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Cover Song Bustouts

8/16/98 The Lemonwheel, Limestone, ME I: Ginseng Sullivan, Bathtub Gin, Rift, Punch You in the Eye, Lawn Boy, Ya Mar, ACDC Bag, Relax, Birds of a Feather, Guyute, Possum II: Down With Disease, Piper, Ghost, Fluffhead, When The Circus Comes, Wadin In A Velvet Sea, HYHU > Sexual Healing, Run Like An Antelope III: Sabotage > Also Sprach Zarathustra, Wilson, Mango Song, Character Zero, Bittersweet Motel, While My Guitar Gently Weeps E: Harry Hood*, The Baby Elephant Walk^ + - Long and drawn out, Fishman introduces "his band": Trey Anastasio on drums Mike Gordon on Bass, "Chairman of the Boards" Page McConnel, and himself as Bob Weaver. Introduces the next song as "A love song about a turtle" but they segue into Sexual Healing instead ("A much better song anyway") ++ - includes "Sounds of Love" vacuum solo * - with glowstick war Fireworks after Harry Hood, lit by long fuse that ran around and above the stage, then over to an elephant sculpture/float, which was walked around. ^ - Henry Mancini cover, last time played: 12/1/92 before David Bowie. A Giant elephant-shaped structure near the stage comes to life, blows smoke out its trunk and leads the crowd out to the campground As reported by http://www.portland.com/go/phish & Rob Johnson!
8/15/98 The Lemonwheel, Limestone, ME Soundcheck (8/14): Doglog, She Caught The Katy, My Soul (jam), Send me Someone/Somebody to love (bluesy cover, jammed out hard) I: Mike's Song > Simple, Beauty of My Dreams, Roget, Split Open and Melt* Poor Heart, Moma Dance, Divided Sky, Water in the Sky,Funky Bitch > Cities**, Weekapaug Groove*** II: The Wedge, Reba, Gumbo@ > Sanity, Tweezer, The Horse > Silent In The Morning, Chalkdust Torture, Slave To The Traffic Light@@ III: NICU > Feedback Jam > David Bowie, Strange Design, Limb by Limb, Brian and Robert, Loving Cup E: Halley's Comet > Jam > Cavern > Tweezer Reprise+ IV: Lyric-less jam in the "brian eno style of ambient music" *Trey says a little boy requested this song so there going to play it for him **Trey talks about the Acid Garden "Did I foget to mention the garden of infinite pleasntries... home of the lake that shoots steam out of it" and other assorted rambling. Trey also breaks it down for the people on the ferris wheel to see if they notice. They didnt. *** Fishman sped it up and at the end the boys basically gave him a solo... "Bob Weaver ladies and gentlemen" @Jammed out.... first time done... amazing. @@ With Glowstick War + - After Tweezer Reprise, Trey explained that the band wanted to do something to combine ideas from The Clifford Ball and The Great Went, going into detail about the band/fan artwork from last year, and announced that the band would do a freeform ambient jam (lyric-less; nearly an hour long; "in the Brian Eno style of ambient music"), surrounded by candles that were made by the audience throughout the day. There were no lights used during the jam, the band using only the light from the candles, which Trey explained is similar to the idea of what happens during a glow-stick war, with the light for the band coming from the fans. Because candles were placed around and througout the stage, Trey explained that they were in fact playing in a "temple of fire" as the advertisements for summer tour shows announced. After finishing the jam, the band picked up tiki torches, lit them using the candles on stage and lit a small stone (?) temple at the edge of the stage, which was left burning overnight and throughout the band's performance on Sunday Last Sanity 10/31/96 (139 shows) Thanks to Portland.Com for the constant updates.
8/12/98 Vernon Downs, Vernon, NY I: La Grange, Makisupa Policeman, Funky Bitch, Possum, Roget, Character Zero Ramble On, Slave To The Traffic Light II: Mike's Song > Simple > Rift, Loving Cup, Sleeping Monkey, Weekapaug Groove, The Squirming Coil E: Burning Down The House*, You Enjoy Myself** * Talking Heads Cover (1st time played) ** w/ HYHU and Mission Impossible Teases Apparently this show was close to Fishman's home town and they were urging him to sing a song. Thanks to Ian Bryan and Bertha13@aol.com for the list!
8/11/98 Star Lake Ampitheatre, Burgettstown, PA I: Trenchtown Rock* > Julius > Wolfman's Brother, Time Loves A Hero**, Bittersweet Motel, Reba, The Sloth, Ginseng Sullivan, Fee, Maze, Sample In A Jar (90 minutes) II: Runaway Jim*** > Meat, Limb By Limb, When The Circus Comes, Down With Disease E: Wilson, Golgi Apparatus * Bob Marley cover (1st time played?) ** Little Feat Cover (Last Played 11/5/88 [840 shows]) *** w/ extended Jam, over 30 minutes! Thanks to Rastarob and jnswazi@webtv.net
8/9/98 Virginia Beach Ampitheatre, Virginia Beach, VA I: Punch You In The Eye, Bathtub Gin, Lizards, Moma Dance, Birds of a Feather, Esther, Roget, Bouncing Around The Room, David Bowie II: AC/DC Bag > Jam > Sparkle, Antelope, Robert & Brian, Waste, Somewhere Over The Rainbow*, You Enjoy Myself, Frankenstein, Chalkdust Torture, Ragtime Gal E: Terrapin Station** * Instrumental only, no lyrics. ** Grateful Dead Cover, (1st time played)(3rd Anniversary of Jerry Garcia's Death-8/9/95) Thanks to Jon Bruss, D. Baum, BigA and Judy for the setlist!
8/8/98 Merriweather Pavillion, Columbia, MD I: The Wedge, NICU, Sneakin With Sally Through The Alley > Guyute, Ficcus, Farmhouse, Possum, Sweet Jane* II: Cavern, 2001, Tela > Piper, Sexual Healing > HYHU**, Harry Hood E: Sabotage*** *Velvet Underground cover **Fishman singing ***Beastie Boys cover Thanks to HryHood420@aol.com and Serge Helix for the setlist!
8/7/98 Walunt Creek Ampitheatre, Raleigh, NC I: Water in the Sky > Drowned > Jam, Relax, Stash, Brian & Robert, Foam, Bittersweet Motel, Ghost, Col. Forbin > Narration** > Famous Mockingbird II: Chalkdust Torture > Mike's Song > Simple > Alberqurque, Limb By Limb > Wading In A Velvet Sea, Weekapaug Groove E: Funky Bitch ** Narration was about Col Forbin's lucid dream of eatin' til his stomach swelled to enormous proportions and eclipsed the moon which was a full moon (and partially eclipsed!) @ The Creek Thanks to Karmen, Noah Cole, Ellis, Kristen, and Chico.
08/06/98 Lakewood Amphitheatre - Atlanta, Georgia I: Oh Kee Pah Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Roses are Free, Roget, Beauty of My Dreams, Vultures, Train Song, Billy Breathes, Fluffhead, Moma Dance, HYHU > Cracklin Rosie > HYHU, My Soul II: Birds of a Feather, Wolfman's Brother > Talk, NICU, Prince Caspian, The Mango Song, Down with Disease (86 min. with enc) E: Running with the Devil **, You Enjoy Myself * -- Trey called Fishman Bob Weaver again ** -- Van Halen tune, first time played Thanks to Laura Heifetz, Ellis Goddard, and Owen Renn
8/03/98 Deer Creek - Noblesville, Indiana I: Rhinoceros*, Halley's Comet, I Didn't Know**, Ride Captain Ride***, Cars Trucks Busses, Moma Dance, Strange Design, Character Zero (55min) II: Gumbo, Axilla I, Limb by Limb, Meat, Hold Your Head Up > Bike^ > Hold Your Head Up reprise^^, Tube, The Wedge E: When the Circus Comes > Antelope+ * - Smashing Pumpkins tune; first time played ** - with vacuum solo *** - cover of the Blues Image original; ^ - with a second vacuum solo, and Trey on Drums ^^ - after which Trey calls Henrietta "Bob Weaver" + - in which the key word was "spliff" Stats - Courtesy of ZZYZX Last I DIDN'T KNOW - 11/28/97 [43 shows] Last RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE - 12/30/92 [486 shows] roughly the sixth time ever played (after 3/23/87, 5/29/89, 4/14/90, 12/12/92 & 12/30/92 Last BIKE - 11/7/96 [129 shows] Thanks to Laura Heifetz for the call and to Mike Collins, Mike Jones, Matt Shortell, Dan McGarry and mark/Lushington for the notes about Rhinoceros!
08/02/98 Deer Creek - Noblesville, Indiana I: Roget, Divided Sky, The Horse > Silent in the Morning, Too Much of Everything, Boogie On Reggae Woman, Reba*, Weigh, Birds of a Feather II: Possum, Story of the Ghost -> Lifeboy, David Bowie**, I Get Kick Out of You^, Loving Cup E: Harry Hood+, Bittersweet Motel * - complete, with whistling ** w/ Divided Sky, Reba, Possum, and another Divided Sky tease during the end build jam segment. (Very cool!) ^ - Cole Porter song from "Anything Goes", made famous by Mel Torme (also performed by Frank Sinatra, Ethel Merman and others), first time played, Mike on vocals + - with glow-stick war Set II 63 min, 84 min with encore Stats
Last LIFEBOY 8/3/97 [61 shows] (only 4th time played in 2 years) Thanks to weekapaug4 and jones14108 for their posts to rec.music.phish and Laura Heifetz for the phone call. Thanks also to Josh Rude, Jim Tackett, James Acklin, Luke Thompson, and BR/Vailima for their corrections. Additional thanks goes out to Jonathan/jhart, kipmat, Greg Starks, Michael Flamm, and Brian Small for the info about "I Get a Kick Out of You"
8/01/98 Alpine Valley - East Troy, Wisconsin Soundcheck: Moma Dance, Tela Tease, Albuquerque, without Fish, Trey on drums and vocals, Page walking around looking for Fish who was having a beer backstage, Cigar/Beer Jam, My Soulish style jam, with Dog Log lyrics and Trey rap about cigars and beer aroudn twenty minutes Albuquerque, whole band Ginseng Sullivan Total Time: 1 hour 10 minutes I: Ramble On*, Mike's Song -> Esther** > Weekapaug Groove, Gyute, Ficus, Birds of a Feather, Lawn Boy, Funky Bitch (71 min) II: Piper, Wilson, Also Sprach Zarathustra^ -> Magilla -> Tweezer -> Fluffhead, Brian and Robert, Albuquerque > Chalkdust Torture, Frankenstein (81min) E: Been Caught Stealing+ > Tweezer Reprise (9 min) * - Led Zeppelin cover, first time played, Page lead vocals ** - with random note language by both Page and Trey ^ - with Crosseyed and Painless tease + - Jane's Addiction cover, first time played, Trey lead vocals -- Mike and Trey were on trampolines Thanks to Dead18, Daniel W. Mielcarz, Julia Mordaunt, Andrew Van Alstyne, Bigozman, mc, Steve Coleman, Brian Magnuson, Mikey Perrott, Adam Kohn, Zach Daub and Barton Hodges for the email, and thanks to Laura Heifetz for the phone call.
07/31/98 Polaris Amphitheatre - Columbus, Ohio I: My Friend My Friend, Ya Mar, Roget, Rift, Cities, Water in the Sky, Stash II: The Curtain > Free, If I Could, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday -> Avenu Malkenu > Twist -> Izabella, Julius, Cavern E: Punch You In The Eye, Slave to the Traffic Light Thanks to Robert Johnson for answering the phone, mc for the email, Tyler for confirmation and to Ceri Morgan and GOP for the note about the segue between Twist and Izabella And check out these statistics from ZZYZX's stats page: last RIFT - 02/23/97 [93 shows] last IF I COULD - 08/05/96 [149 shows]
7/29/98 Riverport Ampitheatre - Maryland Heights, Missouri I: Bathtub Gin, Dog Log*, Foam, I Ficcus, Farmhouse, Vultures, Glide, Birds of a Feather (64 min) II: Buried Alive, "Call Me If You Ever Need A Fool"^, AC/DC Bag, Lizards, Tube, Kung, Run Like an Antelope E: Waste, Golgi Apparatus, Bittersweet Motel (II + E, 82 min) * - Dedicated to Paul ^ - new (?) song; quiet, country-like with lyrics "Call me if you ever need a fool" Thanks to Laura Heifetz & The Phish.Net And check out these statistics from ZZYZX's stats page: last DOG LOG - 02/26/97 [90 shows] last FOAM - 12/06/97 [32 shows] last FARMHOUSE - 12/28/97 [26 shows] last VULTURES - 12/13/97 [27 shows] last GLIDE - 07/31/97 [59 shows] last KUNG - 02/26/97 [90 shows]
7/28/98 Sandstone Pavillion, Bonner Springs, KS I: Emotional Rescue > Down With Disease > Moma Dance > Tela, Sneaking Sally Through The Alley > It's Ice* > Lengthwise > It's Ice > Sparkle, Funky Bitch** II: The Wedge, Poor Heart, Mango Song, Brother, Contact^, Maze, Prince Caspian^^ > You Enjoy Myself (77.5 min) E: Camel Walk, The Squirming Coil (II + E, 95 min) * - with vacuum solo during Page's solo ** - ending similar to Black-Eyed Katy (about 1 min) ^ - "Mexican Love Style"; Trey met 2 people yesterday who had fallen in love, and dedicated it to them ^^ - cut short before song reprised, and went into YEM last EMOTIONAL RESCUE - 12/31/97 [22 shows] last LENGTHWISE - 10/20/94 [295 shows] last MANGO SONG - 03/01/97 [91 shows] last TELA - 8/14/97 [50 shows] last WEDGE - 11/29/97 [36 shows] last CONTACT - 12/09/97 [29 shows] last CAMEL WALK - 12/12/97 [27 shows] last time played stats thanks to ZZYZX's Phish Stats
Thanks to Laura Heifetz, Rob Johnson and Butley and Anthony from NJ
7/26/98 Starplex Ampitheatre - Dallas, Texas I: Birds of A Feather, To Much Of Everything*, David Bowie, Relax, Reba**, Funky Bitch, Good Times Bad Times II: La Grange, You Enjoy Myself^, Albuquerque^^ -> Simple, Bold As Love, Sample in a Jar E: Punch You In The Eye, Bittersweet Motel * by Joe Cooley, "pure rock-n-roll", with lyrics "too much cake and ice cream ... too much of everything" and a refrain of "Baby, I want you" and a refrain of "Baby, I want you." ** with whistling ^ with trampolines ^^ Neil Young cover. (First time played?) Thanks to Mike Witt and The Phish.Net
7/25/98 South Park Meadows, Austin, TX I: Roses are Free > Down with Disease, Roget, Beauty of my Dreams Ya Mar*, Guyute, Julius (63 minuntes) II: Piper, Wilson > Heavy Metal Jam, Frankenstein, Tweezer, Circus Comes To Town, Limb By Limb, Fee, Run Like an Antelope E: Harry Hood > Tweezer Reprise * w/ Extended Funk Jam Thanks to Michael Granit, Jeff Hill, Gregg Finegood, & Bob Lamoreaux for the lists!
7/24/98 - Woodlands Pavillion, Houston Texas I: Moma Dance, Runaway Jim, Bouncing Around The Room, Stash, My Soul, Taste, Golgi Apparatus, Loving Cup II: Wolfman's Brother, 2001, Scent of a Mule > Duel (Page Solo) > Duel (Trey Solo)* > Ha Ha Ha > Duel (Trey Solo)** > Scent of A Mule, Slave to the Traffic Light, Chalkdust Torture E: Character Zero * After page gets done with a lengthy and beautiful piano solo, Trey starts off his duel part by playing a nice classical riff, maybe 20 seconds or so, then pauses and plays a few heavy metal licks that then go into Ha Ha Ha (the band follows). ** After Ha Ha Ha, Trey does a bit more of his guitar solo then they go into the Russian "horah" dance portion of the composition. Thanks to Glug420 for the RMP post & Franklin Malemud for the Ha Ha Ha notes
7/21/98 Desert Sky Pavilion - Phoenix, Arizona I: AC/DC Bag, Fluffhead, Roget, Tube, Sparkle, Cavern, Relax > Run Like An Antelope (72 min) II: Mike's Song > Simple > "Bittersweet Motel"^ > Weekapaug Groove, Brian and Robert, Story of the Ghost > She Caught the Katy^^ > Funky Bitch (77 min) E: Sleeping Monkey, Rockytop ^ - New cover song(?), with lyrics "Bittersweet Motel" repeated ^^ - "She Caught the Katy" last played 04/29/87 - 862 shows (Thanks to ZZYZX's Phish Stats) Thanks to Laura Heifetz & Robert Johnson (Phish.Net)
7/20/98 Ventura County Fairgrounds - Ventura, California I: Bathtub Gin *, Dirt, Poor Heart **, Lawn Boy, My Sweet One, Birds of a Feather, Theme from the Bottom, Water in the Sky, Moma Dance ***, Split Open and Melt (75-80 min. set) II: Drowned > Makisupa Policeman^ > Maze, Sea and Sand, Prince Caspian^^, Harry Hood^^^ E: Sexual Healing#, HYHU, Halley's Comet ## (90 min II+E) * full 20-minute version, with Crosseyed and Painless tease ** with Free Bird ending (instrumental, not acapella) *** fourth Moma Dance in the five shows so far this tour! ^ key word was "skunk"; also, included a Trey solo at the end ^^ Trey was soloing 32nd notes for minutes on end ^^^ properly finished (full 16-17 min. version) # First time cover of the Marvin Gaye original. Fishman (in the dress for this show and Shoreline) swaying side to side and singing karaoke style from lyrics drawn on back of a poster for the show. Trey on drums. ## funked out, into a disco jam, into a delay loop jam during which Trey had five or more loops going at once, at the end of which they left the stage one by one (Trey, Jon, Mike, then Page) Trey chatty the entire show, similar to Barcelona Thanks to Eric Burns and Peter Holland for the e-mail.
7/19/98 Shoreline Ampitheatre - Mountain View, California I: Moma Dance, Beauty of My Dreams, Sample in a Jar, Guyute, Story of the Ghost Limb by Limb, Roget, You Enjoy Myself (90 min) II: Llama, Wolfman's Brother > Piper, Tweezer > Jesus Just Left Chicago, McGrupp and the Watchful Hosemasters > Down with Disease! (74 min) E: Possum, Tweezer Reprise (II + E, 90 min) Wow! Thanks to Laura Heifetz and Robert Johnson
7/17/98 The Gorge - George, Washington I: Makisupa Policeman, Ya Mar, Gumbo, Divided Sky, Waste, My Mind's Got a Mind Of its Own, My Soul (68 min) II: Also Sprach Zarathustra (2001), Mike's Song -> Weekapaug Groove, Character Zer0 (64 min) E: Punch You In The Eye, Rockytop (11 min) Thanks again to Laura Heifetz & The Phish.Net
7/16/98 The Gorge - George, Washington I: Squirming Coil, NICU, Stash, Reba, Fast Enough for You, When the Circus Comes, Run Like An Antelope (72min) II: Julius, Moma Dance, Piper, Axilla part I, *David Bowie, Tube**, Slave to the Traffic Light E: Sample in a Jar (II + E was 86 min) * - Spacey jam into Bowie, about 5 minutes or so ** - Trey didn't mess up the end, as previously reported, his Mic went out. (Sorry Trey!)

Thanks to Laura Heifetz

7/15/98 - Portland Meadows, Portland, OR I: Wolfman's Brother, Water in the Sky, Moma Dance, Guyute*, Horn > Jam > Chalkdust Torture, Brain & Robert, Beauty of My Dreams, Cars Trucks & Buses, Roget, Birds of A Feather, Loving Cup II: Limb by Limb, Simple, Tweezer^ -> Free, Meat, Harry Hood (68 min) E: Wilson, Tweezer Reprise (11 min) * - Fishman ended Guyute too early so the end of Guyute repeated so Trey could get it right ^ - with "California Love" (by Tupac Shakur & Dr. Dre) in the middle Thanks to Noah Cole, Laura Heifetz, & The Phish.Net

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