BathtubGinFiles #29

By Benji Eisen

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8/17/97 The Great Went
    GinStats: Set II  Total time: 15:07

(Thanks to Gordon Sharpless for saving the day with Gordon's Gin) :)

Down With Disease's stellar jam melts into this Bathtub Gin opening, 
  leaving Down W/ Disease technically "unfinished" but, as we shall see 
  later, I have a theory that they intended to finish it after a shot of 

Page jumps in at 0:29 -> 0:49  And, very akin to 12/29/96 Philly's (or 
  2/17/97 Amsterdam's) opening segment, this solo demontrates Page's 
  wonderful ability to prove to the world, once and for all, that 
  this man has absolutely no sense of reality.  His spastic piano 
  attacks tingle the spine and enliven the senses...There's some 
  Rhapsody In Skewed Off-Color Blue here, 'till Trey interrupts:

Lyrics Segment: 0:49     Doh! Trey fucks up the lyrics.  It actually 
  sounds as if Trey sang "And I am in the hallway, the 
  troubadours"   Whatever...

Page Fill 1: 1:21->1:38  Page, CHILL OUT man!  Abstract Ivory tickling 
  which makes fools like me go wild...:)
  Fill 2: 2:09->2:26      The more traditional Rhapsody In Blue (on 
  exctacy) fill...Typical, but typically great, for this section...

FAUCET: 2:41 Sloppy, but marginally enough...

SINGING W/THE FAUCET: 3:23  Unenthusiastic and generally unimpressive, 
  this Singing W/The Faucet section is the only real let-down of this 
  entire Gin.  It just doesn't sound like they were really too into it 

WATER FROM THE FAUCET: 4:36 Okay here's where the good part comes.  Up 
  until this point, we were Jaques.  Now we are...THE GREAT WENT.  5:04 
  it shakes it's grounding, but by 5:14 it remembers itself inside the 
  Classic Faucet Lick.  5:44 and Trey's still tooling around with this...
  Fish rides them cymbals, Ride, Johnny, Ride.  By 6:20 Trey slides on 
  up the 'doc, at 6:41 it sounds as if their about to bust into a stomp 
  but instead Trey busts out if it, with "I Am Bust-Out Man!" grin 
  and all, taking the friendly route of the 
  Classic Faucet Lick, then again but double-time at 7:04...

  By 7:34 we've created a very surreal surround sound, almost like 
  it's the beginning of some 90's psuedo-psychedelic band's anthem 8:03 indeed it sounds as if this is some lesser-talented 
  bands idea of a composed "music to take acid to" radio single. 

  Starting around 8:30 the beat steadily picks up, faster and faster, 
  Trey on this psuedo-psychedelic-band-anthem riff (which he'll stay 
  with throughout), continuing on with this thread, the band right behind
  him, beat picking up steam, the train going rickety-rackety down 
  the tracks in snowball-effect action, the herd of buffalo running 
  together suddenly all taking a left turn, Page adding some interesting 
  comments right before the 9:00 mark...and now Page is on the high keys
  while Trey continues this anthematic 9:48 I give you 
  complete permission to be B L O W N   A W A Y as we are now 
  approacing absolute Hose territoy, this is absolutely stunning in 
  here, by the 10 minute mark they've successfully created this 
  landscape that has, entirely, swept me away.

  The riff Trey has stuck with all along has turned from a
  mock-psuedo-psychedelic anthem to a painfully exquisite theme.
  Okay, I'm now running stark, mad, naked down the hallway, out into the
  street, past all the houses, past the Giant Supermarket and the 
  Uni-Mart, 7-11's, cheesy nightclubs with names like "Wanda's" and 
  "KoKoMo's" that are attached to hotels, past delusions of grandeur 
  and, for that matter, of grand-daddies too, clawing at the windows 
  of the urbanite houses until I find myself plush in the forest, 
  back in the wilderness, groking with the apes, mocking the elephants and
  their silly ivory-clad wives, rolling in the dirt making friends 
  with the lovely dew-sucklings and turning back into a 
  Lizard of the Gamehendge of Old.  

  Ladies and gentlemen, Phish has done it again...they have made a 
  snivering knefle-flurry out of me - listen...this is powerful stuff 
  here, this, this, this Gin; enough to overthrow the power of the evil King 
  Wilson and have him piss-drunk, laughing his ass off as he falls on 
  the floor crying like a newborn mutant child,.  Yes, all this and more 
  after having a mere one shot of this Gin, and you might think I'm 
  joking here, but I'm being absolutely dead serious.

  It sounds almost now, at 11:50 that they're working 
  back into Down With Disease...they're definately headed in that 
  direction.  At 12:10 Trey busts a distinctively Dw/D note (that is, he 
  busted a note and decidedly not something else, you nut) , the band 
  is seemingly right behind him, riding the same wave, on the back of 
  the same worm, and both of which are being scintillently expulsiated 
  from this giant, weltering, 65,000 person Hose. I'm even tempted to 
  label this a legitimate Down With Disease Jam here since, essentially, 
  that's what it's become...Down With Disease meets "Down that Gin!"  
  C'mon, bottoms up, people...

  While Trey sticks with the riff he created, (that is to say, while 
  he's ASSUMING THE MANTLE HE CREATED) this entire jam now sounds 
  alot more akin to Dw/D than your typical faucet jam.   Then again, 
  this is NOT your typical faucet jam anyway.  And they say that the 
  Princess's driver was driving drunk when he crashed last 
  Sunday...what they didn't know was that he was listening to The Went 
  Gin.  Some heavy stuff, this Gin, I'm telling you  :)

  At 13:10 Trey repeatedy hammers the riff, trilling on it around 
  13:45 and at 13:51 there's a tempo shift...
  RIGHT HERE is the portal that they seemed to be working towards, the 
  window to Down With Disease Reprise, but because they were listening 
  to the music of the moment, channeling the energy of the here and now 
  and NOT letting themselves and their own wills get in the way, they 
  passed up this opportunity and instead turned into the Hose and let the 
  music be what it may.  This is the riff that has taken Trey away, and 
  with it, Maine's largest city.  And so the entire Went metropolis gets 
  drenched, hosed down, by this 2-mile shot of Gin.  Children call 
  your parents, husbands find your wives, workers call off work - 
  Limestone, ME has now been Hosed!!

  I seriously can not stress enough how this jam here really is much 
  more of a Down With Disease Jam than a Bathtub Gin Jam.  I am 
  absolutely, 100 percent convinced that that was the original idea 
  (that is, to segue into a Dw/D reprise), or at least something that 
  they examined the possibility of, here.  Fwiw, I had a brief talk with 
  Trey after Saturday's show about "Gravity's Rainbow" and the idea of a 
  jam breaking free from gravity, so free that it need not return to 
  its original song but is completely free to go wherever the Hose 
  takes it....or wherever the water takes the Hose ("as the music plays 
  the band").  The *brief* chat was sparked by the "return of the 
  unfinished Harpua" to which Trey said, "I thought that was great" 
  (when they didn't finish it...because it had attained total freedom).  
  "I hope it didn't bring you down when we finished it this year..but 
  then, we took right off again anyway." he laughed.  And indeed, we 
  are launched again, weightless, running around after this set with 
  our heads cut off and saying "Icculus, make me normal again!"  :) 

  At 14:26 THE STOMP takes over, Fish with a "My Sweet One" beat, Trey 
  with pre-Scent of A Mule segue notes, and indeed all the elements for one 
  to expect "Poor Heart" to erupt, but wild hearts can't be broken....
  no instead at 15:07 it's UNCLE PENN.   A few seconds into Uncle 
  Penn there's a second or two of adjustment, but that's not until 
  Bathtub Gin is legally complete, and hence, not my territory.

"BATHTUB GIN" REFRAIN: None.  This Gin was "unfinished" if you potent, the bottle still has a remaining ounce or two burning 
  at the bottom...while we, the Ginaholics, float in space, 
  in-orbit...with our heads cut off.

ENDS AT 15:07

40 Proof...this sucked.   :)

Oh, okay, you're right -- I give it a 97 Proof, easy.

  Ideally I'd like to give it a 98 (my highest rating yet) or even 
higher, except that there was that there lyric flub, and some other 
general sloppyness before the Faucet Jam.  But...but that...but that 
Jam....that Bathtub damn!  A National Treasure, The best of 
the Great Went Wonders Of The World and one damn fine drink at that.

Walk with light my friends,

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