Phish Thoughts (Continued)

Phish has spoiled me. Lately when I go to a concert, like the Allman Brothers, I think .. "they're really good ... but they're not Phish." -Milt Melamed
Me and my friend Joe had first row tickets to Ames, 10-14-96, but got caught in an ice storm and didn't make it. The plan was to drive to St. Louis immediately after the show(10th row tickets) but we were forced to spend all of our money on a motel(it was really cold) in Des Moines, and had no gas. Thank you for listening. Mike
I am writing in reference to a note sent by Kevin, which you can find by scrolling down a little bit. You are right on man. Some folks are viewing Phish from a perspective that is a bit too analytical. A healthy argument is always good, but some of the points being made are just stupid and grossly exagerated. Before any fan knocks Phish, he/she need to remember that we are all very very lucky to have them. They are the best band in the world at this moment in time, and Trey is the best guitarist (this belief of mine about Trey was confirmed in Santana's proclamation of the same notion). Don't worry about phony fans, or Phish's increasing commercial appeal. They, and we, are all about music. I admit that Billy Breathes lies at the bottom of the list as far as their albums are concerned, but it's still better than anything you'll hear on the radio. It's just chilled out. Besides, any educated fan listens to tapes way more than the c.d.s. I was especially taken aback by a comment sent to Andy's page, that Phish just aren't doing it in concert like they used to. Come on. While Amy's Farm and several other old school shows are some of my favorites, they are not losing an edge. They have gained one. They are so tight these days that it's almost uncanny, especially the way they play. I could go on for days, but I don't have the time. I'm not impressed (and I'm sure many of you will echo this sentiment) by those who justify their critical eye by listing obscure songs and talking about the "good old days." That time has not come yet. These ARE the days man. So before you take cheap shots merely for that sake of argument, sit down and really really listen to your favorite Phish tune, and just be happy with it. Because no other band can tap the range of emotion that Phish does. -Tom
- I like PHISH as much as anyone else and after 20 shows they still take me to new places. BUT one of the reasons the band is not playing as much this summer is because many venues don't want Phish playing there. Actually, the venue's don't want the phans at there site. Adults are scared of hippies. In our conservative times, nugs are the end of all civilization. I am 35 and don't smoke anymore, but love my shrooms. Personally I don't care one way or another if people get high but your parents do. Anyway, if there were not as many freeloaders on tour, and I do mean freeloaders, venues would not have problem with Phish. You people I'm talking about, SELL SOMETHING to pay for your tour and quit mooching your way across the country. There is nothing I hate more than running the GAUNTLET of "spare a spill" kids on tour. GET A JOB AND BUY YOUR OWN FUCKING BEER. I happen to have many hippie friends and all of them WORK. If you can't afford the tour, STAY HOME. YOURE ruining it for the rest of us. venting some steam. "MO MAN"
Well, after reading the rest of the thoughts on the page, I'd feel almost guilty to let a bad word about Phish escape my lips. BUT, I have to say, they are really getting dank. I got Billy Breathes and in the cover of it there was the Phish dry goods catalogue. I wanted to return the album. No matter how wicked their music may be (don't get me wrong-I am a phan of theirs) they are getting out of the Phishy groove and into the new age subpop bullshit. Yeah, I'm going to wear a Phish hat, a Phish T-shirt, and put Phish stickers on my car so everyone knows that I am a PhishPhace. What the hell?!!??! I think they should shed that poser attitude of theirs, then maybe they won't attract so many poser phans. Can somebody please tell me why it's en vogue to flaunt yourself around? -Erin
HELLO EVERYONE. This is my first time visiting this page. My birthday was today(3/27/97). I am now 17 years old. Iguess it is about 20 minutes past the big B-day because it is now 12:20. I live in Cicero, Indiana which is only about 4 miles away from the infamous DEER CREEK. I hate to say this but last year at this time I hadn't even listened to Phish very much at all and now they are easily my favorite band. I've told this to other fans of the band and they just said, "better late than never". Anyway the main point Iwanted to come to is this. Cicero was home to Ryan White. He was the boy with A.I.D.S. When he died alot of stars came to our area(Michael Jackson, Phil Donahue, Donald Trump, Elton John, and Judith Light). Because of this it was no big deal when Phish came to stay at the WATERFRONT hotel and resatraunt where I worked. I now know that every single time they come to Deer Creek they stay at the same place. I am very mad at myself for never even saying hello as Mike checked them in. I was so stupid I did not even know who Mike Gordon was. Anyway, I just wanted to say that anyone who comes to Deer Creek for the 8&10 and 8&11 shows are welcome to come by my house if you got the munchies or just need a place to chill. I am only a block away from the Waterfront and I think it would be cool to meet some new people. If you need my home address or Just had any comments, E-Mail me at It might not be working for a few days but keep trying. Thanks alot to you all and especially to Andy for letting me take up this much room. -Adam Langolf
My religeos beliefs are quite eclectic. I respect and have faith in eastern dogmas, Christian imagery, and my power to harness my own Chi energy. But over the past month I have realized that Phish sums up all of this. Their music takes me on an undoubtably religeos journey, simultaniously acquainting me with both solemn humility and shining glory. MOre importantly, it makes me happy. When asked what my faith is my answer will be simple. I will respond, "Phish." Sorry, my spelling & grammer has gotten really bad because I've been in Germany for the past 9 months. Would you please correct any mistakes?
Hello Phriends. I love Phish. They don't know me, but they could have. This past year at Hershey, they wanted to eat pasta at one of my friend's friend's house after meeting her backstage(she works there). However, her Mom said that it was too short notice. I would have been invited to sit at the table with Phish and eat pasta....I think I'm going to cry. Also, some people are becoming too jaded, Maybe too much analysis and not enough emotion. Just surrender yourself. One more thing, there is this awesome band that some people know about from Philadelphia but, I think I'm going to let it go...I like seeing them in bars, not big state sized stadiums. -Kevin Sturtz
Last summer, Deer Creek, first show, first set. Chalkdust. How psyched is everyone when they rip that? I had hopped up into the very back row of the pavilion and was (as I noted) psyched when Trey ripped into the very familiar first couple of chords. So, I danced like a fiend for a while and they were really jammin after all the lyrics. I turned around to see what was happenin, and I saw, like every other show, just a sea of writhing, wiggling, dancing fiends--with smiles plastered to their faces. Is there anything like a Phish show? Comparisons can be made, but ultimately, no. -Tom
Dear Andrew, I saw the boys at the Flynn on the 18th and it happened to be my 60th show, also my last. I read your post on RMP and Mike's response and my sentiments were exactly yours. The band that I remember existing does not anymore. The shows that I remember are 12-29-92, 12-30-93, 7-1-94, 6-26-95, and of course 12-29-95. The past shows that I have attended do not come anywhere near the level of intensity and tightness acheived at these previuosly listed preformances. What exactly is the direction that the band is going in? What is Billy Breathes? Why do they play love songs now? Who wrote Waste? What I am getting at is that I have contemplated leaving the scene for a long time, but my thoughts were cemented at the Flynn. They just rocked Europe to the ground, at least the last few shows, so my thoughts were that the Flynn would be the bomb. How wrong I was! Did they open with Cities, or Camel Walk, no it was a Neil Young cover song. Did they play Dinner, Weigh, Daniel, Dog Log, Magilla, or anything near that calibur? The answer is no. They had the opportunity of a lifetime to give to the friends and family what they wanted to see, what did they do, they played all of Billy Breathes. They did not even sing My Old Hometown, they sang Ragtime Gal for the 1056th show in a row. What happened to fogging an entire arena out? Where are the strobe lights? Where is the peak in Hood? The music is just not as intense as it used to be. That is what Phish was always about for me. I think that Trey and Page are behind this whole problem, considering that they are married and have kids, well at least Trey does. Does anyone think that Fish and Mike are happy with where the band is headed, I think not. At the Flynn, Fishman looked so disinterested, it was scary. He hates playing all of the new crap that is being written, and Gordo is so cool that he does not even care, hell there both rich. Both of them need to stand up to Trey and Page and tell them to kiss their asses. We want to rock. Page and Trey have all their little gimmicks and toys (Theremin and Drum Kit), yet Fish and Mike don't have any of that shit, they just want to rock and jam and write intense, deep music, not this beautiful, manilowish, slow stuff. I do not think that day will come though because Trey is such an egomaniac that he would never give in to the other 50% of the band. It is his way or no way, and I think just from watching them interact onstage that Trey and Page have the tightest bond of any members in the band. Well, I have said my peace and I know where some people are at, confused about their future as well as the bands. My advice is to get out while you can, the true fans were there in the early days and saw this band evolve into what they are today. The people that are just finding out now, more power to you, but I have one question for you, where have you been? Phish is not a fad or a trend, these guys changed my life so much, it is painful to watch what is happening to the band and to the scene. I hope that someday they can return to playing the smaller venues and bring back the strobe lights. Popularity weighs on people no matter who they are, even our beloved Phish.
What the hell are they saying in the chorus of "Character Zero?" -Matthew Grapengieser
Hey all you great people. I just first want to thank Andrew for all the time he puts in to making this page. I really enjoy iy, and keep the Phish Quizes coming! Anyway, I'm getting really psyched for summer tour, but I'm also afraid of stuff getting out of hand. PLEASE keep the scene under control. I'm starting to get worried about more incidents like Red Rocks. "We" have already prevented Phish from returning to "the most incredible place" that Trey has ever played music. DON"T show up to a show if you don't have tickets....anyone with an extra is gonna hookj up someone they know ahead of time anyway, because we all know that demand for tix is getting extremely high. A few summers ago I thought it was great that people would mull around the lot and usually be able to find a ticket. It was an adventure, it was a great game to show up and get hooked up by a total stranger...(I have NEVER gone to a show without tickets, all it takes is a little planning in advance to m! ake sure you have a ticket) Anyway, I had plenty of friends that would go always go to shows without tickets in 93 and 94 and almost always get in. But now it's different. The band is the biggest touring band out there. (I can still remember calling Ticketmaster weeks after tickets went on sale for the 11/3/94 UMASS show, and not only did they still have tickets availible, but the Ticketmaster lady had never even heard of the band..."that's right lady, Phish with a P-H"). Anyway, now ticketless fans are jeopardizing the future (and even present) of Phish. The Dead scene got out of hand, but it was after DECADES of touring. Phish has blown up so quickly that the scene is already out of hand in just a few years! We have to be responsible. The future of this band is in OUR hands. Why do you think there are less shows in the north east now and less shows in the U.S.? The crowds are just to overwhelming. I really want to give the band credit for holding the Clifford Ba! ll and having it be run so perfectly and I'm sure the Great Went will be just as wonderful, but I would not be surprised if TWICE as many people show up in Maine. (thanks to Rolling Stone and MTV's coverage of Plattsburg). I'm really not trying to sound to negative here. Phish is the absolute greatest and most beautiful thing that has ever happen to me. The band and the people around the band bring me so much happiness and can routinely bring me to tears of joy. That is why I am really concerned about Police action as a result of bad behavior and ticketless "fans". I was very happy to hear how smooth everything went at the 3-18 show at the Flynn Theater. Thank you to everyone for not showing up! But afterall this was Burlington where people have enough respect for the band not to hurt them. In an attempt not to bable on any longer, I will say I know that most of you reading this are not the ones causing the problems or potential problems. But lets "police" ourselves here. Let's make it real clear that it's not cool to crash the gates. Lets not cheer for whoever jumped on stage during Maze (forget what show it was, but the crowd went nuts and cheered the dude on). And lets not have another asshole jump on stage at the Great Went. Can you imagine life without Phish? Well, it's not hard to lately..I know we'll all jonesin for tour to come, I just hope everyone is smart enough to stay mellow and under control...if you don't get a ticket, I know it sucks, but don't show up cause you aint gonna find one these days...the odds are against you, big time. I wanna bring my children to a Phish show someday....I hope its possible. Peace to all you good people I can't wait to see you in August. - Jeff Waful J_Waful@Emerson.EDU
it seems like i spent most of on night at the 'ball laying on my back in a beer garden throwing a frisbee up in the air to the top of the tent and then catching it on the way down. i was laughing my face off and i kept bonking people but it was a pretty small frisbee and everyone was having fun. i enjoy the music but i'm going to maine again for the whole experience. the band just brings it together for me. sausage..... dave
So I've already had the "Maybe I'll go out west again this summer and : see Phish a couple of times and then tour back to the east coast with : them. Shoreline, George, St. Louis, Chicago (maybe miss Alpine), : Deercreek, (miss pitt and new york), then the GREAT WENT" : : I must, however, keep my mind grounded. Summer tour last year was : fantastic. I had just travelled across the country from Michigan to : Arizona, California, I was landing in Utah and touring back : to reality with tbe best band in the country. I had to jump off the tour : after the second night Deer Creek. The reason I did family party fun : stuff, but deep down, I was kind of happy I didn't have to go see the : last three shows. I kind of regret missing the ball, so here I am this : year saying, "I really want to go to maine". : So as I'm contemplating the ticket prices, the long driving. : (Washington to St. Louis in 3 days. Come on, lets enjoy Colorado a : little, please?!?!?!), the ticketless, and the general feel of the : scene, debating in my mind during ever show the direction phish is : going, and my life role in everything at the time. I think the healthy thing to do is not plan my life around them : right now. If I can go to shows, I will, but if something else is that : important, I'll only catch 3 or 4 shows, and that could be healthier. : True, the last 4 shows I saw, (New Year's Run), blew me away and hosed : me down. : But there's something about not hearing repeats. I remember the : feeling I got at Alpine last year. It was an amazing show with a killer : hood that was so unique. But they had just played hood 2 nights earlier, : choreographed to the lightning of the thunderstorm which rained hard on : Red Rocks overlooking Denver. There was something missing the cornfields : of Wisconsin for me that night. Maybe it was because the stage is so : damn big! : But back to how amazing new year's was. It made me wants to never : miss them. And now, in 97 with all of the Bust-Out's (CITIES!!!) in : Europe and the Ben and Jerry's Carton I have in my living room. The itch : to see a bunch of shows is back. : : So here's where I'm at. It's really just a side issue right now which : won't actually appear in a daily sense until I'm on the tour (or not). : So I've got some time to figure my shit out. I just thought like sharing : a little. : : Peace, : Andrew Gadiel
About a week ago, I stumbled upon the most amazing quote, in J.R.R. Tolkein's "The Lord of the Rings".. This quote puts into words the feeling of total euphoria that I felt at my first show, in Buffalo, on 10/19/96. (don't let the elf-reference here throw you off..) "At first the beauty of the melodies and the interwoven words in the Elven-tongue, even though he understood them little, held him in a spell, as soon as he began to attend to them. Almost it seemed that the words took shape, and visions of far lands and bright things that he had never yet imagined opened out before him; and the firelit hall became like a golden mist above seas of foam that sighed upon the margins of the world. Then the enchantment became more and more dreamlike, until he felt that an endless river of swelling gold and silver was flowing over him, too multitudinous for its pattern to be comprehended; it became part of the throbbing air about him, and it drenched and drowned him. Swiftly he sank under its shining weight into a deep realm of sleep." - J.R.R. Tolkein Kevin O'Neill
At the 12-28-96 show at the Spectrum, I experienced a feeling I can only descibe as "supremely high". It wasn't the shrooms, although that was part of it. It wasn't the beers or the herb, though that was part of it too. It was every thing. As the music coarsed through my body I was overcome with a sense of complete and total joy. I mean everything in my life that makes me happy was racing through my mind at a mile a minute... music, my friends, my mother, everything. At the end of the first set I stared at my friend Gianni, unable to fully explain the force that had just captured me -Jon O'donnell
This girl I Know got to hang out with Phish when they came to Michigan. If only I could be that lucky!! -Paul Crispignani
All music is for sharing. The world would not be so uptight if everyone was enjoying some kind of Groove. -Mike R.
I guess that I should start by saying that I love Phish more than any other band in the world. There are a dream come true; taking every good aspect of all genres of music and combining them into one style: Phish. They are perfect! When I first heard Phish, I didn't really care for them. It was in my chemisrty class two years ago; a friend had played PON during lab (thanx Ms. Lyons!). I head Llama, Cavern, Mango, and then Magilla. This is when it hit me. I had been a serious fan of jazz for years; liking artists such as Pat Metheny, Wes Montgomery, and A.C. Jobim. I heard this wonderful song and immediately was interested. "Is this their own song, or is it a cover?", I asked myself. Well, of course it was original. My friend (a so- called "fan") had wanted to change the song, so I stopped him. I wanted to hear this rock band play a jazz standard. It didn't hit me then, but I liked them. It hit me this summer at Clifford Ball. I had all their CD's, but never experienced them live. It was spectacular! The Ball was the most fun I had ever in my entire eighteen years in this strange design Page calls life. I started trading tapes thru a local store's club and went to the MSG run last fall. Great show, but needed better encores. My family says I'm obsessed with Phish. They are what I love the most. I also have only experienced them sober. I guess I should get stoned and listen, maybe next show. I hear phish in my head all the time and I can't get enough. Some cover ideas: Haloween Costumes: Pat Metheny Group: Self Titled Steely Dan: Gaucho, Aja, or Royal Scam Songs: Any James Taylor Road Song: Wes Montgomery San Lorenzo: Pat Metheny This is not America: Pat Metheny and David Bowie (for Europe Tours) Your Gold Teeth, II: Steely Dan What do you guys think? -Matt Goldstein
in the sixties Bill Graham said something to the effect of "They are not the best at what they do, they are the onlyones that do what they do." Of course we know of whom he spoke. I would now like to say that, "phish are not the only ones that do what they do, but they are the best at what they do. cbrz slc ut. -chip brzezinski
I'd rather be Phishin! -Brooke
I think that they should use the word rust in a song. thank you -Vinnie Vines
Somebody needs to shoot an independent film at the Cliff Ball 2! -Henry Kurth
Many people think the only way to enjoy Phish is to get so high or tripped out that all they can do is stare at the clouds, but what about the music? The music will keep you going longer than any drug. It' like when you hear a certain song for the first time live and ll you can do is dance.. Phish has the power to overtake you body. -Adam Drummer
I went to see Phish at the Mann Music Center, and during the concert a guy started taking a leak on the back of my chair. It was pretty gross! -Brett Erpel
My Favorite Phish Show! I just got back from seeing phish at the flynn! One word to describe that show is WOW! I saw one of the greatest shows with some of my closest friends and it was the absolute best. I loved being there listening to the greatest music with some of the best people in the world!!!! Thank you PHISH!!!!! -alissa barger
That the first time that i saw Phish, Dec 95, Spectrum, I was amazed, they are truly the best thing to ever happen to music. They are so smooth and Laid beack, it is just crazy. Long live Gordonheads!!! -Keith Haigh
For years, my life, my moods, my spirit, revolved around the music of the almighty Grateful Dead. I would go to school in the morning, deal with assholes, fakes, REALITY. Then during lunch break I would go to my car and listen to Brown Eyed Women or Two Souls in Communion and life would be complete for the rest of the day. It was almost as if the tone of Garcia's guitar represented the sunshine. I'll never forget anticipating March. That's when the Dead would come to my hometown, Atlanta. It would be January, cloudy, cold, depressing. All I could think of was the sound of birds, the heat of the sun, the smell of veggie burritos, the feeling of total freedom and joy, and the sound of a climactic Morning Dew. But those days are memories. I was in high school then. I first became a curious soon to be Deadhead in 1989, at age 14 after seeing the summer solstice payperview special. I then saw 22 Dead shows between 1992 and 1995. Some were mind blowing. Some sucked. I saw the final ever version Of Dark Star, at my 13th show! (eerie), smacked in between a 30 minute Scarlet Fire and a sick Playin. I saw my first Dead show on March 1, 1992. Four weeks later, I went to a little playhouse in an alternative section of see....Phish. We arrived at the show, and I could not understand for the life of me why there were a bunch of Deadheads jonesin for a ticket. Who are these guys? Why haven't I heard of them? How come it's sold out and why am I spending $40 to see this Dead ripoff band? Well, as soon as I arrived inside, I saw Gordon wearing a green leisure suit, and the other guys noodling to a song I now identify as "Stash". I saw thirty minutes of the first set. I remember a wacky jam (Bowie), and I distimctly remember jumping up and down to the end of "Cavern" to close the set, feeling like a poser because I didn't even know who these guys were. The second set was cancelled due to a small flood in the theater, but they came out and did an a capella set in the water. I was definitely impressed, but my experience with Phish ended there. Then Phish got popular. I really resented them. Mailorder, two sets, different setlists, tapers section, space jams, no talking...where'd you get that idea boys..heh? Who gives a shit about a PHISH setlist? It's almost as though they are TRYING to be the next Dead. But then it happened. Remember the FIRST time? The first time you experienced the right moment? My college roommate and I were SERIOUS Deadheads. He was also into Phish. I not only wasn't into them, I hated them. Why are all these Deadheads selling out Phish shows? I had heard all of their studio material. When you first hear it, it's TOO much. But if you are a tad familiar with it, then you can ponder and explore it with a little bit of knowledge. I was driving to Kentucky through the Great Smoky Mountains to see the gorgeous redhead who was then the love of my life. I was alone...with a large joint and a copy of "Junta" that my roommate had forced on me for the ride. The sun was out. The birds were singing. I got totally baked. I then told myself that I was going to try to have a "Phish" experience. It was March 1995. The Dead were getting rusty. Jerry was sick and dying. I felt vulnerable. Could my life be saved in the next few seconds? I popped in side one. For the next hour I almost wrecked twice, and I think I might have actually shit in my pants. I really don't need to get into specific song details...y'all know what I mean. But I slowly came to the consensus that Phish said to themselves, "Let's form the PERFECT band. Let's get our degrees, lock ourselves in a room for years, and come out with the most spiritually uplifting, tightly scripted, most COMPLETE sound in history. During "Golgi", I thought the energy in the chorus was a joke, but I then realized that they ARE in fact that energetic. And then I said it.."These guys blow the Dead off the planet." It was almost as if that experience was fate. Five months before Jerry's death. In the summer of 1995, I lived in Washington, DC. On Saturday Phish was playing at the Nissan Pavilivon in nearby Gainesville, VA. The next weekend, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead were playing at RFK stadium. It would be my first Phish show as a born again Phishtian, and my final fare well to the guys who stood by me from a boy to a man. I arrived at Gainesville. The parking lot was first. After a few minutes I began to realize that the scene and every thing about this concert was the Dead suped up 100 mph on crack. The girls are sexier, the drugs are better, the band is MUCH better, the show is LONGER, the jams are MORE FUCKED UP,, this is crazy! They opened with a song that was there for me on that trip to Kentucky.."Divided Sky". My first reaction was.."They open the set with a concert Monster? The FIRST set? The guy next to me goes..,"Dude, they play long songs in the first set." I of course was speechless. The next weekend was a very emotional time, as I predicted it would be my last Dead show because Jerry was SO fucked up. Every song he chose was a funeral dirge. The last song I ever saw live was "Brokedown Palace". I cried. The final verse Jerry ever sang to me was, "Fare you well, I love you more than words can tell." He waved and it was over. My friends thought I was too harsh...he was dead in six weeks. Phish saved my life JUST at the right time. But since then Phish has grown into more than just a hobby, but a giant monster that continues to swallow me whole. I've seen the Fox Theatre runs, Halloween '96, the Clifford Ball, etc. And I get emotional every time I see ol' Gordon croon a bluegrass tune with his passive, insecure expressions. How bout Trey grinning so wide he almost bursts. Or Fishman, trying real hard not to lose the beat..concentrating with his tongue barely out. And Page, aka "Dracula" lurking over the piano like a mad scientist. Phish is the greatest band of all time. They WILL be around longer than the Dead. They WILL be bigger than the Dead (eventually). Let the world know. I'm 22 now, and I'll be graduating in December. I want to take my children to Phish one experience that I always wished I could have done with the Dead. I always felt like a kid at Dead shows, like I missed out. Beacause I never saw the REAL their prime. But we are smack dab in the middle of an incredible Phish period..and I couldn't be happier. Long live the gods of music Kevin Cassels Western Carolina Univerity
Well today I was pulled over for speeding and the only excuse I have is 12-31-96 Axilla I. Totally random, see everyone in Maine. Rob
the first concert of theirs that i went to Hersey Park, PA summer of 96 It was the best concert ever...everyone was so layed back and just hanging out..i met so many great people and their attitudes were very enlighting compared to what we are faced to deal with everyday. Phish jammed for hours... I'll never forget my experiences there! -lauren berutich
So i wrote a letter to my girlfriend,who by the way lives in Germany, and told her since she was going to the phish show in berlin, to say hi to Trey and the rest of da boyz from me. Apparently the show in Berlin, Germany was only attended by about 400 loyal Phans, and my girlfriend did approach Mike and Trey during the setbreak and had a little chat with 'em!! They remarked that they wished they had more Euro-heads and they very much appreciated german heads like her. I was so close to spending my last money on a plane ticket over there, now I wished i had. phooey! See you all this summer at the shows.Peace be wit ya bruthaz and sistaz Beej
First I'd like to say that Phish is one of the most incredible and innovat- ive modern bands around. It's wonderful to have such a non-offensive group of minstrels to let you know just how powerful and beautiful music can be. After all, music is the most creative and unquestionably the most fun med- ium for the expression of human emotion (and who better to remind you of that than our friends Phish). It also makes me very happy to know that there are sites like this one to unify people with similar interests in a very positive way. In conclusion I'd like to say keep music within your heart and know that somewhere along the line there's always a Phriend around the corner. - Roy "Skillz" Martinez P.S. "Whatever you do, take care of your shoes!"
Many people think the only way to enjoy Phish is to get so high or tripped out t hat all they can do is stare at the clouds, but what about the music? The music will keep you going longer than any drug. It' like when you hear a certain son g for the first time live and ll you can do is dance.. Phish has the power to o vertake you body. -Adam Drummer
Duing this past summer tour I was in Wisconsin for the Alpine Valley show. I was seated in the pavillion area to my good fortune, and I was enjoying the first set when a disturbing sound was brought forth. It was the sound of some guy behind me actually trying to sing the bass-line to Bathtub Gin. I usually sing along to the lyrics in my head, but never at such a volume as to disturb the other people around me. When the set ended I turned around to talk with this gentleman. He explained to me that this was his first Phish show, but he had been listening to their studio work for a little over a year. I decided that I would try and do my part to keep the guy from getting harrassed by some snob. I calmly explained to him that band really enjoys playing to a captive audience, and that singing the way he was, was simply rude and incosiderate to those around him. He was so glad that I talked to him, he didn't make a peep the whole second set. Much to the delight of our whole section. The moral of this story is: The next time you are at a show and someone is being a tad too vocal during the music, don't get angry and curse him/her out, be calm and try to explain the idea of captive listening to the individual. If that doesn't work, smoke him/her out till they pass out and shut up! Peace. -Matt Imperato
I have not only one big thought, but several small ones. -I don't think the rest of the world is quite ready or Phish. -I don't think the rest of the world deserves Phish. -If Phish stopped putting out albums, I don't know if I'd be disappointed or not. -Phish might try putting out an album with like no words, just jamming, like stuff like Antelope and YEM. -I think I hear a possible "Oh Kee Pa"-->"Mango." It's a stretch, but it works. -Albums for possible Halloween Costumes: Zappa - Joe's Garage (not an original thought, but I'd like it) Violent Femmes - Blind Leading the Naked Led Zeppelin - ZOSO Neil Young - Decade (I had a dream about this one.) C,S,N&Y - So Far (I just want to her them play "Ohio") Santana - Abraxas -Jorge Zanahoria (not my real name)
aaaaaaahhhhhhhh! bob dole did better than me on the phish quiz :) -gabriella amabile
I am so excited that Phish is playing in Burlington. The Flynn only holds a little over 1400, but it took 7 hours to sell out because the Flynn's box office is so slow. I got on line at 10:45am and didn't get out of the box office until 5pm. But the 6 hours and 15 minutes on line is going to be worth it, that's for sure! Ben and Jerry's was handing out pints of Phish Food in 20 degree weather and the ice cream melted all over my backpack. I hope to see a FEW of you at the show. -Josh -Joshua Entin
My friend Jen from home goes to SUNY Geneseo in Rochester, NY and last year (96) the Lake Placid show fell on her birthday. I don't see her that often because I go to school in Rhode Island (RW give it up) and neither of us live at home during the summer anymore. Anyhow, I thought that this would be an awesome time to get together so I mail ordered and my boyfriend and I embarded on the 6+ hour journey to LP the day before the show. We had classes that day, but we decided that it would be ok to miss a couple days as long as we drove back after the show for our tests the next day. It was a beautiful drive and before we knew it we were there. We pretty much just passed out early that night so we could get up early and go hang out. We left at about 10:30 the next morning and found a great parking spot. Lake Placid was such a phat preshow scene. There were TV cameras and lots of old people all gawking at the "phreaks" it was cool though everyone was very polite. We met a lot of fun people (somebody gave me a mobile friendly service O that I still have THANKS) and ate the BEST pizza I have ever had. Finally Jen and her friends showed up so we sort of hung in one of the back parking lots till the show. Inside we ended up with great seats and phreaked our shit out all first set. During intermission Jen, her friends and I went out next to greenpeace just to check people out. We saw this one guy with these wierd '50's glasses on and I said "Those are weird glasses." He looked over and smiled and felt like a stud then proceeded to stand on the stairs above us. The Jen goes "I think he looks like a dick." and all her friends agreed. He was so embarrassed that he took off immediately I felt bad, but it was really funny because he did think he was Mr. Right until then. OK second set and the encore, truely a great show in a moderately sized venue, but now now the ever-closening departure time was almost upon us. I said goodbye to Jen, and Chris and I took a short walk back to the car. We bondered the thought of just getting a room for the night and leaving in the morning, but the fact was that we HAD to be back for classes. I turning the car on and pulled slowly into traffic. We drove about 100' in stop and go traffic when the car stalled. I tried to turn it on, but no good. I put in neutral and rolled to the curb. I tried again and again to start it, but we were f.cked. Now we were stranded 6hrs from school with a dead car little money and two tests awaiting us in the morning. We both literally freaked out. It had been such a long day and we didn't need this so we decided to try a little prayer. I got out of the drivers sear, afraid that I would flood the engine if I tried again. Chris got in and the car started immediately. We practically peeled out down this side street to avoid traffic so that we could get as close to home as possible incase it happened again. We both had to pee, but we were araid to turn off the car that we stopped at this gas station left it on while we ran behind this truck. Ok so we drive, and drive, and drive and drive and finally we get home it is 5:00 in the morning and I had class at 8:00. I went to sleep to try and catch some quick ZZZZ's and low and behold, woke up at 12:30. Needless to say, I missed my test, but I gave myself an A for effort! Random huh? PS Our car was stolen at the first night Philly show, but thats another story. -Melissa Griffin
isn't it great that in this huge world we have computers to bring all of us phish heads together? anyone going to Denmark June 26-29 for the four day festival? If so, I hope to see you there!!! -Meredith Burket
phish is the epitome of musical and spiritual creaminess:):):):) -becky
It was late one summer night at a huge concert, called the Clifford Ball, when after cruising the scene for a few hours, my best friend and I headed back to the van for some shut-eye. As we walked, we stopped and chatted, and drank a few beers. At the van, we decided not to pass out just then, and started talking to the heads walking by. Eventually I had to piss, so I walked to a port-o-potty, and when i stepped out and headed back, another one of my 70,000 best phriends asked me if I had just seen Mike riding around in a golf cart. 'Naturally I missed him while taking a leak,'I thought, wanting to kick myself in the ass. I returned to the van, and my friend, and started talking to passer byers, after telling him that we missed Mike riding around. Then, we met 2 guys who were from Austin,Tx (we too are from Austin), and we chatted. From out of nowhere came a man with poofy hair driving a golf cart, and my friend was so convinced it was Mike, he started yelling, "Mike!!", and he pulled over. This was when I met Mike, and he allowed us to take photos with him. It was absolutely amazing! -Steve Bernitz
one day i was jiven to phish and i had an out of body experiance! i was swept away to a land of happy moons and singin cows. it was so groovy thanx guys!! -phishphreak
Clifford Ball was the greatest times of our life. We still find ourselves traveling there frequentley and wait for this summer for our real return (s). We made great new discoveries. The chicken bong ( one hour with this and you'll be making chicken noises for days). Sitting in the sun for hours, the sweet sounds of the orchestra, seeing the sun glisten against phish sound. The lights at night. The comfort of love around you. That comfort found in 70, 000 sisters and brothers that are bonded together by it all. see ya soon. stay safe and loved, heather - jean and maggie may.
Last show I saw, Champaign, IL Nov. 8 (been a while unfortunately) was out of control. If anyone is familiar with Assembly Hall at the UofI, you know it is circular. So, as Phish came at us hard with a great Runaway Jim to open, I happily trotted around the Hall a couple times, weaving in and out of phellow phans who were equally as psyched. Just a nice memory, see you all soon, I hope - Tom
Sometimes, when i think about phish i'll start to cry, it's all very emotional. -Barbara
first off i just want to say i love phish i love everything about them. their outlook on life, their strange but awfull funny humor their intenssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssse jams! everything. well almost everything. now i'm really not the one to talk since my first show was 94. but i see how things are and i can under- stand how those people who first seen phish develope into this ultimate rock band feel. now it was bound to happen. i guess thats what most push for, to make it big. when you kick fucking ass in a major way, you do! thats that. but when you get there and you've established yourself you start to notice, see, feel, hear things. and it zaps the "energy" right out of what your doing. thats what i see. i read stories of mike going out after a show and handing out a big plate of food to his phans . or mike gathering a group of phans and going out to a grave yard after a show with his bass and jamming out to the wee hours of the morning. he cant even ride his lowrider out in the parking lot without getting mugged by little 16 and 17 yearold phish rats whose parents pay for there tickets and give them their mercedes to go see a bunch of shows. just because its cool. they can go drink smoke and party and go home and brag about how many shows they've seen. what about the music! did you hear trey tease that bowie and then kick into a maze right out of an intense jam to start the second set. oh, you missed that. no, your favorite tune of the night was good times bad times. see, you guys suck and we know who you are. stay home. i dont mean that about everyone who is 16 and 17. sorry dudes. like i said we know who you are. then you got those assholes who do their ticket thing. you guys suck too. want to hear a story? 97, phish is home from europe doing a show at the flynn. i hear about the show two days later. tickets are obviously sold out i call a ticket agency. i've gone that way before. i'm willing to pay more to see the best! anyway, i call, he says yeah we got tix, we also got tix for a show in jersey the following weekend. i'm fucking flipping out. i'll take three for each show! o.k. he says . i go on the net to check out my shows, see whats up and shit. it says no voucher no show. so i read into detail and come to the con- clusion, how am i going to get into this show with his info on the voucher then there is no god damn show in jersey either. this guys a fake (i'm a regular sherlock holmes. more like sherlock dipshit!) so he was a fake and i'm out 450 smackers. totally my stupidity! but you guys still suck! so my question to phish is why did you go big? look at all the bullshit that goes on. i'm sure you guys know, who the hell am i talking to, you live it.but it sucks. well if we didnt make it big you probably wouldnt have heard of us. true. i think i would have bumped into you guys anyway even if i wouldnt have bumped into you guys, you true to heart phishheads wouldnt have to go through with whats going on. you guys still manage to electrify an arena! kudos! phishhead first deadhead second! dave duarte
I don't have a clue where to begin... All I can say is that I really love this band. I find it amazing to admit, but I realized recently that phish has such an impact on so many aspects of my life. If I'm walking to class I'm usually humming a phish tune. Most of my random thoughts...Phish. I don't know...talent, humor, moving music, character, loyal fans, industrious, an entire scene, it just all adds up somehow. I think I can say Phish is my hobby, and my hobby would be Phish! It's a band that someone can get so involved in. I collect tapes, read newsgroups, suscribe to online digests, get phish related email, have a whole group of friends I met solely on our common interest in phish, I spin tapes for so many people at my school, I go to phish night at the bars, I read the almanac, I read web pages, I've learned about a dozen songs, I mail order, I tour, I anticipate the really can get involving!! -Matthew Stepansky, #phish: Mathias
Page, Mike, Trey, Jon where do you go when the lights come on? You come out to jam for many an hour and take us new places be they sweet or sour You make us believe You make us transcend You take us to Gamehenge and back once again We've taken a vow to crush our mutual foe We'll teach evil Wilson to Surrender to the Flow We'll save all the lizards from a monotonous demise Then Ben and Jerry will sing "Brother" hmm.. what a nice surprise... :-) -Chad Krueger
Last night, I was listening to disc two of A Live One and I noticed something I never noticed before. After Page's magnificent solo that ends The Squirming Coil, there is about 15-20 seconds of crowd noise and pa music. Right before the disc ends, a faint, a capella, falsetto rendition of the Golgi chorus can be heared. Did anybody else notice this? It's wierd how you can buy a cd and not notice something cool about it until a few years later. Later, Nick
What suprised me the most in Boston was the way my whole group saw the Balloons but never guessed that there were that many. First night, only maybe 10000 had been strategically placed around the roof of the fleet center, the next night was too crazy in every way to notice such a thing. Was this another MIT type prank? I was not a Rosemary subscriber at NYE time, did anyone discuss this? Anyway, nothing will ever beat waking up on NYE, looking out onto MIT central buildings lightly dusted with snow in the midday sun. Took the shuttle to Harvard Square, talked to Budnick and generally conversed with old, new aquaintances. Definite highlight of all twenty shows so far. -Jason Pierce
I was at both shows at Deer Creek for the most recent summer tour. The first night some friends and I had the priveledge of sitting in box seats. This was an exillerating experience that I'll never forget. That show as do many Phish shows had an energy that I've not felt since the Dead finished touring! I will always remember that show in particular because of the impression that the whole karma had on me! Thanks to phish! You guys affect alot more people than you'll ever know! -Scott Brodhacker
I think it's time for the band to put out a 4 song, double studio disc of epic status!! Brother->Guyute on one disc, of at least 30 minutes per song... New jam->Jam->more jam->vacuum solo->jam again->crazy ass phat jam->lifeboy(?) I don't like lifeboy, but the way the last 2 studio efforts have turned out, this seems fitting to end the set. Just a thought, jobe -Gabe Masry
Leaving Sugarbush on 7/3/95 was quite an experience. Actually, only one notable thing happened, but it was funny as hell!! We left Sugarbush on 89 heading back to NH. I was driving my friend's car. Gumbo had just come on the boot we were listening to as someone from the back seat asked me to close the sunroof. Traveling about 80MPH, I reached up to pull it closed, I heard it click, and figuring that it meant that it was shut, I let go. It wasn't shut, and wouldn't be for the rest of the ride home!! It took off and flew right off of the car!!! Must have been in the air for 10 minutes, spinning around headed for a Jeep behind us. Everyone in the car turned to see what was going to happen (including me, the driver, going 80MPH on the highway, looking behind me for a flying sunroof.) It landed about 10 feet from the Jeep and shattered into a million pieces all over the higway. We all turned back around and everyone laughed for about an hour straight. I only had to pay $50 to replace it.... gabe
What are they treating those people in Europe to?!? While I'm sitting at home fiending for a show these people are getting new songs etc. By the way GREAT page Andy Peace brothers and sisters Justin Miles
thoughts follow my vision and dance in the sun, all my vasocontrictors they come slowly undone, can't this wait till i'm old, can't i live while i'm young! --sounds like trippin to me! see you at the next show! -geoffrey "damn good" eddy
The first time I heard Phish was like three years ago. My friend Ben made a mix tape for me with all kinds of great music, but one song stuck out. The song I would play over and over and over was "Rift" and I went and bought the CD, listened to it, and by the end of the month, I had all of the CD's, except Hoist and Live One, because obviously they weren't out yet, but you get it. And my girlfriend dumped me because I talked about Phish too much. -George Viebranz
Nothing will ever beat the excitement of Clifford BAll. It was well worth the stuffy 8 hour car ride. Nothing aboiut that weekend had a bad vibe to it. I Can barely wait to see what the band has in store for this summer.---c. kennedy -Coleen Kennedy
While practicing our chops in the basement early one Saturday morning, my bandmates and I happened to stumble upon the progression for what I've always called the "blue" section (later popularized by the Pharmers Almanac as being the "chill part") of Reba. Suddenly, the thumping roll of the distinctive bassline resonated from the stone floor, hooking up perfectly with a quiet roll on the drums while the piano sought the thick chords. As guitarist I was helpless, I looked down at my body and watched the jam shape riffs and arpeggios out of my Strat that was far beyond my usual prowess. I let the wall of sound grow in intensity to the point at which only the most searing runs high on the neck could be pierce the thunderous beat. After what seemed like hours we smiled star-struck at each other as if to say "how the fuck are we doing this?" Soon, we danced around in the dark laughing and screaming with the jam until we realized that it had sunk to a whisper, almost silent, puncuated only with the residual energy of a fat jam. -Damien Mullison
The music of Phish fills the holes that sound leaves behind. -Brian C. Jackson
There seems to be a tone of dissapointment concerning comments over the quality of the shows recently, and I'd just like to include my words of support and optimism for all those who feel this way. My experiences during the summer and fall tour (DeerCreek, Auburn Hills) gave no indication that the band was slipping, in any way, towards mediocrity. This coupled with what I've seen from the Europe setlists (Cities, Camel Walk!, new covers, new songs, YEM ENCORE!!) should help boost spirits for those who, amazingly, seem to doubt the calibre of music that these four boys are capable of creating. I'm afraid to think what one's opinion might be if they went to see a different band, because I can't even imagine anyone measuring up. Be happy, be excited - Summer Tour is coming!! -John Trenholme
Bill attended the Clifford Ball and he sold hemp stuff in the parking lot before the concert for his ticket! Tara never heard of PHISH before she met Bill. Now she loves them!!!!!! -Tara and Bill
I recently bought the Phish tracking video. I was very excited about it! So I put it in the VCR and I discovered that, well, It sucked. It's a crapy home video! Don't get me wrong, I love Phish! They're my favorite band! -Jon C.
Phish is like a cornicopia of sounds and tones that are pleasing to the ear. The world of music is like a "divided sky" with phish on one side and the rest of musicon the other. -melissa
It was a hot sunny day in August of 1996. I was less than 24 hours from turning 21 and I could not imagine a better way to celebrate my birthday...surrounded by 70,000 of my closest friends and the music of the best band that there ever was. My travelling partner, Sam had informed me that he would be tripping with some of our buddies from home that we had met up with. It was about noon and they were about to eat some shrooms. I opted to pass on the fungus and head in to get a good spot close to the stage. This would mean i probably wouldn't see my friends until late that night, and would be alone (so to speak) at midnight when I became legal. My friends wished me a happy birthday and I headed into the show. (My friends are the type that went to the Clifford Ball to Party and see the scene with Phish as a convenient after thought, I on the other hand went to study this amazing band as close up[ as possible, and of course party as well). So I sat on the ground for hours ! to make sure I'd be up close to the boyz, all I had was a gallon of water, paper and pen, glass, and nugs. Set I was amazing (obviously). Seeing Phish this early in the day was weird. Gazing at Trey in bright sunshine with bright blue sky behind him was very unique. Then the orchestra, mellow, good, chill. Set II - insane. Intermission, I had made friends with most of the people around me, all extremely friendly. We were all crammed in together in the dirt/grass and had been there for 8 or 9 hours. Set III - insane as always. Phish thanks the crowd and leaves the stage..I look at my watch: 11:55pm Aug 17. In 5 minutes I would be 21, a birthday that most spend getting completely wasted at the bar and I was completely surrounded by screaming Phish heads. 3 minutes...would the band come back by midnight? What would they play for me? I had the hugest grin on my face. I really believe in karma, and like so many other people, I believe that I have this spiritual, pers! onal relationship with the band, even though I've never actually met them. But I grew up with this band, I learned values from the band and their extended family, I learned how to play guitar and how to appreciate diverse types of music. Phish has changed my life more than anything...1 minute, and these two guys standing next to me offer a hit off their bowl, after taking a hit, one of these guys remarked how beautiful all the lighters looked, being a bit shorter then them and on a flat surface, I couldn't see back to see the lighters, so one of the guys lifted me up and I saw a see of lighters all the way to the horizon. I had chills down my spine and a tear in my I. It was so symbolic. Here I was, seconds from this milestone of a birthday, and all these people were forming this gigantic birthday "cake" imagery for me and my baked imagination. I looked at my watch, 30 seconds. I told the guys how i had lost my friends and was about to turn 21. What they said back was ! beautiful, "we're here for you man, Happy birthday!" And they each hugged me, total strangers, but I couldn't have been happier....the crowd roared even louder, 10 seconds.....WHAT WILL THEY PLAY FOR ME?! As you all know, there were no "oom pa pas" so at first I didn't recognize this tune, but I swear it was exactly 12:00 when they started Harpua (I've since checked a Dat that has the time burned on it, and it really was midnight when they started playing!) I felt so special..this band that I had invested so much time of my life to was paying me back, it was my present...Looking up at Trey, I felt as if he knew this was one of my all time favorites. I wish I could thank Phish for this amazing moment in my life, but I do want to thank those two dudes for making my night, you guys truly are brothers. And hey, I'll turn 22 the same way! I can't wait. -Jeff Waful
My first show was 6/29/95 and it was great. My friends had gotten the tix and there is no way for me to ever repay them, because Phish has meant that much to me. Phish is the pulse of life! Dan H
Let me start by saying after reading everyone else's stories I can't help but get swept away by my memories. Shows are incredible! You loose yourself and you are just wrapped up by these notes and chords, and after it is all over you are left longing for more. The first show is almost an enlightenment Well I have been converted. Some of the people I have meet associated with Phish are the most incredible human beings around. Thanks for your time. E-mail me at Pauly
I was at Blossom Music Center in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 6.20.95. We rolled in a bit late, missed Llama and Spock's Brain, just in time to catch Ginseng. Great, fun first set including Fishman on Vacuum (I Didn't Know). Anyhow, because we were a bit late, did not get a chance to mill around and socialize, so during the setbreak I made my way up the lawn- and just happened to see everyone I was looking for. When I got to the top of the hill/lawn I saw my sister, who was supposed to be working and had gotten off at the last minute. I was very happy, gave her a hug, smiled, appreciated the great weather, and then....second set starts.......... Boop, boop, bop bop, boop boop, bop bop - Haley's Comet ..... Haley's first Now, it's summer and this is like the best song to hear in the summer for me because, it's this fun, light hearted happy song...... just a good old time, Sofirst Haley's for me, and I start skipping down the hill, jumping up and down, singing the words. I get to the sidewalk/concrete divider b/w the pavillion and the lawn, and I realzie I am at the left of the venue when entrance to the pavillion, where my tenth row seats were(!) was on the right side, so I start skipping all the way across the length of the concrete path, jamming.....what would i do...... As I come closer to the middle, I see this head bobbing up and down in the crowd in front of me, it is coming closer, and before I know it, there is this guy skipping from the other side, in tune with Haley's and we meet eye to ey in this mass of people, we both have these summer-smiles on, and we are both skipping. With no words we skip toward each other, embrace arms and s start skipping in a circle, then we switch directions and skip the other way and then we are off to our respective desitinations.....the set to follow was truly a great experience and the Haley's skip and the perfect understanding of someone else, a complete random phan, of what the music was making me feel at that exact moment, resonates in my mind as just a truly truly perfect live show experience. (* Note: The Haleys, Uncle Pen, Mike's > Space Jam > Contact >Week, Cracklin, and Slave encore all within the second set were nice too) -Franklin Malemud
My first two Phish shows: I went with this girl Sabrina, the first was totally spontaneous. I called her like 5 minutes before I left and said "wanna go see Phish?" she was so shocked, but we went. We were both sunburned pretty bad, and the traffic was unbelievable, but it's still one of my favorite shows to date (6.30.95). The second (12.28.95) was okay, but it was funny in that she didn't really believe she was gonna get baked just from all the smoke in the place. She did. Clifford Ball was unbelievable, I went with Greg and Pat and I have so many stories! Probably best time of my life. CB 97 will be just as grand. NYE 96 was great, some stories there, but none compared to Cliff Ball. Never knew one band could mean so much, my parents still don't understand but are starting to get used to it. They get pretty excited for me when it's time to go to a show. That's what the greatest thing is, they're finally starting to appreciate that Phish isn't just a band to me, but more a theme, a constant in my life and it's always gonna be there, and no matter how bad things get, I can pop a tape and just lay back and let the music carry me....I'm kinda bummed that they're apparantly not doing the east coast as much, especially New England. I pray that surprise east coast tour comes true, even if I can't make the shows. I'll see y'all at Clifford Ball in Maine!!! And thanx to all the fans. I've never met a group of people who can all agree on something so great, and get along no matter what. I've met some incredible people through Phish, and that is something I'll never take for granted. ~mike "mr" palmer
my first show was 11/26/94 at the Orpheum in Minneapolis,MN. Honestly, at the time, i didn't know alot about what was going on. Listening to the tapes now though, i can honestly say that this is THE best show,music wise, that i've been to. Smokin' 'possum', incredibly tight "guyute", the "halley's>bowie" to end all "Bowie's", and a *KILLER* "slave" taboot!!!!! if anyone knows what that weird sounding thing mike was playing during the middle, quite part of "bowie", please e-mail me...@'s been baffling me for 3 years. i would *highly* suggest getting these tapes!!!! it's the *SHIT!* ps- i just got st. louis tapes...great show, but popper needs to learn when not to play......"sssssstink KIND" -Ben Lafond
here goes. my name is mark and i don't know where to begin when it comes to how phish have changed my life. it all started back in freshman year of high school when by best bud nick( who lives across the strret from in london) got rift. i heard it but didn't pay that much attention to it. if someone told me then where i would be now in regards to this band i would have never believed them. i started to really listen to phish's music during my senior year (thanks to my friend nick; oh, by the way, i am now a freshman in college)and i was really getting into the music more an more. in july of '96 a bunch of us were lucky enough to see phish at the empire in london. now this was my first show and i wasn't the BIGGEST fan yet, so i couldn't believe how lucky i was to have been there. we got to the venue at 1:00 and chilled out in the park and smoked, drank some wine, you know the usual. we were literally the first people in line. we got in and i was in the first fucking row, right in front of trey. i could not believe it. this was my first show and i was lucky enough to be right in front of the band. what an atmosphere. incredible setlist with highlights of harry hood, scent of a mule(holy shit), yem(trampolines!) and runaway jim. i won't even start on 2001 and stash. just to illustrate how perfect this scene was: during the setbreak ("we'll be back in 15 mi! nutes"; yeah right) there was this middle aged couple standing right behind us. they had this little boy who couldn't have been more than 5 years old and they were literally throwing him up in the air and then catching him. i mean this fucker was going highhhhh. anyway, the crowd was loving it. i was in the best mood i think i was ever in. anyway, as the show came to a close i realized what was happening to me. i din't want this moment of my life to change...ever. it is a feeling that it nearly impossible to describe, yet i know that i am not alone here. this was my first show also. i knew that i had hit something by being introduced to this band's wonderful music. thanx nick. -riles ( p.s. i would love to here any thougths that anybody has. please email me. i have so many more experiences that i am going to write about. stay tuned -mark reilly
They can do things that no one else can do. When they just go off and make sounds for twenty minutes, all your worries in the world just dissapear. Whenever I'm at a show, I take off my watch and leave all the stress in my life at home. -James Finley
I've discovered that I have but two addictions: Life and the way that music makes that life energized. -Kevin Sturtz
Personaly, I think Phish should touch their roots and come home to good old VT. -Scooby Drew
Bela Fleck show at JMU on March 25 tix on sale at the Warner Theatre for only five dollars order by credit card still only five dollars. The number is 1-800-287-3925. It is being held at the Wilson Hall, which is relativley small from what I have heard. Leftover Salmon show at the Bayou in Georgetown was excellent, good band. Belizbaha, from Burlinton is playing at Friar Tuck's tonight here at ODU three dollar cover. If anyone read this write me a letter I am a veteran of 77 shows but lack a reliable tape source here in Norfolk, Va. I deal mostly with dorks or Dave Matthew's fans and the quality is very low. I just want a steady reliable hook up. My address is 737 W.Princess Anne Rd. #1 Norfolk, VA. 23517. Also my friend never got his money orders back from the New Year's shows. He made his federal express money order out to Ferderal Express and not to Phish so you figure he would not get tickets, right. Well his trace on one money order came back and it was cashed, but he never got tickets. What does anyone think he can do? Andy your page is awesome I like it better than and I hope you get paid for this cause it seems like you work your but off. -Gregory M. Costanza
My first show was at the Bayou in Wachington DC during the '91 summer tour. My brother turned me on to Phish and bought us tickets. The place was packed. I remember looking at these normal looking guys (except Fishman!) and thinking "These guys are INCREDIBLE!" Of course, 1 show was all it took to get me hooked. -Scott Brannan
I went to my first Phish show at the Spectrum back in Dec. of 95. I went with a friend and friends of hers. Honestly, I had never listened to Phish before; I think I only knew one song- everybody's favorite Bouncing Round the Room! On the way to the concert I had mixed feelings. I didn't know if I would enjoy myself or not considering I was surrounded by Phish fans. We got inside and bought hemp jewelry and made our way to our seats. We had floor seats which were pretty cool. Before the show started everyone was just hanging out and doing their own thing. I ran into some people I knew from school and other familiar faces. The lights went down and Phish came out. The crowd went crazy! I had such a blast, even though I only knew one song. It didn't matter though. I was dancing the whole time and just enjoying the music. Everyone was in such a great mood at the show. I think that is what Phish is all about- having fun and relaxing. No pressure. We left the show and I waw feeling! pretty good. We bought shirts outside in the lot which I still wear to this day. I know have 3 CDs and hopefully I can see Phish again in the summer when they return from Europe. Phish rocks!!!!!!!!!!! -Dana Hay
My first Phish show was at Evergreen State College in 1994. I thought I knew what I was getting involved in. They took me up showed me the vibration of life, took me down and froze me with them. I didn't know left from right or up from down when I walked out there, they just left me hanging upside down in a tree! Then I had to drive home back to Canada, whoa! -Pete Tessier
On my second show, so exhilarating. 12/6/96, such a great set, opened with Wilson, had a spectacular HArry Hood, ended with Harpua with Larry and Les from primus. Oh so deluxe!!! -shawn fausett
the first show i went to was in portland me in '95 i think and i remember trey saying something about how he wanted to make a live album with 13 tracks of the same song played differently each time. he got us so we'd be really quiet once and then we all had to scream and then another time we had to be quiet again but then we had to boo. it was fun. -dave stritch
My buddy Ben and I made the trek to N'awlins last spring and, after driving most of the night from Charlottesville, VA, we arrived in New Orleans around 6 AM. We had become separated from our caravan due to a flat tire in Mississippi and when we finally arrived, found a good breakfast spot and then found a tire repair shop, we ventured over to the State Fairgrounds. They weren't letting anyone into the lot just yet, so Ben and I struck up a little frisbee toss with some other folks who were waiting in line. I guess we had been redirected around to the far side of the fairgrounds because while we were throwing the disc, I hear a Funky Bitch strike up. It sounded so clean and loud that I figured someone must be firing up their stereo. There was a quaint little residential area right in the middle of all this traffic (kind of like old Memorial Stadium in Baltimore, if that helps) Well, it went on for awhile and then I thought I'd take a break from the game and find whoever ! was playing such a great tune and see if they wanted to join us. Well, my search led me to a wire fence where some security were walking around and I asked one of them where the sound was coming from. One of the guys told me that we were right behind the stage so it must be "some band" doing their soundcheck. Well, needless to say, I was no longer interested in a mere frisbee game so I called down the street to Ben and told him to come check it out. A few other people had come over, having heard what was going on, and in a moment that was so completely random and unexpected, about ten of us heard that Funky Bitch finish up, a Poor Heart, some weird blues jam that never quite formed enough to be called Dog Log, and (an omen, I suppose) a regular, electric Wolfman's Brother. I've been to 20+ shows and heard a lot more, but that was one of the greatest times I've ever had regarding Phish. New Orleans wasn't the most psychadelic of shows, but everyone there and everyone l! aying in the grass with their pipes tucked in their hands will tell you that the atmosphere was unmatched. :) On a side note, the old couple who stood behind me for most of the show and wondered what the hell was going on during YEM was very complimentary after A Day in the Life. I couldn't resist telling them that they should visit Trey and the boys on a Halloween night 8-) -Brett Stone
First thought, sorry you Easterners, but I think our phellows are begining to enjoy our West coast more than the East now. Listen to your '96 (non-holiday)tapes......West song versions take the maccoroni!!! Second, 1994 rules when it comes to live performances Third, Why are the phour leaving us strnded for a year, can anybody inform me? My last thought is more of a prediction..I see the rebirth of the Big Ball Jam coming this summer, not like the game is all that great, but it's coming back in style. -Bernard
I think that if you like Harry Hood, you should listen to 11/16/96, Phish does some amazing stuff during that tune!! That is my two cents woth!! -Craig Robinson
I wish I were in Europe, There going off! -Scott Gardiner
If Jerry was God, Trey is definately Jesus. You ever get the feeling at a show where a jam is especially smokin' and the guys are just taking you to places in music you never thougth POSSIBLY existed and then all of a sudden you take a personal moment and you can't distinguish whether or not you've peed your pants? {due to the extreme excitement} I LOVE that! -Sarah J. Van Cleve
Phish Concert Deer Creek Music Center, Indiana Monday August 12th My friend and I had come from Cincinnati to see the show. It was the first Phish show for both of us, so we didn't know what to expect. Upon arrival, we were made to feel at total ease by all around us. We eventually met up with a rather friendly couple from the Indianapolis area. They were of the baby boom generation and immediately befriended us. They offerred to share their blanket and their many stories in regards to previous Phish shows that they had attended. They were simply a happy middle aged, middle class couple who really enjoyed Phish concerts and Phish music in general. So we hung out with them for most of the night. My friend and I were told tales of days gone bye and what the future might hold. All and all, we had an excellent time and were very grateful that we had met up with our older Phish friends -Ed Kuhlman
This funny run-in happened at the Sacramento Arco Arena show (11/30/96), and in telling this story to people, they've encouraged me to post it. So, here I go again: Since the show was G.A., we got there early, and scored a nice spot, around 2nd row center. Everyone around us was really cool, and we were all talking and joking (I had met most of the folks before, at Red Rocks and other shows). As showtime approached, the floor got more and more crowded, and many people felt it was appropriate to stand in front of us (we were seated), even though we had clearly waited patiently for the spot. We asked them to leave, told them we had been there for a while, etc., and they usually did just that. As 7:30pm rolled around, though, the floor was REALLY crowded, and after the first set, it was standing room only. During the setbreak, we all sat down immediately, and the people left standing were, by in large, the people that were there "illegitamately". In particular, the group next to me was VERY obnoxious -- they basically exemplified nightmare Phish fans: Loud, drunk, obnoxious, talking during ALL the songs, pushing, frat-boy types with their sorority-type girlfriends. I motioned for them to be quiet once or twice, and their response was simply "SHHHHHHHHH yourself." (Nice guys, as you can tell). At any rate, they were standing in the area big enough for maybe 2 people (there were five of them), and all of their feet, shoes, knees, etc. were pushing into my back. I asked them to please back up so I could sit properly, and they said they had no where to go. I suggested that they leave, since they weren't there in the first place. They blew me off, and, while annoyed, I just sat there, figuring there wasn't much I could do. The people around me, however, were not so complacent. The guy with the PEACHES sign, as well as some other folks, started asking them to leave so we could actually SIT properly, since WE had waited for these "seats". They were again met with hostility (esp. by the girls in the group). It led to a moral debate, to which the Frat possee basically stated "Why should we give a shit about you? What are you going to do to make us move? We have just as much right to this area as you do" (these are direct quotes). Of course, we couldn't DO anything, but we tried to make them understand that we were here FIRST, had waited for a LONG TIME for these seats, and that there just wasn't enough room for all of them to be there. Anyway, one girl started in on us, on how we thought we "owned Phish", and that we should just be quiet and chill out. The guy with the Peaches sign finally says to her, tauntingly, "Ok, I'll make you a deal. If you can tell me what instrument Miles Davis played, you can all stay." The girl looks at him, wide-eyed with excitement. She can't WAIT to answer, and she says, very obnoxiously (her voice was DRIPPING with haughtiness), "OH, you mean MILES DAVIS, the SAXOPHONE PLAYER?" She was SO sure she had dogged him! Her saxophone response was so on-cue that it was absolutely hysterical. At this, of course, we all burst out laughing hysterically, and the Peaches guy just says, "Yeah, I thought so," and we chime in with "Actually, I'm pretty sure Miles Davis played the TRUMPET, actually," with everyone laughing and shaking their heads. Anyway, half of 'em ended up staying, while the other half went on a beer-run. The miles davis girl stayed. This was the funniest part: During TIMBER HO in the 2nd set, the Saxophone player (a long haired white guy) came out and no one knew who he was. Everyone was asking their neighbor who the guy was, and everyone in the section simultaneously turned to the girl and shouted "Oh my GOD!!! MILES DAVIS IS ON SAXOPHONE JAMMING WITH PHISH!!!!" She had no commment. (FWIW, one of the people in her group was the guy that ran across stage during the encore, acting like a complete idiot before being dragged off by security). Anyway, I thought that was a funny story, and that some of you may be interested. Still smiling, Darius PS: I hope this doesn't lead some of you to believe that I dislike newbies, or frat-boys or something. Nothing of the sort. I've brought TONS of people to their first show. I have various friends that are in fraternities (not here at Oberlin, but elsewhere). I just can't stand people that aren't considerate, and this group was neither considerate of the people around them nor of the musicians on-stage (as I said, one of the guys in the group fucking ran on-stage during the encore, for crying out loud). Our reaction to them may come across as mean, but believe me, they practically BEGGED for it. --
When I listen to Phish it reminds me of warm summer nights hanging out with good friends and smoking weed. It seems like I can really feel were these guys are coming from. -Brett Mitchell
Hello out there! I'm kind of a newbie...well, I've liked Phish for a couple of years, but until I came to college, no one else could relate. If anyone has any cool info or stories, mail me at! -Kelly Deneen Johnson
Last Thursday my son Galen and I left for Burlington(1 hour from where we live in NY) at 11:00am and somehow got into the Fynn about 4:30pm to score 2 of the last tickets for the Lake Champlain benefit!!!!!!! We are definitely psched!! -Brad Peria
Once I met Jon Fishman walking down the street in Burlington, Vt. He's a really short, really funny person. I love random thoughts - they're the best kind. -Andy Francke
I really am not a die hard Phish fan (yet). The first I ever heard about them was near the Christmas holidays whaen I asked my son's prep school teacher what he wanted for Christmas.(He wanted tickets to the Philly show). Anyhow, at that point I felt ancient and wanted to find out more about them. Now, even my three year old can sing the lyrics to Billy Breathes songs and insists that I play them whenever she's in the car. What I have never read in any of the articles about these guys is what they do with their families when they are on the road. Do they all travel with a huge entourage? On a different note regarding a Phish story... my five year old was baffled when he heard the song, Taste. He asked me if a doctor was singing the song because the person kept on repeating,"I can't see through your lice". I'd appreciate it if you could answer the question about their what their families do when they're on the road. THANKS. -Audrey White
Check out my Clifford Ball photos on the at: Amanda did!!!!!! :) -DAVID CARD
The first night at the Spectrum(12-28) I had gotten these crazy mushrooms. So me and a bunch of my friends ate them and went in. The show was so intense and and so PHUCKIN' NUTS!!! Then they played "Billy Breathes" right then I felt like I was in a dream. The song was so beatiful the lights were so pretty. My body just got lifted away and sucked into the music. It was the best trip I have ever had. Tony C.
did anyone else see the yellow/golden wind peeling off Trey during Reba at the Target Center show in Mpls,MN this fall? or was it something i ate? -Ben Lafond
i once went to a show in msg. it was crazy. i went by myself. and i was chillin nest to some girl. and she was dancinging then all of a sudden she was sitting pucking her brains out well no body was helping her, so i decised that i should help her to the bathroonm so i do and i took care of this girl ends up she goes to school in my home town town and that is were i was hedin gafter the show. so we chillied out for the rest of the show she found the group eshe was with but we still went back to gether it was really. cool -JEANNA PERROTTA
Last summer camping at Deer Creek was the best thing in my life. I met so many interesting people and did such wackey shit that I never did before. Phish brought me to the most peaceful place that I never visited before.-Thanx Trey, Page, Mike, and Fish; you guys jamm. -John Boone
This years NYE run 96' I flew up from philly to Boston the morning of the 30th b/c i was seeing my parents and mo'd tix but did not get them. Anyway sat next to a lady who pulled out a review from the concert on the 29th. I asked if she went and she said yes, then i said if she was going to the Boston shows. She was. Next I asked her how she got tix and she eventually revealed to me that she was the ass. manager. I was surrounded by about 5 people who were high ranking phish employees anyway after chewing her ear off. I tried to get the 97 summer dates. I asked if the Mann in Philly was possible, and she said most likely. It is my fav to see concerts. -ryan rosenfeld
My friend Mel from Kelowna received a fax from her friend Maja (who lives in Germany) seems that Mel tried explaining the musical experience of Phish,including our recent Phish tour. Maja was intrigued and responded that she too had seen cars in Germany proudly displaying a "decal of a Fish", or was it a "Phish". Was this some kind of religion Mel had gotten invloved in? Was she following the leader of this religion around? She concluded the fax by expressing her support for Mel's new found passion. Maja understood...after all Maja exclaimed " Her mother had been involved with the Jehovahs Witness group for awhile." Go figure ??!! -Marni Macdonald
Phish is the band of gods. They came from above to tell us their music. Their music is an inspiration to everyone. It provides us with an escape from our problems in life and the complications of the world. If only the whole world, every person could hear their music, it would be a better world. A world of happiness and tranquility. -Abbey Smith
I fought for phish March 18th tix in burlington yesterday like a mad man and all I would like to say is Enjoy the show everyone who got a ticket. I didn't but I 'll be outside trying to hear. Oh and Flynn theater has the slowest ticket counter in the whole world. -Stephen Scimone
PHISH is the absolute most awesomest band I have ever heard! I really love their music, and I'm glad that there are so many PHISH PHANS out there! I've never gotten to see PHISH live, but I know that someday I will! To all you PHISH PHANS out there - don't ever take your Billy Breathes CD to school, because somebody will steal it,just like they did to mine! So, now I'm PHISH-less until I can buy another CD. I think that Billy Breathes is an awesome CD, and FREE is the best song in the whole world!! PHISH is from Vermont,which is where I live. Where they came from is about 2hours from where I live, and I think thats' pretty funky. When I talk about PHISH in school or at my friends houses (none of my friends listen to PHISH) people ask me " who the hell is PHISH?? Then they ask what kind of music they play, and I just tell them that " PHISH IS PHUNKY,GRUVEN MUSIC!!!!!" Well, I gotta go PHISHING, later!! -Lynne Girard Feb.21,97
I want to know why a lot of people on tour do not shower and act poor when they are driving brand new Pathfinders. I find this very strange. "Nothing comes for free"J.Garcia--Stella Blue -Jeff Kuntz
Next "Cliffor Ball" type concert deal is in Maine, MY STATE! That is going to rock. Clifford Ball is one of those memories you never will and don't want to forget and now I get another one, but I don't have to drive 7 hours to see it. -Greg Dunbar
I'm sitting in my play production class today very bored. I start tappping my feet and humming a song that came from somwhere in my sub-concious. At about the same time me teacher who was lecturing on the do's and dont's of lighting a stage, says the words "bouncing around the room" refering to the light on the stage. I think to myself "cool, thats a phish song", then my mind was blown when i realized that that was the song i was started humming and tapping to myself about three seconds before he said the words. Very very crazy. I mean how often do you even hear that phrase, and how cool is it that he said it just while i was thinking it? I love when shit like that happens. -Ryan Aulenta
Aaahhh. just sitting back and remembering the great halloween 96 show. and also remembering the girl next to me who puked on my shoes. -Jeff Giddens
phish fucking rules the galaxy! well my galaxy. -David Duarte
first experience with phish - first experience with trippy shit bounced around the room until my head exploded then bonded with a slimy green and red gummy worm which had a mind of its own, had an experience steppin' in the freezer, and lost the gumbo isn't there anything you'd like to try? -Jennifer Tucciarone
My first Phish show was the '96 Clifford Ball at Plattsburg NY. Before that, I was just starting to discover them and had bought Hoist. I had a free ride there and free access to backstage. My sister played in the Clifford Ball Orchestra, an assembly of local classical musicians. Even though I was only able to attend the one day she was playing, I jumped at the chance to go. Being so young (barely 16 at the time), and so foreign to the Phish scene, being backstage really improved my outlook. I walked back and forth from the croud to backstage, exploring the set and talking to the people. One of the crew members let me go up in the rafters. The music was intense as I looked down on the band. Of course, not knowing any songs except those from Hoist, I had no idea what they were playing...I just knew it was good. When I looked out at the crowd, I experienced the most full feeling; seeing that sea of people, all tripping, happy, and dancing. Then I lost it. I just started dancing and I felt like I was in love with not just the events and people around me, but everything in the world. Now I know that they were playing "Reba" and when I had that feeling, Fish was just beginning his solo. I have become a dedicated Phish "phan" and any opportunity I get, I go to see them. Phish isn't about messages, MTV, publicity or other junk. Just DAMN GOOD live music. Emily Wolfe
as much as I hate to say it i think band should take significant time off.I think they sorta lost and edge in 96 with a handful of exceptions.They werent taking as many risk as they used to. Possibbly due to all of the new "fans" or the size of venues,i dont know. But Europe 97 is defeniately a step in a promising direction ,{ many new songs are being played and more segues}In the past 2 years they have taken about 10 steps foward now its time to take some back.Its litterally becoming a circus at shows outside espically but inside as well. -Hunter Neisler
it was septemer 19,1995 I was in school bored out of my mind when suddenly like a godsend the light went out. The students were dismissed for the for the remaining hours of the day, it was my birthday so I was cheerful. I was invited to a friends house, when I was first introduced. I believe the song tweezer was on! My friend and I were stoned out of our minds! enjoying the tones we turned to amazement when the song began to slow down. we were intrigued by the accuracy of the band. ever since then i've been a phisherman.
I would just like to say that Phish is the raw gravy!!! -Brandon Gaskin
who ever knew that a vacuum cleaner is a musical instrument??? -jerry d.
7/2/95. Sugarbush. Set 2 opens with Runaway... JAM!! I danced harder and longer than I ever have before. That was fun. -Zach Scheiner
I was at the Hershey show on 8/14/96 and on 3 really great fuckin' hits. They started playing Fishman's intro and I started getting excited. Just waiting on pins and needles to hear this rare treat. Fish broke into "Cracklin' Rosie." I lost it. Seeing him up there with those cymbals, going nuts like that. It was fucking great! -Brian Murphy
Phish is by far the best band I have ever heard. The sheer melody and rhythem of their music astounds me. I hope Phish provides many more years of sounds and enjoyment for all the great Phish fans! -Chris
I saw the first show at Dearcreek Music Center this summer, my sixth Phish show and I must say it was incredible and loud. I loved every last bit of it. You fellows made the walls and everything around melt into pure craziness. Thank you for such a good show and areally great time. I am looking forward to the next summer Phish tour. Who knows maybe I will catch them all this year. See you there!!!! Jennifer Arnold
I've been to MANY shows. I met the band and started getting into them when I lived in Montreal, QuŽbec (then one day on a ship to QuŽbec...). I used to visit Burlington alot. We met the guys at a local show there and they came up to visit us for the Jazz festival and on other occasions. They are the most down-to-earth, dedicated musicians and are truly brothers. Their energy, creativity and commitment is inspiring, and their earthiness and genuine personalities are 100% pure. They have taken all of the lessons of the Dead and incorporated them into their own scene which is cleaner, friendlier, and hopefully less troublesome. Musicially, they are most in tune with one another. Funniest story told to me by Fishman- one day he was at someone's house with the guys, and was in the bathroom giving himself a wheatgrass juice enema when one of the other guys (Trey?) walked in on him. Needless to say, Fish found it to be a slightly strange moment- why he shared this with me I! don't know. -David Robbins
I was just wondering if these guys ever have a bad setlist? I enjoy hearing every new tape my phriends or myself ever get. Every bootleg is wonderful and fun in it's own right. - Todd Schmutz
Thoughts : phish. i don't really know how to put anything that i feel about them into words. ecstasy takes over my body when i am at a show. nothing else in the world could even compare. they are the best drug in the world. i'm sure that there are any people out ther who are going through the same withdrawl that i am right now. when is the next show? when will i be able to lose myself in their magical music again. it will be well worth the wait. i was satisfied with the new years run. second night at philly just blew me away, they were tiring me out. i didn't know if i could make it through the second set. tom marshall was a pleasant surprise. i think i read this, as a matter of fact i know iread this and i have to agree. Page! he filled my ears with beauty. this is some random thought that i'm going to throw out here but, at the clifford ball i was fortunate enough to share both days jamming with the same group of people one of these beautiful people was a boy, i want ot say his name was bret? but i can't be completely sure my mind was in an altered state those days but anyway back to what i was saying, i was located at the left hand side of the stage all the way up in the front near the big wooden walls that blocked out backstage, right to the left of the stage, we had a bad view of the stage. i was wearing a dress with a flower on it-both days so bret if you are out there and remember me, we did have small talk and shared some water and also enjoyed the fireworks together i would love to talk to you again you shared the best time of my life with me. i don't really have much else to say. andy, if you are listening you are doing a good thing love always kimberly
AUGUSTA-The former Loring Air Force Base will get a jolt of new commercial activity with a summer concert by Phish and the expansion of a company that made the Boston Celtics' basketball court, Gov. Angus King announced Wednesday. Great Northeast Productions said an agreement for the Phish concert will be signed soon and the concert dates will be August 15-17. The Hingham, Mass.-based Championship Sports Flooring plans to employ 30 people. -From staff and news services.
Fans of Phish are probably going through a bit of withdrawal these days, since the band is currently ensconced on a European tour. But they'll soon be able to enjoy the group on a different level. Ben & Jerry's is about to debut Phish Food, a new ice cream flavor they've created in honor of the group. And it sounds like a good one too: it's milk chocolate ice cream, caramel, marshmallow swirls, and fish-shaped dark chocolate chips. The original idea was to call the concoction Phish & Chips, which was rumored to involved chocolate covered pretzels, but that idea was quickly nixed. The new flavor comes as no surprise to fans of Ben & Jerry's ice cream; the two entrepreneurs have been known for their love of music since they honored the Grateful Dead with Cherry Garcia. Lately, the two have been seen at a couple of Phish shows, most notably at last year's Clifford Ball festival, where they joined the band onstage to sing back-up on the unreleased song "Brother." Proceeds of Cherry Garcia have always been sent to charity at the request of Jerry Garcia, and it's expected that the same will be true of Phish Food. Note to Ben and Jerry: We'd like to suggest a couple other rock & cream flavors -- Metallica Peanut Brittle Crunch, Marilyn Macadamia, Bluesberries Traveler, Kenny G's Flavorless Vanilla.... - Paul Semel
When I had tickets to the Phish show at Rupp Arena, I thought I was going to have to go by myself. Then, 3 of my craziest male friends decided to go too. We had a blast dancing and shaking our bones!! Keep on rockin' me!! -Tonya Lynn Smith
On 10/18/96, at the Pittsburgh show, me and my friends kept experiencing problem after problem. First, after we got parked in a parking lot...we were sitting there in our cars, jamming to some Phish tunes. (We were sitting there for quite sometime) Then my friend tried starting her car and to our was dead. So me and my other friend had to stand outside and ask everybody that was going by if they had any jumper cabels. We finally found a pair, and tried to jump her car. They ended up getting it started. So....everything was well (for the time being.) Then we all decided to eat our squares and head into show. The show was awesome. They opened with a real phatty song, Runaway Jim. It really got my trip started right. So from there on out..the show was awesome.(Of course)and at the end...I was sad it was over. We went out to the parking lot, hung out , got some massy grub--and after a while...headed out. As we were traveling home, we got lost in downtown Pittsburgh somewhere. Then...the most terrible thing we were stopped at a stop-light my my friends car died--again. Except this time it wouldn't work at all. We tried to put the flashers on, but they wouln't even I had no idea what to do. I phlagged down phellow phans, but everybody was as clueless as I was. There was this one guy that had just been to the show also, Hans, that was a big help..after a towtruck appeared out of nowhere..he took me and two other of my friends with him to this garage. As it turned out, the car finally got fixed and we were on our way home. It was just so much hassle....I'm glad it finally ended. Well I got to go now. Alesha Duffee
12-31-96 Down w/Disease rocks extremely hard. -Adam Shiffman
In the Spring of 1993, Phish came to my Colgate University for one show. I was a junior at the time, playing lacrosse for the school's team. We had just come back inside from practice about thirty minutes before the band was to go on stage. As we opened the doors into the locker room area, we saw Trey and Fishman standing outside the football locker room which was doubling as the Phish dressing room. As players were yelling out lines from the movie "Spinal Tap" ("Rock and Roll! "Hello Cleveland"), the first of us to reach Trey and Fishman asked them to wait for us to shower before they went out on stage. They agreed without hesitation and shook our hands. At this point, one of the players behind me, having just discovered that Phish hailed from Burlington, announced, "We beat Vermont this season!" Trey's reply was, "Ah, but did you play Goddard?" -Dan Harley
Nothing could be finer than a show in Red Rocks. '96 will be remebered as the year the Boys played there for the last time, just like '86 is remembered as the year the "other" Boys played there for the last time. We've got to do something about keeping our bands in the hot venues. -Marc Levin
I was at my first Phish show (5-29-94) at the La Guna Saca Daze (LSD) 3 day concert. I had heard Nectar, Junta, and Hoist. We were in the center of the front row right up against the wall, I was tripping really nicely by then (for the first time) and remember Trey forgetting to say "Runs like a junk yard dog with a brain of brass." By the time he should have been at "with a" he finally spit it all out as fast as he could. Another note about that show... thier is a third encore, I have to this date not been able to find DATs of this show -bummer. If you have heard 5-27-94 at the Warfield (just 2 days before) you would appreciate how awsome of a show this was. The Bowie from 5-27-94 is phenominal! Well anyways back to LSD... during one of the 3 encores Trey was no where to be seen and I think it was fishman who called it the "Our guitar player is taking a piss jam." They were all drinking beers and got really funkey -It was great- this is one of the little known GREAT shows of the century, check it out! Peace, Rob
We have seen it we have felt it we know it phish is life in its most ecstatic we coulnt stop dancing if we tried control for smilers cant be bought this has all been wonderful but now I'm on my way so take the highway to the great divide and we will unite in surrendering to the phlow I cant help it phish is I and I is phish they are my life support system they are what makes my garden grow they propell me into the future and give me sneak peeks of what to come Is there life on Mars? check in the dance hall page's left side we are phree in sharing our groove as long as you are into sharing the groove back to us Remain in Light and trust phish to guide your soul the entire ride I hope you all can hold on -Kevin Lierman
I really enjoy seeing phish in the spring and it really sucks that there is no spring tour here in the states and that the same thing happened last year. I guess i'm just going through Phishdraw and can't wait to see the boys this summer. I hope that there are a lot of east coast shows because I'm ready and I'm still praying that the rumored surprise east coast tour happens this spring See everyone this summer. -Rob
I have been a Phan for about six years and never got a chance to see them because e of money and travel arrangements. But I got my first chance to see them at North Charleston on 10/27/96. I will forever follow this band. The is show an experience unlike any other. After my first year at college I plan on touring.Take it easy. -Victor Rogers`
Every time I go see Phish, I feel that there are less and less women going to the shows. We need help. P.S. If I hear another Tweezer, I will Kill myself. The song sucks. -Larry Tiscornia
Two summers ago i had tickets to the second show at sugarbush, was looking for tickets to the first show. Going into Great Woods just the day before the sugarbush shows, my friends and i picked up two kids who were being forced to walk out of the concert grounds, becuase apparently you cannot WALK in, only ride in a car. We let them hop in and made it a five-person backseat ... a little crowded but what the hell ... and the guy sees the sign my sister is holding for me and says, "you're looking for tix for tomorrow? i have two to get rid of .. i'll let you have them for less than face value." Was it karma--because i picked up the hitchhikers, or what? -Travis
St. Louis, Nov. 15, 1996 Through the clouds of smoke, emerged something so great. Phish. A feeling which can't be described. -James Wilson
During my trip to Red Rocks, on the third night, my car broke down outside Morrison, we walked the rest of the way to the show and when we got there, it had been a bad day, but as many of you know, the show just lifted up my spirits. During the second set, it started raining slightly. I had never seen a show outside when it was raining, but Fishman came out and played Purple Rain and the lights were a deep shade of purple glistening off the rain drops and I knew my bad day was over. Oddly enough, I got back to my car and it started right up and had no problems the rest of the trip and all the way back to Indianapolis. It was phat. Phanatically yours, Dan
PHISH IS MUSIC FOR THE FREE!!!! -Kristen Ridgeway
Three friends and I went on the Holiday tour 96 together, piled into an old brown Volvo sedan, dubbed "Slothchick." On the 27th we all met up in Boston at the Paradise to see a Percy Hill show. I'd never heard them before and was BLOWN AWAY. We were all so happy after the show, because not only had we just experienced a great concert, but we had nine sets of Phish ahead of us. We drove from Boston to Philly on the 28th, and quickly found a ticket for Aaron, the owner of Slothchick. (I'd gotten all mine through mail order, but he got the shaft on the 28th). The show was great, with Maze and Mike's as the highlites. We eventually found places in the area to crash, and eagerly anticipated the following night's show. Needless to say, the 29th blew us away. I thought it would be a down night considering the strength of the previous night, but they really outdid themselves. We were all so fired up after that show, that we decided to trek back to Boston THAT NIGHT. This turned out to be one of the best memories of the tour. It was around 6 AM when we turned onto the Mass Pike, none of us having slept at all. (It would have been unfair for one of us to sleep since the driver couldn't!). Anyway, soon the sun began to come up, and we whitnessed before us one of the most beautiful sunrises I've ever seen. The clouds turned purple to pink to orange, and finally the sun began inching up the horizen. It was at that moment that we realized we would make it- we were almost to Boston. We blasted "Divided Sky" and opened the windows, laughing and taking pictures. We were all so happy and WIRED on caffeine, it was just an amazing moment, and for me, ALMOST overshadowed the shows. We slept all day at Joel's house, and took the subway to the Fleet Center at around 5. Joel and I were especially psyched beacause we had 6th row seats- that's even closer than I was at the Ball. It was the perfect show to see that close, with the silent jam and Scent antics. Plus we were screaming for Guyute all night, and lo and behold they played it. I just KNOW Page was looking at me! What a night. Somehow, we found a ticket for Amos for the NYE show, and even more amazing, it was right next to the seats the rest of us had, on the floor about halfway back. We were going to finish this tour up all together for the New Years show. I'd been calling a Peaches opener for NYE all weekend, but I was one song off. 8) When they dropped the balloons and ripped into DwD, the four of us danced together, jumping up and down in complete elation. This DwD was the peak of the whole run, and it couldn't have come at a better time. I experienced such joy as I have never felt, just looking around at my friends' faces. We went back to Joel's house and stayed up all night drinking wine, watching the Cartoon Planet marathon, and talking about the run. I slept for a week after the Holiday tour, but it was probably the best time I've ever had. Phish put together a setting where friends could meet and have fun, enjoying life. That's just what we did. Ethan
Phish is the most incredibly talented band that I have ever heard. The emotions that their music inspires is incomprehensible. I am a huge Phish fan simply because they are the most unique band and they have a strange way of making people understand certain concepts that the modern day world is oblivious to. I admire Phish for their musical talent and strength and I wish that more people would appreciate them for what they are: an artisticly inclined band that, unlike the popular bands of today, creates fun, emotion-filled music that make people happy! Imagine that! A band that doesn't sing depressing music with lyrics that you can't understand and look high all of the time!!! It's a miracle! I can listen to Phish and get in a good mood! Congrats on being the first band to go out on a limb and create fun, entertaining, easy-listening music that makes people ponder the soul meaning of life!! Thanks!!! -Tiffany Hoke
I was in Australia the first time I ever heard Phish. I left in the summer to return in the fall. Before I left my friend Dave handed me a tape. He said, "you must listen to this while you're there." So, I did, and I fell in love. I returned in late september and bought my ticket for the Halloween '95 show in Chicago. Since then I've been collecting tapes and enjoying shows. My most memorable Phish moment was at Alpine Valley '96, listening to the sound check in the grass covered parking lot and shaking Mike's hand an hour before the show. I love it when he rides his bike through the crowd. -Greg Davies
The night of the december 30th in the fleet center, I was fortunate enough to hear Guyute for the first time. Ever since I bought my tickets I kept mentioning how bad I wanted to hear it to all my friends, they said I probably wouldn't. Not only did I get to hear the tune, but I also got to thank Mike later in the eve ning for I ran into him walking around the arena late at night. I don't know if he heard me or not because there was a crowd of people talking with him, but if he did I'm sure he would have appreciated the gesture. -John Garrett
It seems that every time I am about to go to a Phish show some thing has to get in the way. Yet this distraction seems to make the event more special. Some people can't believe some of the things i had to do to get to a show. These journey's give me more memories that I will live with forever. -Alicia Cupp
Summer '96 at Hershey I got there and had a great time, then a friend came up to me and gave me a ticket and a ride to plattsburg -Dick Seagul
This november my boyriend Brock,and our friend Niel went to the shows at the palace at Auburn Hills and they had the worst time getting there but once they got there, they had a blast! Brocks car broke down about half way there and they slept in the car for two nights until they met up with some friends that finally got there. Even though it was raining and then snowing, they still kept their spirits up because they knew that it would be worth it. And I certainly hope it was because on top of all that, Brock missed my senior prom to go to the show. They are definitely die-hard fans and it's hard for me to anything but that! Love and Peace, Kathleen Stanley
"Music is like this porthole into another world - the world of truth."
- Trey Anastasio
I had a friend that I worked with for over two years named Jenny. She had cystic fibrosis. The only thing she ever wanted to do was see a Phish show live but she was always in or out of the hospital when they came around town. A few months ago she became really sick and the doctors said she would not live much longer. She was only 17, a senior in highschool. Phish was coming to Champaign on 11-8-96, but she was still sick in the hospital. She was extremely determined to get to the show-her brother was a student at U of I and he got her a ticket and a couple for her freinds. They put her in a wheel chair and sent her down there, oxygen tanks and all. It was about a two hour drive. She watched the show and her desire was finally fullfilled. She died a few days later, happier than any of us had ever seen her. Sometimes you just don't know how much Phish means to all of us. I miss you Jenny and I look forward to seeing you again in the future. Love, Stephanie R.
After getting the mail oreder shaft like so many of us did, I was able to sleep out and get great seats for both Philly shows. Boston was impossible to get over the phone through ticketmaster, but I was happy enough to see the boys for two nights in my hometown. I knew the shows were going to be great, but since most of my friends were making the trip to Boston after the show on Sunday I planned on being pretty bummed. After the spectrum shows I was on cloud nine and not even thinking about Boston. The first night was great, but completely shadowed by the 12/29 show. All I can say is PAGE,PAGE,PAGE, this guy was on total fire and set the tone for the entire night. For those who couldn't make it this show do your self a favor and get a copy, the Caravan is absolutly sick and the intro to Bathtub is excellent Page is all over the keys. I could go on forever about this show, but I don't want to waste too much of your time so I'lljust fill you in on what I thought was the total highlight of the show besides the YEM>switch instruments jam. Harpua was awesome, Trey was IMO getting incredible feeback from the audience and gave us one the best and funniest Harpua ever. When it came time for the story, Trey started to go on about a guywho lives on a hill with his dog above a town(very grinchesque), everyone knows the basic characters and story. Finally he gets to the "Meat " of the story where the fight causes a wirlwind and sucks everybody down to hell where they see the "Uberdemon" (Tom Marshall) and here the awful sounds of hell. Tom dressed as the lead singer of Oasis goes on to sing "Champange Supernova" and sends me almost to the floor laughing in tears. All I can say is these guys really know how to put on a show. The funny thing is after the show I stayed inmy seat until most of the crowd left as me and my friends waited I was able to hear some of the conversations of the people who passed and it seems that Tom was able to fool a lot of people into thinking that it was really the guy from Oasis and that Phish was serious about playing that song. I guess they did notice it when Trey introduced the song as being the horrible sounds of Hell. Well thanks for reading and for the first 5 people to e-mail me I'll spin you a copy of this show if you want. Also I would like to thank Andrew for having this wonderful page, keep up the good work. see ya! Rob
I journeyed to Boston for the NYE shows this year. I had high expectations for both shows (needless to say they were met... and thensome). On New Year's Eve Eve (the 30th), I was sitting in my jeep before the show trying to stay somewhat warm as the weather was positively frigid. A friend that I attended the show with was wandering around the parking lot searching for Jagermeister. He had left an unopened bottle of iced tea sitting in the center console. I was numb and thirsty and I started to drink it. By the time my friend returned, I had drank half of it. He hopped into my jeep and looked down at the bottle in my hand. He said, "Did you drink my iced tea?" I apologized and explained how thirsty I was. He stared at me, mouth agape, and I apologized again, saying that half of it was still left. Then he started grinning and he proceeded to explain to me that the iced tea I had drank contained a quarter ounce of mushrooms and, consquently, I had ingested an eighth of them alone. No sooner had he said this than I started to feel my body and my surroundings melting. Hours later I ran into my cousin outside the Fleet center and she showed the setlists for that night. I read in amazement the first set. I had no recollection of the first five songs whatsoever. I wondered if I had showed up late for the show or had passed out or fell asleep. But it was none of these things. I think it was the zebras that had leaked out of the lights above the stage. :) julia p.s. i had a bunch of great shows this year - sober and unsober - a huge part of the atmosphere is the people. friends i see and hug regularly and friends whom i exchange grins and cheers with - thanks for smiling, thanks for making me smile, thanks for making every show a fantasy
New Years for me simply confirmed the fact that Phish is the greatest band in America. They are simply awesome. The shows were a perfect way to ring in the new year, and they took care of us, and that's what I like to see. -Andrew Gadiel
From: Hey phellow phish phan!! I'm sure you have already received stories about New Year's Eve at the Phleet Center, but I don't think enough stories can be told. The 30th was great, but NYE is incomparable to any show I have ever been to!!! I don't think three better set lists could have been put together!! It was incredible!!! Sparkle at the speed of light, a billion balloons at midnight, and choir for Bohemian Rhapsody. Could there have been any more thrills for one night? It was DEFINITELY an increedible way to start the new year!!
Re: St. Louis - 96 This show was absolutly amazing, Especially when John Popper came out during Mean Mr. Mustard. He played Weekapaugh with the guys. I danced until My whole body turned into jello. When Trey said the the second set was brought to us by the letter M and the number 4:20 everyone in the Kiel errupted into cheer. I have gotten down with Phish for many years and this was better than any New years or Halloween show I have ever been to. -Mike Zubiena
Okay Now!Stay with me. This Random Thought came out of the air along with many others whilst peaking during the first set the first day at The Ball this past summer. What if Fishman were to come out naked to start the second set and ask the whole crowd to join him by removing their clothes as well????? Many different scenarios occurred to me as to what the mounties would do about 100,000+ concert goers suddenly transformed into 100.000+ NAKED people. Would they call out the national gaurd or would they laugh? I also wondered about how the energy of the crowd would change by having this common bond and the illusionary feeling of seperateness shattered. The variables are endless, but needless to say, this did not occur. Yet I re-membered this thought just this morning and thought, "It could Still happen!" The Phish story about the naked guy reminded me that people still get naked at Phish shows. Now my focus is on NEW YEARS EVE, with a twist! To take the blame off any one person, like Fishman for instance, and for the sake of suprising the band and getting them to play another delicious Furry Creatures again like they did at 3rd night Red Rocks: WHAT IF WE HAD A GRASS ROOTS TYPE WORD OF MOUTH EFFORT POSSIBLY WITH FLYERS.A.K.A the"HOOD" response also at Red Rocks to spread the word to have EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, to strip down at midnight at the New Year's show! It would bring everyone closer to each other and themselves and who knows, the band might be soooooo impressed with our organizational skills that Trey would ask us to sit down quietly for a nice rendetion of the entire Gamehenge saga. HIGH HOPES aside, if we could pull it off it would surely be a night to remember eh? The crucial part of the equation would be to get enuff truly devoted phans to get naked so that just afew people don't get "dragged off in cuffs". We'd also have to win the hearts of all the more inhibited crowd who just doesn't do that sort of thing. If this random thought is planted and grows and manifests as fruit then all we'd have to worry about is all the spun out people pissin' all over everything. The pigs would be powerless if confronted with even 10,000 naked phreaks, let alone the whole house. We could probably all spend the night in the Fleet Center and have a big slumber party!!! They couldn't exactly throw us out into the frigid cold with no protection. Even if they did try and clear us out, if we stand united and thus all lay down it would take em' forever to carry us out at the rate of two cops for each naked person. Just the time it would take and the logistical problems alone with getting that many reinforcements in the form of cruisers and meat wagons to hold us all if they were silly enuff to try and arrest us. They'd get caught in their own traffic jam, and the rest of the city of Boston would be left free of pigs. They couldn't just abandon their "Protect and Serve" motto with everyone else. This would make front page news ya'll. WE, The NATION OF NAKED PHISH PHANS could declare our independence from the eeeeeveeel king wilson fascist regime and stage a shut in for peace and love. The key would be to remain peaceful if it got to that so as to remain innocent in the eyes of the mind control media. Anyways, enough talking to dispel fear of the unknown, If the pigs were cool we could just put our clothes back on after the show and go home. But we'd still get the point across. Peace and Goodwill, Lleee
I've been reading several posts and stories in this section, and most of them are very entertaing and they keep me occupied when Phish is not on tour. There is one problem I have with some of the stories and thats is that some of the fans in our community are so pre-judgemental of other fans it makes me sick. I've been a fan fan for a long time now and every phish show I've been to was great an they get better each time, the thing I love most is the music, but I also love the community. Sure there are some fans who may be disruptive and might talk during the quite parts of the show and I know that sucks, but to generalize and group that person(s) into one group is not fair to other loyal fans that may be a part of that group. My point is I read a post where a guy said that "the show was great except there was a lot of frat guys in the audience", now maybe that certain group was disruptive I don't know the situation, but just judging someone by their looks and saying "oh he's in a fraternity why do they have to ruin my scene." That's not fair to that person or to anybody thats in a fraternity. Just because your not in one or the fraternities at your school may be filled with cocks, doesn't mean that all fraternity guys are like that. There are a lot of pretty cool guys that are in fraternities and to stereotype them is not fair. Every person with a legitiment ticket to the show has just as much right to be there as you do, Reality check you don't own Phish. Who are you to judge? I'm sure if you asked Trey who he wanted at the shows he would say "anybody thats going to enjoy the music, I don't care what they look like, where they're from, or what they might belong to." Give the fraternity guys a chance you might like them, hey you have one thing in common you both like Phish. Like I said before, some fraternity guys might be dicks but there are guys and girls in the crowd that aren't in a fraternity and have been with the band for a long time say since nectar's or amy's farm whatever but who can be real assholes too. Thank you for reading my random thought and try to be a little more openminded next time. Keep sharin in the groove.
On the afternoon of the Las Vegas show, myself and three other friends were walking out of Caesar's palace and we saw a grey bus. I told my friends that i thought it was the bands tour bus so we went over and looked in it. no one was inside,but we saw a jacket sitting on the seat with a phish logo on it. I said, "I am not leaving this spot until the band comes here." My friends convinced me that the chances of them coming to the bus was slim, considering the fact that we were only three blocks from the Aladdin theatre. So we went to eat. On the way to our hotel room, after eating, i noticed that the bus was still there. I said to one of my friends, "Look, Pete, there is a 1% chance that they are on that bus, lets go have a look, we have nothing else to do right now, anyways." So as we were walking over i noticed a guy with glasses on the bus. A few steps closer i noticed his red hair. "Holy shit! its trey!!" I jumped to the ground and opened up my bag, where I had several enlarged pictures that i carry around, just for this situation. I went up to the bus and knocked on the door, but the bus driver nodded his head "no". I started jumping up and down with my pictures and the next thing i noticed was that trey was coming out to talk to us. I couldn't stop shaking. We talked to him for a little while and he signed some of my pictures. Then he started to sign a picture of mike and i said, "Do you think Mike could sign that?" He said "sure" and called mike to come out. I am standing there with my firend and Mike and Trey. I couldn't believe it. We talked for a while and then went on our way to see an incredible show. What a day.... Bret
Recently I have been thinking alot about show experiences. I came to the conclusion that the three most fun times in my life have all been at Phish shows. Two times at shows I have been in a state of intensity so high that I thought I was going to collapse (one was during Chalkdust at 11\15 and the other was during Maze at 11\8\96). However, one time I experienced a pennicle of freedom. This is something that I expect to never have happen again. It happened at last years Halloween show at Rosemont. During Harpua, when Trey had just started going into the Jimmy naration. At this time, It was only like my 3rd or 4th show. But, I have never and will never, see an audience in such a state of natural ecstacy as this one when Phish burst into the "Beat It" tease in the middle of the naration. When I witnessed John Popper come on to play Weekapaug with Phish at the Kiel Center, I though the arena might just explode from all the noise that the frenzied crowd had created. That was nothing compared to Beat It. At that point, that 15 seconds, everybody in the arena was completly free. As someone who used to attend Dead shows but never understood following them...I am grabbing my stash and hitting this road for this Summer to do the Midwest thing. After that point I realized Phish was more than music to me. -Marc Zale
o.k. check this.....last sunday me and a couple of friends decided to shroom....we wanted to go to a park but it was raining and very we decided to stay inside. We all popped our shrooms and went into my friends living room. We were all chilling there listining to Floyd's Omagooma (or something like that)and the shrooms were working nicely....however I was in the mood for Phish so I went upstaris by myself and just played what ever c.d. was in my friends player. Luckly it was Phish (Junta the first C.D.) Fee came one and all of a sudden little claymation figures came up from this kids speakers of Fee Milly Grace and Floyd and they started acting out the whole song....i was amased...after fee i decided I really wanted to hear Stash so I popped in Picture of Necter put it on Stash and low and behold little claymation figures of Trey Mike Jon and Page started playing for me. I was so happy and they were just playing for Stash ended my friends came up and quickly the little figures dissapeared...i was pissed cus i never got to thank them....i then walked outside (in the rain) and felt like i was drowning in a puddle...i kept sinking till i came to this empty arena where life size claymation figures of Phish were playing Funky Bitch for me....they finished and said they had to go so i thanked them and gave them all hugs then got sucked up to ground level were i was back to standing in the puddle.....i was amased and felt like my trip was better then all of my friends because of this experience with Phish....well gotta go...bye! Dave
i was at the st. louis show this last nov.well sort of. the show started at 7:00 which everyone knows in phish time is 7:30 or so. i go to southern illinois university which is about an hour and half away from st. louis,so when my ride that was coming from ohio still hasn't showed up at 6:30 i start to get a little bit we are finally on the road when i decide to take the short cut instead of the interstate, big mistake.i took us a half hour out of our way, and got us totally lost, needless to say we were all we're finally on our way, and my friend is hauling ass down the highway,of course we have to get pulled over when we are running EXTREMELY late to the greatest show on earth, the cop could tell we were up to somthing, so he searched the car found my bowl, kept the bowl, gave my friend a 95mph speeding ticket, and said be on your way. so we finally get there, and just by the atmosphere i can tell this show has been jammin, the first thing i heard when we walked in was a sssssick SOA melt jam.the rest of the second set ripped,and when popper came out, and they went into a weekepaug, i could feel a chill down my spine.after the show i hooked up with some of my friends from school,and they told me what i'd missed in the first set,i missed a wilson opener,which i'd never heard live, and thats when i decided we'd make the five hour drive to mephis to hear them again, i couldn't pass up my last chance to hear them till summer comes around, they put on a decent show in memphis, can't wait for the summer tour. Ryan Gallagher
I saw The Shows At Vancouver B.C., Portland, and Seattle. I have never seen a Phish show that didn't blow my mind and these were no exception. At Vancouver, myself and five friends had the privilage of sitting in the third row between Page and Trey. It was the best show ever. I don't have the setlist but one standout in my mind was a version of Simple that was so intense that close that one of my friends had to leave for five minutes. They all connected so great that night and for that song. The jam lasted for about fifteen minutes and by the time it was over we had all been to hell and back the slow way. They did those spiralling jams were the lights wig out and the music goes in twenty different directions at once. Then they would melt into melodic guitar virtuoso clinics put on by Trey. The coolest thing about being that close was seeing the expressions on the band members faces. Trey would move his mouth along with his guitar solos and you could hear him actually singing, not through the mic in the quiet parts of songs. The encore of Good Times, Bad Times was done better than Zeppelin, with Trey easily handling Jimmy Page's licks and adding too them for measure. That show was intense. Portland was a little bit of a letdown because we had seats instead of GA, but they were good seats. Antelope, YEM, Sparkle, Sample and 2001 were definate highlights, and the rest of the songs more than made up for the lack of personal boogie room. Also Chatanooga Phish Style with my first ever vacuum experience made the show. Seattle rocked really hard, Ya Mar, and a crazy, demented Free as well as Poor Heart(?) made for good boogying. Somewhat of a frat-boy crowd which sucked, but it was a good friends first show, he was on mushrooms, so that was fun to watch him get run over by the sounds and sights. Just my take on the Northwest Leg of the tour.
Okay, this is sort of a Phish story but a bad one and not entirely a Phish story because we never made it to the show. Me and two friends tried to go to the Omaha show. Anyhow, we were going about 80 on I76 when I hit a patch of ice and spun off the road. I was really freaked out and these people stopped right away and it turned out they were going to the show too. They changed my flat tire, which amazingly was the only damage to my car, and followed us for 50 miles to the next town to make sure we were okay. So the next day we got a new tire and kept going, and the only way to describe the drive is...the tires are the things on my car that DON'T make contact with the road. We went off the road again (by then I was getting good at it and no damage to the car) and we were going about 30 on the shoulder. We stopped to help some people who had gone off the road (who were also headed to the show that's the weird part everybody on the highway seemed to be going to see Phish). We totally missed the show because it was so icy we had to go about 30 and we had to keep going so we could turn around in Omaha and go back on I70 because I80 is truly the highway to hell and I will never drive on it again even in the summer. Anyhow, everyone told me it was a really great show and I hope they all drop dead (just kidding). It's not over yet...we were stopped at a gas station somewhere in Kansas and this cop started harassing us and kept asking if he could search my car. I kept saying no, he called for backup (yeah I'm 5'2" and I really look threatening too) and finally they let us go without a search which is really a good thing. So this was the road trip from hell and I wonder how many other people missed the show because of this. I know you probably wanted a happy Phish story and I would tell you one except I'm still bummed about that road trip. Sue PS I guess the good part is the tire dug in and shredded but probably kept the car from flipping which would have definitely sucked even more.
I was at Hampton Va. this fall, a pretty damn nice show. In between sets, I decided to move up from the floor to the first tier of the seats, still very close to the stage. Now, one thing I should stress is the lack of security at this venue; Trey even commented, "you guys always want to know what kind of places we like to play, well this is it! They let you sit anywhere and everywhere, it doesn't get much better." Really he was right, people could have been hanging from the rafters if they could have gotten up there. Nice place though, clean and air conditioned. OK, so I'm sitting smack in the front of the first tier and into my right perifrial (spelling?) vision comes a flying, naked man. He had apparently jumped from much higher in the stands and landed in the first row, almost going over the rail. The people in the seats scattered, and here was this nude guy, sitting in a seat saying "all I want is a seat." Crazy shit! The people around had no idea what to do, there was no security, so this downer of a guy is sitting there for about twenty minutes, seemingly unconcerned about his lack of trappings. The rest of the audience noticed him, many people staring, laughing, feeling basically uncomfortable. Finally, after literally twenty minutes of this awkwardness, someone locates a security lady,an old lady, who was almost as freaked out as the guy who was initially blindsighted by a flying, naked man. She went away for a while, then returned with the poilce, who dragged the offender off in cuffs, still quite unclothed. I think it was pretty funny (especially to have seen the guy being paraded out of the place naked in cuffs) although not my most interesting or phun experience at a show, certainly my most random and disturbing. JJWJRPC
In may of 1990 I had the good fortune of being a sophamore at a small boarding school in Concord, NH. From time to time, we had bands come and play to keep us entertained on Saturday nights, bands named Unbroken Chain and Angry Salad still are in my head. Then we heard a band named Phish would soon be coming and we thought "just another mediocre band on another mediocre Saturday night." About a week before they came to play Lawn Boy was released and we took a taxi to town and bought a copy of the tape. We went back to our dorm, pulled a few bong hits, and listened. To our surprise, they were great! The next week was spent in anticipation of Saturday night with Phish. It was about 6pm on Saturday as myself and two friends were walking past the dining hall where Phish was going to play. They were unloading their equipment and we decided to say hello. We walked up to Page and Trey and offered them a hand carring their stuff in. Trey promptly began handing us crates of cables, gizmos,ect. and we brought them in to the dining hall. Once everything was in the three of us went out to the woods to puff while Phish set up. We came back after about an hour and Trey was roaming around the dining hall playing his guitar..doing a kind of sound check. Soon the dining hall was filling up. They all looked like average guys..except for Fishman in his cokebottle glasses, black dress with red circles, and tube socks and no shoes. I was right in front of Trey, seperated only by his micstand, which I had to avoid knocking over during Lizards when an over zealous dancer knocked me down. They opened with Golgi Apparatus and my first thought was WOW they sound a lot better than they do on Lawn Boy. Then I noticed how CLEAR they sounded. The next song I remember was Alumni Blues dedicated to all the graduating seniors. You enjoy myself was great. There were about thirty or so PhishHeads at the show and when they began to play it all the heads went nuts while all of us kinda went huh?? At the end of YEM they did the voice jam which all us stoners loved and all the faculty were scoffing at. Lizards was another tune I liked that I had never heard before and was a good butt shaker. Only low point was getting knocked over by a big senior outof control drunk dancing. He knocked me onto the stage I narrowly avoided taking out Treys mic as well turning on a few effects pedals. When I got up and looked at Trey he just kind of smiled and shrugged as if to say 'it's cool I saw that ass hole crash into you." During set break the whole band was in the dining hall serving area munching on cookies and washing them down with juice. They probably had the munchies seeing security had just caught (I'm not sure who) some of them out by their van puffing and supposedly told them that if he caught them again they'd stop the show. The second set is fuzzier in my memory than the first...must have something to do with us puffing in a more descrete than the band. Bounicin' was increadible, their harmony seemed almost holy in this onehundred year old dark wood english-style dining room. The whole show blew me away and I knew I'd have to see them again. Treys talent was obvious. Pages became more so after paying attention for a few songs. He could really fly on the keys. Fishman, though odd looking, was increadibly steady on drums. Mike, well, I honestly didn't notice him much that night but I can't miss him now! The encore was Contact and seemed to sum up my entire first night with Phish: Merry nonsensical phun. This summer at The Clifford Ball it was fun to look back to that first show and think "damn...I remember when I almost fell on Treys mic I can't even see it...are they really on stage?? Oh yeah...look at the big screens!!!!!" At least I can retreat to my memories when I think the scene's out of control. If anyone wants a copy of this show (5/19/90 St. Paul's School, Concord, NH) I'd be happy to spin you one. Brian Costigan
As we all know, Phish can sometimes take your emotions to a higher level in midst of a great show, or even your favorite song played to perfection. This has happened to me numerous times in the 16 shows which I have seen, but nothing could compare to the feeling I felt after the Buffalo show on Fall Tour 96. You see, every show I do the ritual of going to the Greenpeace table and playing the raffle. For those who have never done this, let me tell you how it works. It is basically a normal raffle, with all proceeds going to Greenpeace. One ticket costs five bucks, four for ten, but for thirty dollars you become a greenpeace member and get thirty tickets. Well needless to say I never have thirty dollars at once, but on this occasion the guy who works the table remembered me giving ten bucks each of the last two nights. He told me that if I gave ten this night, he would give me thirty tickets and make me a member (cool move eh). I was totally stoked and split the price with my bud Mike. I knew, if I was every going to win the raffle it was tonight. Oh I forgot, the raffle was for 2 backstage passes after the show. Well the show was real decent, not incredible, with a 1st set Esther and DWD and 2nd set Antelope being the high lights. Just a tidbit, Down With Disease has become an epic song of late. The jams are longer and tighter than ever before. Im hoping to see it in Philly on the new Year run. After the show I go to the table for the raffle. They call out the first number, not mine, but no one claims it. This happened for four numbers. But on the fifth number I hear my friend say "I got that Number". In my altered state, a feeling of joy and bliss came over me as I realized I was going to meet the people who had created the greatest music for which I had ever heard. I was literally shaking as I waited in the hospitality room for the band. Mike was kind of reserved and not really into talking, but still was very friendly and cool (He was with a super hot chic). Fishman was very tired and was being inerviewed so I listened. He talked about the directions the band wishes to go. I found it fascinating as he explained how the band wants to combine slower notes during live performances to create a surreal feeling to the audience,Woh! The all time coolest guy however was Page. He talked to us, told us jokes and was just fucking around. Remember, Im doing all this on mushrooms. I was on cloud 9. Trey did not come out and even though I wanted to meet him more than anyone, nothing could put a damper on this experience. I will continue to do the raffle at every show im at, my friends also. I recommend anyone to do the same. It's for a good cause, and you never know, you just might hear your number and meet the greatest live band of all time. stay Phunky, Craig Smith Psu University
I was in Destin, Florida, this summer (a typical Memphian vacation spot) and I was... not myself, I guess that's the way I should phrase it. Anyway, I was outside on the beach at night and I got in this "I need to listen to Phish" mood. I had a this backpack with me that had my walkman, Phish bootlegs, and other things in it. So I put in the Phish bootleg from Roxytheater Atlanta, GA (2-19-93). I started listening to "You Enjoy Myself" and I was jamming out in my own little happy world when they started going into this unbelievable vocal jam. It is so awesome! I mean, I completely blocked everyone out and had my eyes closed and I was swept into this incredible state of mind. I started seeing all kinds of wierd things and feeling really odd. When the song was over, I felt soo relaxed and mellow. My friend told me that I kept on moving around like I was dodging something and I was making these really strange faces. I HIGHLY recommed to anyone if they can get a hold of this vocal jam or any good vocal jam, to just sit down and listen to it. It will totally blow you away. That's all. thank you. Paula ~<{{{><
i was sitting in my car in a Jewel parking lot.( a supermarket in Chicago) listening to the new album Billy Breathes. I was jammin to Free, man it was great. little old ladies were looking at me while i was doing my best Fishman imitations. it was an experience in itself and i will probably never forget it.
I have an intersting story from the first phish show I ever saw! It was Oct. 24th 1995 and phish was scheduled to play in Madison, WI, I live in Milwaukee, WI but I was doing really shitty in school, so I decided that I could only either see the Dane county show or the halloween show(Rosemont Horizon)! So I of course chose the Halloween show and I already had a ticket for! On the day of the 24th something just wasn't right as I sat there in a Business Statistics class! So in the middle of class I just left! When I got home I called up some of my phriends and asked them if they were going and whether or not I could get a ride from them! They said yes so I decided I was going to go for sure! Now the group of people I went with was very strange! They were all really unique and interesting people! For example one guy I went with had been hit by lighting twice and I still don't think he has recovered! But that is besides the point! So later that day we decide that it was time to leave and that we should go get some tickets from TICKETBASTARD, so we all took a few doses or so(who is really counting anyway) and went to buy tickets! TO my surprise the show was sold out! THe TM lady said two kids just bought the last two tickets. So we are already starting to trip so we figure what the hell let's drive to Madison to see what we can phind! As we are driving to Madison there is much energy in the car! However we still had no tickets! I was sitting shotgun and decided to make up a sign saying"Do u have any extra phish tickets?" I was showing it to cars as we passed by them! As we passed this guy and a girl they both read our sign the girl looks at me and smiles and shows me her forty of malt liquor that she is drinking! The guy however looks at me real serious and holds one finger up! He immediately reaches into his wallet and rolls down his window! I also roll down my window! Then I see it he reaches out the window and yes he has a ticket in his hand! Now, remember I am tripping really hard and we are driving about 70 mph down the highway! I hang out the window as much as possible while my phriend gets the car as close to the other one as possible! I reach out as far as I can and grab the ticket! I really wanted to give that guy a hug or at least thank him again! It was my first show and it changed my outlook on phish! I have since seen twelve shows in the last year and I will continue to see phish for as long as they tour!
I happened to catch a mere three shows this tour: Auburn Hills, Minneapolis and Ames. Many things happened during my mini-tour, but what stands out most in my mind was seeing Bowie, YEM and Harry Hood in the same set (The Palace). That show was definetly the best I've seen them play. Incredibly tight jams and a lot of "rare" songs: Horn, Tube, Buried Alive and The Sloth. Tube blew my mind as did the Hood. On to the Target Center. Once again, very tight show. Seeing 2001->Suzy->Caspian->YEM was the definite highlight of the show. Good x's Bad x's was a FLAMING encore. Finally, we reach Ames. I was expecting a show to end all shows. But that didnt happen. The crowd was horrible. The band harnesses energy off the crowd, so when the crowd is apathetic, the boys on stage tend to be weak: which is exactly what the first set was. Very little jamming. AC/DC Bag and Bathtub Gin were very short with very weak jams. We knew that they were going to come out and kick some hardcore ass in set two: which they did. Opening with a smokin' Llama, then Sample, the crowd immediately got into it. The SOAMule duel was the best that I've seen and heard. Antelope was flaming. The jam was one of the most intense things I experienced of all 3 shows I saw. Stash as an encore only added to the enjoyment of the second set. Overall, I have noticed a few things this tour. First, the jams don't seem to be as long and as spacey as we would occasionaly see (6/22/95 Tweezer). Secondly, the crowds seem to be less energetic. Until the boys REALLY kick some ass, the crowd doesnt get into it. Usually, the fans spur the band on, but this time it seems as if the band has to get the crowd into it. That's about it. A very random, long-winded and unstructured essay about my mini-tour. Enjoy the shows and keep dancin' Tyler Anderson
Just some Random Thoughts on Grand Rapids: The car ride blew it snowed hard for the first hour and then it really blew when our tire blew out! Luckily the snow stopped and we were able to put on the doughnut. mmmm. doughnuts. First the luxury boxes: People were watching TV during the show. Unheard of. Secondly the emptiness of the arena. I know tickets went on sale late and there was no mail order but come on, I was kind of embarrassed for the band, I just love sell outs. (Champlain rocked!). The amount of people sitting down was amazing, but hey if that's how they want to enjoy the show that fine with me, more room to dance!, In front of us there was this guy whom I'd liked to call to ulti-fan, this guy had on his new fall tour shirt, was in his late thirties, alone, and was focused on the music the entire show, when we were "Wasted" in the Encore he just packed up his things and walked out, I was wondering what was going on his mind, he countenance contained a blank stare the entire show and didn't converse with anyone. Since he remained seated the people who were standing and dancing around were ashing in the poor guy's hair, I felt bad for him but (chuckled to myself) when he found out that he had ash all over him. Next song selection: Being my last of three shows on my fall tour stint, I heard so many songs in the two previous shows(Champl, Palace) Swept away> Steep, Jim, Theme, Axilla I, Maze, and Divided two nights in a row, just plain weird. But hey, we got some rare one's the last three shows Tube, Brother if still considered rare(they should chill out on the Brother, I know, I know it's crazy but I don't want it to loose it's sparseness. It is a precious gem you know.), Axilla I, Horn, and Lovin Cup. Lastly after the show this guy in a nice black suit and little white handkerchief in his front pocked was being taken away by the police, just weird, probably a drug deal or something. Finally on the fall tour, Phish is consistantly playing well. See you all on the New Years Run!! Peace -Dave Miller-
Grand Rapids Review: by Harley Schachter Chalkdust Torture: A solid opener! not much more to say about it Guelah Papyrus: A nice surprise. I still had not heard this yet live and seeing that they played it just a few shows ago, I thought I wouldnt get it again, but at last I hear it. A good version of it helped ease my way into the set. Cars Trucks Buses: One of the better new songs. They really are starting to play this song out and its always nice to hear it. AC/DC Bag: Seems like they cut it a bit short but they still jammed it out pretty well. Sparkle: Well all you can say is its always great to hear it. It really gest ya going and the set is now starting to take some form until... Brother: I felt like it was a bit out of place but regardless this was hot. Its nice to see this song brought back and played from time to time. Just a real good song! Theme: Another one of the great new songs. The really string this out well. I enjoy it everytime. Axilla Pt 1: Being the second time ive heard it in three shows, i must say it was a bit of a surprise, plus the placement of it as well. Yet I still felt they played it well. Runaway Jim: Now with this song, they can play it everynight and it always feels good. They really have done some neat things with this song. New and exciting each time I hear it. Set 1 recap: Solid first set....some mini surprises here and there but a definite solid set that was quite enjoyable. Set II: Timber Ho: I was feening for music throughout the set break so anything would have been great at this point. Timber Ho is a nice treat as well, although there are some openers that I would rather prefer but if I wanted something else to get me back going it was next with.. Divided Sky: Heard it the show before this one but another song I could hear over and over. Having it played at this point was great and a very nice version. Gumbo: A change of pace sort of song with Page on his game for this one. Curtain: I love this song. Its played great each time and its such a nice lead in song that really takes me under. Sample in a Jar: Another oddly placed song and one that I normally dont like all too much, but as odd as I intially felt it was placed, it seemed to suddenly fit in fine. In fact, better than fine cause I really liked it. Tweezer: If I wasnt under by this time, tweezer took me there quick. Another song I really enjoy hearing cause of some of the things I know they can do with this song. They did not dissapoint. One of the better tweezers Ive heard. Trey and Page were on for this one. Just a great jam throughout. Swept Away>Steep>Maze: I like the swept away> steep lead in very much although hearing it live makes it much better of course. Then they bring it into maze, a song that phish had definitely perfected. They play it out everytime and sooo well. Heard it twice in the last three shows and it sounded different each time and sounded great! Just a high energy song! Contact: I did notice they hadnt played it this tour so it was in the back of my mind. It was a standard version of it but standard doesnt give the song any justice. A well played song that was great to hear. Slave to the Traffic Light: I wasnt sure that they were going to play another song, so you can imagine my delight when I heard Slaves first notes being played. Amazing!! It really is one of my favorites to hear. They took it as far as it could go and I was gladly along for the ride. What a set closer. E: Waste: Good new song to hear but another mini surprise as an encore, I must say I was hoping to get another song and before I knew it... Cavern: A perfect closer to a hot night. Its just a nice little treat after a long, hot show. recap: A great, great show. Some highlights from set I, but set II was just incredible. From Divided Sky on through tweezer,slave, and cavern, the show just took off and kept me up there throughout. Another good light show. A really great ender to the three shows I saw this weekend!!!!!!
Champaign Review By Zale, Marc M Zale Last night me and my friends went to Assembly Hall in Champaign to see my first show of the tour. While all Phish shows rock, this was one of the most average shows I've ever seen. set I: Runaway, Axilla, All Things Reconsidered, Mound, Reba, Golgi> Antelope set II: 2001> Maze, Simple*, Lovin' Cup, Mike's> Star Spangled> Weekapaug E: Theme * = sick, sick, sick, long jam Set I: RUNAWAY- Well, this was one of the poorest openers I have ever seen. Jim can be pulled off as the opener if Phish is playing really tight, so it was the wrong night to try it. AXILLA- Man, I was suprised to hear this. All though sound problems throughout this song and the early part of the set drew Trey's attention from the song, it was average. ALL THINGS - This was decent, the crowd seemed to have a mixed reaction between getting bored and starting to get into it. MOUND- Yeah, this is was brought me to my feet. I really liked the placement and I dug the jam. REBA- Another well-placed song. The audience seemed to enjoy it and it was played well, but standard. GOLGI- When I first heard this, I was pretty pissed. All though when the lights went up for the "I saw you!" part, I really started dancing. A pleasent suprise. ANTELOPE- Yes! This was great. This brought a great ending to a below-average set. It really had me looking forward to the second set. Set II: 2001- I predicted this. This one is always great with the lights. I was thinking the second set was going to be jam-filled. MAZE- I was hoping 2001 would play into Llama, but nothing could prepare me for the sick jam that Maze turned into. By far the highlight of the show, the build-up during this jam was amazing. I danced so hard. SIMPLE- I still like Simple. Not too thrilled with it, but It was a decent, standard version. LOVIN' CUP- Alright, here we go. Another great jam. I hard forgetton the shitty first half of the first set by now. I was tired by this point I almost collapsed. MIKE'S- Thank God. I went into tonight with "Guyute" (which they played the night before) and "Mike's> I am H2> Weekapug" as the songs that I wanted to hear so fucking bad. So, naturally, when they played this, I almost had to be recessitated. STAR SPANGLED BANNER- I was really suprised to see Mike's> Star Spangled. It was kinda cool, but alot of noise from the audience. WEEKAPUG- What a finisher. The was played with astonishing intensity. My legs were jello after completly flipping out and dancing. E: THEME- Another huge suprise. I was thinking "Funky Bitch" or "Chalkdust", so this completly caught me off hand. But I predicted that would play it because the expanding jam is perfect for the 360 degree Assembly Hall. Sick encore. Overall, this show rocked. Got started slow, but finished with great energy. I didnt get to spend too long in the Lot, but it looked pretty nice. The crowd had a lot of Frat Boys, but I saw so many hardcore phriends there...average age maybe around 26-28. Alot more strait-up hippies then last years Champaign. Atleast thats what I saw. Anyways, outta 10, I'd rate this around a 6.5
When trying to describe Phish to a friend of mine who had never heard them (or *OF* them, for that matter), I replied: Phish is ________________________________ . (adjective) Rather than talk for hours about them, and what I thought of them. In otherwords, Phish is pretty much indescribable, in much the same way that a priceless painting is "priceless." rka
There is one major theme to what I learned this weekend: in October of 1996, on any given night, Phish is a _great_ band. I managed to journey out of the nation's capital for a brief adventure in Virginia and North Carolina, two states to which I previously have had little or no exposure, to see for myself what Phish is up to this fall. After hearing reviews and comments of the shows so far from a couple friends (and lots of strangers), I had gotten the feeling that (1) things had started out slowly, (2) they were playing a lot of "new" songs (post-Lowell), and (3) two nights at MSG and one at Hartford seemed to mark a return of pretty exciting music. So I was looking forward to seeing what was going to happen in Hampton Friday night, as the band brought the momentum they had built up in their ever-so-brief visti to the Northeast down the Atlantic seaboard towards Atlanta and other far away places. I would be penetrating the South to a greater extent than I ever have before (with the exception of a brief two days in Virginia Beach many years ago, my previous experience out of New England has been limited to a few winters here in Washington), and I was relishing the idea of hitting two truly random venues. Far away from the inherently "noteworthy" feeling of any show in New England, and the utterly surreal feeling of being at the very core of the Phish experience that permeated the Ball. The Hampton Colliseum looks like a futuristic edifice, like a huge steel tent thrown up on the surface of the moon, or something. Right off the highway. A blue fountain in front, that seemed to me to be very pleasant and calming. I ran into a friend from home that I've barely seen in the past few years, wandering the perimeter of the fountain. While picking up my tickets at Will Call, got to hear some soundcheck (Dog Log and Funky Bitch while waiting in line! Ha!). General admission. Like seeing Phish in a club (if you don't look back). Very exciting. There will be no Tweezer or Mike's. Maybe Gin or Stash? Who knows. It'll be fun, though. I should preface this by saying that I've been a fan and supporter of Ha Ha Ha since Great Woods last summer. I was sorry to see it in such sporadic rotation last Fall, and in fact the first question I asked Richard Griehr (when I got to meet him in the General Store of Ball Square, but that's another story...) about the advance tape of the album that he had was if Ha Ha Ha made the cut. I was afraid that it would get shleved in the near future, perhaps by this tour. So I was pretty satisfied with the first HHH of the tour to open the show. I think this song is basically their reply to Frankenstein ("I know you're gonna say that this song is just a riff"--Bob Dylan). And then Taste. Much of the aforementioned applies to this as well, in tha tI've felt somewhat of a personal connection to it as I rooted for it last year, convinced that the end jam could really be something breathtaking if it opened up over time. And I was pretty glad to ehar from reports of other shows this Tour that apparently this tune has been getting a more serious (extended) treatment. And yes, I was pretty happy with what I saw Friday. If I recall correctly, it included a turn by Trey on percussion (that's like a red flag to me that something cool is happenning..I like the percussion a lot..for instance, on Buried Alive!), and overall I thought Trey's soloing was energetic and powerful. This could be a great Page song, too. Makissupa Policeman. I think this song is relaly effective when it's paired with something else slow and spacey near the beginning of a set, but this brought the mood down to slow and funky real quick. We got a "dank", which I was pleased with. As the song spaced along at the end, trey picked up the megaphone and scratched it on his strings. Yeah. Mike thumps the Maze intro and Page proceeds to tear things up. Maybe I'm biased to Page because I was so close to him this set, but I thought he was stellar in this tune. Billy Breathes brought down the building excitment about this set, but I was nevertheless looking forward to seeing if Trey's solo at the end gets any better than (what I think is a very good and perhpas even moving) performance on the album and last Fall. It didn't seem that it did. Then Mound. I enjoyed the chance to see Mike sing up close. Guelah Papyrus. I appreciated the choreography quite a bit. Always like I Didn't Know, and FIsh came out wearing one of the pairs of green carbdoard glasses that I had noticed on one of the amps before the show. Great vaccum solo, maybe the best I've heard. It was very melodic (yes) and with Trey on percussion it was more of a Fish-led jam than a "solo". I look forward to hearing this again. Then Trey, who had seemed very expressive towards the crows already throughout the set, took to the mic and said something along the lines of: "A lot of people ask us what our favorite room to play is, and basically this is it. It's general admission, you can all stand wherever you want". Then he broke out the opening riff to Stash and I thought, "this is pretty fucking cool". After that build up, I couldn't wait to see what they'd do next in the "favorite room". I thought Stash was excellent and was surpirsed when trey led them back to the closing lyrics, because I thought it could and should have gone on for a few more glorious minutes. But they kept jamming after the lyrics, adn hen came back to them, and then jammed again befor ethey sang the closing "maybe so, maybe not"s for a third and final time. I hope a review of the tapes confirms this impression of mine of a (relatively) extended post-maybe so jam. Squirming Coil, but hey, there's another set to go. I ended up a few feet over by the end of setbreak (MMW is always enjoyable) and I was directly in front of Trey (by about ten people), with an unobstructed view. Trey came out and did something unaccompanied on guitar, and suddenly they were playing fucking Tube. Tube set opener! Aah! I was laughing uncontrollably. Then the extended chord intro that is today's Prince Caspian. I was just assuming all this time that they'd do something to add to this song, and I think now it's something to be enjoyed rather than yawned at. The end part could definately continue to get more interesting. And besides, C.S. Lewis was my best friend for many years in Elementary School. The Timber Ho! lick, and by now I'm feeling pretty good. Enjoyed watching up close as Trey played a flawless lead to TMWSIY. Chris' blues and greens really added to the calm and serene atmosphere. Our Father, Our King, and the Man again. I was trying to read Trey's lips as he shouted to Fishman, and I thought he was saying "Weigh". It turned out to be Free. It was so great to revel in that long riff-laden intro again. This jam was interesting and entertaining but as usual I was dissapointed when trey threw down the drumsticks and brought it back to the closing lyrics (hurriedly, I thought). As much as I love Free, after Landover last Fall I guess I'll always be dissaointed a little in case something similarly crazy happens (which I hope and expect it will...). I try to read Trey's lips again. I replay it in my head very quickly a few times, and then the thought rushes to my conciousness: "Strange Design". An instant later, "Iiiiii mean it...". Aw. I think this may have improved ever so slightly with the adaptation of the acoustic arrangemtn they did last summer. Now Trey chords (and I guess the rest of the band plays too) during the verses, when Page used to sing and play unaccompanied. Not surprised at all to hear Fishman start Harry, as this was one song that I expected (whether justified or not) to hear, given my perusal of recent setlists. I thought at the time that it was your typical great Harry Hood, nothign out of the ordinary or necessarily spectacular, but Hood nonetheless. Cavern. I think that someday we will see something stranger than Cavern>Wilson>Cavern; I often feel they're on the verge of screwing around with this but then my hopes are dashed...I thought there was some cool jamming (obviously brief) at the very end of this set closer. All show, I thought Trey really seemd to be into what was happenning. He gestured towards the crowd a lot, and seemed genuinely excited (of course he always looks excited, but I think the energy was deifnately there Friday). These sentiments seemed confirmed when they broke out Johhny B. Goode for the encore. I've only heard Sugarbush and MSG before, but I assume that no one would have any complaints with the version we got at Hampton. And of course, this may be a case where teh decsion tolay the song may mean more than the actrual version played. That's a really special moment, when there's a storng feeling that the band is communicating to the audience by choosing a song, or turning on the Hose. This is an idea that I'll explain further at some future point. After the show, I kept saying to myself and others, "Tube!".
I'm only happy with moments. I think I'm happy until a certain amount of time has gone by, and then I want to do something else. After the moment, I'm just looking for another moment.
Me and my friend have tickets to the hartford show on 10-23. we're away at school and were not allowed to have cars on campus. we found a ride to the show and that was totally cool. well..............a week before the show we find out that we don't have a ride. the person bailed on us. so we were basically screwed. a taxi was $135 and we don't have that kind of money so that was out of the question. finally we were able to find a way to get there (bus) but no way to get home. we planned on sitting on the streets of hartford untill the next morning when the buses started running again. everyone was telling us how bad it is for two girls to sit on the streets of hartford for a night but we basically didn't care. after all we were going to see the raddest band around. anyway, we knew that there were people going to the show that were from our school but we were'nt exactly sure so we put up signs around campus hoping that a phellow phish phan would come through and give us a ride. well, its the night before the show around 10:00 and no one ever called. we figured we would just sit in the streets of hartford. well, around 10:30 i get a phone call. and yes, it was someone offering us a ride to the show. i was defenitely stoked. she said how she saw our signs and she couldn't help but help out a phellow phish phan. i just thought i would share this with you because its just one example of how nice phish phans are. they truly are some of the nicest people in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) -Jennifer Onufrey
Something recently occured to me while listening to the new album in an altered state of consciousness.... FREE - "I feel the feeling I forgot, in a minute I'll be free, and you'll be splashing in the sea." -the splashing in the sea is a metaphor for life. The majority of people are just trying to "stay afloat" and are STRUGGLING to survive, trying not to drown. This feeling of FREE(dom) transcends this struggle, and has been felt before (perhaps while high-not necessarily due to drugs) - "the feeling I forgot." Unfortunately, this feeling is only temporary - HENCE - "Oh to be Prince Caspian, and float upon the waves." -Prince Caspian is on top of the waves, not "splashing in the sea" and struggling with everyone else. He just rides the waves and lets them carry him wherever they will - HENCE - (in LIZARDS, with respect to the helping friendly book) "the trick was to surrender to the flow." This is exactly what Prince Caspian is doing, and because of this he is always FREE. (note)- trey and I think fishman released an album with some other musicians entitled "SURRENDER TO THE AIR." Surrendering and just letting things happen seems to be a common theme with Phish. It would also seem that life is viewed essentially as a waste of time. THEME FROM THE BOTTOM - "Pantomine mixtures of heaven and earth, JUMBLED EVENTS THAT HAVE LESS THAN NO WORTH." WASTE - sings about not wanting to be this and that, because of so and so. Making these choices and worrying is a major aspect of life - this is wasting time. BUT - this is not entirely pessimistic, because we can waste our time with others-"come waste your time with me." And from THEME-"keep what's important, and know who's your friend." And while we are here there is also stuff to do, (frome THEME) whether it is spending "time in the forest to dig under rocks" or "float in the ocean asleep in a box." Some of us like to see Phish shows. Perhaps Trey is inviting us to waste time with him/them. Either way, "DON'T YOU SEE ANYTHING THAT YOU'D LIKE TO TRY?" I hope you found this interesting. Don't forget to read stuff by ALAN WATTS. Take it easy, Jon Terkel
10/19/96 Buffalo Review So we headed out Saturday morning amidst a sea of rocks and stones, cascading down the mountain, a thousand birds we're headed for the sky.....and made our way from Lansing, MI to Buffalo, NY by way of our neighbors to the north, Canada. There's not much to see on the 5+ hour drive, but that's ok, because that wasn't the reason we were on the road, our mission was clear...PHISH. We crossed back over the border in Niagara and took I190 into Buffalo. Since we had ordered tickets about 5 days ago and had no information flyers between the three of us, we decided to just head into town, look for some friendly cars, and follow them. To our surprise, right off the highway was this giant arena like structure with large letters on top "Marine Midland Arena" so we figured, that must be the place! (We're smart boys) We headed off the highway and circled around a bit until we found ourselves next to the arena and pulling into the lot. This lot was unlike any lot at a show I've seen. It was in a parking structure, which provided a wonderful shield from the rain and gave the lot a nice feel. We pulled in, found our spots, wandered for a bit to check out the local pre-show marketplace of food, bootleg t-shirts (I kinda liked the My Friend My Friend one with the Little Caesars logo), kindness, and an assortment of hacking and pre-show warm-ups. At about 7:00 we decided to make our way into the Arena. We're on the top floor, I said as we climbed up the extra large escalators leading us to the top of the stadium. Finding out seats the waiting began. I took my ritualistic pre-show walk around the arean to check out the inside scene. Paid a visit to Greenpeace and met some friendly faces in the hallways. Back to my seat, waiting for about 15 more minutes. At about 8:00ish, the lights went down the boyz came out. (On a side note: the girls sitting behind us, (3 rows from the top), obviously weren't in their seats because everytime someone would walk up the isle towards us/them, they were whisper to eachother, "These are definately their seats", and if they didn't take their seats, they would whisper, "The next people, someone coming now is definately in these seats." I just thought it was funny. Why put yourself through all the mental anxiety by not sitting in your seat, is it really worth it? Anyways, back to my review) My Friend My Friend: I love this song as an opener. I heard it at Shoreline and Lake Placid last year to open and I loved it then too. It gets you moving, excited, into the flow and put a big smile on my face. Plus, I called it. Rift: I was impressed tonight with the sound guy. Usually there's an akward sound change with the beginning lyrics with Trey and Page but tonight it flowed rather smoothly, nice! Free: Alright, I'll give this my best shot. I knew it would happen sooner or later, might as well be now. Right when they started playing it, and the audience recognized what song it was, there was a large cheer. Now I love Free and cheered for it many times last year when I saw it. But this wasn't that familiar cheer. It wasn't a "Excellent! Free! Such an awesome jam tune!" but more of a "Excellent! Free! I just bought the cd and heard this song on the radio on the way to the show!" I dunno, I was just overcoming with something when the song started, but I really can't put my finger on it. You guess. As for Free, they reworked it a little at the end, I dunno, I think I was too emmersed in thought to give it my full attention. Esther: Cool! I was so excited first night of Deercreek when I heard my first Esther, and this was an excellent selection. I got really into it, right away, and just love the end jam right before "She began to tumble earthward..." Very happy to see. Llama: I have a notepad that I take to every show that I write the setlists down, just for personal fun and reference. Some songs I put the pad away, others I hold onto it cause I know I won't "lose myself" long enough. Llama is one of those "hold onto the pad" songs. It jams, definately, but is more of a transitional tune for me. Gumbo: Loved it. Very happy they played it. Down with Disease: Underrated song of the year. They have got this one down pat! The jam is incredible, and takes you out there for as long as they want, which I'll gladly let them. And then just eases you back into the "waiting for the time when I can finally say..." so gradually, you feel like you've been flung into whoknows where and then just led back again. (Thunderous applause for Down w/ Disease) Prince Caspian: I love the extended into and Trey's movements during this song. Such a nice melody that builds and builds and flows perfectly. I wouldn't be suprised if they added something to it every tour. Frankenstein: Excellent set closer. Jammed hard core the whole way. "We'll be back in 15 minutes" So I took another walk around the place, got some water, saw some many different levels of spirtual planes throughout the venue as I people watched, and pretty much just relaxed. II AC/DC Bag: Awesome set opener. Another one they just jam out until the end. I love it when they keep building the A C D C BAG chords at the end as fast as they can go until they pop. Plus, I called it. Sparkle: Nice light show Chris. Slave: Yes!!! I thought when I heard the opened A chord strum to eloquently across the guitar. Thank you, Trey. I figured out. My perception of Slave rarely matches the actual experience of seeing one live. I lost myself completely. Notepad - buried in my pocket. Definately I highlight for me during the show. Bouncin': Pad - In hand. Split Open and Melt: I didn't get really into it at the beginning but towards the end it started to really pick up and jam out of control. Phenominal . You think it's over after the "we breath deep..." part. Hell no! They go on for a while after. Fluffhead: Yeah! I just learned how to play this on the guitar to I was staring at Trey's hands, (from the back of the venue) throughout the whole song. I was very into it. Standard Fluffhead, which means it rocked...FLUFFHEAD! Swept Away > Steep: Nice...and a nice sit down break. I like these songs together, and definately great placement in the set. Antelope: As I heard the opening guitar picks I was so siked! Antelope was such a treat! Rocked the house and made me so happy. "Marko-esquandolas" Rag Time Gal: Why? I was so siked from Antelope, and it seemed like they were going to end the set there, and I'd be standing and cheering for the encore. But instead, I sat. I've seen Rag Time so many times that it's gotten to a point where I get nervous when they come to the mike in front of the stage. They love that song, and I was looking for a hidden message to me somewhere in it, but alas, I couldn't find out. Oh well..."Tell me that I'm your own my baby." Encore: Fee: I didn't love it as an encore and I think Trey flubbed the words (sorry!)...But I like the song. Rockytop: I'm glad their playing this again. It seemed like they took a little break. I dunno, I may be completely wrong. Nice tune, goodnight. The parking lot getting out wasn't as bad as I thought it was. After a successful mission for some Phatty french bread pizza, which was successful, we were back on the road. We had a hotel reserved about 15 minutes from Buffalo in Niagara and had a nice night sleep before heading back to Michigan. If you've read this far, you've definately earned something... Thanks, Andrew Gadiel
Just went to the Penn State and Pittsburg shows. Phish is playing at a level right now that is hard to explain. The hours of hard work that goes into their practice schedule can be seen with every crazy loop that their sounds explore. The second set of Pittsburg highlighted this for me. I managed to squirm my way down to the tenth row on the floor. In all of my twenty odd shows I had never been that close. To my suprise I realized that phish isn't just performing, they are having a great time. At times when the jams would evolve Trey would turn to Fishman and have the happiest glow and both would start to laugh. During the incredible Maze, Paige took the solo for longer then I was used to. The whole band turned to watch and listen to where he would go next. It is a wonderful thing to see a band be able to show that kind of appreciation for each others music. Daniel Herlocker Westminster, Md.
Billy Breathes Reviews

I love this album to death. From songs I have already heard thousands of times (Cars,Trucks,Buses...Prince, etc) I thought I would have trouble liking the others. Not true. I love every song. I have listened to it 3 full times in less than 10 hours. your page is updated so fast...keep up the amazing work. i visit your page VERY often Peace, marc zale

New Album Review Posted 10/15/96 @ 11:23 A.M. by Me. I went out last night at Midnight at bought the new album. Since the evolution of the internet has made it possible for anything and their mother to publish, I'll use my Phish page as a good place to make my opinion known. I love the new album. We'll start with the physical album itself, the cover is awesome! I couldn't think of a funnier, happier cover anywhere else. Right away it makes me smile, without even opening the jacket. As for the music, I think Billy Breathes represents the evolution of a wonderful group of musicians. They have patience, and the ability to wait for the sound to come through their instruments. Individually, the songs are all very powerful, and as a collective unit, they make up a phenominal album which I hope to listen to for years. I bet your saying now, "nice review" but can you be a little more specific...Well, I wouldn't dream of dissapointing you. Free: I'm happy with what they've done with this song in concert and I'm very happy that it's on the new album, and being played on the radio. It's a great song, and we all know they jam it out like crazy on the road, but I think this album is about the songs themselves, and Phish does a great job of showing us what free is all about. New arrangement is nice, even though I like the tour version better. Character Zero:My first time hearing this last night. I like it. I need to hear it a couple more times before I have a chance to truly appreciate it. Maybe I need to hear it live. There's something about it that I like, but I can't put my figure on it quite yet. Hell, I've only listened to the album 4 times in the last 11 and 1/2 hours. Waste:Evolving as my favorite song on the album. It's such a powerful chord progression along with lyrics that make me get quite emotional and reminiscant of that second night red rocks, such a beautiful night and I loved this song then, and on the album. Makes me extremeley happy and takes me on a nice journey. Taste:I've seen this song like a dozen times, and heard both Trey alone, Fishman alone (fog that surrounds), and Trey with Fishman. I'm wondering why Fish doesn't sing the intertwined verses, I kinda liked it. They played it like on the album this summer. As for the song, it is a great tune which they can mix up in many ways. Very dynamic and unique in sound and rhythm. Cars Trucks & Buses:It's got a beat you can dance to. I remember the first time I heard this song live last year at Shoreline and remember thinking how much I loved when they would stop and then go right back into it again. They don't do that on the album, but that o.k. because I think it a nice tune. They probably could do more with it, but hey, they're being patient, right? Talk:This is such a good song, I love the way it starts. Trey sound excellent, and they lyrics flow together with a harmony that I can't really describe in words. Page is playing a really excellent melody in the background. They sound so good, harmonious, truly together, taking their time to create something wonderful. Theme from the bottom:This was the first live song I ever saw, Deercreek last year. (can you believe it?) and I'm so happy it made it onto the album. The end just rocks as the chords flow over one another into an incredible build to a climactic "from the bottom, from the top" which I love. Yah! Theme! Train Song:Thank you, Mike. This song lifts my spirit and makes me extremely happy to be a Phish Follower. Sets an incredible tone for the last part of the album. Calms me down and really makes me appreciate what these guys are all about. Making music that creates wonderful emotion and soothes the soul , well, at least mine. Bliss:The name says it all, I want to learn how to play this one. Anyone got chords? It's a beautiful progression...I'd love to explain it, but you're just gonna have to shell out the $$ and listen. Billy Breathes:I think the reason the band chose this song for the album title is apparent when you listen to it. They want the album to give off a certain feeling, and I think Billy Breathes exemplifies this feeling. When I first heard billy, and then heard it again, I began to become bored with it. But hearing it again on the album makes me think about it. It's a great song. Mellow, slow (the good kind of slow), that allows you to catch your breath, pull one, and listen to sounds of beauty. Give it another try. Swept Away:This song is so peaceful. With Trey's voice guiding us as the boys sing a choir-like backup. 1:17 of goodness. Steep:The oddball of the disc. Such a complex arrangement with floyd-like sounds and mixed voices and dribbles and plops and convoluted sounds from nowhere - Cool. Prince CaspianThey come out of steep into Prince Caspian with such a melody that it is a sign of hope for the future. All is well in the land of Phish, and Prince Caspian is a phenominal ending to an extraordinary disc. Listen to them build and flow and play in such a way that it would guide even the most stubborn person to insights of greatness. I want to throw myself into the music, to allow it to take me away and float me on a cloud, because I trust them and know that they won't let me hang out there unguided. The message is clear and they deliver it with astounding greatness and powerful energy. "ohh, to be prince caspian, float upon the waves." In 15 years, when Phish has put out dozens of albums and effected millions around the world, I'll be happy to say that I could sit and listen to this album and critique it with an open mind and without already in the annals of greatness. To all of you BreathesHaters, I respect your opinion and your desire to hear more or hear less or hear anything else, but I simply ask you to take this band for what they are and not to compare them or push them to any other level that what they offer. They truley are great. And that's my honest opinion. Thanks, Andrew Gadiel
Posted 1/19/96 @ 4:21 A.M. by Me.
  I'd like to start a new thread. It has to do with the songs David Bowie and
The Mango Song, and when they're played together. I'll site my first show
experience in this first message. Deercreek, Indiana, 6/19/95. The sun was hot,
the crowd was estatic, and Phish had just come off a killer first set with an
outstanding Theme, Poor Heart, AC/DC, Tela, Punch, Reba, Strange Design, Rift,
Cavern, Antelope. They open the second set with a rocking Simple, and then, the
journey begins. 
	 As they start the next tune, with a low space jam, that builds until
finally breaks away with, "David Bowie!" Du-da, da-da-da. "David Bowie!" Du-da,
da-da-da, the crowd goes nuts. What followed was one of the greatest building
jams I've ever heard at a show...started killer, high on the scale, and slowly
settled to a calm, rhthmic motion, keeping the crowd fluid and group mind meld
motion. With everyone in sync, the band kept up in tune, "ba-da-da-da-da,
ba-da-da-da-da, ba-da-da-da" (you know that part). 
   Then, as everyone is reaching a point of perfection, they begin to build,
(as most bowie's do) into the running, steadily climbing growing jam, until the
end where they play awesome fast moving great sounding quick jams into the
slowed disjointed awkward unevenness, back into the awesome, quick, fast, great
jam, back into the akward, into jam, and then.....they stop.

(as most bowie's do)

The silence following this David Bowie was deafening. Scary if you must. They
took the audience on a journey through time and space, and then left us out
there, abandoned...or so I thought. The chords which followed, The Mango Song
opener, was like a call from the dark. They began with what seemed mumbled,
nonsensical words, which at that time was pretty much how I was feeling. And
then the chorus, "Your hands and feet are mangoes, you're gonna be a genius
anyway" put it all into perspective...

Anyways, I just wanted to write about that moment at's quite
special to me.

Andrew Gadiel

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