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Archive: February 2, 2003

A long, strange trip started at Nectar's (Burlington Free Press)
From Phish.Com News - Mike Gordon in Starksboro
Mike joined mandolinist Jamie Masefield and guitarist Doug Perkins for a benefit performance this past Saturday, January 18, at the Village Meeting House in rural Starksboro, Vermont. The show was the trio's second benefit at the Meeting House. The first show, in January of 2000, allowed the Meeting House to buy a furnace. "There was much warmth," Mike said of this year's gig. The two-set show included a variety of jazz and bluegrass standards, including "Bewitched", "Doin' My Time", "Devil's Dream", plus some of Jamie and Doug's originals.

Some notes on the gig from Mike:
"This gig reeked of specialness. The vibe, for example, was being set an hour before we played by a man whose job was to lower the old church's central chandelier in order light 25 or so oil lamps, so that we could see. Starksboro is a town that doesn't even have a general store. The crowd was whisper soft as we started tinkling the old ivories (strings, actually). None of us predicted how nicely the three instruments and two voices would gel. We did some jazz, bluegrass, folky and funky things in each set. The cookies and muffins were top notch. Normally reserved for preschoolers, the dressing decor was bright and fingerpainted."

New Years Reunion Run: Setlists | Reviews | My Review | News | Connecting Tom Hanks to Phish
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In Remembrence | Christopher Ryan Hood | Nov 19, 1976 > Dec 12 2002
Phish played "All of these Dreams" on David Letterman on 12/19

Phish appeared on Saturday Night Live on December 14th. | Photos
They performed 46 Days & Chalkdust Torture live, played Contact in a "Jerrod's Room" skit w/ Al Gore,
and we're also playing You Enjoy Myself (recorded?) in a Charlie Brown Christmas cartoon parody.

Jon Fishman joined Jazz Mandolin Project (a group with which he occasionally tours as drummer) for the encore of their show on 12/6 at Higher Ground in Winooski, Vermont. Fish and JMP played a rendition of Black Sabbath's "War Pigs."

Page McConnell sat in with Cyro Baptista & Beat the Donkey on 12/5 at Higher Ground in Winsooki, VT during the second set along with Dave Grippo and Jennifer Hartswick.

Mike Gordon sat in with Leftover Salmon on 12/4 at Higher Ground in Winooski, VT for the second set which included "Rivers Rising," which segued into a bass duel with Leftover's Greg Garrison. Mike remained for Bill Monroe's "Rocky Road Blues" and the Rolling Stones' "Let It Bleed".

New Phish Studio Album: Round Room
What started as rehearsals for the upcoming and hotly anticipated Phish New Year's Run quickly progressed into a full-blown recording session, the results of which are distilled onto a new studio release, Round Room. Recorded in four days in October by producer Bryce Goggin, the album ripples with raw, vital energy and features a healthy dose of the band's trademark improvisational style. In total, the album's twelve tracks clock in at over seventy minutes.
    1. Pebbles and Marbles
    2. Anything but Me
    3. Round Room
    4. Mexican Cousin
    5. Friday
    6. Seven Below
    7. Mock Song
    8. 46 Days
    9. All of These Dreams
    10. Walls of the Cave
    11. Thunderhead
    12. Waves

Trey Anastasio Tour Setlists
Trey & Mike at the Jammys. Mike performed with Leo Kotke, Trey performed with Jon Scofield & The Allman Brothers.
The evening culminated with a huge jam featuring Bob Weir & Ratdog, Trey, Mike, Warren Waynes, Al Schnier, DJ Logic, John Popper, Matt Abts, Fuzz, Robert Randolph, Skerik, Jessica Lurie, Hope Clayburn & many many many many others.
Trey Anastasio Band won for tour & album of the year. Phish won best archival album: 11/17/97
Trey sat in with moe. for their late night set at B.B. King Blues Club afterwards.
For more Jammy coverage, visit, or

Best REBAs, voted by you:
2.20.93 | Roxy Theatre | Atlanta, GA
12.7.97 | Nutter Center | Dayton, OH
12.31.95 | MSG | New York, NY
4.3.98 | Nassau Coliseum | Uniondale, NY
12.31.93 | Worcester Centrum | Worcester, MA
5.16.95 | Lowell Aud | Lowell, MA
4.9.94 | Broome County Arena | Binghamton, NY
11.9.95 | Fox Theatre | Atlanta, GA
Honorable Mention Write-Ins
8.17.96 | Clifford Ball | Plattsburgh, NY
10.31.94 | Glens Falls Civic Center | Glens Falls, NY
12.31.99 | Seminole Reservation | Big Cypress, Florida
8/9/97 | Alpine Valley | East Troy, WI
10.29.98 | Greek Theatre | Los Angeles, CA

...and my favorite response:
The Album version from Lawn Boy!

New Years Tickets: What were you saying at 10:15am EST Friday morning?

WOOHOO! 1224 (11.63%)
DOH! 9301 (88.36%)

Total: 10526

Which Hampton shows did you get tickets for via Ticketmaster?

January 2nd 810 (10.80%)
January 3rd 798 (10.64%)
January 4th 833 (11.11%)
Denied For All 5936 (79.17%)

Total Replies : 7498

Mail order notices have started to come back. Which shows did you get tickets for? Or not?

12/31 MSG: 1191 (11.37%)
1/2 Hampton: 938 (8.95%)
1/3 Hampton: 921 (8.79%)
1/4 Hampton: 924 (8.82%)
Denied For All: 8530 (81.40%)

Total Polled: 10479

What song do you think Phish will open with on New Years Eve?
1. Chalkdust Torture
2. You Enjoy Myself
3. Punch you In The Eye
4. The Boys Are Back In Town
5. Wilson
6. Foreplay/Longtime
7. 2001
8. Down with Disease
9. Get Back on the Train
10. Destiny Unbound
What band have you become most interested in during the Phish hiatus?
1. String Cheese Incident
2. moe.
3. The Disco Biscuits
4. Widespread Panic
5. Trey Anastasio Band
6. Phil & Friends
7. Umphrey's McGee
8. Medeski, Martin and Wood
9. Phish
10. Sound Tribe Sector 9
11. Galactic
12. Keller Williams
13. Yonder Mountain String Band
14. Particle
15. Ween
16. Radiohead
17. The Grateful Dead
18. The Big Wu
19. Soulive
20. Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Are you mail ordering for Phish New Years Eve tickets? Yes: 7225 (86.05%) | No: 1171 (13.95%)

Second Annual Great Night in Harlem on 09.26 | Fishman Picks Zappa
Live Phish 13-16 Out On October 29
PHISH will release the next four volumes of their LIVE PHISH series on October 29. "Live Phish", Volumes 13-16 will feature four of their legendary Halloween concerts. At each of these four shows, the band donned a "musical costume," covering a classic album as the middle set of a three-set show. The shows, from 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1998, feature Phish covering The Beatles' "White Album", The Who's "Quadrophenia", Talking Heads' "Remain in Light", and The Velvet Underground's "Loaded" respectively. Each release is a 4-disc set -- the 1998 release includes a bonus disc featuring material from the previous evening.

Phish Dry Goods is now taking preorders for Volumes 13-16. We plan to begin shipping mid-October and orders should arrive at your door before they go on sale in stores on October 29. Although we cannot guarantee delivery before the release date, we will do everything possible to get orders to people before then. Also available is a new batch of Live Phish merch, including a new limited edition Pollock poster and a reprint of Pollock's classic 1995 Halloween poster. Click Here to Pre-Order

CONTEST ALERT: Preorder ALL four LIVE PHISH releases and be eligible to be one of FOUR winners who'll receive two tickets to the Phish Holiday Tour 2002 show of their choice. Winners will be selected at random for all orders placed from Phish Dry Goods before October 29. Tickets will NOT be transferable.

Full Concert DVD To Be Released on Nov. 12
PHISH will release their first-ever live concert DVD, "PHISH: LIVE IN VEGAS" on November 12. Recorded on September 30, 2000 at Las Vegas' Thomas & Mack Center, the DVD includes the entire show in both stereo and 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound. The DVD also includes bonus performance footage from another show and an extensive photo gallery.

The DVD is also available for pre-order from Phish Dry Goods before it hits the streets on November 12. Click Here to Pre-Order

Fish Picks Zappa
Rykodisc has announced a new series of special one-disc Frank Zappa compilations, each individually prepared by active rockers who are themselves Zappa fanatics. The first two releases have been compiled by Jon Fishman of Phish and Larry LaLonde of Primus.

The releases are essentially "mix tapes" that reflect Jon and Larry's individual tastes, and include personal reminiscences in the form of liner notes written by each compiler. Intended for Phish and Primus fans who know about Zappa but are daunted by the size of the catalog, these discs are also revelations for long-time fans, who may never have listened to "Dumb All Over" back-to-back with "Alien Orifice."

Says Fishman: "It is safe to say that the work of Frank Zappa, his music primarily, but also his humor, politics, social commentary...all of it...has not just been a fundamental influence on me, but is actually more like part of my metabolism."

Fishman's picks are:
1. Excentrifugal Forz - from Apostrophe (')
2. Apostrophe (') - from Apostrophe (')
3. Magdalena - from Just Another Band From L.A.
4. Dog Breath - from Just Another Band From L.A.
5. Cheepnis - from Roxy & Elsewhere
6. Son of Orange County - from Roxy & Elsewhere
7. More Trouble Every Day - from Roxy & Elsewhere
8. It Can't Happen Here - from Freak Out!
9. Keep It Greasey - from Joe's Garage
10. For Calvin (And His Next Two Hitch-Hikers) - from The Grand Wazoo
11. What Ever Happened To All The Fun In the World - from Sheik Yerbouti
12. Rat Tomago - from Sheik Yerbouti
13. Wait A Minute - from Sheik Yerbouti
14. It Just Might Be A One-Shot Deal - from Waka/Jawaka
15. I'm The Slime - from Over-nite Sensation
16. Sofa No. 2 - from One Size Fits All
The discs will be released on October 15.

For general information about the Zappa Picks series, see:

For specifics about Fishman's disc, including pre-ordering, see:

Michael Houser | Jan 6, 1962 - Aug 10, 2002
Divided Sky, Guyute, You Enjoy Myself & The Squirming Coil have all been heard on The Weather Channel.

Trey on Harvey Album: Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio is one of many guest musicians on James Harvey's new, limited-edition album "Grateful". Harvey is well-known to Phish fans for sitting in on trombone at the band's live shows, and also for playing in Trey's "Surrender to the Air" project. Other familar names among the special guests on "Grateful" include Stacy Starkweather, Dave Grippo, and Peter Apfelbaum. For complete information, including clips from the album, see

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  • 'Vida Blue'
    1. Most Events Aren't Planned
    2. Where's Popeyes
    3. Electra Glide
    4. CJ3
    5. Fresh Tube
    6. Who's Laughing Now
    7. Final Flight
    feat Page McConnell, Oteil Burbridge & Russell Batiste

    'Trey Anastasio'
    1. Alive Again
    2. Cayman Review
    3. Push On 'Til the Day
    4. Night Speaks to a Woman
    5. Flock of Words
    6. Money, Love and Change
    7. Drifting
    8. At the Gazebo
    9. Mr. Completely
    10. Ray Dawn Balloon
    11. Last Tube
    12. Ether Sunday
    feat Tony Markellis, Russ Lawton, Ray Paczkowsi, Jennifer Hartswick, Dave Grippo, Andy Moroz, Russell Remington, Cyro Baptista, Nicholas Payton, Dana Colley.
    Both Albums are available from Phish Dry Goods
    Also available from Phish Dry Goods: Live Phish Vol 7-12 Available for Order
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