Some Random Phish Thoughts

This is the section where I'll post some of my, or anyone's, random Phish thoughts. If you'd like a thought posted here, email me at and if I like it, I'll post it.

Great Went Thoughts and Stories

I was in Paris in early May, on the Champs-Elyses, and went into one of the
biggest music stores in the world- The Virgin Megastore. The basement is
devoted entirely to promoting upcoming shows and selling tickets. I was
checking out this huge billboard with all kinds of bands on it, and was looking
to see if Phish was going to be around anytime soon. Well, this is what I saw:
"FISH- La Laiterie, Strasbourg, 24.6.97" I tried for like 15 minutes to tell
the guy behind the counter that it was P-H-ISH, not F-ISH. He didn't believe
me! He thought I was just a snobby American tourist! Oh well. I'll be seeing
Poisson (that's Phish in French) many times this summer- Rock on! --Patrick

-Patrick Schubel

i will keep this brief and concise. i just finished my "mini-tour" with phish; two nights in dublin and then the albert hall... unbelievable... these new songs are smokin' particularly "ghost" and "linn by linn". "velvet sea" will be one of my favorite slow ones to come. i love this band. CITIES! riles
Came back to Phish as dulldrums of mother's death passed by. Got sucked into stupid angry alternative for a few months after her death. Went to Hersey and Plattsburgh and it all came back so quick. Phish is the best thing that has happened to me. There are very few bands in this world who play such uplifting music with such good intent. Found Phish at Kutztown University, Pa, back in 91' but didn't become a full-fledged Phish head until a couple year's later. Went to 4 or 5 shows, then my mother's passing. Fell into slight depression for a year or so until I cleared my head and got back on the right track. Now I look forward to every Schvice, every new tourdate, and every show that I can make it to. Nothing in life except mountain biking has affected me so much. Every show is like a breath of fresh air and man do I love to breathe. Looking forward to summer tour although I can only make it to 3 or 4 shows. Hoping the Went will be as good as the Clifford Ball but not saturated with the media or any other mainstream BS! After seeing set-lists for the first two shows in Europe, I have a feeling this year is going to be full of surprises. -Peter Bulkley
Halloween suggestion: Bowie's "Man who sold the earth" -cortland coleman
Touring through Europe for the first 5 shows of the Feb.'97 tour. Oh what fun. -Bill Gardner
I'd love to see a new live album with at least two CDs. I'd rather see three or four though. Who wouldn't buy a four CD set for 32 dollars? Also, when in concert and there's a Tweezer, pleas SCREAM!!! WE ARE SUPPOSED TO SCREAM AFTER EBENEEZER. I'd also like to see Phish do longer runs in smaller venues, but places where they have always been welcome: Flynn Theater in VT, Fox Theater in GA, etc. It pisses the hell out of me when the only show sold out the fall tour (95) was the three in my hometown (Fox Theater, Atlanta). later dan
'the life you compose is the beauty you chose' - gord downie just a taste of an inspirational artist. peace.
ABOUT A NEW LIVE ALBUM: Although I agree that it would be excellent to put one whole show on album, i have a few reservations abou this. There certain songs played in a show that simply aren't worthy of being put down on disc and sold to the public. some becasue they are too good for the public, some becasue they are worthless and filler material. I strongly feel that certain songs need to be on a live album that may not be in the context of a given show. MAZE would be amazing on a live album. Can you imagine the sweltering jam's climax (tumescence then detumescence)? Also, RUN LIKE AN ANTELOPE needs, has to be, must be on a new live album. I know that 06/11/94, which many think is a top condender for the album is a great choice. So do I. But when I listen to that show's MAZE after a 96 MAZE, Frankly, I am a bit dissapointed. Phish is Constantly growing and their songs get better with time. I do l;ike the vault idea, but when we are right in the middle of Phish's biggest growth period, and we are craving some updated, fresh sounding Phish, can't we at least use a show from 1995 and on? A Live on is from basically 94 which had some crazy shows, but 1994 was merely a stepping stione for today. it was those TWEEZERS and ANTELOPES in 94 that laid the foundation for 96 SIMPLES, ect. how about a vault show of something recent. whatever happens in the end, i know that i will love it!
I don't think that i will ever fully understand or be able to put into words exactly what it is that makes me feel the way that i do at a show. music, friends, atmosphere, substances... whatever it is, phish is a drug in itself. i love life when i am at a show and i find myself never wanting to leave. only a band like phish would think of having a mime field at a mini- festival. riles
Random thoughts about Euro summer tour (larry king style)... 1. First show of the tour on Friday the 13th. Hmmmmmmm..... 2. The Royal Albet Hall is a beautiful venue. 3. If WDR in Germany can broadcast 2 Phishows in a year, why can't we get any pro video here in the US? 4. I hope some of the rumored new songs have a lot of composed parts. Seems like quite a long time since there was a new epic tune..... -jon
Now the excitement of recieving my mail order tickets has worn off, and it is easier to see a more serious hitch in my summer tour plans: I have no ride! I'm from State College, PA and will be starting at Starlake and ending at the Went (all right, so I only have time for three shows). Anyone out there going my way? I have plenty of money to chip in on Gas Food and Lodging. Please Email me at - if you might be able to give me a ride. I hope to see you all over here in Europe this summer! Mike
I have only been to one Phish show so far. But what I experienced in Buffalo 10/19/96 was one that I would call a life highlight. This summer I will be attending The Great Went. With roughly two and a half months away, I'm already in high gear. See ya there. -Character Zer0
I was in a bar in NYC over the new year and me and a bunch of friends decided to start drinking. I happen to glance around the table area where we were sitting and noticed someone around a table wit some people. i thought in the back of my mind that this person was Page McConnel but not sure. I glanced over to my friend mike and we both had that exact same thought in our own minds. We asked this girl to go up tohim and ask in which she did and he responded with an affirmative yes. It finally took me about 5 more beers to have the guts to go up and ask him for his autograph, but I did. I had an old MSG ticket stub in my wallet and said Page "I have been a big fan ever since I first saw you guys with widespread panic at the first HORDE tour back in 1992. He thanked me signed it and I shook his hand. Not bad By the way he drank Rolling Rock bubs
Ok, it's almost time for dublin. i have been waiting soo long for this. can't wiat. maybe there will be a kick ass Harpua on friday the 13th. i smell a scary show in the making. riles
I have to say that Phish is one of THE most relaxing, phreethinking, natural kind of funky jammin music bands I have ever laid my ears on. I have been in love with Phish for about 2 years now and I just keep gettin more in more engrossed in the peace thy really bring to me. Out of 2 yrs, I've never been able to go to a show, but I have tickets to July 23rd in Atlanta and I absolutely can NOT wait. I just know this is going to be the most peace flowing, magical pheeling I will ever intake. To be dancing in peace n harmony with tonz of other happy phish phreaks beside me makes me smile whenever I think about it. I can't wait :) Have phun this summer guyz, dance to a tune fer me :) Keep sharin the groove. peacenluvin brooke :)
I must say that their newest album...Billy Breathes, is some sweet tunes. Today me and a bunch of people were just chillin' at my friend's pool, tanning and listening to some phat phish tunes. We were blasting the music and it was an amazing feeling. All I have to say is... Down with disease 3 weeks in my bed, trying to stop these demons that keep... DANCING IN MY HEAD, DANCING IN MY HEAD. Oh ya and I LUV U TREY- KEEP ON BOUNCING!!!- VIVS.
Phish are toying with a new live album. I feel, as do many others, that instead of splicing songs together from several shows they should release a set or whole show. This would be a welcome addition to all and will hopefully become an annually released project. As to what show to release that should be left to the band. However, I hope and pray that it comes from mid-eighties shows and features songs previously unreleased. -eric m.
Phish is one of the PHATTEST bands ever and I'd just like to say that I will be going to my phirst PHISH show @ Darien Lake on AUGUST 14th BABY!!! Maybe Maine as well??? Lates. -Aviva
07-01-95 Great Woods Mansfield, MA This is an example of your classic Phish Show. 7/1/95 has some great Phish Phavorites such as a Ya Mar opener, Split Open, Wilson, H. Hood, and to top it all off, a Funky Bitch encore. This is a kick ass show!! -Paul C.
I heard alot about phish a few years ago but never really payed any attention to it. Now I LOVE IT!!! It's one of the greatest bands ever and if you're not hooked on them... *NO WORRIES* cause u will be as soon as u pick up one of their cds or tapes!!! It's so weird cause they're always on my mind. When I was in science class the other day, I was anwsering some questions about biology (worms, grassshoppers, fish) and by accident I wrote "PHISH" instead of "FISH". Neways, to some everything up, PHISH IS PHAT AND ROCKS MY WORLD!!! KEEP UP THE GR8 WORK.
Guyute makes me cry... as does weekapaug. corey
how about a live european tour album or possibly a few more free concerts -kevin friedlander
I love Phish so much. But if there is someone that i love more than Phish it would have to be Jewel!! I LOVE JEWEL!!! -Joe
first trip-Lexington, Kentucky 96' -Cory Dewald
i would have to agree with Zac...Phish certainly iz good fun... although too many a time it hasn't been "clean" for me, but that always enhances my fun mark
the first time I ever heard about Phish I was on an airplane and a friend of mine let me borrow his CD for "Junta". Ironically, as I was listening to the CD I was flipping through Time Magazine (Aug. 9, 1996, or something around there), and there was a large (two/three page) article about Phish, as the writer was trying to compare them to the Grateful Dead, drawing parallels about the two groups. It was really cool to listen to "You Myself" and look out the left window of aplane and see the small little farm animals below... -Michael Schwartz
Fishman's primary snare drum is a Ludwig Black Beauty 14" x 6 1/2". (I think it's 6 1/2") -Jake Hall
I started listening to Phish about four years ago and have been a very dedi cated phan ever since. I have seen about ten shows, my phirst being Lakewood Amphitheatre in Atlanta in 1995. I was miracled at my phirst show. Some really cool cat just walked up and handed me eleventh row seats and made me promise not to sale them. Sale them? Was he crazy? The whole show really rocked. I even shared my good fortune with friends who only had lawn seats. We traded off during the second set. I have been miracled two other times since then. Once more at a Phish show and once at a Widespread Panic show. I am also a huge Widespread fan. Some people say you can't be a true Phish phan if you love WSP the way I do. I totally disagree, the two bands are completely different types of music. If anyone shares my view please e-mail me at sdav2944@Mercury.GC.PeachNet.EDU Talk to you soon! "Millie"
Anticipation of a new album is chompin' at the bit... Billy Breathes was pretty damn good in my opinion! Nice and Tight... I can't wait to see what the WENT will offer or what the boys have in store for us this year... I'm starting in Chicago and ending in Maine... I'm solo... ANYONE NEED A RIDE UP NORTH (OR OUT EAST FOR THAT MATTER)? -Ken Manship
Phish is good clean fun. -Zac Altheimer
Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone exists differently. Since we can never climb anyone else's mountain, we can and must only accept their reality as being as valid as our own. -Andrew Gadiel
Been to some Phish shows and everyone was pretty sweet, awesome jams and atmosphere -Brad Toomey
First set make s you happy to be a Phish Phan Second set makes you Happy to be ALIVE!! Right on!!!! Love it!
Hey there? Well I only have seven days left of school and all my phriends and I can ever talk about, are the up and coming shows! As I read on the this page before...Phish is truly a drug. Everytime I pop in a tape, all it does is make me want to be at a show soooooooo bad that I begin having, what crack addicts refer to as, withdrawal symptoms. I am so glad that the tour opener is on my side of the country. I have never been to a tour opener and let me tell you that I Am looking foward to it like nothing else! I have a little story that I would like to share with my phellow phish goes a little something like this...last year me and three of my good phriends decided to make the trip to the phabulous deer creek amp and check out some phishy music. We were so excited because everyone knows how incredibly dank deer creek is. So anyways, during this time I had become quite fond of "David Bowie," in fact you could say it was my favorite song at that time. We had all kinds! of different "Bowie's" that we kept playing on the trek up to Indy. Well, before we knew it, it was the night of the first show and then the second show. The whole day before the second show all I could think about was good ole David Bowie. My good phriend Jason Stevens kept telling me that tonight they were going to play it. Well the first set past and I was way above cloud nine...I was soooo unbelievably impressed with the show. Second set they opened with AC/DC Bag and then went into one of the longest Lizards I have ever indulged my ears with. After a couple more diggity dank songs they brought out the mini-acoustic set and just kept indulging us (as always). After they finished that, and I was in another world (maybe Gamehendge???), Jason looked over at me and said "Bro, here's your David Bowie!" Sure enough, Fishman began playing his hi-hat and if I could only explain that truly was one of those things that I will never, ever forget! Hope you enjo! yed that little story...Be sure to give me a yell this summer at VA, NC, GA, and once again DEER CREEK!!! Just look for the three scooter boys flying around on some old school scooters!!!
u know im kinda sad, this mornin i picked 2 listen 2 the tape of Halloween 95 and i was listenin 2 yem, and i started thinkin bout how i was offered 2 go 2 that show, and ive only seen one(11/8/96), and i think, wow theyve changed and then im listenin and i think bout y i didnt go. my mom said i was 2 young, what does that mean?????? i love QUADROPHENIA,tis my favorite alltime album, now given i didnt know they would play it, but doesnt that suck???? instead i saw what i would and others say was a better than average show, and thats bad. does anyone else have this situation, like missin a legendary show, well actually any show 4 a lame reason by way2overprotective parents or anything????? email me doesnt that suck i just feel bad about that, and i live like 30 minutes from the HORIZON with traffic. also they havent come here since then, Y? that bites but theyll b at the world this summer, but i mean the world has worse sound than the horizon, if u can imagine that, can u? listen 2 the tapes, the horizon sucks. at the world the security is bad, they give u a body cavity, frisk, go thru ur bag, but i might c um at ALPINE, whichll b a highlight of the tour, if u dont know y think of the date. well i hope alpines good. but i got a test back 2day, now my grade in maths a C+,from an 87 to a 78?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!? if i get that my parentsll never let me c PHISH, theyre so obcessed with grades, nothing else counts in life, b unoriginal, do whatever ur teacher says and all that bullshit. anyone with a similar situation, ill listen, just email u got the address. ANdrew ps whats the best set of halloween 96? ppspspspsppspsps i think phishll play in Colorado for halloween this year, any1 think so 2?
Hello! I am a Phish fan, and I think that Phish is excellent! They jam all around the room. Sometimes I can hear them jamming at me. Oh sure they throw a lot of things at me, but I can catch it all. I think big ball jam. Yes I was dancing with Eleahu up on Leemor's bed. Now that I'm Hydrogen, Maybe I should shower myself with bathtub gin. That would be a good idea. I also really liked when the Dave Matthews Band came out and jammed with Phish and did All Along The Watchtower. It ROCKED! Rock and Roll will live forever. Make sure you eat right. Love you all, Rob Reiter
We need a couple more live albums. Full shows. -Scott O'Brien
At the San Diego show fall '96, I got hooked up with aftershow passes by Mike. It was pretty crazy, because I had had a dream about talking to Mike and hanging out with the boys that morning. I think the energy of the whole day was right on. Anyhow, Mike walked right up to me when he came out eventually. We ended up chating for about an hour. He was a cool brother, very laid back and pretty shy. It was a really great night. -Amy Rose
New Album idea: I think Phish needs to come out with a new live album which features many songs which are not on any other of their albums (punch you in the eye, mikes song, sleeping monkey, lizards, ...). I think many people will appreciate hearing many of the great unreleased songs they hear at concerts on official album. Thanks. -Justin Bollinger
i am going to see phish in dublin, ireland on june 13, may be 14 of june. June 16 in london, in new amsterdam on july 1 and 2, and the free show in italy. If anyone wants to travel with us please e-mail me back at before may 30 that is when we are leaving for europe. thanks. Jason Kitten.
I've judged bands on four things. First is the amount of talent of which they possess. Second is the originatly of the groups music. Third would be the caliber of the live preformance. Last of all, yet most importantly would be the emotion that they drag out from inside themselves along with the listner, through the song or jam. As I've listened at witnessed phish playing over the last two years, I've come to a conclusion that Phish scores way above anything I thought was possible, in all 4 catagories. Amazing, completly amzing. -kris kurzawa
In reference to the new Phish live album: I think that they will release a complete show, rather than a compilation of great performances. They have realized that each show gives a unique feeling that can only be reproduced upon listening to it completion. (See the Completionism vs. Perfectionism entry in Skeleton Key.) It is for this reason that the band has broadcasted many shows on the radio. Also, they will probably realease a show which they felt was was important to them, not us. This is why we might as well stop hoping for 12/30/93 and 10/31/94, and start getting psyched for 6/11/94 or 11/02/96. Notice how Mike's Journal talks about how great they were plaing on 11/2 and remember the feelings Trey had about 6/11/94? BTW, these were both broadcasted on the FM, and both are AMAZING and less popular shows. YEM from Red Rocks is glorious, and the Crosseyed Antelope and Bitch are excellent versions. I can't wait for the arrival of this album and it will be awesome. I trust P! hish to make us all happy. Andy has the best Phish page!!!! Keep up the good work! -Matt Goldstein
I would just like to say that Phish is the band that will take us into the next millenium(hopefully) and will do it with style. I am glad that the majority of comments in here are positive. Phish has already given us more than we deserve. In a world were music is truly going downhill quickly, Phish has provided us with the most inspirational music since Miles Davis or the Beatles. Unfortunately I read a comment written by some asshole who said that after the Flynn show he would stop attending shows. Why? Becasue they didn't play Cities or Dog Log or Skippy or what the fuck ever. What a stupid reason to stop seeing this band. Why would Phish want to play songs that are truly inferior to their newer, more mature material. this dude is of course one of those "I've been seeing Phish for years and they have changed," guys. That is what Phish is about. Change, movement, experimentation. Do you really want to hear Phish put out album after album without changing formats to some extent? if you want that, listen to a band that is radio friendly because that's what they are all about. The reason that Phish is so popular is not because they sold out, it's becasue the secret is out. This guy also claimed to know what the band was thinking, claiming that Mike and Fishman are not happy with the music and that Trey and Page are egomaniacs. What an asshole! I'm sorry, but I have been seeing Phish for nine years and have noticed that they are constantly getting better. Phish are human beings who have lives too and deserve to take time off if they want to(although I wish that they wouldn't). So let's be respectful to them and keep this motto in mind. PHISH FOR THE FUTURE!!! By the way, excellent page Andrew, you deserve praise. Pete Conway
Though not a huge Phish fan(I like em, I'm just more of a Widespread Panic fan), I visit your page often. I check setlists mainly, but I also enjoy everything you've added to your site in the past 6-8 months. Looking good! Now to the matter at hand. Sunday night I was in New Orleans. After WSP at JazzFest, we went to a house party at Michael Ray's house to se the Cosmic Crew. THEN, we walked down the street to the Mermaid Lounge for more music. GALACTIC was playing. This was my first time seeing this acid-jazz funksters in action, and actually my first time hearing any of their work. At around 2 am(they played til like 4 am), Jon Fishman replaced Galactic's drummer for a little jam session. I don't know if they were playing any certain song with Fish(sounded like it was just some jamming), but they were rockin'!! Fish just sat in for one song, but they weren't done yet. These guys were still funking it up as I passed out in the truck. JazzFest was a little disappointing considering we got there in time for WSP & Radiators only. It was a little short, but the after partying was worth the trip to the Big Easy. Just thought you might like to know. Be easy, Ballard
school is getting out this week, and yet all i can think about is august!!!!!!!!! i don't know if i can get enough in just 5 shows, st. louis through deer creeek, might have to make the journey to the went!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yea, chicago area phans, check out bela fleck at the skline stage, navy pier i think he's there on the 19th of August, should be cool
Who believes in Maracules in the Olympic center. All of us know what a great opener that was to a Fall tour. Fall tour was INTENSE SPECIALY ON THE eAST COAST -William D webster
Is there an insect that could bite a mosquito? If so, what would it be called? I would call it a hippopotamus. No, wait, that's already taken. Oh well. Kevin Smith
Detroit had the best grilled cheese sandwhichs out of the whole tour!! -Paco Cerventes
Read in the book The Phishing Manual that Trey wants to put out an album with 15 different versions of Dog Log including "a raggae version, a lounge lizard offering, and a funkier interpretation." -Dustin Leddy
Trampolines and lights galore in Minneapolis. I felt great. (it mushed have been something I ate.) -Tim Hull
Phish is one of my loved bands. Their musi Lurcs into your Lung And Heart.. you laugh and laugh and fall apart..... -Matt
i think Phish should go back to the older school, excuse the expression and go towards more of the cool tunes like peaches and reagallia and Lizards. When i listen to that stuff i sort of think of it as laughing music, then you listen to BILLY BREATHES and i dont really like it that much, is this a sign of things to come?? I just think it would be cool if they went back to the funkier, more loose, tunes, but then again that is just me. thanks for the oppurtunity, Later Dave
For there new album they could always take some of the new unreleased stuff like "Rockawilliam" and "Walfredo" and take some of the older songs that people that don't get to go to alot of shows do not get to here like "Mike's Song" and put live versions of them together on like a double CD type album!!! ADAM LANGOLf(See you at DEER CREEK(the best!!),East Troy, Tinley Park, and oh yes, the Great Went) -Adam Langolf
I was just listening to the song Ya Mar 10/23/96 and thinking that Trey's guitar solo sounds like raindrops falling in a sunshower. -Simon
As for a new album idea: release an entire show. St. Louis from fall '96 comes to mind. -Gareth Hughes
i listen to phish on a daily basis. they make me feel good, and that's what i think their motive of their music is. i have never been to any phish shows, but i have been a long time fan. and i will be for even longer. i also like how they are so philosophical in their music. the way they present themselves, makes me have a lot of respect, and love for thier gruvin jams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen Redmond---97'
i would like to hear a revival of NICU on this summers tour. also a phat scarlet>fire would be the kindest! -tony pirri
New Year's show was a blast. Thousands upon thousands of balloons fell from the sky. Waiting for the time when I can finally say, that this has all been wonderful, but now I'm on my way. -Steve Charnoubi
Just want to quickly warn all you traders that you don't want to trade with anyone who asks you to send tapes to this address----514 East Fifth St. - New Albany, IL 47150 ------he's atotal scam, and he'll be very excited about ripping off your tapes -Jeremy Schneider
Shelly isn't lucky, she's smart. -Erin Bacon
At 4:20 today, we'll celebrate; you'll see, for it is the twentieth anniversary. Can you guess what I'm talking about? Today is 05/08/97, and the town is Ithaca, NY. -Matt Goldstein
I recently watched the home video of the band in the studio recording Hoist and I thought Fishman was hillarious when he was playing his new drum. -Michael Sczuka
This summer I was blessed with opportunity to attend the Clifford Ball in Plattsburge NY., so a group of friends and I loaded up into my car and made the trek from Baltimore MD. up to the show. The show was incredible, but on the second day I was dosed with a large amount of PCP. At the time I had no idea that I was under the effect of PCP, because of other judgement inhibitors. Well to make an incredibly long story short, I then proceeded to completely wig out at the time the experience was a number of black outs, but later I would recall some of the Completely insane things that I did durring that Pyschotic break. It happened like this After the first set on the second day I flipped began asaulting women, and then a large group of NY state police officers attempted to detain me. I am 5'6'' and I wiegh 130 lbs., but when I was under the influence of PCP it took 5 peace officers to even hold me in a set position let alone take me away. I know that I am fairly strong for ! my size but that was super human seeing as how durring all of this I broke away three times, and inflicted some serious pain on these men. At about the middle of the third set I came back into the real world and felt as though my soal had been ripped clear from my body. I have been a completely changed person since then, but it is in a good way. The one good thing that came from all of this was that I did not get into any trouble with the law. The moral to this story is be carful when at shows no matter how much you love and trust everyone at the shows you never realy can tell what is going on in their mind off by yourself in a croud of 167,000 people. -Anon Y. Mous
Phish is the world's most wonderful band! -Julie Hughes
I just read the "thoughts" by Alexis, and HAD to comment. I'll admit, when I first started going to shows...i was "in a great state of mind", but c'mon.... to be telling everyone that they have to trip to get the most out of the show??? couldn't even remember what went on during YEM at one of the best shows of Fall 96!! Think about it. The past 4-5 shows i went to, I was completely sober.... and it was Great! It was much easier to keep setlists, and to this day, I can really remember the entire show! Yeah...imagine that :) Anyway...I just wanted to say that tripping is NOT the key to an Incredible Phish sho......sharin' the groove, and knowing what's going on IS. You're supposed to be there to enjoy the music (not saying that you can't on 'cid)....if you wanna trip, go out in the woods with your favorite tape and enoy nature :) By the way...I'm doing the whole summer tour, and would like to hook up with some people to caravan with :)) McGrupp
I remember hearing the debut of Guyute at Stabler Arena, Lehigh University, Pa. on 10/7/94. During the show, no one knew what they were playing, but we knew an epic song was in the making. After the show, people thought that it was The Irish Jig. Later Lis... Kevin M. Smith
I don't think I've ever has as much fun as I did at Sugarbush. Mountains, ecstasy, good mates and phish are a perfect combination. -Marty Kroll
i'm doing this for a guy on the nesgroup who just left for india. he talked about how everyone who is going to dublin on the second night should yell their f*^$ing asses off for DESTINY UNBOUND when they come out for the second set. (supposedly) according to the band , this is the only way we'll hear it. i'll be there. anybody else? thanx riles ps hey andy, cool changes to the page
My favorite show was the last Red Rocks show last year. It was incredible. The band had the power to take you to another world (so it seemed). I was completely sober.To me, that is the best way to experience a show. You have so much powerful energy surronding you, you honestly don't need any kind of drug to boost your energy. Being sober lets you experience everything going on as it is actually happening. Plus you can remember all the little details that may have slipped your mind if you were in an altered state. I guess my point is, if you have never experienced a show sober, give it a try. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against any form of drugs. I've done my fair share. I made a promise to myself that I would never see another show all done up after i experienced jail last summer in Alpine Valley. Take my word for it, it sucks!! Plus it's a lot cheaper this way! So if you're seeing any shows this summer, try one sober and see how you like it, and hopefully I'll see you there! Have fun! -mandy morgan
Who believes in Maracules in the Olympic center. All of us know what a great opener that was to a Fall tour. Fall tour was INTENSE SPECIALY ON THE eAST COAST -William D webster
Hey everybody. Just thought I'd share my piece in this little thoughts page. This is my first time here. I have only been to one Phish show, but I have been a phan as long as I can remember. The show I went to was the Halloween show in Atlant Georgia in '96. I have to admit, when I saw the Phishbill and saw it was talking heads they were covering this year, I was surprised. I have always like Talking Heads, especially the Remain in Light Album, but I was expecting something like Pink Floyd or Bob Marley..(you know how the rumors go) My advice to future showgoers is to eat whatever psychadelic shit you're going to eat when you have about an hour on the road before you get to the show. By the middle of the first set you will be in a pleasant state of mind. I just had two hits of normal blotter, but it made the experience something to remember. The music in combination with the acid was an experience absolutely orgasmic. The person I was with had to keep putting my c! lothes back on because I couldn't stop stripping and playing with myself. When they played You Enjoy Myself it was like mixed with several other songs. You would think it was over and another song was happening, but then ten minutes later, there it is agaIN. OR MAYBE THATwas just the acid. Anyway it was extremely cool. Since then I have been waiting and waiting to get the bootleg, and finally my friend that I went with said he had gotten ahold of a 4th generation and could get me a fifth genration. I knew it wouldn't be all that good quality, but I would have to settle for it. But then I was in Columbia SC for Spring Break and this store called Loose Lucy's has some tapers that go to shows anywhere in the south and they tape bootlegs for people for free and it's allways second generation. The only limit is that you can only bring in two blank tapes per person per month, but the first two sets were the best anyway because I was coming down hard during the last set so I ! idon't really remember it.Anyway, now I am jonesin so bad because I have to wait almost and entire two months before the tickets go on sale for my next show.(Atlanta 7/23). Anybody going?? Am I the onlyone or has anybody else heard that they are going to do next year's Halloween show iin Death Valley, California? I hear it's supposed to be a festival maybve even bigger than the Clifford Ball. If anyone next year will be in the Universtiy of Georgia area next year and feels like embarking on a cross country trek with a lot of people, and you happen to have a van, (or not), find me. I don't know what my e-mail address will be then, but my snail mail address now is 105 Wimbish East Perry, Georgia 31069. If you want to get in touch before classes start, we can definitely talk about this trip. Address mail to Phellow Phish Phan. Love to hear from somebody!!! -Alexis Nikitopoulos
phish is great,,the great went is going to rule,,see ya there!!!! -stout-
Not that many weeks from now, all phans will be once again reunited for the annual summer tour. But for some reason, I have this gut feeling that this tour will be the most amazing summer ever. I wake up in the middle of the night with a feeling that something crazy is going to happen this year!!! -Sara Thompson
The greatest band currently playing together -shawn yount
How about another live album? 12/30/95 or 6/11/94 or something somewhat common but amazing nonetheless, you know? Just an idea. Definately no more of this A Live One stuff with random songs from different shows. -Adam Gutterman
The lyrics to Mike's Song ring clear and true at this point in time to me as it is one problem after another, "trapped in time and don't know what to do, these friends of mine I can see right through." Anyway great page Andy and see you all on the summer tour (if the bloody mail order ever comes) and thank you Phish for being the greatest band on the face of the planet, please keep having fun because that is what you seem to do best, don't let annoying fans stop you from doing that and keep the jams coming in Europe and the U.S. on your upcoming tours. -Andy (
Now, If Icculus really had all of the power Trey says he had, why did have to wait for Forbin to climb the mountain to call on the Mockingbird. I mean if he already saw what Wilson was doing to the Lizard people, Why didn't he put and end to it long ago? Mike Mathews
I like to start off by once again thanking Andy phor having the PHattest PHISH page on the net!!!!.....Next I'd like to share a little story of my own.....A PHew months ago some PHriends of mine ask me what it was like to see a PHISH show? After pondering this thought phor a phew moments I could think of only one reply......A PHISH show is nothing less than a musical orgasm!!!....Needless to say they've been PHANS ever since..... -Brian C. Jackson
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I would just like to thank the powers that be, phish-tix-by-mail, Icculus, whatever...I just got mail order for all the shows I ordered!!!! (Alpine Valley through the Went). It's been almost a month and some of my friends got their tix as early as April 10th! So I was worried, but I got all my tickets. Keep the faith if yours haven't come yet. I"M ON CLOUD NINE!!!!!!! SUMMER TOUR!!! - Jeff Waful
i, mark reilly, volunteer to direct The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday if JB will let. i would also like to star as the flagpole in Prussia. thank you very much
i think that shelly is one of the luckiest women/people of all time....
On their little ABC special, U2's Bono said that he thought that they (U2!) are the most interesting band around today. I tend to have a different opinion, ya know. Dan
I have been listening to Phish phor about phour years now. But I will never phorget my phirst show. It was New Year's 95 at MSG NYC. Me, my sister's boyphriend and two of his phriends went to the show via the LIRR. It was packed. As we piled into the Garden I was overwhelmed with the amount of Phish Phans there were. My seats were, are you ready for this, Front Row Center. It was the phattest show. They opened with Punch you in the eye. But the part I will never Phorget, is when we rang in the New Year. At 12:00 and Jon was bursting out of his box and they began to play Auld Lange Syne, the entire crowd was one giant hug. People turned and hugged people they didn't know and that made me realize that we are all one big phamily. But aside from that my next show was the Clifford Ball. I met so many people there. On the way we stopped at a rest stop and it was philled with phish heads. We all talked and started a caravan to the show. I just wanted to share those th! oughts with my phellow Phisherpeople. Thanx phor everything. -Keymo
More left coast shows. Maybe a Halloween is San Francisco, Or a Clifford Ball type festival in Lake Tahoe or the Sierra Nevada's -MIKE HOOD
I was watching the sitcom after Seinfeld on Thursday April 24 and a Volkswagon commericial comes on. A road sign appears with the top board reading, "GEORGE'S GORGE." Meanwhile a car pulls up to the intersection with the sign, while "Funkytown" is blaring from the car's speakers. The car makes a fast circle and returns to the same intersection The camera moves in the car and who are the passangers but ALIENS. Lost Aliens. So whatever that means? -Eric Myerberg
If there was going to be a movie made of The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, this is who I think should be in it. Col. Forbin: Michael Douglas> He is the right age and plus he is good looking and in shape McGrupp: That Jack Russel Terrier from Frasier Wilson: Kiefer Sutherland> Him and his father both look mean. Tela: Julia Ormand> She looked great on a horse in First Knight, she would look even better on a Multi-Beast Rutherford The Brave: Arnold Swarzenegger> He is huge. Earand Wolfe: Al Pacino: He is good at playing good gut/bad gut roles (i.e Michael Corlion) Mr. Palmer: JB Ledoux> He is one cool dude. Icculus: James Earl Jones> His voice is the voice of god (and Darth Vader) This is who I think should star, I would love to hear if you think different. -JB
i just started getting into phish over the last year or two. actually, started listening to them because i was a dead fan and had heard that there was a dead influence to their music. i'm to the point now where i like them just as much as the dead for their own style and music. i'm going to my first phish concert this summer in new york. -greg korb
Can not wait to see them rock this summer -Rachel Baker
I always get questioned from my mom mother about the jamming with Phish. "Doesnt that ever give you a headache?" All I do is grin really wide. Who could possably not like what Phish does? -Ryan Lay
Phans don't be discouraged that Phish has gotten so huge. Maybe everyone's taste have just improved. If this trend continues hopefuly we will not hear of New band's like the the Spice Girls! -Mark J. Kendrick
First set makes you happy to be a Phish fan. Second set makes you happy to be alive! -Andrew Gadiel
I am going to europe this summer and would like to catch some phish shows. If anyone else is going and would like to tour with us (me and my girlfriend) please e-mail me back My e-mail account is thanks -jason kitten
Man, you wouldnt believe it! i was lucky enough to score front row, dead center tix to last years Halloween show in Atlanta (my hometown). With out a doubt, that was one of the pinnacles of my life. the show sounded great, the lights were insane, and the boys were loving it. i'll be telling my grandkids about it. But i was very saddened when i got my last schvice. the ticket prices are much too high. i know i can afford them, but its crazy to pay that much when its been so reasonable in the past. i've only been a fan for 3 or so years, but in that time i've seen Phish grow. I wish i knew what was going on so i could form a better opinion about the ticket price issue. keep up the great work Andy... you've got a great site! -Eric
What's going on? It amazes me to see the amount of people that have the love for phish. I know that they truly are the greatest thing that ever happened to music(in my opinion). Last year I went to Deer Creek and that seriously changed my whole outlook on life. The first show was dank, but the second was absolutely amazing. I was completely blown away by their music. At times I would stop jamming and just sit there and wonder how exactly they do it. I mean most groups have a couple of members that can jam, but all phour of phish never stop jamming. To me its uniform chaos. They are all 'going off' in their own worlds, but yet they are in perfect harmony. The first two songs of the second set, AC/DC Bag and Lizards,...well I can't exactly explain it... it was amazing. Every time I listen to a live show, I am mesmorized on how good of musicians they are. I know a ton of people that dislike phish, but I cannot understand how people can say that they are not good musicians. Phish de! serves all the respect in the world!!! And much more...! Since I live in Atlanta, I had to go to the Halloween show this last October. Whoa man... it was out of hand... I mean good lord... they just never stopped jammin'. The second set was incredible! The second song, Crosseyed and Painless, was soooooo dank. Karl Perazzo, Dave "the death" Grippo, and Gazaway added and incredible touch to the Phab Phour. I never realized how awesome horns really sound. They just make everything a little better. After this year, I have made my goal to go to every Halloween show. San Fran/ I come!!! Dank You Harry Much, Isaac Cohen
Here's a response to Matt, the kid who wanted to know where the rhombus is. Somewhere on the page, perhaps in the FAQ file, there are specific directions which I read a few months ago. >From what I remember, the rhombus is actually located around King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Yes, as in Wilson, King of Prussia. KOP is close to where Trey grew up (Princeton) and near Fishman's grandparents house (Philly), so it's feasible that they were hanging out one day in the "countryside" and found the rhombus near the Mall or Valley Forge park. I say "countryside" because the area around KOP these days is a lot of strip malls, Red Lobsters, and traffic lights. Anyway, Matt, I grew up in Monmouth County, too. If you actually want to find the directions to the rhombus and drive out here (1hr & 1/2 drive), get in touch with me, 'cause I'd also like to check it out. Sharin' in the groove, Squirrelly D
This is in response to Chris Constable's post. I could not agree more. Reading your post brought tears to my eyes. Phish is first and foremost about the music which is truly indescribable. But the subculture that has grown as a result of Phish's music is a great thing. Chris, welcome to the rest of your life. May I run into you at a show some day. I'll be the one with the huge grin on my face. Peace. - REX
I just met Mike tonight at the book signing. At first I thought I was going to be star struct, but them when I met him, he seemed totaly normal. It then donned on me that no one person is better than anyone else. You might think to your self, Who cares? But this discovery really affected me deeply. Plus I got a cool autograph on a cool book and was on the Channel 5 news. Peace JB Ledoux
Just wanted to tell everyone about a recent Phishy coincidence. On 4/23, my favorite show, "Dukes of Hazzard", Tammy Wynette made a guest appearance. Guess what song she sang! ROCKYTOP!!!! Cool. Don't forget to watch the reunion on 4/25! Also, I just came back from WSP/FGH concert in Asbury Park. Excellent show but tight security. From Good Homes is an excellent DMB-esque band that is ROCKIN'. You must check them out. WSP Kicked ASS, especially on Porch Song and Domingo Oritz on Drums. He must possesed, because he beat on those bongos for like 10 minutes. AIA, it was a great show. Just my $0.02 ;) -Stein
My first Phish concert and, actually, first real concert, was Atlanta's Lakewood 6/15/95. At that time, I owned one Phish album (Rift) and had not even reallly listened to it, because it was heavy enough, not anything like the Metallica and other popular crap I was listening too. I wasn't even originally going to go to the concert, but some friends convinced me that I would enjoy it, so I did go. And did I ever enjoy it! I don't think I've ever had so much fun in my life! I was hooked instantly and as soon as I got home posted a newbie in need post to the newsgroup. I was expecting to have to pay for tapes, I never expected to find people kind enough to share this for free when they could put whatever price on it they wanted, but I did get my tapes for free. That was my first encounter with the true, unselfish, giving attitude of the Phishhead. Ever since then, I have become a Phish addict! I've been trading tapes to the point where my collection now t! otals 100 + tapes, and I'm getting more in all the time. I own every CD they've put out and have become a fanatic for the music, the culture, and everything that goes with it. I feel that I have finally found true acceptance with the pholks I have met, and feel like I, a former pitiful loner, finally have a place to turn - the community of Phishheads who have accepted me for who I am, not what the sociatal norms say I should be. To say that Phish and the culture that folows has given me new prupose would be an understatement, for truly, I have been given new life. -Chris Constable
u know, i love this page, not just the thoughts, they are the best part, but all the other stuffs cool, too. we should all thank Andrew for putting 2gether this totally awesome page. thanx Andrew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!4 all of u who have looked at the rumor page about 12/31/97 at MSG or Fleet center, thats not really a rumor. i was in boston over new years, and i will be this year cuz i gots me family there. sadly i didnt get tix 2 or go 2 either show, and now my mom says i cant go 2 the concerts anyway this year. so im mad, but thats not the point, so i had heard like a 100 00000000000000000000000000000000000 times that they were playing the concert the next day on WBCN on the radio. the radio said"PHISH HAS ALREADY RESERVED THE MADISON SQUARE GARDEN AND THE FLEET CENTER FOR NEXT YEAR'S NEW YEARS EVE CONCERT" not word 4 word, but u get the d"rift", so the other day i get bored, something that happens a lot, and i somehow fall upon MSGs website, and it says that on NEw YEARS EVE this year theres some black tie affair where u like taste wines and drinx all night, so PHISH, will b playin FLEET CENTER again this NYE!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just wanted 2 tell every1. ANDRES
TWO nights in Amsterdam!!!! There is a god..and he must be a PHISH PHAN!!!.....Anybody else going??? bcjackson
Phish are grate, but I don't really understand the comparison w/ the Dead. -Dennis Janosczyk
My last concert was 12/30, and although it was no NYE (I was almost in tears when I saw the setlists and heard the tapes of 12/31), I was on another level for seriously two days following the 'night before'. It wasn't justthe THC either. The surreal 1st set Reba and then the Slave 2nd set closer put me into a state of elation that didn't leave me until well after new years. Phish give me musical highs that are so powerful, so different than any pure. Anyway, if the Went is half as much fun as the ball was we are in for a treat. -simon
Does anyone know the direction on how to get to the rhombus??? It is near my house in NJ and I want to go there. It should be in the tapes of 6/23/95 and 12/1/95. If anyone knows this please post it here on andy's EXCELLENT page. I'd love to visit this place with any one in the NJ area (monmouth county). Thanx! P.S. listen to the Mike's Groove on 7/02/94. KILLER!!!!!! -Matt Goldstein
Hey folks! Thought I'd give in and tell you that there is a general admission show at the Electric Factory on April 26th, Saturday. The line up: Jerry Garcia Band The Disco Biscuits (this is the reason that I am going!!) And another band... Many people may have heard of the Disco Biscuits, but if you're just dieing to hear some absolute kick-ass jam music there is NO better place. $13.50 pre-paid $15.50 the day of the show. Give them your support, they will replenish you ten times over!!!
it's getting tougher and tougher to get good seats to Phish shows. as you proba bly know. -Patrick Manis
In the evening I undo my belt . . . split open and melt. -Dave Wadsworth
Ok. A few of my friends and I are at the Spectrum on the 29th and we are sitting behind the stage. This was pretty interesting in that Page was on the right and Fish on the left. Anyway, we were about stage level and I had my camera with me so I figured I could snag a few good shots of the guys if I could stop dancing long enough. Anyway, they are playing YEM and they go to the trampolines so I figure I will get a picture. Well, the phans behind the stage had been raising hell all night and when Trey and Mike turned to face us, we blew the roof off of the place and Trey gave us the thumbs up which I S luckily caught on film. That was the last picture in my camera and I was relieved that I saved that last picture. However, a few minutes later, instruments started flying everywhere. I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, I knew they had done it before but I never expected to SEE it! Anyway, I was cursing myself for not saving a few more pictures. I mean Fishman playi! ng a bass? Page on guitar? Mike singing 16 Candles? Naturally, I didn't lose sleep over it or anything. It just goes to show that when you think a Phish show can't get any better, IT WILL!!!! -chris kasari
weird story about fishman playing with stash. but oddly enough, my lttle brother is a freshman in college, was home a maybe three weeks ago to visit me in manhattan. i told him about this band stash (good etc.) like you they hold me over for a while now that responsibility has kicked in after college but back to my brother, he went and saw them. said it was fun, but he swears he saw fishman there, but was too afraid to approach him. it was at the wetlands. so maybe fishman saw them there while he was in new york doing whatever, thought they were allright, was home in syracuse for mom b day bash, finds out stash is playing again, and sits in for a few songs. just a theory. peace and i'll see you and all the rest of the kids at the went, or did it come? doug madden
PHISH......Need i say more, For those who understand, surrender to the phlow.. Johnny Catt
I never knew that Fishman had was married but I was at Chuck's in Syracuse on Saturday and he introduced me to his wife Nancy. She seemed really cool she even bought me a drink!! I don't want Phish to stop touring in 1-3 years, but I do understand where Trey is coming from it must be hard on his family. There are months that go by where all of my motivation comes from the fact that I will be going to some shows in the near future. Like now for instance, I am so pumped for summer tour that I am wishing my whole summer away and it hasn't even started yet. -Melissa
I think that the band is geat! I was excited to here that Phish is from vermont! Because I just recently visited there on march break! I got to also visit Ben and Jerrys and got to sample there new Phish food ice cream! Which was great! I am going on tour to see them this summer and I can't wait to see them live!! Becki
This band has helped me through small town life in highschool for more than 3 years now. Though in 8th grade I didn't realize the signifigance of this band, I can now credit the members with keeping me sane (which will hopefully continue well into college and beyond). -Lynne Opper
I was at a this place called Barfly on Saturday to see the Motherfunkers (who are worth seeing). Anyways, as I walk in I hear a Simple-jam on their sound system. This Simple sounded very familiar. So much so that I even recognised a yelp from the audience. Needless to say, hearing a show in a bar was wierd, but that I recognised the tape was even more strange. In fact, it was a copy of a show, (12/31/96), that I had taped and the yelp was my own. Only a few minutes later did I see my touring buddy sitting at the bar. he had given the tape to one of the band members, who then put it on. -Mathias Loertscher
All I know is that fate is often our guide. I mean sure Bouncing Around the Room is everybody's "I don't really care for Phish but that Bouncing song is really good" The way I see it, the Live One version has superb energy. When I skipped school one day and drove around that night to add miles to the ododometer so as to keep my creepy mother off my back is was just Wednesday. But when a radio station played "Bouncin" I was amazed. Not only because its a good tune, but because you could hear the audience sing along Thats what got me moreso than anything. When the next song was "Down with Disease" thus completeing the station's double play I thought "Is that Phish?, the band that when I heard "Julius" and Scent of a Mule" earlier that year I was in utter confusion by their whatever it is that makes those songs so fuckin odd. That nights listening of Bouncin caused me curious, and Live One, Junta, Rift were all subsequenlty bought much to my joy. The fact that I missed school and found Phish as a result is an obvious display of fate since Phish somehow replaced Zeppelin as the band. Now when someone says how much they love "Bouncin" I would love to laugh and say i heard "Alumni Blues" when it was in its prime. Instead I say "good tune" and kick myself for failing both Music and Geography that semester. Chris Piccirillo...........East Haven C
There is a big galla going on in DC in May with live bands and two days of camping Bela Fleck is the headliner and probably twenty to thirty bands backing them up. Not sure who, Agents of Good Root a definite alot of local Tidewater and DC bands. Funk Fest at the 9:30 Club on April 22 with Maceo Parker and Medeski Martin and I've got Wood. Should sellout so act fast if you live around that area. We want the DUDE!! -Costanza
My first show was at Sullivan Gymnasium at the University of Southern Maine in the fall of 1991. Never before had I seen anything like it. One thing I knew for sure was this was the best band I'd ever seen play. -Chris Taylor
my first show was at the spectrum in philly('fall 95) I Went with about 10 of my friends from school. We were so stoked all day I couldn't even concentrate in class that day. When we got to the show I must have Ran into about 30 people I know. I got so caught up that I lost My friends. This was bad because I was Boomin' hard! I creeped my way into the show by myself and Immediately made new friends. I heard Chalkdust and I was jamminn' with all these cool people. At the beggining of the second set I Found my friend greg. It was his first show also so we stuck together. This was the most intense experience. When we all got back to school we traded storys for hours. Thats when I was hooked. I've been seeing shows and collecting tapes ever since. Can't wait for summer tour. See you all at The Went. -jonis
always remember to live by these words of phishdom..... set the gear shift into the high gear of the soul, you've got to run like an antelope, out of control. And be a SLAVE TO THE TRAFFIC LIGHT, those damn cops are always out there!!!!!!! -Beckalicious Lyman
i remember my first show last many phriends, good tunes and smiling faces...i knoew i had found my place, jammin' and rockin' in space. :-) -beni
A Toast to New Year's Eve by Andrew Gadiel Hey all, I've wanted to write about my New Year's exeperience for quite a while, and now seems like the perfect time. My New Year's - 96/97, was quite an incredible experience as I got to spend it with my girlfriend, my roomate, his brother, Corey, and 50,000 other people in Boston. Along with four other guys who I've spend more time with than my parents recently. We had been on the New Year's run and so far had pretty much been blown away by the first three shows. 12/29 especially, second set really took me by suprise. (Fish on guitar just had to make you smile). So here we are, entering the Fleet Center for what promises to be a stunning display of music completeness. After dealing with ticket exchanges and pick-ups, etc, (Thanks Mike!) we found our seats. My girlfriend and I were directly behind the stage and my roomate and his brother were on the complete opposite sides of the stage, upper balcony, with the balloons. Anyways, that's not the point, the point was the music. This was New Year's eve and Phish was on, and I mean on. They played their hearts out that night. Axilla opener was a little unexpected. Peaches made me sooo happy. Punch reminisced for last year's NYE. Cars Trucks & Busses - I just love this tune for some amazing reason. Stash - which I hadn't seen in umpteen shows, I danced my heart out. Silent > Horse. It was kind of cool to be behind the stage as you could see what the band sees. I always thought they were blind, but they can pretty much see the entire arena when the lights don't shine directly on the stage all the time. Very cool. The Divided Sky - Probably the most appreciated song out there as it just exemplifies composed amazement. You think it's almost over, and they just keep it going and going and jamming and jamming over and under and swirling. It makes you want to cry. Then came Sample, which made me think of the 12/30 last year when they played Divided , Sample to end the set. But something was different about this sample. Trey, the rockstar, was pushing it to the limits. They really jammed this one out hard. Then came something completely out of the blue. A mini-hose, mind you. They finished out the Tweezer from the night before with a Tweezer Reprise. This was New Year's Eve, dammit! Anything was possible and wanted you to feel like you were a part of something special. As the lights came up I turned to Emily and said, "That was one hell of a first set." We were breathless, and after a couple sips of water and a break, we decided that we wanted to ring in the New Year with our friends. So we packed up our gear and trecked out across the Fleet Center in search of my roomate and his brother. We knew where they were going to be, so it wasn't too difficult finding them. We did find some low key passageways on the outside of the Fleet's main audience chamber. That place is enourmous. Anyways, as we emerged from the stairway, there was my roomate, going to the bathroom. "Wooohoo!!! Tweezer reprise!" We shared our joy for what was a pnemonimal 1st set and what promised to be a continuing night of undulating joy. We made our way to where they were sitting, up in the clouds, but with a frontal view of the stage. As it turned out, there were two seats directly in front of their seats that noone was using. We were siked. The waiting for the second set was torture, but I didn't care, I was become the happiest person in the world at that moment. As the silli began to set in, my mind began to wander to thoughts of songs and dancing and wonderful joy with Phish. The lights went down, it was on. Chalkdust to open the second set, couldn't be more perfect. I just wanted to keep on dancing. "Can I live while I'm young?" Seemed to be my theme at the moment. Wilson...da da...da da.....Wilson...has really become one of my favorites as I've heard such great versions on tape - Full Moon @ the Zoo - '88 something...anyways, I love wilson. Sparkle - The goodness continues. Simple. We're we going to get another stellar simple jam ala 11/8/96 Champaign? It wasn't the most extended, but they knew what was up. I didn't mind Swept Away > Steep as much as the next guy, cause when I heard this at the Palace, they went right into Harry Hood. So I sounded out my favorite Fishman drum beats (The hood opener) in my head as steep was ending, and sure enough, they went right into it. Don't you love it when that happens. Now I'll just come out and admit it. Harry Hood is my favorite Phish song. I've heard it live a number of times and everytime you feel like you're watching the best one. I've seen some great ones, too. 12/17/95 was amazing, to say the least. 12/30/95 wasn't too shabby either. My first was 11/19/95 which is so special to me (Anyone got this tape?) So here I am, listening to the beginning segment of Harry Hood. What will it have to offer me this evening. The key to Harry, obviously, is the post "Thank you Mr. hoooood" jam. And this one was just an example of how the band has matured and learned that patience pays. They took their time with it, and allowed the jam to sculp itself until it had built itself up into an array of cosmic dust circling the venue in a historic retrospective. Phish was playing, and noone was going to stop them. They jamming the hell out of Harry that night and I'll be ever thankful. I think I resolved a hell of a lot of conflicts in my mind during that jam. It really made me realize a lot about who I was, and that's what makes the music so special. As the jam came to it's penultimate peak and they let it all out and felt good about hood, which I did...I was hoping for a quick ending, a "we'll be back in 15 - 45" since i had no clue what time it was, anywhere...but that was not to be, they let the jam subside and segued into Prince Caspian, which you'll hear no regrets out of me.I love this peaceful tune. Now that I think about it, if they'd ended the set with the Hood, I don't think I would have made it through setbreak. Prince Caspian then moved into Character Zero, which really jammed out the end of the set, a cool vocal - ba ba booo.....ending which I love. After the second set ended clocks came on in the four corners of the arena saying "Countown to New Years" and they said something like 45 minutes the want left. The waiting begins. A small hot air remote controlled ballon began circling the arena during setbreak which kept my mind focussed. Along with thoughts of, how are they going to top this? Since setbreak seemed like an eternity, I'll skip the whole waiting scene and move onto to the third set. Although the guy next to me had a cool story of when he saw the originial Led Zepplin. That was cool to hear about. One thing I should mention now, so I don't spoil any suspense later, is that there were about 50,000 balloons strung from the ceiling by big nets. God only knew what was to come. So, with about 10 minutes left on the "Countdown to New Year's" clock, the band came back on. To say the least, I was intensified and highly expecting of what was to come. The buildup at this point could have been cut with a blade. As they took the stage, a familiar spacy jammy intro began to take form and as the smoke covered the stage, it looked like we were in for a 2001 jam session. This had to be one of the most perfectly planned/timed buildups to new years. I just looking at the clocks, which seemed to flow with the music and as the band jammed forth to the enevitible climax to the year 1997 I couldn't have imagined being in any other room that night. With 4:20 left on the clock, the crowd cheer. This made me smile. With a minute to go, the uproar began....Thousands of people all around the venue, celebrating Phish and the New Year together. It was the most pefect display of harmounous baalance I had ever seen. As the jam came to a close and they brought it back down with about 10 seconds left, the countown began. 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 -1...HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! As the familar sound of Auld Lang Syne filled the house, the downpour began and all the balloons fell from the ceiling. Many of you may think, so what, balloons. But let me tell you, these were the happiest ballons I had ever seen in my entire life. There were big ones, small ones, one's with tails, and all had confetti mixed it. It was incredible chaos. And the balloons didn't go away, either, they bounced around the place like no balloons had ever done before. As The Auld Lang Syne jam ended, a mini-space intro began and then Mike spoke his words...the opening base chords to down with Disease. It was on again, they were going to jam this song to the ends of the earth. Mike didn't even play the second set of base chords, he let the balloon popping do that. For the record, in my opinion, this had to be one of the greatest Down with Dieases ever played in the history of Phish. I haven't heard them all, and god knows haven't seen them all, but the musical buildup and explosion which occured at midnight - combinded with the fact that I couldn't even see the stage because there were a thousand balloons ontop and all around it made me love everything there was to love about Phish. The Down with Disease jam kept going...and just took us out and back and out again. And then as the jam slowed a little, it built back up, and back until the familiar trey noodling of the down with disease jam....this has all been wonderful, and now I'm on my way.....Perfection I must tell you. They had rocked in the New Year. I was completely HOSED down at this moment, swiwing in Down w/ Disease glory. As the amazing song ended, which in my opinion has never ended, Trey quickly counted out and boom, into Suzy Greenberg....Wow...just keep the party rolling. No dissapointments tonight I must tell you, they just let it all hang out and saved the best for last. As Suzy came to a close, I heard the familiar noodling of the Antelope opener and I knew we were nowhere near done for the night. Was it me, or was this the longest opener you'd ever heard. As I heard the main jam begin I looked around, wondering where I had just been. The Antelope jam lost me completely. I had to refer to the tapes to understand it's glory. It just entereed my mind and I was living in another realm during this amazing jam. If you get this tape, listen to the Antelope, I don't think you'll hear many better. Maybe the 94 sugarbush, but this antelope was something special. It was a New Year's antelope, and it was rocking good. As the jam came to an abrupt halt, as it usually does, I once again looked around, wondering where I had just been. A lie lie lacoord, Marco Esquadolis, epinu to have any spike man....and now we're runnning like antelopes all the way home. I was completely satisfied at that moment. Ringing out my clothes from the hosed down exprience I couldn't have gusessed in a million year's what was to come next. As the silence after Antelope ended and they came up to the mikes and said, "Is this the real life?" I was overtaken by a intense force of historical perportions. Bohemian Rhapsody, on New Year's eve. So special. It sounded great too, and half way through, the Boston Community Choir came on stage to give them some help. I don't know about you, but I heard them alright, and they were great. The even jammed out the end segment, ala Wayne's World. Heads bopping was awesome. If anyone was dissapointed, then you need to reevaulate your value system, or something (sorry). As the Rhapsody ended they went right into Julius to jam the set away and as it closed down I felt a sense of completeness. The Amazing Grace encore was all too perfect as it allowed us to catch our breathes, reflect, and enjoy what it was all about. I must say, this had to be my favorite evening with Phish to date. It was the last show I've seen (I didn't go to Europe or the Flynn) and it's really special. I saw the New Year's run last year, which was stellar, but there's something about a musical buildup to midnight and there was an overall feeling that night that Phish knew what was up, and that they were taking care of us. And that, my friends, is why they are currently the greatest band in america. Thanks for reading. Peace, Andrew Gadiel
hola how is everyone? ready for the story of my first show? it was pretty cool. it was in champaign il and i live in chicago and i was looking so forward 2 cing them. on a side note i didnt go 2 halloween even though i was offered cuz A.we didnt have tix and Bi wasnt a phace yet, so a few months later i was listenin 2 my 1st phish booter(6/22/94) and yelling up 2 the gods "WHAT HAVE I DONE?!" i love THE WHO and since they played my favorite all time album QUADROPHENIA, i was pissin in my pants AND beatin my head against the wall. WAIT, goin 2 get a tape of my 1st show so i can totally recreate the mood. Ok im back. well i had bought tix with this kid and he scalped some of his at school, what a fag, he also stole a tik from me. so i figured i might c someone i knew at the show besides MY (BEST) FRIEND MY (BEST) FRIEND, who was goin with me. so cut to the show. we get outta the car, it was unreal!!!!!!!!! every1 looked a lot more like me then the kids at school. in the first minute there we saw a few kids from our school. we looked around in the lot but ii couldnt find any shirts just a lot of cool HEMP necklaces so we decide 2 go to the ASSEMBLY HALL. we get halfway there and this lady..WAIT the tapes goin into MIKES, thisll take a sec. ok the lady gives us some stickers, and then we c some other kids from my school. so ew talk and they asked if weve seen some other people, we havent and go on. we get 2 the entrance and a lot of people r goin in, and some people r askin 4 money, and i give this girl like 2 bux. we get inside and go i get myself a fall tour shirt since this is my first show(11/8/96). we walk through the hall in the upper level and i c this sign that says NO SMOKING and laugh, i laughed like and ANTELOPE OUTTA CONTROL. i was lovin every second of it. so we get 2 our seats and sit down suddenly some1 taps me on the shoulder, ITS CAM another kid from school and hes got glitter all over his face. we talk and he shows me where hes sittin so i can show every1 else when they arrive. it ends up we all sit 2gether, but 2 kids r missin(LATER WE FOUND OUT THEY SNUCK DOWN 2THE FLOOR,AND 1 OF THEM SAT THE ENTIRE CONCERT, THIS WAS THE KID WHO I BOUGHT TIX WITH, HES A REAL PHACE). So the band was way late so i start talkin 2 the kid next to me. i asked this kid if he thought they would shut the lights off, and as he answered me, the the ASSEMBLY HALL went pitch black and every1 was cheering and on there feet, ill never 4get that as long as i live. so cut 2 the 2nd set, after MIKES a microphone is lowered from the ceiling and the boys move up and tell us theyre singin this song at the Minnesota Timberwolves game, and they do the STAR SPANGLED BANNER. after WEEKAPAUG they left and every1 was on there feet(except that kid from my school that is) wantin an encore. it was so loud, CAM now sittin next 2 me(not at the beginnin of the show) has his lighter up and i look behind us, every1 did!!!!!!!!!!!!! when we entered the lot the electric sign said AN EVENING WITH PHISH, they should have said ONE HELLUVA NIGHT WITH PHISH. thanx 4 readin Andres
phish is best when served phresh -gabriel harp
Looking forward to the Went -matt archer
Phish writes the soundtrack to my life. -Matt Goldstein
sometimes the mountain in the distance seems to fade into a moss covered boulder with a familiar set of people in the distance, I know that they make me feel at home in my struggle agaisnt empire resourcism- the dominant paradigm shall be beaten, and we all shall rise into the Hale Bob comet to the next level- there will be llamas in the future, not to mention many others..... -Jesse Walmsley
if i can't be myself ........ i would rather be dead. -blueberry bridge
Ahhhh, the great CLIFFORD BALL! I ran into friends from College half-way across the country and High School buddies from across the WORLD (england). See you all at Went! -Aidan Biggins
I used to see Phish at the Front a lot when I went to school in Vermont. I would always stand right in front of Trey, and this one time-I think it was one of the first Mango Songs, 89 or so,-he finished playing and I said "I really like that song," and he said "Yeah? Me too!" I hadn't really expected a response when I made the comment, and I was pleasantly surprised that he offered one. And he still gives that same response every time I think "I really like this song"-I need only open my eyes to see that he does too.
I've only been phishing for about a year and a half now, my first show being last phall in N.Charleston (11-18-95). What can i say, they blew me away!!! I had never, never, felt music like that before...not even the dead made me feel like phish does :) Well, needless to say that the moment i walked out of the colisseum that night, i wanted....needed more Phish!! i did 5 shows that fall, missed summer tour :( and then another 7 this past fall! And i'm anxiously awaiting my MO.....i'll be doing the Full summer tour :))) So in the year and a half that i've been a phan....and by the end of the summer i'll have been to over 30 shows!!! i can't believe it..hehe. I really think that the boys brought something to my life that i really needed, and i would love to thank them (a desparate plea for a chance if i ever get the chance!! My time is spent either waiting on the next tour, reading everyone's thoughts on rmp, and spinning tapes (have almost 200+ hrs now!)..! i don't know what i'd do without them! and all the phriends i've met in the past at shows and on the road!!! Just saw this page and loved the idea, so i had to put a thought up :)) See ya'll this summer!!!! Keep phishin' <*\\\>< Please feel free to dump some mail on talkin to new phans!! Jeff Bigham
no matter what people may say, I thought the clifford ball was phantastic. i really enjoyed the afternoon set on saturday. great Reba. The highlight of the show for me came during the second set on sturday night. My friends found great tabs of this kid in the lot. They came back to the campsite smiling like little kids. i wanted to get some too but had no cash left so I grabbed some of the necklaces i had made and tried to find the kid. Amazingly i did but he wouldn't trade. i ran back to the camp, scrapped five dollars and ran back to the lot to try to find him again. i knew it was impossible but i gave it a shot anyways. the stars must have been in my favor because i found him AGAIN! i took it immediately and by showtime it was kicking in hard. As Fluffhead was driving towards it crescendo i happened to look up at saw a real shooting star. I almost lost my shit. Then my friend Tim called Antelope as Fluffhead died down. Easily the most incredible evening of my life.
My first time seeing Phish... (late 80's, '89 I think) I was living in Syracuse, NY and a friend suggested I check out this band playing at "The Orange Grove", a very small bar in the university area. I wasn't sure what to make of them. They kept on building incredible tension into their songs. Weaving syncopation with odd time signatures over and over, up and up...then release. It was very difficult to follow and a little scary to witness. They also interspersed a lot of humor and frivolity into their songs and stage presence that seemed at odds with the intensity of their music. It took me many years of seeing them here and there, whenever they were in town, before I finally "GOT IT". Now I live for this "tension and release" and marvel at the appropriateness of their fragile intellectual stage demeanor ;-) Jay
my random phish thought or story is we (me and my girlphriend) went to the ames,ia 11/14/96 show. This was my phirst phish show experince and the show was so intence that i blacked out after wolfman's!! I missed the rest of the show!!!! yes that sucks but being a newbie at the time I diden't surrender to the phlow and couldn't handle the vibe!!!:( The vibe was something that i have never experinced with music. I diden't know what was happening!! know keep in mind that this was my phirst time seeing anyone let alone phish, the greatest band and the greatest music i have ever witnessed!!!! all the sudden there we're thaousands of phishheads danceing to this loud and flowing music, and now I am one of those phishheads and can't wait till this summer!!!!!!!!!! I was so freaked out after ames that I dident want to go to the omaha show the day after. but we went so we could give someone that miracle ticket and turn around phor home!!!! as it turned out that miracle ticket turned out to be my miracle ticket and we decided to enter the phish relm again. well phellow phishheads that omaha, that miracle ticket was the miracle that I have been searching phor all my life and diden't know it!!!! It's hard to explain that phelling that i got at omaha.? but I know that who ever reads this will know excatly what I'm talking about and phelling!! when I heard the phirst phew notes and knew the the song was rift something happened to me. something snapped, I coulden't contain myself any longer!!! I just screamed and my body just started to phlow!! I have tears in my eye's right now just phrom thinking and wrighting about those phellings!! and yes they are tears of joy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have phially phound my place in life where i phell at home!! where i belong and will stay till the end of time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the trick was to surrender to the phlow!!! I can belive how true that is!!!! I would like to thank trey,mike,page and fishman phor a phelling that I never knew I could pheel!!!! keep up the vibe and see you on tour this summer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! me and jessica are getting on the bus and starting in ventura and going thru alpine vally!!!!!!!!!!! hope to see everybody!!!!! take a loved one with you on tour!! I coulden't imagine shareing the vibe without my sweet one,jessica jessica took me to my phirst show's and I would like to thank her phrom the deepths of my heart!!! I'll love her phorever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) with love and happy phishing bret and jessica
Okay, here's the deal. I'm going on tour this summer. I'm starting at Alpine Valley, and going all the way to the Great Went. Due to the shape of my car and the fact that I want to drive next winter, 3 friends and I are going to rent a minivan. We'd like to find one more person who'd like to come along and share the gas/rental expenses. If you're in the Madison area, or anywhere near Manitowoc, which is where we're picking up the rental car, let me know. My email address is: I'll be able to get mail there until May 20th, after which time I'm moving to Madison, and won't have email. So... get in touch with me if you're anywhere in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, or can make it to somewhere in Wisconsin by August 8th or 9th. Peace, Jenn
The first thing I noticed when at my first show was that sanity never came Trey's way. No sanity never came his way, I lost my mind more than a couple of times... and didn't really want to leave? I have the leg to that show and all I remember were the sky-blue mirror of the lights, and the amazing David Bowie. I could stage a runaway golf cart marathon, but I won't I will simply go on with the description. I lost my squash during David Bowie, to this day I have not heard a better David Bowie and many kids agree that they haven't either. It was different from any other concert I had been to cause I felt FREEEEEEEEE!! to groove they way I wanted. The only complaint I had was the scene outside. No it wasn't the people that made it bad, it was the scent of a mule that made the atmosphere very unpleasent. We raged before the show close to this dumpster and I couldn't ditch the scent. I want to apologize if this didn't satisfy your quest for creativity, but I really need a leg of the 96 dec. 30th show and I don't know how else to get it. So to quote a great sista, who would have listened to phish, had they been around at the time. "Help me Lizard, HPoG, you're my only hope! Help me Lizard, HPoG you"re my only hope! Help me Lizard, HPoG you're my only hope! -Cassidy215
Both Grateful Dead and Phish play music that makes your mind travel deep into the soul. But the Grateful Dead gently travel in front of you and ask you to come along while Phish travel behind you and warn you if you don't go on you might get hurt......just a little phood phor thought -Christopher Spargur
I will be going to my first phish show at dairen lake in august. Can't wait!!! -Christopher J. Tatro
I had a dream on 4/8/97.Here goes: I am sitting in the living room with my dad listening to Phish live at some bar in Tampa on the radio (I live in Florida). We keep listening and some how we have ended up in the bar seeing the boys jamming out a "Maze." Mike was jumping around and really gettin into it. I see my friend Dave at the back of the bar and I go up to him. I asked what i have missed so far. He said that they opened with "NICU" he thinks but he can't really remember too well because he's trippin' so hard on shrooms. Very strange. All of the sudden, Brian Stezer from the Stray Cats and more recently the Brian Setzer Orchestra, comes up, grabs the mike, and Trey says, "Our pal Brian is in the house tonight and we're gonna let him sing one." The bar is not even half full. Brian takes the mike and they rip out a version of the Cats' "Rock This Town". Cool. I'm leaving and Trey starts counting out a "Poor Heart." And then I woke up. A cool mini-Phish experience until the Great Went, I guess. Evan Bickerstaffe
i remember being really wasted on aug-13-1996 at was second night and my 22nd b-day..i remember being really tripped out on shrooms and dancing and loving the groove more than life,when this guy started walking aaround with a big electronic sign on his the songs played this guy had them coming around his head with this big hat with an electronic sign going around it..than leaving the show this guy appeared once again and spoke..everyone listened to him..he was real weird . but as he spoke he somehow moved through the people and not be stuck like the rest of us. so i guess the moral is if you dont want to be stuck in that after show crowd to get out.. put a highclass system on your hat.. peace, phriend(j.hantman)
What I like most about phish is how well they swim, especially Salmon. -william Fults
well i just wanted to write about something that reaaaallly pissed me off. You se I have this "friend" who thinks he knows everything there is to know. Well we were at the new years shows and everytime a song came on, if we( my Best firens and I) didn't know it in the like the fisrt milisecond , he was like "oh you guys aren't fans". I think that is totally absurd. I may not be able to call a song on the very first chord, but that doesn't make me any less of a Phan. Does it!!! I just wanted to get that off my mind. Not everyone has the ability to pick up the tunes so quickly, even so it is totally possible to expierience the music in the same way. Thanks for listening. Keep phishing -seminole girl
I just wanted to agree with RJs post. Right on RJ! Everyone should really stop and take a moment to think about how lucky we are to have a band like Phish around. They are quite possibly the greatest band of all time (IMO) and years from now we'll look back on this period as the birth and growth of this amazing thing that we've all been fortunate enough to witness. Without Phish, how much different would all of our lives be? Think about it. What would we do? No tapes. No tour. No net. Nothing. NOTHING. I often think about how my life would be different if Phish did not exist. It's scary how much they play a part in my life. I won't get into all the details...we all have our own emotional connection to the music. Anyway, if Phish played the way they did in August of 93 or fall of 95 or spring of 88 all the time it would get old. The band has said repeatedly that their goal is to always do something NEW and different. So the jams are different now. They're ALWAYS different. It's all relative to the time period you're in. Nothing is ever permanent with this band. Instead of complaining about this or griping about that, why don't we all just appreciate the incredible quartet of virtuosos that is PHISH. Life is good. - Jeff Waful J_Waful@Emerson.Edu
I got drunk last night off Gordeaux...a ubiquitously nasty ass beverage made from coffee liquer and stolen Alabama grapefruits. mmmmmmmm......Gordeaux is good!!!!! -K.C.
Man, Phish is the best. I never thought that I wold actually want tp go and tour with a band but I really do for Phish. These guys are great. The best part is you never know what they are going to do next. I saw that 12/29/96 show in Philly and I was amazed at the second set. They did that instrument switch. Who could have called it. Anyway, I like Phish a lot!!!!1 -Joe Kanakaraj
I truly love phish and i have been a phan for about 4 1/2 years the first time i had ever heard of them my buddy in high school asked me if i wanted to go to see them in Syracuse NY..i said yes not knowing what i was getting into...every since that show i have been hooked not a day goes by that i do not listen to phish because phish has become a major part of my life..before my fist show i really had no direction but phish so how opened up my eyes to something unreal ...The most unbeliveable music ever...The last couple of years i have watched phish grow bigger and thought i hate to say it but alot of people that are just starting to go to shows are only going because most think that it is just a big party..i feel that so people think the same way as i do as phish grows larger and larger i think more people will find a meaning but others are just going for the party and i feel that this gives phish a bad for me i will continue to GROOVE to the day i DIE... John Catt
You know what? I know everyone shares the feelings of "Well, Phish is the greatest thing that's ever happened to me, BUT...I really wish that they would do this, OR wouldn't do that." But I'll tell you what. If you want to do things that Phish doesn't, then start your own band, then you'll see how hard these guys work to make all of us happy. Basically the point of this long drawn out story is that we have to stop these small, retentive comments and wishes about this band. What makes them unique is who they are and what they do. I know that this band is the best around, maybe the best ever, so let's be happy with what they do for us and it will keep comin'. -RJ
you know, my friends and i have talked about phish numerous times... and everytime the topic comes up, we ask what do you like about phish? What can't you like about Phish, they are all big goofs on stage. they are so serious but at the same time, they are really funny and just goof around. -shannon delehanty
Phish has played a real important part of my life. In fact, before I got married I asked my wife 2 questions. One was what is the difference between a pot and a pan? I know its a little old fashioned, but important none the less. The next was how old is Runaway Jim(my favorite song). She got both right and needless to say we are happily mnarried. We went to Europe last summer for our honeymoon and got to see the boys play in Amsterdam. It was one of the most incredible experiences ever. That morning when we were walking by the club we saw Trey and the boys getting off their bus at their hotel. They saw us and smiled and asked us to come over. Wechatted with them and got to take a picture with the whole band. It was amazing. This summer I start working at the Oak Ridge National Labs in Tennessee. For the first time ever my wife and I will be able to go to Deer Creek. I won't be getting to Europe this year, but then again who knows, I love Phish and truly love the whole experience they bring. Peace and Love Matt K.
Phish, imo, is one of the last few bands to play real, god's-honest good music, instead of the ever-popular copycat genre of music. Nowadays the bands that are considered good in the public eye are those bands that are just copying a style that was innovative and daring in its own time, and by this I am largely referr ing to the whole alternative/grunge genre. It is refreshing to hear a band that knows what good music is and isn't interested in fame and fortune, only bringin g their special kind of music to the masses. I also think that phans should sto p jumping on the growing popularity of Phish because I don't see anything wrong with everybody appreciating good music. Phish is good music, and in a time when good music has fallen below money and popularity, it is a refreshing thing that should be enjoyed by everybody. Who knows? If everyone started liking Phish, or at least acknowledging that they are superb musicians, perhaps music could be gin to start getting better and! more original. -Landy Morales
i had an assignment to write an informative speech for my speech class. it had to be 5 to 7 minutes long. i picked phish as my topic to write on. i left it till the last night to write it,.but i got it done and then some, i ended up talking for too long, 9 minutes, and i wasn't even finished! i could talk for hours about why phish is the best band of all time.--- Ryan Gallagher
You know I was at local CD shop in Chapel Hill debating weather or not to get a sweet import Phish CD. Then I thought how much I have connected with the vibe that surrounds the band. Rembering reading post that spread the message of imports, and how that took away the purity of all those who tape. I did NOT purchase that CD, decided it was time to start to collect tapes and realized that I upheld the ideals and philosophy of Phish-------->I didn't sell out Phish------I knew then I was truly addicted. -G.C.
Phish is a drug. Makes you extremely high, can cause euphoria, and can cause a grown man to cry. If you go too long without it, you start to jones. You also can get a tolerance to it, (that's why people collect tapes, to keep altering the particular make-up of the songs). Anyway, there are no negative side effects to this drug, and it's even still legal (except at Red Rocks). Right now I'm out of phish. I'm jonesin big time...I just mail ordered a shipment of the stuff, but I don't know if the dude will hook me up. Demand for this shit is so high the price has gone up. Please Icculus, grant my prayers..... -REX
duuuuuuuude I relly like the idea of reading other phisher's thoughts. I guess I've been a phisher for 2 years now (thanks to my friends d.o. & s.a.). Been to one show (many other planned but never happened shows unfortunatly) and I have 10 shows on tape. I went to their 1996 (???) Niagra Falls show and I've been waiting ever since for them to come to Toronto (Can). I have 1 beautiful tip for anyone going to a phish show (for those who haven't tried it this way yet). Do your sugar cube, coolaid, shroooooooms, etc. one and a half to two hours before the show so hopefully by the second set it's been three and a hlf to four hours and you're aaaaaallllllll meeeeellllooowed out. This way you can have your spiritual experience during their first set and you can hopefully remember the second set a bit clearer. This way you can tell your friends how the show was(or at least the second set). What's up man. I've been just reading some of the thoughts and stories maaaaan whatever happened to the hiiiipppiiiees that have lots of love and compassion for those who don't have money. Not everyone can afford a ticket to see PHiSH. Just LET IT BE !!!!!!!!!! Long live the DEAD.......... Any Deadheads out there, read the book: LIVING WITH THE DEAD by ROCK SCULLY 2 last thoughts Listen to the song STASH on A Live One. and imagine an orchestra playing with them. IT'S WIIIIILDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any one hear anything about PHiSH doing a Toronto show????!!! please say something, please!! (All of) Yours truely (a phishing deadhead) Sohail B. oh, oh, oh, any deadheads planning on back packing europe this summer?!?! see ya in EUROPE -sohail b.
I would just like to say a couple things so be patient with me. First of all, for all the people who think that it's bad that all these "kids" have started to like Phish,I think it's incredibly cool that so many people from the younger generation are gettin into Phish. Is it wrong for them to like a rad band? Wouldn't it be horrible if we all listened to good music? Oh no, we couldn't do that then maybe we might all get along. That goes for all bands not just Phish. I would also like to say for the record that I do like a wide range of music not just phish and the grateful dead. I like 311,TKK,various ska bands,etc. Oh by the way, a couple of years ago I was dubbing a tape with Divided Sky on it and on one tape I was listening to the begging of the song and I hit play on the other tape which was at the end of the song, then what happened was a freak accident,the two parts of the song blended and sounded so beautiful together. It was breathtaking but the sad thing is that it probably wouldnt work ever again. shalom, Sarah J. P.S. if there is any one that lives remotely close to Neillsville Wis. and is planning on going to the Alpine Valley show, I need a ride so give me buz at
I live in small town Wis. so none of my friends really like Phish, so it really means alot to me when I go to a rare show and people treat me like I'm part of a family. -Sarah Jurgaitis
This is absurd. Billy Breathes is not as good as Nectar or Lawn Boy, but guess what? It's Phish. I'm glad to see they're exploring new lands. The album is not that bad. Listen to it, and just remember - it is impossible for anybody who kicks ass this much to put out a bad album. It's not bad, it's different. Since when is that a bad thing? And another thing - stop it with the "I've been a phan since" deal. We're all phans now, and that's all that matters. WE only have the past on tape... --George Viebranz
Just a quick note... To the angry Phan who bashed the boys for including their dry goods catalog with Billy Breathes-Relax. All proceeds from Phish dry goods are used to finance the news letter, so you and I don't have to. And just in case you are from a planet with no monetary system (If you are show me the way) printing and distributing 150 thousand! high quality color news letters, so you know where they're playing, costs $$. And besides, if Phish is so greedy why would they donate all proceeds generated from Phish Food to the Lake Champlain Fund? I have seen 110 shows since 1990, and to this day my love still grows for them. I'm honored to support something as pure and beautiful as Phish. Money can't repalce what they provide, but it can help distribute the music to more people. Any comments can be directed to "Sharin' the Groove" Matt
12/30/96, Set II - Best set I've ever seen. So much emotion, energy. All I could think was, THIS SET IS HOT! Any set that opens with Timber Ho! you know will be packed with energy. And then, Uncle Pen - Gordon shined like never before...he was really belting it out in the Fleet! SLOW AC/DC, so funky, so twitchy. Then Gyute...enough said. Then the best, most coherent and funky Tweezer I've ever heard. Just so much emotion in this one. Then a breather with Lifeboy...into Scent! (We can't forget Steven Wright...only Phish would think to bring him out.) Awesome Slave to end the set. And for the encore...POSSOM!!!! What a way to end this killer set. I really can't say enough about this set. It sounds even better on tape - It hasn't left my walkman yet. All of you who witnessed this musical must agree. Yes, it's true...Phish is on their game now. Those shows solidified it for me. -Greg Robinson
Hello, everyone. I wanted to share one of my thoughts about Phish. I've been into the band for about four years, and I will admit, when "Billy Breathes" first came out, I din't like it. But after some time, I found myself listening to it and appreciating it more. Without getting into philosophy on music too much, like the album Rift, Billy Breathes is great because the album has an overall cohesiveness to it, I feel that all of the songs flow together really well, much as they do on Rift. Billy Breathes, even though it is not a "concept" album, gave me aural images of such classic groups as Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Simon & Garfunkel. A good album is one that is good the whole way through, like "Physical Graffiti" from Zeppelin, or "Abbey Road" from the Beatles. I don't think Phish is going soft, I think they are increasing their abilities and their music is benefitting. Playing only harder songs such as Wilson, Chalkdust, Golgi and Antelope would get old after awhile. The dynamics, harder as well as softer songs they use in their music is great and is what makes it work. That was my opinion on the album. It may draw heat, but it's only an opinion. Next, I'd like to comment on two live sets which are some of the best sets I've heard: set 2 of 12/30/95 and set 2 of 12/31/96. At MSG, Ya Mar into Free into Harry Hood-it made me feel good! As for Fleet Center, in my opinion, Wilson lacked a bit of the "edge" it needed, vocal-wise (Wilson 12/30/94 was better-more forceful-sounding) Sparkle was good, Simple had what it needed, and the segue into Swept Away and Steep, culminating with Harry Hood was amazing! My question, though, is who had the initial idea to chant "Hood" after the band sings "Harry" in the beginning? It's great for a concert. I invite anyone who wants to comment on my above statements to email me at: Thanks for your time, the summer tour is not that far away. Peace. Douglas R. Braunsdorf
"Ode to Mike G." (in rhythm) go mike. go mike. get busy. get busy. wit' yo' bad self. alright now. get stupid. get stupid. hit the bomb notes. hit the high notes. flash gordon. falsh gordon. on the basses. on the basses. -willo
The best part of New Year's at the Boston Garden is seeing myself on the arena photo in the jacket of "A live One"................that is pretty random........:) -Mike Costigan
I am 17 and live in Michigan. I go to an all boys catholic high school, so I guess you could call me a, "prep school hippie." I really love Phish, the Grateful Dead, and the Samples. Not many people at my school share the same feelings as I do and that makes me sad. Many people criticize me for liking phish, but they are the real losers because they are caught up in this wave of new bands like bush, Live, and the Wallflowers. I can't remember the last time that I listened to the radio because I'm always listining to great shows on tape. I think that Mtv is the most overrated show on tv. Does anyone else have this same problem??? Well, back to good music. I am very excited to see The Samples and Widespread Panic this month and I can hardly wait for the summer tour! I can only make it to Deer Creek, but that is better than nothing. See everyone in Noblesville!
When is the band going to do a long drawn out middle of the school year tour so that the young kids can not give the tour a bad name. I am tired of seeing spare changing kids who can not afford tickets when they go sale, but always have money for dank buds and beer. I work my ass off to make money for tour buy all my tickets in advance, budget my money for the road. The guy in GQ who said he came for the "nuggs and beer" should stay at home along with all those who believe the same thing and maybe the fanbase would shrink enough to allow shows at Red Rocks. I want to go to shows, so I make serious effort to see as many shows as possible, under my present circumstances, I do not go for buds and beer but for the music and the people. The people part however is getting strange. -GERG
Phish are getting better every second Quit whining because they don't play Destiny Unbound or Phase Dance or Skippy the Wondermouse anymore... This IS the greatest band ever and these ARE the days Enjoy -Kevin
it's so good to read all of this because i know that others understand.... it's a love of music but music that transcends, that communicates directily we hear it and we understand... that's the thought that came to me the other night while listening to reba 10/31/96...i understand..i understand the music because it is the music that is in my soul and phish is playing it and i understand like i've heard it all before somehow or when i stood there in the sunlight and the wind blowing at the ball... slave was building, beautiful, gentle, peace... and one word floating in my mind surrounding me, one word...wonder...the wonder of it all... this guy next to me said to his friend, man, this is what it's all about... thank you friends for sharing this with,niki
Summer tour '95 I found myself along with three friends ticketless to the 4 day run at RedRocks. Needless to say, I had to walk miles to find my tickets. On the third night, an hour before the show with all my friends inside, I got the miracle ticket kicked down from Trey's aunt who I happened upon in one of the upper lots. Then, once inside the show, she handed me a back stage pass. Backstage, spun on the mush, Trey's aunt took me by the arm to the back of the room to meet Fishman. It was cool-- a mind blowing event for myself. -Lindsay van Driel
Why do people drive on a parkway, and park on a driveway? -Matthew Kellermann
Listen to the flying jam in Esther when high... I thought I was going to fly away with her!! -Robert Rubin
Hola, i turned 15 a few months ago and have now liked phish for a year. I never listened to the Grateful Dead until after Jerry Garcia died,even then it was like months after. I got into it through a kid who lives a block away who ive known since i was 5. He started listening to the dead and phish a little earlier than I did. His brother saw the Dead every time they came 2 Chicago (MY Old Home Place,even though i was born in boston) since he could. Now I like Phish. I would have gone 2 Halloween '95, but the kids at my school were/are obsessed with one word I CANNOT STAND "POSER". So i never listened 2 them at school. I listened in my room, in secret. Because some people decided that they knew what other people liked. That is so poor and pathetic. let me tell all you Phans out there soemthing, YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT'S LIKE TO HAVE EVERYONE TAKE SOMETHING THAT YOU HAVED LOVED FOREVER ,TAKE IT, AND TRAMPLE ALL OVER IT. When I was real young my dad taped Star Wars off of the video and put it in front of me and made me watch. I watched it 3 or 4 times a day for the beginning years of my life. That was all that I did. Growing up I watched it and got the "Oh thats dorky". Youll never believed what happened recently though, I knew about the special edition re-releases for about 2 years, then people started talking about it when the ads came on. You are talking about a few million new phans. I am talking about several hundreds of millions of new fans. My Spanish teacher told me that she was the biggest Star Wars fan since, when she was 5 she liked it, i asked her basic trivia, she didnt know it. I asked her what books she read, none. OH? So when your dad buys u toys thats one thing, but when u have 2 pay 5 bucks down at the book-store for a book thats 2 much, i dont think so. Kids at my school call me a poser, no one trades with me, i can only talk with the kid who got me into phish. So all u babies out there who are so boo hoo about the old Phish just shut your damn mouth!!! No one wants to hear how bad things are, so let us enjoy the music if you cant. I will never refuse to read Star wars cause now its popular, thats crap. If you like it, then who the hell cares if others like it. Who are you to tell people what and how to like???????? Oh yeah and another more thing, I LOVE BILLY BREATHES!!!!!!!!!! Its great! In my opinion it is the only Phish album that really flows together. Take HOIST, Julius:good, DWD:AWESOME!, AXILLA2: SWEET MERCIFUL CRAP THATS SUCH A GREAT SONG, but then theres Lifeboy and u lose the vibe. SAMPLE:GREAT INTO Wolfman's which is good then into 1 of my favs SCENT OF A MULE: SWEET!!!!!!!!!! Then Demand oh man bad way to end but billy breathes is great. 1st off Billy Breathes is probably my favorite song so that helps. But I think you got the point, you should be happy that Phish is not considered dorky even though i dont care what others think. I LIKE WHAT I LIKE, WHY DON'T YOU SELFISH JERKS LET ME???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? LOVE, Andres ps The Jerks at my school who made this possible: (BAD NEWS FOR YOU BUT YOURE NOT THE ORIGINAL PHANS EITHER)
10/26/96: Reba was a transcendental experience. Bam! the last drumbeat echoes like a bat cry and instantly the entire smoke-filled coliseum is tossed onto the seas of YEM. I think--no, i feel--that it's a special and personal song to Trey and the gang--it comes off as a little bit of the band's SOUL. The next Passionate Phish fan, or just a guy, Jason
I had a magical experience at the Deer Creek show (8-13-96). During the Mike's Song I felt my soul leaving my body and flying high among the stars, and it was at this point that I knew that all I wanted to do was go to Phish shows for the rest of my life bacause it seemed the only logical answer to The Question. -Jerry Hegeduis
Phish played Jaegermeister only TWICE, both times within a month of each other in 1990. Does this mean that, generally, alcoholism happens sporadically? -Steve Reidell
harpua has got to be the best phish story!!!!!!! -Daniel Zone
Just saw the Philly shows, and they were lovely. I'm not sure if I can wait til summer tour, but I'll try. Hurry up Maine!!!!! If mailorder doesn't work I will be mad. That's all I ahve to say about this, Stay kind guys! Mira
I think a lot of people are at a loss for why we love Phish so much. To them, they're a bunch of goofy looking guys who say things that sometimes sound. Well, strange. But if you understand the place that their music comes from, and all the love and appreciation the band has for their fans, you just gotta love them, you know? -Courtney Mullin

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