YEM and then play an entire set of on the spot, improvisational playing. It would be quite interesting.
Peace everyone, and may the good times roll on!
I was wondering if anybody read the Philadelphia Inquirer review 
of the first night in Philly.  I read it the other day, and man was I 
pissed at the critique the show got.  I know it's the writer's job to 
criticize, but I have read the same crap time and time again.  She 
basically said that the Spectrum wouldn't be packed if Jerry Garcia were 
alive.  That's the crap I am so sick of.  You mean Phish sucked when The 
Dead were around?  Let me see here.  Bouncing Around the Room and Sample 
in a Jar were very popular on the radio circuit long before Jerry's 
passing.  They are probably the most popular Phish songs among people 
who don't know Phish, except for probably Free.  Phish was packing clubs 
and arenas way before 1995 as well.  I don't know about you, but when I 
see Phish every time I get to see them on tour, I see, well, I see 
Phish, the way they always have been.  They stick to their guns, and 
that is what has made them such an endearing band to their fans.  The 
column went on to also say that today's Phish is much more different 
than that of 4 1/2 years ago when they played the Tower.  She said they 
were something like an annoying band, with self-absorbed songs, blah, 
blah, blah.  I don't know about her, but I think everyone who still 
doesn't know Phish like they didn't know them then still finds them 
annoying, and in the same way.  Nothing has changed.  I have people who 
come up to me and say, "How can you like them? They're annoying."  Well 
of course they're annoying, because they're defying the odds by packing 
arenas with tons of fans who follow them show to show.  They're annoying 
because people like you can't stand to see this band succeed.  All I 
know is, The Dead have their fans and Phish have theirs, and there's 
also fans of both and of course, why not? Both bands fucking jam like 
crazy.  Jerry's death just plain sucked.  The  band couldn't go on 
anymore, so what's a Deadhead to do.  Why, the next best thing of course 
- follow Phish and join the massive throngs who have been fans of them 
all along.  
        I guess the best thing to do, is to ignore naive reviews like 
that and keep on keepin' on, because that's what gets us through and 
that's exactly what Phish has been doing since that first show at the 
little bar known as Nectars.  See ya people and Phish on!
-Paul B.

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