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Ideal Setlists!

(Thanks to Kenneth C. Melder for this idea. He's likes Reba.)

Sorry to the first 25 people or so who were the guiney pigs.
Looks like all the bugs are worked out, just be aware of the spaces!

Here is an opportunity for you to write out your ideal setlist that they have or have NOT played for all to see for eternity. Simply fill in the forms below and click submit ONCE and your ideal setlist will be recorded.

Feel free to write out 1 set, or a whole show if you so desire.

Purhaps when we get a bunch we'll vote on the top 10 or something.
For now, lets see some setlists!

View The Setlists

Contribute Your Setlist

(Note: Please do not include any HTML in the forms below, that's been taken care of. :))



Type your ideal set in the space below.
Remember, this is either an imaginary set or a real set of Phish only.
Be realistic, yet creative. Use > for transitions, and mark special guests or special events, know....have fun!

Realize that whatever you type in here with be printed exactly as you type it.
Please account for spacing, returns, paragraphs, etc.

Special Comments, *'s, etc.

(CLICK ONCE! It'll take about 5 seconds to process!

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