Phish On Conan O'Brian

Friday, November 7th on the Conan O' Brian show, Phish played a new song entitled "This is A Farmhouse"
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Explanation of Lyrics
Tom and Trey periodically spend weekends writing songs,
and this is about a house in Vermont they stayed in to do
some writing.  Upon arrival, there was a note from the housekeeper.
"Welcome. This is a farmhouse.  We have clusterflies this time of year.
There is little we can do."
Or something like that, you get the idea.

After that they started playing Mike's Song, but then went to comercial.

A polled the online Phish community before they played to see what people thought possible songs would be.

Final Talley of Responses

Limb By Limb43
Wolfman's Brother42
Dog Stole Things25
My Soul15
Mike's Song > I am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove5
Character Zero5
Theme From The Bottom5
Water In The Sky4
Bathtub Gin3
Sample in a Jar3
Prince Caspian2
Cars Trucks & Buses2
Suzy Greenberg2
Strange Design2
Punch You In The Eye2
You Enjoy Myself2
Twist Around2
Fuck Your Face2
When The Circus Comes To Town2
Jesus Left Chicago2
Possum w/ Simpsons!*2
Down With Disease2
N20>Dog Log2
Bouncing Around The Room1
Down w/ Disease1
Beauty of My Dreams1
The Wedge1
Theme From The Bottom1
Twist Around1
I Saw It Again1
Wading in a Velvet Sea1
99 Left Balloons1
Beethoven's 5th1
Ride Captain Ride!1
Llama (Great Went Style)1
Shout at the Devil by the Cure1
Train Song1
Prince Capisan1
Nirvana - Nevermind1
Loving Cup1
Sneaking Sally Through The Alley1
Titties & Beer by Frank Zappa1
Icculus > Freebird > Loving Cup1
Runaway Jim1
Colonel Forbin's Ascent > Narration > Famous Mockingbird1
Lucy Had A Lumpy Face1
Buffalo Bill1
Chalkdust Torture1
Buried Alive1
Makisupa Policeman1
The Squirming Coil1
Destiny Unbound1
Daniel Saw The Stone1
Riker's MailBox1
Chariots of Fire1
Ginsing Sullivan1
No Dogs Allowed1
Open Letter to Jimmy Page1
Mango Song1
Poor Heart > Lizards > Makisupa Policeman1
Camel Walk1
A New Song that noone knows1
Their Instruments1

* Conan O'Brian used to write for the Simpsons.
In my personal opinion, his episodes represented some of the most creative writing for that program.
Jesse Mann's Personal Conan Experience

On Friday afternoon, November 7th, the 280 person crowd gathered for the
taping of Late Night with Conan O'Brien only had one thing in mind.  "What
is Phish going to play?"  OK, I might be exaggerating a bit (there were
about 25 people not there to see Phish) but overall this was a very Phish
oriented crowd.  Conan could barely get the "Phi -" sound out of his mouth
before the crowd would go nuts.  Rip Taylor, Karl Maulden and even recently
re-elected Mayor Rudy Giuliani took second stage to the boys from
Burlington, VT from the very beginning of the show.

After what seemed like a wait longer than any set break I have witnessed,
Conan announced to the studio audience that the next act would be the
musical  group "Phish".  The commercial break ended, Max Weinberg and his
"7" paused, and the stage was rolled out to the main stage space.  Trey,
Mike, Page and Fishman walked into plain view . . . and all 4 of them were
fully bearded.  Anyway, the typical requests were thrown out to the band as
Conan was about to introduce them, and Trey smiled when he heard someone
call out for "Mike's Groove".  

Anyway, Conan gave the cue and they started right up.   The song would be .
. . well at the time, I didn't know.  By no means do I claim to be the
"consummate" Phish fan but I'd have to say that after 30 shows and about
100 hours of their stuff on DAT I should be able to pick out what they were
playing.  However, I couldn't recognize the opening melody nor the lyrics
that Trey was singing with Page backing him up.  Lots of folks in the
audience seemed to have the same reaction, so I assumed it was a new tune.
I won't go into an analysis of the lyrics, etc 'cause by now everyone has
heard the tune.  But I can say that the song showed a lot of promise,
particularly with the jam that Trey segued into towards the end.  Overall,
a nice treat for the folks in the audience and obviously something special
for the TV viewers at home later that evening.

After Conan gave his thanks to the band, Trey dipped in to the opening
notes of "Mike's Song" (probably to appease the guy who had screamed it
before they started Farmhouse) . . . but alas, after about a minute or so
the Stage Manager cut them off and away they went.  Oh well, Fall Tour is
right around the corner . . . and I can't wait for Hampton!  |-)

Peace -- JM

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- After